Empire Fed Tumbles Most In 7 Months, But 'Hope' Surges To 5 Year Highs

Having equalled its highest level since 2009 in October, November's Empire Fed print tumbled from 30.2 to 19.4, way below the 25.1 expectations (the biggest drop since April).

However, while the headline slipped, hope for the future surged to its higest in over 5 years...


Under the covers, prices paid dropped, number of employees dropped, and average workweek contracted - its first contraction since January.


GUS100CORRINA shizzledizzle Wed, 11/15/2017 - 09:11 Permalink

It is always good to look at the glass of water has half full and not half empty.But "HOPIUM" often leads to inaction and fails to address the REAL PROBLEMS.America's biggest challenge financially is DEBT!!! No one has the political will to address OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT SPENDING. At the heart of the matter is CORRUPTION and IMMORALITY.Just like the TITANIC, FULL SPEED AHEAD and DAMN the ICEBERGS!!!PRIDE goes before the FALL!!!

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