The End Of "The End Of History" - US Mid-East Policy's Fork In The Road

Authored by Tom Luongo,

In 1989 Francis Fukayama declared that we had reached “The End of History.”  Democracy as a form of government would, in fact, be the end of the evolution of human interaction.  The West had triumphed and that the rest was ‘just a chase scene,’ to borrow a phrase from Neal Stephenson’s brilliant dystopian novel “Snow Crash.”

But, this past week’s events in the Middle East tell me that autocracy has replaced democracy and the trans-national parliamentary system of the European Union that Fukayama championed in his 2007 article in The Guardian.

The EU no longer practices representative Democracy today.  Diktats come down from unelected technocrats in Brussels. They are wholly-owned by stateless rent-seeking oligarchs (i.e. George Soros). Everyone in and around the EU is expected to obey or face tanks in the streets (Spain) or endless legal entanglements from captured international courts (Poland).

If you circumvent the rules, the EU will change them to suit its masters’ needs.  Just look at any proposed Russian pipeline into Europe over the past five years.

In the U.S. we have been subjected to the worst form of operant conditioning by an unelected Deep State and its quisling media for a year. They created the mass delusion that President Donald Trump is a secret Russian agent.

The goal was to overturn a democratic election, which itself the people had to overcome systemic voter fraud to win.

When, in fact, everyone who is involved in creating this mass delusion are covering up their collusion with Russia in ways that are espionage and treason.

So, consider me unimpressed with Fukayama’s assessment of history.  History is one of the praxeological disciplines.  Economics is another.  Any historical analysis bereft of economic imperatives is worthless.

And Fukayama’s end of history argument is the height of worthless history because it doesn’t ask the basic question “Cui Bono?”  Who benefits?

The End of Saudi Arabia as We Know it

Saudi Arabia has simply replaced one group of autocrats with another, Crown Prince (and soon to be King) Mohammed bin Salman.  There is not one democratic impulse in his body.  But he is the tip of the spear that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are wielding to remake the landscape in the Middle East.

Bin Salman’s moves have been stunning in their severity and swiftness.  But, if you are going to move against the most powerful people in the world, act fast or be destroyed.

There is a full-court press on to bring to light the extensive corruption of our political class from Washington to Tel Aviv, Brussels to Beirut.  And while barred from openly coordinating policy or even talk with each other, Putin and Trump are supporting each other’s moves while looking like they aren’t.

The status quo in Saudi Arabia is over.  It’s bin Salman’s country now.  Thank Putin and Trump for this.  The old alliances between it and Israel are now out in the open, creating cognitive dissonance in a whole new class of people.  It’s reach into governments around the world has been severed.

Hundreds of billions in assets frozen.  Dozens of family members jailed, many major donors to the corrupt-to-the-bone Democratic National Committee.

A major pillar of U.S. control atomized with the arrest of Prince Alaweed.

The coincidence cannot be ignored.  Everything happens in politics for a reason.

And for every pundit confused by what is happening, worried that this is a prelude to regional war I remind you that there are always multiple interpretations of the same events.  Such is the grist for history’s mill.

For example, that missile fired from Yemen at the Saudi capital conveniently had ‘proof’ of its Iranian origin.  Was this bin Salman’s false flag or someone else’s?

As Zerohedge pointed out this morning:

The narrative is familiar: just as European terrorists conveniently commit suicide and always dutifully bring along their passports so they can be identified, so Iran always makes sure it leaves identifying marks when it illegally sells its weapons to Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Lingering Questions

What if bin Salman’s purge was a reaction to a false-flag to gin up a war with Iran?

Israeli and U.S. Deep State forces have motive.  They are on the verge of losing everything? Certainly it’s as plausible as it being the opening act of bin Salman’s next foreign intervention.

Why was Donald Trump greeted by China’s leadership in a way that no foreign leader in the past 60 years was ever treated?

Could it be that despite his ham-fisted rhetoric, Premier Xi Jinping knows that Trump is, in fact, sincere in dismantling that portion of the U.S. Empire that no longer serves anyone’s interests except the very favored few who meet in Davos and Jackson Hole every year?

And that Trump will come to embrace China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative as good for the U.S. as well as the rest of the world?

Trump went out of his way to greet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Vietnam at the beginning of APEC, despite intense pressure for him not to do so.  Again, why?

Is this the behavior of a man about to go to war? Be impeached?

Multiple Ways to Drain a Swamp

The path to draining the swamp is a circuitous one but, in my mind, it’s hard to argue where things are headed.  They are not headed towards confrontation with Iran but actually the opposite.

The most rabidly anti-Iranian segment of the Saudi Royal house is impoverished and imprisoned.

CNN will be sold and go out of business to allow for the Time-Warner/AT&T merger.  Jeff Zucker is out. Add another scalp to Steve Bannon’s belt along with Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and so many to come.

Will the vestiges of the neoconservative establishment in the U.S. and Israel continue to sabre-rattle and try to undermine what is happening?  Yes.

They’ve been doing that since the day Trump was elected just over a year ago, but it hasn’t stopped the momentum.  Why?  Because Putin was on the job outmaneuvering them at every turn.

Trump made a deal with the neocons back in August to cede them control of foreign policy and, in effect, outsourced cleaning up the Middle East to Putin. But, predictably they also didn’t follow through with their end of the bargain.

Trump learned, like Putin did, the John McCain’s of the world don’t keep to their deals.  They are ‘not agreement capable.’  And, as such, since the last failure to repeal Obamacare Trump has gone after every pillar of support these people had.

It will end with Hillary Clinton’s indictment.  But in the meantime it will look like the world is on the brink of world war.

And History’s Just Fine

Eventually, Saudi Arabia looked at the game board and saw that it was alone.  King Abdallah saw the changes that had to be made.  He met with Putin, they agreed on slightly-higher oil prices.  China offered to buy an Aramco stake but that would mean cutting ties completely with the U.S.

I believe that offer was a bluff.  It was meant to send bin Salman to Trump who agreed to get the Aramco IPO done in New York but he had to take control and end the royal family’s support of evil around the world.

Pat Buchanan’s latest column laments that no one listens when the U.S. barks anymore.  But, at the same time, what the U.S. is barking hasn’t been worth the air it disturbed in more than twenty years since the End of History.

This is what happens when you ‘Cry Wolf’ too many times. 

Benjamin Netanyahu is finally going to learn that lesson in the coming weeks.

The extent of bin Salman’s purge and its effects on not just the Middle East but the U.S. and the EU can only be assessed in hindsight by historians.  A future Fukayama will come along and see this and declare another end to history.

*  *  *

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roadhazard Nov 11, 2017 2:44 PM Permalink

America is now a net exporter of Oil. The US should just leave that rat hole, we don't need them any more... They need those billion$ the US spends on that whore house.

Rhal Nov 11, 2017 11:24 AM Permalink

Good article. There are many unknowns, but I agree this "Arabian Game of Thrones" is possibly the biggest move to restoring peace and truth to the world in decades. Pity too few recognize that.Watch this for a perspective on our side of the same battle:

40MikeMike Nov 11, 2017 10:15 AM Permalink

Hey Tom... No one has listened to America's bark in the last 20 years? Ask Saddam and 90% of the Arab world, 100% of Europe and 100% of the Western Hemisphere if things have changed "a bit"? Bark bark. And there will be no new war in the next 90 days involving KSA? You'll definitely get chomped in the ass...again.

monoloco Nov 11, 2017 9:35 AM Permalink

Putin and Xi will take Trump's lunch money, while Bibi and MBS will destabilize the ME paid for on our dime with exorbitante crude oil prices and dead US soldiers. 

redmudhooch Nov 11, 2017 9:14 AM Permalink

Soooo, when are the 9/11, Vegas, JFK arrests coming?Get all of these dual citizen traitors out of our government.Take away all the money, specially foreign $$$, take away Deep States ability to spy on and blackmail them, ban Pacs, Foundations, Institutes, think tanks, undo Citizens United, McCutcheon v. FEC, term limits, etc, etc, would be a small start... 

falak pema Nov 11, 2017 9:01 AM Permalink

The clash of civilizations was the neo-con perpetual war mantra that corresponds to the GWB era; perpetual asymmetric wars based on massive military hegemony to out "rogue states", aka anybody who did not comply to the NWO decree of "for us or against us", ... and to build the towering colossus on foundations of our money your debt-- a bit like the colossus of Rhodes with clay feet-- the WS asset bubble.All fed by the Bandar-Bush Ghawar magic Oil patch gateway to monetise in petrodollar supremacy--all over the financialized digital Web network-- the creditor  Arab and Chindia type money recycling into the US and surrogate asset economies. Unlimited debt generation feeding the consumption of sheeple once Chindia bent knee to join the WTO as US surrogates... or so they thought until 9/11 !The End of History was the mantra that the Clintonista kabal bought into to achieve the same aims built on the tech revolution of Silicon valley, Internet and tech-bubble type histrionics. All feeding the same WS beanstalk, all feeding the GS squid-TBTF combine as middle man and as donors to their Uber political cronies : the Dems, statist "great society" perpetuators, and/or GOP warmongers, in Government and Congress.This was the US soft power meme, built on US whiz kids exceptionalism; Al Gore as Merlin the Internet Shepherd. A double whammy of Red and Blue to provide a stick and a carrot to the same two headed Janus political platform of Pax Americana.They both came crashing down with the 2008 crash. Pax Americana was truly bankrupt due to GWB's militarist games and the Clintonista mindset recklessly pushing consumerism based on US led global Casino games to a level unknown that spawned the Climate change monster. Thats when the QE/ZIRP coverup started under Ben and Obammy protecting the asses of the Oligarchs covered in their own stinky stuff; socializing it as public debt carried by the 99% and sending the wealth of the 1% through the glass ceiling; whence the impending blowback based on Snowden and Paradise/Panama Papers type whistle blowing. The SHEEPLE have caught on to the scam.Now with the challenges facing the world and the Millenials we have to back track BIGTIME to survive the global conundrum of BOTH Military Armageddon spawned by the US war machine and the Mad consumerism to keep the WS beanstalk, and similar constructs around the world, from collapsing.Some catch 22 !Are the Duck and Putin on the same page to reverse this global trend?Will China tag along and not rock the boat ?Of course EU, all tied up in trying to escape from Pax AMericana's winddown, now has some serious questions to ask itself.Quo Vadis EU?We'll soon find out! 'Cos it is the eleventh hour! 

falak pema house biscuit Nov 11, 2017 12:50 PM Permalink

The style is my own tapdance and its personal, the content is the timeline and causality I didn't invent.Jesus was not to blame.If you like Jesus you will like this from a guy who believes in his Arab-Semitic alter-ego.… hows that for style and content; to be taken seriously, of course! The timeline and causality I post here is no different to what Chris Martenson on ZH.And, it is the Eleventh hour for Saud and Iran as now the proxy wars are over in Syrac and Lebanon is in the eye of the cyclone.The US position expressed by Tillerson is that Lebanon is INVIOLATE and he rejects any other country (Saud or Israel) using the Hezbollah as excuse of Casus Belli; which is currently the joint Sunni/Israel position.SO the West says (US-Tillerson, EU-Macron and Putin all together) : Saud stay out of Lebanon; all the while the Duck ALSO says : Iran is a belligerent.The odd man out is the Duck! As he contradicts Tillerson.The US has to choose, like Macron and Putin have said, as does CHina : Keep Lebanon out of loop, and don't blow up Iran!The Duck has to choose : Bottom line!  He has to appease the Sauds, as they turn more and more to China, and tell them "no passeran",  or else he will  open the can of worms of proxy war in Lebanon.

In reply to by house biscuit

Cassandra.Hermes Nov 11, 2017 8:09 AM Permalink

Trump administration is letting Israel and Saudi Arabia to start proxy war with Iran in Lebanon. I think is huge mistake.
What USA should do is to negotiate a conference for formation of Kurdistan, letting Syrian and Iraqi kurds to form country and push Iran and Turkey to let some of their territory to join, it is hard sell but it is in interest of USA to have friends between Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria, it is also noble cause.

Fireman Nov 11, 2017 7:03 AM Permalink

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Frankie Fukushima was a moron. That anyone still talks about this idiot is beyond me. As for the second rate clerks and the Natostan Pedophile Politburo in the EUSSR they can expect the same future as the grey soul less apparatchiks of the USSR.

66Mustanggirl Nov 11, 2017 6:20 AM Permalink

Conventional Wisdom’s and Status Quo’s very, VERY awful, terrible, inexplicably deplorable year is about to get exponentially worse. Bigly worse. We are in the midst of paradigm shattering events so if anyone thinks they know how all of this is going to shake out the one thing I can say for certainty is they are wrong. But I have to say that think this article dings a lot of the right bells.

Hang on kiddies.....or maybe I should say let go (of all preconceived notions).....and take notes. Your grandkids and great-grandkids are going to want to hear stories about what it was like to live through these very times that are unfolding.

Aristofani Nov 11, 2017 5:27 AM Permalink

US foreign "policy" in the Middle East hit the stop sign on the corner of the "fork in the road" , a very long time ago. 1947, to be precise. The "traffic" chaos hasnt stopped since.

turkey george palmer Nov 11, 2017 4:01 AM Permalink

I'm sorry but you can't eat Atlantic cod anymore. Did you know that? The fish is hard as fuck to find Used to be you could get a big thick fillet all firm and tasty but not anymore. Life goes around and comes around one day it's cod the next is butterflies or ash trees then one day a skeeter shows up full of West Nile virus and ticks got deadly diseases too. You live with unknown unknowns so don't bet on anything.

Joe A Nov 11, 2017 3:36 AM Permalink

Reagan already said it: Tyranny is just one generation away. That that happens in far away places not blessed with democracy is a dead give away. That it happens at home is the sheep's own fault. Because democracy is not a spectators' sport but requires commitment of the electorate. People need to get active, to start within their own community. But with luxury, sports and "entertainment" they got us where they want us: detached from ourselves, each other and society, and generally complacent.

Ms No Nov 11, 2017 12:27 AM Permalink

Holy Mother of God! What the hell is this person talking about? "Ham-fisted" and "mass delusions" is right.  I will be adding this article to my crock-of-shit-file because it will be "assessed in hindsight" alright.  Were the 600 just shot in Vegas part of this "circuitous route"?This piece of complete absurdity is published (quite similar to other propaganda coming out right now) proclaiming 12D chess: "It was meant to send bin Salman to Trump who agreed to get the Aramco IPO done in New York but he had to take control and end the royal family’s support of evil around the world."  Really?  Saudi Arabia then immediately bombs civilians in Yemen. think we are in deep shit.  It's almost as if somebody is interested in holding back our rage for just a little bit longer...

grizfish Nov 10, 2017 11:24 PM Permalink

Pardon me for considering the subjects in this article to be pure conjecture and obfuscation.  Nary a mention of the US economy and its dependence on MIC funding for survival.  NK was threatened, then  furnished with ICBMs and nukes.  In retaliation to continuing threats, they instilled fear in the hearts and minds of everyone in the east asian area by launching missiles over Japan and detonating underground nukes.  Worldwide news portrayed the dictator as a madman.  His weapons delivery systems were repeatedly described as capable of killing tens of millions US citizens and shutting down the power grid for years.Then Trump makes the rounds, telling all these fearful nations how they can protect themselves by paying hundreds of billions for US defensive systems.Looks like a job well done.  All to support the MIC and keep the US economy from collapsing.  Then Russia and China step in to de-nuke NK.

slug1 Nov 10, 2017 10:20 PM Permalink

The author is misinterpreting the ME events.Trump is a swamp keeper.  His cabinet are swamp creatures.He may tweet the opposite but you have to focus on his actions.  Goldman Bankers and Neocon generals!!That aint a swamp draining team.The Saudis see all of the US fuckups in Syria and the talk of the end of the petro dollar and wanted to meet with Trump and Putin to help decide which power to back long term.They picked Putin and drained all of their US Bush bed buddies so no one is in the way to stop the new alliance with China and Russia.The Saudis talk of war is just talk.  They are trying to appease the US and Israel.  Once again pay attention to the Saudis actions versus their words.  Talk of war, but actual removal of US sympathizers(action).Please all you Trumptards must wake up.  I was one myself, but now I see that Trumps actions do not follow his campaign promises.  He is a swamp keeper.

ChaoKrungThep slug1 Nov 11, 2017 3:05 AM Permalink

The Trumptards imbibe the sweet ambrosia of Bud Lite and dream of holes-in-one (Trump had his first at age three, beat Kim Jong-un by six months). Too many imbecilities to correct in the article, so I'll point out a few. The US has not been run by Deep State for a year, but for at least a century. The current Saudi madness is another juvenile play by MBS, who should stick to Ferrari burn outs in Riyadh, his forte. The Aramco IPO will probably go to NYC, with some preferred shares to past patrons (Poppy, Idiot, Satan, et al). Enough, editing this fallen souffle is bore. Co-pilot: Handing over.  

In reply to by slug1

helloimjohnnycat ChaoKrungThep Nov 11, 2017 9:09 AM Permalink

Burn-outs with a Ferrari are not conducive to mechanical longevity.Those jooz-cousins need real steel.Maybe a new Dodge Demon.Perfect name for the camel humpin' head loppers.Proof that ahabs and jooz are one & the same and working against Americans was proven long ago.Having been spawned in the Tejas oil patch afforded me an early perspective. But come on, IF the fucking heebs didn't have their hooks in us, no way would we be paying the spooky-eyed, sand niggers a dime for " their " oil.  Those fat-bellied MF'ers are no more muslim than this Anglo-Saxon.Has it REALLY taken over 50 years for several generations of American morons to understand we're not being fucked by " big oil ", but by the fucking joo-twats who control " big oil ".  May god damn all of them and give constant heart burn to their junk-food eating gullets.joos / kikes / sand niggers / muzz-scum / elitist / .00000x % 'ers all have one thing in common, and that's the yid genes. Fuck them. Fuck their fake tears and cries of injustices heaped upon their wretched, greedy souls. Fuck them all. 

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helloimjohnnycat house biscuit Nov 11, 2017 4:05 PM Permalink

Wail, in the looks dept., I'm afraid you'd be disappointed.  Neither are young anymore.Both are highly intelligent...The oldest uses her brains to help others. She'd be ostracized by 99 % of today's pols for her IQ, integrity, and honesty. They can't have that ! She's more than comfortable in her own skin and grateful for what she had, has, and will continue to have as she continues doing well for herself.   The other - an incredible decorator, stylist, & fashion maven - uses her intelligence to only help herself. She's constantly miserable that her Father had not " made it " before she was born. That she had to wait for trees to bear fruit FOR her. Tough luck, bitch !  I've loved every minute of the journey.  If the " race " one's in doesn't have tough competition, any wins are meaningless and personal improvement never comes. Most cunts and jooz are afraid to dig in and take their cuts without having a monopolistic support crew with sympathetic shoulders to cry on.Fucking weaklings the whole lot ! Hence the never-ending onslaught of their self-congratulatory awards shows & fetes.  Ridiculous !These days, we're seeing signs of their fears & scrambling to preserve the old alliances. Maybe things will remain the same, or maybe not.But as many are learning, there's an arithmetic involved when the rich continue to become " wealthier " without real production generating increasing velocities of money. And that arithmetic reveals Truth as others rise up after becoming aware of how they've been corralled, screwed, and genuinely held back. I won't use the word oppressed due to the racial connotations which always follow.    

In reply to by house biscuit

RationalLuddite slug1 Nov 10, 2017 11:18 PM Permalink

Good analysis Slug. Everyone thinks they have the inside line in understanding these events. They are so complex in the ME that most of us even here lack the requisite linguistic , historical and cultural knownledge to blow anything but speculation on this. However - your prioritizing of ACTIONS NOT WORDS are all important when dealing with inherently dishonest actors. I think your analysis is closer to the truth than the understandable but wilful self delusion of those who think Trump & 'Q' have a handle on this like puppet masters. Putin & Xi are strategic masters. Trump has many virtues and vices, but too many see what they want to see with him. Rationalization and hope are natural. But we need to look at what these critters DO not what they say and understand that there is still much uncertainty moving forward. 

In reply to by slug1

DjangoCat monoloco Nov 11, 2017 10:44 AM Permalink

Trump did not do any of this by himself.  He is the front guy, the reality TV, property magnate super star.  The forces behind him are the ones to watch, if you can see them.It has been described as a deep state civil war.  Hopefully the new guys are less evil than the old ones, and will consider sharing power with the rest of the world. 

In reply to by monoloco

Freddie slug1 Nov 10, 2017 10:30 PM Permalink

My Trumptardism lasted about 30 minutes after Hillary lost.  Jared Kushner-Soros is a business partner with Soros and very close with Bibi.Until he and his wife are fired then nothing changes.  Put Melenia and Baron in charge.  They are still goys and no way will she would allow Baron to convert to Satanism.  I really like her.

In reply to by slug1

helloimjohnnycat Freddie Nov 11, 2017 8:49 AM Permalink

Melania could leave the old, joo-jerking fatt fuckk and get on with living her fantastic life.A woman like Melania, and at her age, needs a younger man. Roll the credits, we've seen enough, and move on to the next act.I'm not saying Donnie is a joo cum-guzzler.  No ma'am, no siree.  With kikes, he does what's necessary and that means HE gets paid. I respect that part of his MO.He leaves the joo cum-guzzling to Ivanka, for which she's well-suited. At the rate she's going, she'll need dentures by 50. Seeing less of her is increasingly more better. IQ-wise, she's not exactly stupid, but she is a brain-washed, holocaust-believing, pity-peddling dummy. Having a cunt predisposes her to triviality, but what else is new after being led to believe she belongs on the men's stage. Any appearances that she's leading is achieved only via following.I have older sisters who were knock-outs in their prime. One athletic, the other a hi-style social celeb and fashion maven. Comparing my sibling's wealth to Ivanka's doesn't register, but trust me, Ivanka's look always reverts to " tacky ".  Her core is cheap. Ya' either got it, or ya' don't ! For having such fine stature, she's still a midget.Ivanka is the worst of the joo cum-guzzlers named Trump. She's been draining the swamp daily, will continue to move any & all manometers most negative, and positively loves every drop the slimey joo-critters produce.    

In reply to by Freddie

earleflorida red1chief Nov 10, 2017 11:58 PM Permalink

the problem is we can't even create inflation today with wars,...and if the autocratic people's bank raises rates 1.0% were bankrupt,... with or without warwe ran out of 'silver bullets dipp'd in a philosophers stone cold`golden fiat' that cannot even pathetically be hoisted by our own petards .were land poor and morally bankrupt when the rest of the countries turns a blind eye to our decadent foreign policyguilt by association will get us all gased! 

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red1chief Nov 10, 2017 9:59 PM Permalink

I hate ties, I feel like I'm choking with them.  I'd only wear the Vietnamese shirt with no tie, like Trump. Putin should ditch the tie, not needed with that shirt.

MuffDiver69 Nov 10, 2017 9:56 PM Permalink

While I don’t agree with everything, I have commented that many just can’t see the effect this will have on our politics and geopolitics. The author left out Egypt and they are in 100% support and provide the meat in any broader war, which I don’t think will happen...

I like a good bit of this slightly different take and many can’t get out of their bubbles to consider it:

“In the U.S. there are entities who will be severely hurt by the action of the Crown Prince because the Saudi people arrested were financing their corrupt political operations in Washington DC.  The impacted list includes:

Deep state swamp dwellers in DC.  John McCain, Jeff Flake, Chuck Schumer, Bob Corker, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, and every member of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and Senate Arms Committee.  Those committee members just lost millions.

The Bush and Clinton clans.   Every member within the family of the Bushes and Clinton’s were on the receiving end of hundreds of millions.

The Obama family and the fundraisers for the Obama Library.  The arrest of these Saudi officials and influence agents will wipe out the top tier of their finance operation.

Left-wing ideological media companies, including social media outfits, and some Machiavellian media groups like Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.  They too were funded by, or partly owned by, participants and influence agents within the Saudi group that was arrested.

Billionaire globalist, and “Mr. Wall Street”,  Rupert Murdoch.

Any State Department entity that supported the Muslim Brotherhood and its various affiliated enterprises.  Including CAIR and more than a dozen NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations).

Dozens of K-Street offices.  The lobbyist industry writ large has just lost a major source of funding and influence money.

MK13 MuffDiver69 Nov 10, 2017 11:08 PM Permalink

You wish. Soros billions and corporate backstops from tech liberals and ATT libtards will make up the difference.

ETB cards will feed the poor, tax donkeys will be taxed, wars will go on as planned. And this one has the appearance of SA vs Iran showdown, with US backing the loser.

Until greater progressive good, filled with transgenderism, tattoos, ME wars, and increasing poverty.

In reply to by MuffDiver69