Plague Fears Grow As New Virus With No Cure Appears: "This Is Worse Than The 'Black Death'"

Malawi is bracing itself for an outbreak of the plague after the Daily Mail reports that deadly disease continues to spread across the island nation of Madagascar. At least 143 people have died and more than 2,000 others have been infected in Madagascar since an outbreak in early August this year which has now spread to its 10th African nation.

Malawi's health secretary confirmed the country is ready for any reported cases of the disease amid mounting concerns of Africa's 'porous borders'.

He said: 'We have infection prevention materials ready and groups and teams ready to be activated if there is a trigger.'

South Africa, Mauritius, Seychelles, Tanzania, La Réunion, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia and Comoros have all been warned they could be at risk from a possible outbreak as well...

The strain can be cured with antibiotics and the WHO money will go towards paying for extra medical personnel, the disinfection of buildings and fuel for ambulances.

Cases have risen by eight per cent in just the space of one week and scientists are now working hard to ensure the disease does not spread from Madagascar to mainland Africa.

Health expert Professor Jimmy Whitworth described the current outbreak as the 'worst in 50 years or more'.

But as's Mac Slavo notes, a new virus for which medical officials have no remedy is spreading. The infectious disease also has a fatality rate of almost 90% making it much more deadly than the black death plaguing Madagascar.

deadly outbreak of a rare and highly fatal virus has broken out in eastern Uganda and five cases have already been identified, the World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed. The disease is known as the Marburg virus. It is similar to the Ebola virus and can be fatal in up to 88% of cases.

The outbreak of the contagious and deadly Marburg virus disease in the Kween district of eastern Uganda was declared by the nation’s Ministry of Health back on October 19. Since then, five cases have been identified as international aid agencies, stretched thin by Madagascar’s black death outbreak, have rushed to deploy teams on the ground to control the recent outbreak. This news comes amid a surge in cases of plague in Madagascar, which is considered to be the “worst outbreak in 50 years” and now at “crisis” point.

Marburg virus disease (MVD), which causes severe viral hemorrhagic fever, ranks among the most virulent pathogens known to infect humans, according to the World Health Organization. The WHO website reads: “Marburg virus disease is a rare disease with a high mortality rate for which there is no specific treatment. The virus is transmitted by direct contact with the blood, body fluids, and tissues of infected persons or wild animals (e.g. monkeys and fruit bats).” MVD also falls within the same family as the Ebola virus – the hemorrhagic fever that decimated West Africa and killed around 11,000 in 2014 and 2015.

The outbreak is thought to have begun in September when a man in his 30s, who worked as a game hunter and lived near a cave with a heavy presence of bats, was admitted to a local health center with a high fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. The man’s condition deteriorated quickly and he failed to respond to antimalarial treatments. He died after being taken to another hospital, and a short time later, his sister in her 50’s also died of the same ailment.

Emergency screening has begun at the Kenya-Uganda border in Turkana after all three members of the same family died of the disease in Uganda. Health workers have been asked to work with communities to stop the deadly Marburg outbreak from devastating communities in the rural region.

Dr. Zabulon Yoti, a Technical Coordinator for Emergencies at the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Africa, said: “Community engagement is the cornerstone of emergency response.” He urged health officials to “work with the communities to build their capacity for success and sustainability” and develop a better understanding of the local customs and traditions.

Early symptoms include fever, chills, headache, and myalgia (muscle pain). Several hundred people have been exposed to the virus as officials worry this outbreak could spread rapidly into regions already devastated by the ongoing black death outbreak.


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With Africa's population projected to quadruple by 2100, it's time to start pushing for aggressive birth control, family planning, and population limits in that continent. Otherwise, it's going to be a humanitarian disaster.

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Awshit…. A cure for gun violence in the ghettos of Chicago Philly and Baltimore   ??????.   Oh dear Lord, please forgive me for this evil thought……….

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  Slightly OT… Did you see the video of Shinzo Abe tumbling backwards into a bunker while playing golf with Trump? Abe cracks me up! He is a laxative-addict. I wonder if his Diarrhea Resignation a while back was caused by a laxative overdose. I betcha, the mishap on the golf course has something to do with his diarrhea, too. The golf course video can be used as a TV commercial: Abe-lax® can cause dizziness and fainting. Do not operate heavy machinery and do not engage in politics, kabuki, or seppuku, while on Abe-lax®.”   ;-) Looney

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My God... talk about doom porn.  To state that this latest outbreak is worse than the Black Death suffered in Europe in the 14th Century is beyond exaggerated belief.  Literally, HALF of Europe's population was devastated by that rat/flea contagion.  So a few thousand Africans die and it comparable?!  Give me a fuckin' break.

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You got it.

Most Americans have bought into vaccinations as a 'necessary evil', even to the point of being open to FORCED vaccinations in the event of a pandemic due to an erroneous belief in 'herd immunity' which supposedly magically protects everyone. I believe that this is THE primary means by which governments will introduce a soft martial law, because the public will believe it is necessary 'for the common good'. And this can be instituted with impunity via police roadside checkpoints, forced entry into homes, mandatory evacuation into FEMA camps etc. with little pushback.

For the record, I have a Master's degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics (UT Houston, 2000). I got my degree while studying Anthrax, and I was paid on a CIA grant. While there I learned many, many disturbing things about our government 'bioterror' program, including the farce that was Kenema National Labs in Sierra Leone, Africa. Suffice it to say, that if there IS any disease outbreak, it will definitely be some bug that was developed in that lab (or a similar one) that will be featured.

It isn't by accident that Legionnaire's Disease; Ebola; Marburg; AIDS and other such diseases have grabbed headlines since 1975 - when the lab started to really get going.

'Oh, it's just the locals eating bush meat', they'd say when there was an outbreak. 'Lets make a vaccine to protect them!' Well, it was the vaccines that CAUSED those problems to begin with.

Several things to think about concerning that lab: why is that facility in Africa, and not in the USA? Most would say, 'well, DUH, that's where the diseases are!' And there is truth to that, but the real reasons are that - 1. the government there is bought and paid for, with no oversight on the lab; 2. the people there are not well educated, which leads to 3. they have been even more brainwashed into the need for vaccinations, leading to a perfect source of willing guinea pigs.

Also, there is little media presence there, so when 'breakouts' DO happen, they can be attributed to 'those careless bush people' instead of there being any real investigations which would show that those exhibiting symptoms almost ALWAYS were vaccinated with the VERY SAME THING THEY CAME DOWN WITH.

And one more thing about Kenema National Labs: back during the Ebola scare, there was a man from the World Health Organization who investigated that lab by the name of Glenn Thomas. He apparently had discovered some unsettling things and was going to report them, but unfortunately he just 'happened' (along with many prominent microbiolgists) to be on flight MH17 when it went down. Conveniently, it turned out. And not long after that, that lab was quietly shuttered.

So anyway, that's my long-winded take on why this is not merely fear-mongering; it is PART OF THE PLAN. And it would be best to be both aware of it and prepared for it when it happens.

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No, at the moment, the MSM are all caught up in ratings-driven sex scandal reporting, with full, lurid detail right down to where this person put his hand. They do this while reminding viewers that they are parents of young children. Every time these working-mom / working-parent journalists do that, I think you let your kids listen to this raunchy report that sounds more like a sex magazine or an R-rated movie? Really? Hmmmm.

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? Not sure what you mean? I chose that name because it can be taken two different but highly divergent directions, either of which I can embrace when needed.

But as for what I did: I was in a doctoral program, and I actually thought I was doing something worthwhile as my project entailed creating a virus that could neutralize anthrax. It was only after I met some of the people who headed up the project that I had second thoughts - the main one being Senator Phil Gramm, the same guy who repealed Glass-Steagal.

After shaking his hand, I knew I had met the devil. I got out a year later.

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No. Had I stayed, I would have had to deny my humanity and thus, become one of them. It's better that I stayed just long enough to learn so much so that I can now share what I know without fear of losing my job.

I know many good people in that business who know what is going on, but their continued ability to eat requires keeping a blind eye towards it all. Once the dollar finally falls, you will see hordes of such people come out of the woodwork and expose it ALL, now that they no longer have anything more to fear. That day will be GLORIOUS.

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Overlay the skyrocketing Hep C rate in Africa vs AIDS rates. A researcher showed me this once. He chose Hep C because it has a very low sexual component. It matches the vaccination rate in multiple regions. Fascinating idea that got him in serious trouble at a world known research institute. He claimed to me in private he was suspicious AIDS was the result of a vaccination program but didn't have the resources to examine his theory.

I refuse the flu vaccination. I'm the only one in the lab that does so. Some day I will be forced to or lose my job. It's just a matter of time.


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My best friend and his new wife just lost everything that they own in the Santa Rosa fires. I'm past caring what (((they))) think any more. If people don't rise up and speak truth to power now, NOTHING will ever change. Besides, speaking out and being visible makes it much harder for them to retaliate as doing so exposes them for what and who they are, when one speaks TRUTH.

KNOWLEDGE PROTECTS. That applies to every aspect of life that (((they))) can vector themselves into, be that GMO foods; vaccines; fluoride etc. And knowing what and who these people serve and declaring that I do NOT consent to become a victim of their death cult really does make a difference.

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"I hear you. I keep pointing out all the science papers published showing REAL effects of vaccination to the other people in my lab, and they flat *refuse* to listen. They have become religious zealots who won't ever listen to opposing arguments, no matter how well stated. Thus, true science has officially died. Alas." 2 downvotes ?? For this ??Me thinks we have some strange peeps on board....

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I'm 70, and have never had the flue vacine, nor have I had the flu.....and I travel heavily, work trade shows that involve encounters with people from all around the world, and spend more time thanI like to think about on airplanes.  I don't even recall my last cold.  Diet, exercise, and basic hygene provide the tools your body needs to take care of itself.  Now, the big push is for seniors to get the shingles vacine.  I have never known anyone with shingles, but now it is implied that huge numbers of Americans get shingles.  Where are these people?

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That's part of the laws of un-intended consequences...Smallpox was was eradicated by a world wide mass vaccination campaign.  (One of WHO's few major successes).  One of the ugly secrets that it's generally impolite to mention was that the Smallpox campaign jump started a host of other things that had been festering around at low levels "forever".  If you look back at the pictures from the era (assuming you can still find them), you'll initially see entire villages getting vaccinated from a limited # of needles, (later with a spray gun type injector which was "a little" more sterile, but still a transmission vector).  Knowledge was limited back then, and not much was known about "rare" blood borne diseases.  Hit one infected person near the start of the line, and a good percentage of the rest of the line would get infected (often with a slow moving disease so it would take years to emerge, long after the memory of the smallpox shot was gone). Still probably a good thing in aggregate (smallpox was nasty), and nothing "evil or intentional", just people trying to do good (eradicate smallpox)...  (Still did a good job of widely distributing diseases that were sumbering in isolation...)."The road to Hell is paved with Good intentions"... 

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There are not many clinical studies involving Yersinia pestis for reasons you probably can guess. I think they'd use a fluoroquinolone but I'm not sure of the efficacy. Streptomycin and chloramphenicol have been used in the past but these drugs are rarely used today in the USA because of some undesirable side effects.

Any ID docs in the house? Parrotile?


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Yersinia pestis (The bacterium that causes plague, or Black Death as it is otherwise known) can be wiped out with most common antibiotics, including your common internet available "fish" antibiotics like ampicillin. Marburg virus, on the other hand, can be envisioned as the immediate cousin of Ebola, and is equally as difficult to spread from one person to another. All Africa needs are some common antibiotics and education. Unfortunately, only one of these is easily provided. too much speculation and misinformation on this board for me to be bothered further. Thanks.

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Implied Violins eclectic syncretist Sun, 11/12/2017 - 15:56 Permalink

I would counter that there is far too much identification with false beliefs promoted by the Medical Industrial Complex that has brainwashed people to only accept what (((they))) say as the truth.

Here is some information on colloidal silver and intravenous Vitamin C for anyone who is interested:……

And here is a book that completely lays out the lies that were promoted as truth concerning antibiotics and vaccines:

We have never been told the truth about these things, and the government has made SURE we won't ever hear it from them.

From putting establishment doctors in place of deciding who gets funding (and who doesn't); from the practice of "peer review" by these same doctors deciding what is and is not good science; from owning the labs that produce these vaccines; owning the publications that publish their own studies (but not competing ones); from owning the industries that produce these vaccines; and also owning the labs that verify the usefulness of vaccines and antibiotics, (((they))) have completely hoodwinked the world with LIES.

The CDC, for example, owns the patents for over 20 vaccines. From a watchdog organization that exists supposedly to verify the utility of vaccines, isn't that a blatant conflict of interest?

People need to WAKE UP to this bullshit, because not being aware - or worse, being told and not believing - could be the very thing that destroys you. And I see this all the time with people continuing to get vaccines, even when they always get sick afterwards. But hey, you're all adults, believe what you want to. I've done my part by showing the door. It's up to you to want to walk through it.

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Hi Miffed - sorry I'm late to the show - having a great time in Vanuatu zip-lining and snorkelling (obviously not at the same time). NO Internet so a nice and peaceful break!Yes - we're using Avelox as first-line treatment now (also FDA approved), since neither Chloramphenicol nor Streptomycin have Australian TGA approval. Gentamicin is also licenced for this disease, but we've got supply problems with this right now (Pfizer have recalled many batches), so not a first-choice agent until normal supply is resumed.Aussie biosecurity is pretty tight but it's always possible for the "unknowingly infected", early asymptomatic to walk right in - especially if you have an Australian Passport (almost no human contact - Passport Control's entirely automated), and if you're going through the "Nothing to Declare" Green Channel, the chances of a long interaction with the very few Customs staff are minimal. Once through Customs - you're right in the always busy, always packed Int. Arrivals hall - plenty of interpersonal contact whilst waiting for transport - so plenty of opportunity for onward spread.

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Miffed Microbi… Parrotile Sun, 11/12/2017 - 23:42 Permalink

So glad to here from you! I was going to run it by a few ID docs here but being the weekend I like to withhold any texting unless an emergency. I realized an early case could make the rounds, obviously a symptomatic case would be less likely to have the ability to even board a plane but Obama had struck down public health policy in favor of refugees. " Humanitarian " trumps Public Health? Pure idiocy. I saw 4+ AFB smears in patients from Africa landing in San Diego. A public health contact nightmare.

Chloramphenicol and streptomycin are rarely used here. I don't believe they are on our formulary anymore. Saw a lot of aplastic anemia during the chloramphenicol days but for some meningitis cases it was the only option.

I could see some hot spots occurring here but a full blown pandemic? I'm more worried about influenza.

Just got back from Spain last month. I walked the Camino de Santiago! A bucket list item. 500 miles. Made a few friends, got a few blisters and challenged myself beyond my confidence and ability. I come home with a new outlook on life and appreciation of all I have. A gift to forever savor... but I think I could use a quieter trip with some snorkeling next time around.


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Despite the problem of "Grey Man Syndrome", Chloramphenicol IS pretty good, with excellent blood-brain penetration. We don't use it 'cause it's difficult to get hold of (capsules) but in an emergency, we'd probably consider.I've only ever seen ONE genuine Plague case (and that was in a former colleague who had been doing volunteer work with MSF, actually in Madagascar!). We used ciprofloxacin (750 b.d. oral) and it cleared overnight (so if treated quick, and it's sensitive - no problem)Now - I'm sure you are aware that "The West" (and Russia) were very interested in weaponising Plague - and we've talked about this in the past.  With these "exotica", I'm always  in the "what if . . ." mindset, and hopefully we'll never see an engineered version, accidental or deliberate, but it's something to always keep at the back of the mind.

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There have been some very promising studies done with colloidal silver and intravenous vitamin C, that were both shut down during the Ebola scare. Apparently many people around the world sent colloidal silver to Africa during the last epidemic, but the stuff was intercepted and not allowed to be delivered.

Also, there were reports that people recovered completely when they were treated with intravenous vitamin C, but these reports also went the way of the Do-Do bird.

You can buy colloidal silver in certain stores, or even make your own. Just be careful that you are making *true* colloidal silver, or you will end up bluer than the Blue Man Group.

Also, you can make liposomal vitamin C, which is vitamin C encapsulated in lecithin, which the body will incorporate nearly 100%. Simply taking vitamin C orally will literally 'backfire' after the first 5-6 grams, as the body will forcefully excrete it - but liposomal C, properly made, is taken up completely.

In this way your body can take in 50-60 grams per day, and this was shown to be enough to completely cure Ebola in patients who were treated intravenously. But good luck finding those reports; most of them have been zotted from the internet.

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