"Explosive" Leaked Secret Israeli Cable Confirms Israeli-Saudi Coordination To Provoke War

Early this morning, Israeli Channel 10 news published a leaked diplomatic cable which had been sent to all Israeli ambassadors throughout the world concerning the chaotic events that unfolded over the weekend in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, which began with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri's unexpected resignation after he was summoned to Riyadh by his Saudi-backers, and led to the Saudis announcing that Lebanon had "declared war" against the kingdom. 

The classified embassy cable, written in Hebrew, constitutes the first formal evidence proving that the Saudis and Israelis are deliberately coordinating to escalate the situation in the Middle East. 

The explosive classified Israeli cable reveals the following:

  • On Sunday, just after Lebanese PM Hariri's shocking resignation, Israel sent a cable to all of its embassies with the request that its diplomats do everything possible to ramp up diplomatic pressure against Hezbollah and Iran.
  • The cable urged support for Saudi Arabia's war against Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen.
  • The cable stressed that Iran was engaged in "regional subversion". 
  • Israeli diplomats were urged to appeal to the "highest officials" within their host countries to attempt to expel Hezbollah from Lebanese government and politics. 

Left: Israeli PM Netanyahu, Right: Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman

As is already well-known, the Saudi and Israeli common cause against perceived Iranian influence and expansion in places like Syria, Lebanon and Iraq of late has led the historic bitter enemies down a pragmatic path of unspoken cooperation as both seem to have placed the break up of the so-called "Shia crescent" as their primary policy goal in the region. For Israel, Hezbollah has long been its greatest foe, which Israeli leaders see as an extension of Iran's territorial presence right up against the Jewish state's northern border. 

The Israeli reporter who obtained the document is Barak Ravid, senior diplomatic correspondent for Channel 10 News. Ravid announced the following through Twitter yesterday:

  • I published on channel 10 a cable sent to Israeli diplomats asking to lobby for Saudis/Harir and against Hezbollah. The cable sent from the MFA in Jerusalem [Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs] to all Israeli embassies toes the Saudi line regarding the Hariri resignation.
  • The Israeli diplomats were instructed to demarch their host governments over the domestic political situation in Lebanon - a very rare move.
  • The cable said: "You need to stress that the Hariri resignation shows how dangerous Iran and Hezbollah are for Lebanon's security."
  • "Hariri's resignation proves wrong the argument that Hezbollah participation in the government stabilizes Lebanon," the cable added.
  • The cable instructed Israeli diplomats to support Saudi Arabia over its war with the Houthis in Yemen. The cable also stressed: "The missile launch by the Houthis towards Riyadh calls for applying more pressure on Iran & Hezbollah."

Watch today's Hebrew broadcast Channel 10 News report which features the Israeli diplomatic cable - the text of which is featured in Channel 10's screenshot (below) - here

Below is a rough translation of the classified Israeli embassy cable using Google Translate as released by Israel's Channel 10 News

"To the Director-General: you are requested to urgently contact the Foreign Ministry and other relevant government officials [of your host country] and emphasize that the resignation of Al-Hariri and his comments on the reasons that led him to resign illustrate once again the destructive nature of Iran and Hezbollah and their danger to the stability of Lebanon and the countries of the region. 


Al-Hariri's resignation proves that the international argument that Hezbollah's inclusion in the government is a recipe for stability is basically wrong. This artificial unity creates paralysis and the inability of local sovereign powers to make decisions that serve their national interest. It effectively turns them into hostages under physical threat and are forced to promote the interests of a foreign power - Iran - even if this may endanger the security of their country.


The events in Lebanon and the launching of a ballistic missile by the signatories to the Riyadh agreement require increased pressure on Iran and Hezbollah on a range of issues from the production of ballistic missiles to regional subversion."

Thus, as things increasingly heat up in the Middle East, it appears the anti-Iran and anti-Shia alliance of convenience between the Saudis and Israelis appears to have placed Lebanon in the cross hairs of yet another looming Israeli-Hezbollah war. And the war in Yemen will also continue to escalate - perhaps now with increasingly overt Israeli political support. According to Channel 10's commentary (translation), "In the cable, Israeli ambassadors were also asked to convey an unusual message of support for Saudi Arabia in light of the war in which it is involved in Yemen against the Iranian-backed rebels."

All of this this comes, perhaps not coincidentally, at the very moment ISIS is on the verge of complete annihilation (partly at the hands of Hezbollah), and as both Israel and Saudi Arabia have of late increasingly declared "red lines" concerning perceived Iranian influence across the region as well as broad Hezbollah acceptance and popularity within Lebanon.

What has both Israel and the Saudis worried is the fact that the Syrian war has strengthened Hezbollah, not weakened it. And now we have smoking gun internal evidence that Israel is quietly formalizing its unusual alliance with Saudi Arabia and its power-hungry and hawkish crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.


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This is the plan. Iran is controlled by the bastards in the CIA. This is part of something larger. Trump gave the Okay with his NYSE tweet. The arrest of the terror funding princes is also part of the deep state takedown. In the end Hillary and Obama go to jail.

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in 1973* (~2 yrs. after the nixon shock) the arab-israel war created the greatest oil embargo (opec) of all tyme.the ussa was in dire need for financial stability created by the huge deficit cost of the vietnam war, and our gold backed dollars in europes central banks.the petrodollar came into existence in 1973* via secret negotiations with saudi arabia (we gave them protection and they sold us their oil) and oil skyrockets into the financial stratosphere.the ussa finds its deficit gone and dollar (new spiecies of fiat) hegemony the world's currency by 1977 with saudi arabia accounting for 20% of all treasury notes, and bonds held by 'ALL central banks. not bad!now?,... did the zionist jews plan this in london and ny???you bet your sweet fucking ass.no country in the arab world has a chance in hell of beating israel's (IDF) airforce, with the ussa coordinates and access to all crypo-communication against the ragheads. the ussa has listening post in every corner of the mena and tell the zionist their adversaries moves before they even make the move. their doa before they even fire a salvo of defence, when in transition.so my question is?   "What's 'Golan Heights' got to do with it", and the "HEGEMONIC`petrodollar?!?1971-1973-1977- ?(LIBOR?)? -2001-2017 'War is Coming,...sooner, rather than FormER?!'        http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/yemens-hadi-under-house-arrest-riyadh…             http://www.middleeasteye.net/      *check out story on Priti Patel UK/PM wanting to Fund IDF in Golan Heights and UK's response,... we don't help Israel, only the Palestinian people --- unfucking'de`lievable!

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Forgive the thread jump, but I'll drop this right here...from OAN.Podesta Group Linked to Saudis Arrested For Corruptionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s92JbJBKH80&feature=youtu.be

New documents expose close ties between the Podesta Group and high-ranking Saudi officials recently arrested on corruption charges this past weekend. One America's Kristian Rouz has more on the deals between key Clinton allies and ousted Saudi officials.

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Well that's surely what Cass Sunstein wanted the conspiracy-minded (and healthy skeptics) to think.

But one need only examine his appointments and financial backers in combination of the very, very low threshold of the Breitbart crowd for calling someone 'anti-Israel.'

Netanyahu essentially campaigned for Obama's opponent, lectured hik on camera, and told a completely obsequious Congress a pack of lies essentially urging them to undermine Obama...

Obama abstains on a UN vote an independent US would have voted 'yes' on and for the Zios he's literally Hitler.

Likely an atheist and communist, Obama was foisted on us by, largely, Zionist Jews (like the Pritzkers and Crowns) and his appointment of an Israeli agent as CoS, and his massive numbers of nominations/appointments of Jews to virtually any agency/position to do with budget/finance/economics should at least suggest to you that despite some minor quibbles with Netanyahu and the Likudniks... he basically advanced the interests of Jews... not Muslims...

And least of all Americans.

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Nothing, it seems, NOTHING stirs the passions of 'hypnotically-entranced' Merikan Exceptionalists like 'news' from the muddled east*

A place where 99.1% of them have never been.. will never go... the people of which they know zilch about from any first hand experience...

but about the doings of which they show up on threads here instantaneously to share their vast accumulated reservoirs of

regurgitated agitprop that "they read on the internet"!!!!

Have Srael/Saudistan been in bed since Day One? Off course. Along with several other "Muslim" states which play pretend 'enemies' with the sionist entity. This is "news">>>|?'\

Only if you get yours from the "alt" flavor of the MSM it seems. Because nothing...NOTHING is as it seems in the muddled east, everyone who buys into whatever fave meme appeals most to their 'sensibilities' gets to battle over the bullshit peddled by competing factions of the $power.

And cheer for their fave 'team' in the game. Merikan style geopolitics - pick a side and then ...

USA! USA!... along the way... became "Death to America"/Hurrah for Islamist Terror Theocracies Created by Our Own "Intelligence" services For the Purpose of Furthering Talmudist Master Plans!"

Some very Weird shit you're into there Maggots! Somthin in the water back there in Gulagistan?

This just in... you have no clue what's going on here. None. Actually - what's goin on in your own backyard neither! Just carry on screamin!

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It's true that we're ignorant here.  But, we are far, far less ignorant than most Americans.  Consider that.  We at least know where the countries are.  Not just which hemisphere, but something about their physical boundries!!  And we're hardly to be blamed for trying to piece together more, using lousy info; if you have a good info source please let us know; simple abuse is entertaining but not helpful.

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Thanks Bob! I'll say this much, you're consistent.Well, I for one admit unabashedly, tis all well beyond my pay grade, although I'm pretty good at spottin truth when I see it. And let's face it, no small thing that, seein how there is so precious little of it to be found, that is, found in all the usual places, and limited hangouts. Truth is, the truth just is ... and the truth never changes. What I especially like about truth, it carries no fear, nor favor. Truth like the Honey Badger, just don't give a shit. I would add my voice to that of Kareninca. So keep writing Bob, and we'll help keep the lights on for ya. By the way, lot's of little gems in that short refrain of yours immediately above, but personally, I liked this one best .."USA! USA!... along the way... became "Death to America"/Hurrah for Islamist Terror Theocracies Created by Our Own "Intelligence" services For the Purpose of Furthering Talmudist Master Plans!"What are the good citizens to do Bob ? Stop buying and trafficking in lies , a most important and neccessary start,  and so stipulated. But beyond that Bob, where's it all headin in YOUR opinion, realizing of course that you have no magical fortune telling orb yourself ..Well done. I'm compelled to up arrow both of you .. 

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Thanks both of you for your interesting feedback. Sorry so late getting back to you, but its' a different day in this part of the world now...

and gots to admit... off to a shocking start to see that particular response to a msg I wrote at a low energy moment of pre sleep cycle\\\

Anyhoo... as youse all know...

we (collectively)give "da jews" as a group a pretty hard time here. Not without reason too. But... it's imperative to understand that no broad brush which targets people for their 'racio-religious' affiliations from accident of birth can accommodate the wonders of the human spirit. And as a way of answering the question of where can one go in search of HONEST ASSESSMENTS of where things stand - and why - in both the muddled east and the decaying west...

""Strange, isn’t it, that one Jew, Gilad Atzmon, understands the dire situation of the Western World far better than does the entirety of the Western intellectual class, including its large Jewish component.

Read this and if you are successful in doing so, that is, not too handicapped by the low level of education to which Western “education” has degenerated, you will understand very much.

It is likely that Identity Politics has put the Western World into a situation from which recovery is impossible. All the rest of the world need do is to wait."

is a quote from PC Roberts... who, as is well known here, I am not a fan of... but he nailed it. Takes a "jew" to know "da jews" it would seem. And Gilad... perhaps from being a musician, and thereby having access to a plane of simple truth which transcends our soiled earthly plane...

knows them jews(who are not jews!) My life changed radically.. from knowing some "born as jews" who fought courageously for the right to rejoin the rest of us. - like Gilad Atzmon. If we can take aboard their insights... and gain some of their courage in the fight to the death against talmudic terror...

there's still a tiny, but real, chance, we might still pull this survival thing off!

Gilad Atzmon's Being In Time: A Post Political Manifesto is available on gilad.co.uk.

As for day to day assessment of events in the ongoing "theater" of the muddled east - sorry, I'm at a loss to provide a single solid source... I've watched my journalistic colleagues sink one by one into complicity with the moneypower, be jailed, exiled or killed, and the craft of that profession extinguished over the last decade.
Nuthin left of it.

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+1 especially as it pertains to your reply!!

You see, as I believe, perhaps being bound by the arts, the pursuit of our collective preservation and advancement as a species, yet cognizant of our creative spirit, as it is this highest form of human consciousness which transcends all other tribal mentality and preconceptions that will, in the end, rescue our shared spirit in all that is righteous, idealistic, and common to our DNA. We are one, but yet we allow ourselves to be enslaved by those who have no such aspirations, zero empathy to the human struggle-at-hand, but most significantly, no reservations about removing such treats by any means necessary.

You do as you please, but I would only caution you in your just pursuit: ridicule will win you no sympathy -- a formula that is of the highest order when spreading the truth -- but I would urge you to try to sympathize, or empathize, at the very least, for the common ear with an understanding -- which you yourself proclaimed in your article about the death of "real" journalists: (paraphrasing) one that espouses that in the Western ear a journalist should factor in, as a formality, the ear of his/her audience and the high probability that it has been conditioned to hear a preconceived narrative, and, as such, is ill-informed as it pertains to the subject-at-hand

...it is the duty of the informed, afterall, to dispell this indemnity at its core. That being said, try to relate to the audience if you will, in order to gain a favorable ear...trust me in this! BelSuave...relate, relate, relate...(connect)...

Wish you luck...

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Going to assume that this thread has died its natural death ...of 'timeline-related' causes...but there's one thing in your provactive and constructive advisement which keeps coming back to me in the course of my day... and to which I choose to respond with a clarification on how I see my 'role' if your will... in the scheme of things.From my meanderiing memo of 2016... written a scant few days before I became the sole objective witness to the recasting of a modern society in the muddled east into a medieval theocratic state... of TERROR...

To write, therefore, accurately and meaningfully about the situation which we find the middle east to be in of the moment, requires us to take note of the "hyperreality" in which events - which are not events anymore - are staged! If a journalist - content to merely 'report,' - in other words, without understanding the shifting sands under their feet of "reality" - of being itself, takes upon themselves the task of informing their readers about the nature of events which have no intrinsic "reality" outside of their function in a planned theatrical campaign to whatever mysterious end, they will fail in their job.&An authentic reportage of what's going on in our world, then, requires of the journalist an ability to deconstruct any alleged "event" staged in hyperreality, and then refashion it in the reader's gaze as a phenomena which may or may not be related to spontaneous activities that take place in real time. Activities which can be chronicled and reported upon by real persons. And then these must be properly contextualized in relation to other real events from past times - with analysis that can interpret past and present both - minus the intrinsic defect of being naively hoodwinked by those who stage events, "news" and youtube style tricks of perception designed to achieve whatever is their desired objective. That's the goal, and operating motif of what's going on with the stories on these pages. To make of events - and their simulations - occurring in the middle east a picture in which the reader sees a past to which - as Heidegger brilliantly points out - we are latecomers, and then extract from those same events the precursors to what he with equal brilliance calls the dawning of an "altogether different age."

That's it... that's all. I come not to persuade... but to witness. So that their remains - somewhere - somehow... some kind of record thatonce... we were men.

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One of the triggers that I believe brought Gilad back to the light, back to the humanity, is the beauty and harmony he finds in music. It is hard to face beauty and harmony without it having an effect on one. To unfreeze the frozen parts of our true nature. It reminds us of our true nature and allows to resonate again with the largest resonator, or magnetic force that exists, beauty and harmony. Our true birth right.The Divine within.Is it any wonder that beauty and harmony have been forcibly removed from society? Look around. Where's the inspiring new architecture? New music? The classical world was buried under the Pompeii-like explosion of filth brought on by the cultural marxists and their infiltration into and control of all the places once known for their cultural influence on society.One's self defense against this onslaught is to surround oneself and family with beauty. True art, true performance, true philosophy, true music. Bring the beauty into your home and cancel the cable subscription. You will be not only wiser and wealthier, but closer than ever to what humanity was designed to be. A mirror of the Divine.

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Because clearly the Jew owned media couldn't stop that film from getting out. makes no sense like the Israeli attack on the cole, but to some gentiles and Jews, it doesn't have to make sense. Why did the Israelis want america to attack iraq? greater Israel? because the population of iraq has grown by 10 million because of the trauma of war makes people completely abandon the single life and get married and stick to their close family. Also iran is not in greater Israel. Somebody gave the yemenies A missile that could reach riyad. I feel for the yemenis as well, but iran isn't supposed to be developing missiles, selling them, or promoting terrorist organizations or 'freedom fighters'. Also telling your diplomats to apply pressure and make the case that the iranian hezbola problem constitutes A serious threat is hardly A smoking gun of Israel intentionally starting A war, like say firing missiles at say Tehran, or giving some kurds A missile to do it for them. Then there is the considerable evidence of Iranian aggression and hostile intention against Israel, iran has said they will wipe the 'Zionist' entity off the map, and chanted death to the Jews, high ranking government officials, called Israel the little Satan, A sign of demonization, had their patriots seig hailing, as an insult to the mass murder of Jews, A reasonable proof that Jews have been demonized in the minds of iranians, and stated that they want nuclear weapons, they are ready to start their program really quick, and they are involved in supporting terrorist proxies that reach to the northern borders of Israel and fund hamas who openly says they want to conquer all of Israel. And thanks to obamas deal, military installations cannot be inspected. I know many people hope the Jews die, to you I say right back at you, but to those of you who are capable of fairness when the Jews are involved, my question to you is in those circumstances I listed above, would you risk some hostile nation attaining nuclear weapons? Would you wait for ten years without inspecting military sites? In G-d I trust.

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