CNN Publishes Fakest Of Fake News, Follows Leftist Lemmings Into Koi-Gate

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During Donald Trump’s visit to Japan over the weekend, the President and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe headed down to a koi pond before lunch to feed the fish and connect with nature.

Yet, instead of reporting things like “Trump and Abe strengthen ties,” or “Shinzo Abe agrees to freeze assets of 35 North Korean organizations,” Fake News networks decided to fabricate a lie about Trump being ‘disrespectful’ by dumping his entire box of fish food in the koi pond. 

CNN’s Veronica Rocha went full retard with the help of CNN White House producer Kevin Liptak – because apparently this took two people, tweeting “President Trump feeds fish with PM Shinzo Abe in Japan, then ours the entire box of food into the koi pond.”

Embedded in the tweet is a selectively edited .gif which zooms in on Trump tossing his koi food into the pond.

CNN even tweeted the selectively edited clip from its official Twitter account:

Rocha then writes the following in her Fake News article for CNN:

As an aide clapped loudly, Abe and Trump tossed spoonfuls of fish food into the pond. Then, with a look of enjoyment, Trump quickly poured his entire box of food into the pond.

Here’s what actually happened: 


Not just CNN

CNN was just one of many outlets to push the fabricated narrative, however the whole thing began with Bloomberg’s Justin Sink, who was on scene in Japan when he tweeted “Towards the end, @potus decided to just dump the whole box in for the fish): 

Oops! FakeNews then ran with Sink’s lie and the rest is history.

Once the truth was revealed, a swath of formerly smug liberal journalists quickly backpedaled and apologized – however some in the Twitterverse doubled down, claiming that yes, even though Abe dumped first, he only dumped a tiny bit vs. Trump’s TWO SCOOP POUR.

Sorry haters, we’re talking roughly a 40 grain difference:



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