Visualizing The Rapidly Aging Western World

From issues such as declining fertility rates to the ongoing complications resulting from China’s famous “One Child Policy”, there are many demographic challenges that the world must grapple with in the coming years.

However, Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins notes one problem of particular importance – at least in places like Europe and the Americas – is a rapidly aging population. As the population shifts grayer, potential consequences include higher dependency ratios, rising healthcare costs, and shifting economies and cities.


We’ve discussed Germany’s demographic cliff before, but it’s not only Germany that will be impacted by a rapidly aging population.

The above animation from data visualization expert Aron Strandberg shows the median age of European countries between 1960 and 2060.

Starting about a decade from now, you can see that the U.N. projects some European countries to start hitting a median age of 50 or higher. This includes countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Greece, and then later Germany, Poland, Bosnia, and Croatia.

The UK, France, Ireland, Scandinavia, and former Soviet countries will be younger – but only slightly so. Median ages in these places by 2060 will be in the early to mid-forties.


Populations in North and South America are also graying fast, though not quite at Europe’s pace.

Here’s a similar map of the Americas that highlights median age between 1960 and 2060, based on U.N. projections.

Chile and Brazil, in particular, are trending older. Meanwhile, Canada is not far behind with an expected median age of 45 in 2060. Interestingly, the United States is anticipated to only hit a median age of 42 by 2060, which is lower than almost all Western countries.

While this makes the U.S. look younger in comparison, the country will still experience the same type of economic burden from an aging population. In fact, it’s expected that the population of Americans older than 65 years will nearly double from 48 million to 88 million over the coming three decades.


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Median forecasted age for Canada is super wrong because it doesn't include any of the new Trudeau policiesneeds factor in an extra 300-400K disproportionately young adult immigrants per year, for the foreseeable future, and then gazillion kids they all push out lolalso means that Vancouver at, already 65% minorities, will look like Singapore by then o.0

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this ageing of the world's population is an absolutely unavoidable consequence of slowing the rate of population growth and then reversing it which will occur somewhere around mid century as the result of individual choices made by individual women primarily.  increases in the death rate due to depression, war, plague, etc. could also have an impact.but generally this would seem to be a good thing ultimately as human pollution is starting to poison life, wars over scarce resources are escalating, and perhaps smaller familes allow better care for the affected children.  in any case the women (and men) making these choices prefer them. at some point the people born at the end of the baby boom in the wealthy countries (mid 1960's) will die and those countries will average younger than the poorer ones whose baby boom coincided with the green agricultural revolution and whose birth rates came down more recently (or probably will in the near future).  these are fascinating and very powerful for immigration from poor to rich countries, while this will increase (or slow the decline of) the population  of the rich countries, it will reduce the world's population on balance as the poor countries lose the immigrants and the immigrants (or their children), as they assimilate, reduce their fertility rates versus those left in the home countries.

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Did you even look at the damn map? There aren't any fertile brown people. The ageing is just as bad in Central and South America as it is in most of Europe. The only place in the world with and above replacement TFR is Sub-Saharan Africa, and I rather doubt that massive amounts of Nigerians and Congolese are going to sail across the Atlantic and force their way into America.

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Historically...Our (Ireland) demographic aging is mostly from emmigration.. every time there's a recession the government of the day "exports" our young unemployed to US / Canada / Australia & any other country that will let us in...classic cop-out....But families here generally are bigger than eu average... 4 kids is looked upon as small... I come from a time (60yrs old) when we had BIG families... 11 in mine... I had a friend in school came from a family of 21 children  lol...Cost-of-living is probably the single biggest barrier to having kids here today... particularly if u live in the capital where there is a dearth of residential property & prices are STOOPID !!BTW 40% of the cost of building a house/apartment goes to the government in taxes... & a recent introduction of a property tax means the gov is quite happy to see property values go up & their percentage with it....

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"and I rather doubt that massive amounts of Nigerians and Congolese are going to sail across the Atlantic and force their way into America" Hmm...not sure if you've been paying attention but Soros is sending boatloads of the bipeds to Europe, and eventually they will be airlifted to America. Subscribe to Refugee Resettlement Watch and watch the fun as it transpires. 

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You obviously didn't look at the data. Mexico's median age will surpass that of the USA by 2060, and Mexico's current TFR is a barely above replacement 2.2 (and dropping). The United States, by the way, has a TFR of 1.87 (which is far below replacement) and that includes all the Mexicans already living here.If Mexico's TFR falls by a measly tenth of a percentage point, it too will have a declining population.

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