hedgeless_horseman's annual Twelve Days of Christmas shopping list for the ZeroHedge readers in your life


Tis the gift to be loving, tis the best gift of all
Like a quiet rain it blesses where it falls
And with it we will truly believe
Tis better to give than it is to receive

-Additional verse to Simple Gifts


Here it is, again, with plenty of time remaining for you to deploy capital: hedgeless_horseman's Twelve Days of Christmas shopping list for the ZeroHedge readers in your life. 


1) Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga, by Hunter S. Thompson $12

This is a very well written book, maybe his best, about an incredibly interesting group of freedom loving Americans.  I referenced it in my recent ZH article, What would an anonymous, open-source, distributed-network, outlaw-gang look like?


2) Nigel Calder's Cruising Handbook: A Compendium for Coastal and Offshore Sailors $39

If ever someone's world turns to complete shit, and you want them to know which sailboat to beg, barter, or steal from the marina, and how to sail it, then this book is the ticket.


3) A bottle of Yuu Baal Mezcal Anejo $45

If you made it to the First ZeroHedge Symposium and Live Fight Club in Marfa, Texas, then you probably had more than a few shots of this with yours truly.  Very, very, smooth and earthy, it also works well sipped straight from the bottle in front of a campfire under the stars.  


4)  Staub Cast Iron Crêpe Set $99

A house guest from France helped us to perfect our crêpes.  mrs_horseman likes the sweet ones for breakfast with hot apples, crème fraîche, and caramel.  I like the savory ones for dinner with ingredients such as sausage, goat cheese, spinach, tomato, savory, and egg.  Like all Staub products, this pan should last a lifetime.   


5) Trezor Bitcoin Hardware Wallet $119

If you want to get someone started with Bitcoin, then get them a Trezor, and have them read my article, hedgeless_horseman's E-Z Internet Guide To Safely Buying and Then Conveniently Losing Bitcoin in a Tragic Boating Accident.   


6) Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University $119

We have given this 9 week course as a gift to family and employees, always recommending the live classes over the online.  It works because Dave understands that getting out of debt and building wealth is not so much about knowledge, as it is about behavior.   mrs_horseman and I regularly use Dave's tactics for talking with your spouse about money, which alone is worth the price.


7)  "Bob" Century's Body Opponent Training Bag $270

If you have a man on your Christmas list, like me, that is about half-a-century old, then consider this tool to help him keep his testosterone levels up, naturally, without drugs.  Just 5 minutes of beating the fuck out of Bob-the-Central-Banker, after my regular trail runs, and I am much better off physically, biochemically, and emotionally.  Easily converts to Larry-the-Lawyer, Paul-the-Politician, and Joe-the-Journalist. 


8)  12 Square Foot Indoor DIY Friendly Aquaponics System $311

This is the perfect gift for teaching kids of all ages, no matter where they live, that our food doesn't come from a supermarket.  If you want to go bigger, read the ZH article, Disintermediation yields a 2822% return on investment.


9)  Previously beloved Waterford Crystal tumblers, cocktail stemware, and decanter. Four tumblers or stems will cost between $90 and $600, and about the same for one decanter.

We visited the Waterford crystal factory in Ireland, just as they were shutting down production and moving it to Eastern Europe.  It was incredibly sad.  I have always found that a an Irish whiskey, cocktail, or Champagne is so much more enjoyable when served from, and in, Irish crystal.  Fortunately, the people at www.replacements.com can still help you give this experience to the people on your gift list that would appreciate some of the finest things in life.


10)  A set of two Ultra-light Level III PLUS Ceramic / Polyethylene Rifle Plates (Stand-Alone) $518

...and a BlackHawk Lo-Vis "Semi-Concealable" Plate carrier $50

As Hunter said, "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."  If someone on your list is concerned about things turning weird, then give the gift of protection this holiday season.  These will stop multiple hits of .308, but yet are so light that the little wife can easily wear them all day long.


11)  Paul Bond custom cowboy boots $1,000 and up 

In Marfa, many of you asked where we got our cowboy boots.  For more than 30 years our answer has been and remains Paul Bond.  There is simply no better boot maker in the universe.  As a gift to yourself, send in your measurements, and have a pair custom made.  They will last you a lifetime, and you will never regret it.


12)  Preparing for Zombie Apocalypse in just one weekend for less than $1,200

If you know a family, maybe even your own, that needs to check off the "prepper" box, and then move on in life, this is the gift.    


Merry Christmas!