Corruption In China Risks A Soviet-Style Collapse - Party's Graft Buster

Yang Xiadou is the Party’s number two man in Xi Jinping’s crackdown on corruption in the Chinese Communist Party – although some have seen this, in part, as a convenient way for Xi to bolster his power base.

During the 19th Party Congress last month, Yang was asked about the anti-corruption drive and how to achieve a balance between human rights and party discipline. Yang replied that, having worked in the Tibet Autonomous Region for many years, human rights was an “interesting question”. He recounted a conversation he had with a US assistant secretary of state where he likened Abraham Lincoln freeing slaves in America to China’s actions in Tibet.

“I said in the hearts of Chinese people, Lincoln is a hero, because he freed the slaves.


On this point the Chinese people and the American people have the same understanding – this is a human rights issue.


In turn, we freed the serfs in Tibet, how come American friends cannot understand this? From Lincoln’s perspective, he should have supported China’s overturning of the serfdom in Tibet.”

No matter that the Central Tibetan Administration, usually called the “Tibetan Government in Exile” has a starkly different view.

Yang’s ability to “paint broad canvases” was in evidence again when he stated that corruption in China could lead to a collapse similar to the Soviet Union. According to the Times of India.

China must step up its battle against corruption in order to safeguard against a Soviet-style collapse, the country's second most senior graft buster said in an editorial on Wednesday. Yang Xiaodu, the deputy secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, who was promoted to the ruling Communist Party's 25-strong Politburo last month, said failure would risk the "red country changing colour".

In unusually direct and strongly worded criticism of previous administrations, Yang said "in a previous period", corruption had been allowed to fester to such an extent that the party's leadership had weakened, with supervision soft, and ideology apathetic.


"It had developed to the point where if not rectified, the country could change colour," Yang wrote in the official People's Daily.


"The future fate of the party and the country's people could follow the same old road to ruin as the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc."

It's well known that senior Party officials warn their underlings of the need to study the collapse of the Soviet Union and the importance of maintaining discipline and tight control. China analysts are viewing these comments by Yang and others as evidence that Xi’s crackdown is not letting up despite the former Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Wang Qishan, stepping down at the Party Congress.

Writing in the People’s Daily last Saturday, Wang’s replacement and Politburo Standing Committee member, Zhao Leji, warned that if the Party lost the battle against corruption it risked “being erased by history”. Yang emphasised the need to press forward in the eliminating corruption, as the Times of India notes.

Yang said Xi's anti-corruption achievements had been revolutionary in "turning the blade of the knife inward".


But he said unhealthy pollutants within the party's political ecosystem had yet to be completely cleansed, and the anti-corruption fight remained "grave and complex”.


"There is no road for retreat, only forward in attack, and definitely no pause or relax," Yang wrote. China has plans for a national supervision law and a new commission next year to oversee the expansion of Xi's graft fight. Yang, who is also minister of supervision, had been Wang's deputy since 2014 and his promotion to the Politburo is seen as another display of the importance the central leadership attaches to fighting corruption.

In the wake of the Party Congress, we can deduce that Xi means business on deleveraging and cooling the property bubble, stepping up efforts to reduce pollution, in addition to attacking corruption. We continue to believe that China is entering a more risky phase than financial markets are discounting at this point.


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Something said about "rocks" and "glass houses" comes to mind everytime someone from the US starts talking about imminent Chinese economic doom.

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Finally officially acknowledged that the Soviet was a left fascist oligarchic corrupt system and not a functional social democracy. Obviously the American left secreadly admired that status quo and tried hard to copy and modernize it instead of keeping traditionally on the road of building a genuine functional social democracy in US.

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Historically China expands until it hits resistance then it collapses. It’s just the way that centralized culture works. The idiots here dropped the best republic that has ever been created chasing “Honest Abe’s” centralized dream and it’s going to screw us all before it’s done. We came close to avoiding the “one guy at the top” mindset but missed the silver ring. Now our culture is being replaced by the morons in charge that think they can fix everything FN thing. I would give my life to see their heads on sticks! If only Booth had done his deed 6 years before…

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<Gasp!>  Corruption in a single-party communist country?  Get the fuck outta here.  I don't believe you.  China is perfect.  Everyone is copying them.  They are the pinnacle of social, political and economic civilization.  They can do no wrong. 

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How it’s going to go down, both the US and China will collapse at the same time, joined at the hip.

The difference is the Chinese will quickly take an iron grip on their problems, use their surplus money to soften the fall, and quell public anger by machine gunning bankers and corrupt party/government leaders.

The US will print and borrow to bail out Wall Street, plunder your 401Ks, and slobber on Bankster dick as the currency sublimates directly from solid to gas.

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The human rights issue is getting old. US needs to come up with another excuse to intertere in other countries internal affairs. 

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Who can get the other country to collapse first.Put out news articles like this. Then you get the Wall Street banksters involved. They swoop in like vultures. 

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I can say from personal experience the corruption in China makes the Soviet Union look enlightened. To speak about Tibet in terms of Lincoln and the emancipation proclamation made my evening...You can’t make this shit up..

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  One might have thought a careful Chinese dignitary would have had just a smidgeon more grasp on the actual history of 1860's America before making such a 1st grade public-school comment like that.   It isn't as though facts surrounding Lincoln's presidency and the War of Northern Aggression aren't readily available for anyone to avail themselves of...

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surrender ZH .. there is no way any one can defeat me .... am not giving you chance ... am just here an other places to find out if there exists any other soul that knows what I know....I told are a traitor .. so am I .. if that makes you happy...what I know is I am just waiting .. before I show up at the white house and take over control of the ocuntry ... Mr. Trump .... if I see that you need help .. trust me ... there will be help ...

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ZH, for a decaide, you and Google have made fun of everyone .... I am not taking over the white house right now .. because .. I still have few small children .. who will be without a father  nothing is certain... not even death and taxes ...  what I am most angry about is not ... the crimes of those who you report... but I am just angry at how scared are you.

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if we can send as more corrupted politicians/cops to jails as china did, the society will be much much much better than what we have now.

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shut up ZH. I don't need more Rush Limbaugh or any othercounterbalancing leftist. all I know is that a trader like you should not have social presence ... 

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China learned from the west to print money at will, it has at least another 50 years to catch up to the same debt levels as the west, by then printing will not be needed as digital currencies will eliminate all runs on banks and the central banks can easily add few zeros to their balance sheets on the asset side and delete few zeros on their liability side. the us is collapsing right now and the rest will not help much as the corruption is beyond repair. the government is allowing monopolies to fleece the population and the oligarchy rule the land .the people in power disregard the will of the voters and can remove anybody voted in by making up a propaganda like Russia gate or other shenanigans with the bought media in their camp.Glad I won't be around to see the total destruction of society and to watch rivers of blood in the streets.