The US Has Become A Reality-Optional Society

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via,

The hysteria manufacturing business formerly known as the news media is enjoying multiple orgasms this morning in the outing of notoriously vulgar comedian Louis CK for exactly the sort of vulgar behavior offstage that he riffed about onstage. What a surprise.

We also learn today that Jeremy Piven, beloved and admired for his role as a bimbo-berating Hollywood agent in the HBO comedy Entourage, is alleged to have groped a starlet in his trailer. Or was he just doggedly staying in character between set-ups? And what was she doing there, anyway? Stopping by to share the everything bagel with jalapeño cream cheese that she picked up at craft services?

I suppose these guys will be joining Kevin Spacey in his new dinner theater in Tampa, since they’ll never work in Hollywood again, and surely they have bills to pay, especially to their lawyers.

Hollywood itself, being the vulgar place it has always been, must be nervously awaiting the inevitable next phase of this melodrama: when various actresses, and other women around the biz, are revealed to be sluts who screwed and blew their way to stardom — not to put too fine a point on it. Surely a few ladies out there have misbehaved in the way that ladies can, trading favors for fame and fortune — or do you suppose that never happens? Or only when men force them to? (Anyway, don’t count on hearing about that in The New York Times.)

Then the whole prurient cavalcade of cross-allegation and litigation will be as forgotten as a mass slaughter in Las Vegas, or Texas, or Lower Manhattan, and it will be back to business-as-usual in the news racket: nattering about contacts with Russia, a faraway land that, we’re told, is determined to corrupt the morals of our shining city on a hill.

The metamorphosis of the news business from a dignified and necessary component of the public interest to a gong and geek show is now complete. Some of you may remember that it used to be the task of news organizations to actually gather the news from far and wide. When Walter Cronkite came over the airways on CBS news, he “anchored” the revolving team of reporters in the field: we go to Marvin Kalb in Moscow… Fred Graham in Atlanta… Peter Kalischer in Paris… Lesley Stahl in New York…. Do you know what those people were doing? They were reporting the news on site, because it was important to actually be in the places where events were happening and talking to the people involved in them. And, by the way, do you think Marvin Kalb made contact with Russians? Or perhaps reported on other fellow Americans in contact with Russians? (And that was back in the Cold War, when Russia was run by the wicked Boris and Natasha).

Turn on Anderson Cooper on CNN these days and what do you get: “And now lets turn to our panel for analysis.” Our panel? Analysis? A gang of moonlighting kibitzers with an opinion about what might have actually happened in the world that day, which none of them have been busy actually reporting on. The transformation on the cable networks especially has been insidious. Not so distantly as the days of the Iraq War, CNN checked in every night with Christiane Amanpour, the last of the great foreign correspondents, roving about the Middle East. Do these so-called news organizations even employ any reporters anymore?

I don’t think so. Perhaps the most important story of the decade is the developing meltdown of governance and authority in Saudi Arabia and a Defcon Red level of potential for major war breaking out between them and Iran. How many reporters do the cable networks have in Riyadh today? What’s on CNN’s home page this morning? Boy dies after eating grilled cheese; Why men use masturbation to harass women; and the lead under their “Top Stories” banner: ‘Magnum, P.I.’ actor John Hillerman dies. Maybe you can find a clue in here why the USA has become a reality-optional society. Maybe it’s the American news media that actually has its dick in its hand.


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Oh this is damning! Before the 18th century Russia maintained an exclusionary policy towards Jews, in accordance with the anti-Jewish precepts of the Russian Orthodox Church.[4] When asked about admitting Jews into the Empire, Peter the Great stated "I prefer to see in our midst nations professing Mohammedanism and paganism rather than Jews. They are rogues and cheats. It is my endeavor to eradicate evil, not to multiply it.

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To make sure to beat a drum that some will call a dead horse, though it should never die...9-11.The video of those three buildings falling is staring us right in the face.  A population so accustomed to being lied to that we are unwilling to acknowledge that we have been given an explanation that defies the interpretation of simple intuitive physics? This is a population that will accept anything.  And that acceptance has led to the acceleration of insanity we witness during the past 15 years.  TPTB can tell us anything, and we just go about our lives.  So they do... and we do.Until we pass the test of saying "no" to a physically impossible explanation, the rest of the lies will also stand.I talk about 9-11 so much because there is no "hidden evidence" necessary.  We've all seen the videos.  Just most cannot bring themselves to acknowledge what they are seeing, thereby accepting the meaning and consequences of that reality.The leaders of all countries today are completely out of control.  We daily witness the carnage that

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We just legalized a drug to escape reality. But guess what, the government is going to tax the shit out of us if we buy it. There's even a tax on the tax. No escaping that reality.

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I think of Trump's pussy grabbing comments as being more a comment on the behavior of women around fame and wealth as opposed to a confession.Yep the next installation of sex in the 'wood' should be great!!

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Bitcoin blocks have been building mans replacement it reaches the singularity next week- sovereignty of earth lost by its foolish citizens watching tv and with their hand held distractions THESE IDIOTS NOT ONLY SOLD OUT THE COUNTRY BUT THE HUMAN RACE November 7ths live in Las with Quinn Michaels on You Tube for details

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We live in the Age of Deception.

I am daily surrounded by very highly paid, very highly educated men and women - most of them far beyond the level of their intelligence.

When these colleagues (or undergrads) question why I refuse to participate in their assorted roundtables set up “to debate the issues facing our world” I tell them, “it’s impossible to have an open and honest conversation with Americans today, because they sincerely believe so many things that are not so.”

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Im getting plenty of downvotes today because Im insinuating all is not what it seems with crypto-currency there is still intelligent life on this site but its largely been purged off the net by the 'common sense'you speak of.Im not here to be popular however Im here to learn and share what I have learnt and with the beast system Kushner investments,Saudi Arabia and Israel all feature prominantly

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I think that by the time 'the end' comes, so many of the pillars of our society will have been exposed as useless lying trash that no one will mourn its passing. It will almost be a relief.Take a look at all the institutions and industries and organizations and people that are being 'outed' every day for this, that and the other. Its almost a systematic tear-down of everything we knew and loved, and trusted. Its all being exposed as fraudulent, corrupt, predatory. And every day, fewer and fewer people can come up with any reasons to keep tolerating it. Something is happening here, something important. And very scary, because it has a sort of 'ballast discharge' flavor that makes me think we really ARE headed somewhere new this time. When someone suddenly gives away or throws out all his possessions you know he's making plans. Big plans. And that's what we are doing here...clearing shit OUT!