There's A New Nation In Space... And You Can Apply For Citizenship Right Now

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The world’s very first space nation launched this week, but despite the fact that 300,000 members applied for citizenship over the last year, no people were on board.

The “nation” launched early Sunday from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, CNET reported this week, as “an Orbital ATK Antares rocket carrying a CubeSat named Asgardia-1.”

The satellite is the size of a milk carton and called the “Space Kingdom of Asgardia.”

The creators lauded the launch as establishing the first nation to have all of its territory in space, though no countries have acknowledged its statehood.

For now, the primary benefit of “citizenship” is being able to store data on Asgardia-1 while it’s in orbit.

Even so, the satellite nation has terms and conditions and is subject to Austrian copyright law, so it is not free of earthly constraints.

In fact, the creators intend to bring human forms of governance to the new space nation, noting on their website the virtues of democracy and promoting parliamentary elections.

They also have a proposed constitution and laws and intend to elect 12 cabinet ministers and a head of state.

Only those who support the constitution will have the right to upload data to the satellite. Asgardia will have taxes, though only businesses will be forced to contribute. Individual taxes will apparently be voluntary. The website explains that “people can decide what amount of tax they would like to pay.”

The country will also have passports, IDs, a national bank, business regulations, and a cryptocurrency called SOLAR.

According to Asgardia’s website, the nation “was created with three top goals in mind: to ensure the peaceful use of space, to protect the Earth from space hazards, and to create a demilitarized and free scientific base of knowledge in space.

It also seeks to “create a mirror of humanity in space, but without Earthly division into states, religions, and nations,” though it’s unclear how it will be free of states by establishing a state.

The founder, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, “is a thinker and visionary who has been contemplating Asgardia as a first space nation as long as he’s been alive,” the website notes.

He is a scientist and businessman of Russian-Azerbaijani descent and is currently serving a five-year term as “Head of the Nation.”

Asgardia’s long-term plans include establishing actual human settlements in space, on the moon, and “perhaps even more distance colonies,” CNET reports.

For now, the satellite housed in a Cygnus spacecraft is slated to dock at the international space station on Tuesday. In a month, it will climb to a higher altitude and enter an orbit.

People from all countries can apply for citizenship by simply creating a login and accepting the constitution and terms and conditions.


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Oh the humanity. If people knew the truth.The never ending supply of gullible dodo birds is jaw-dropping.If you want to lose your shirt, and be the joke of the inside clique, go right ahead.<facepalm>This is the article that ZH should be posting:… seems to be sedated in his mansion, ever since ZH left the OrtCloud in Switzerland.Heads up.

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SixIsNinE peddling-fiction Wed, 11/15/2017 - 23:12 Permalink

exactly -  jeranism focused on the "space" scam a while back and every one of the "go fund me" etc. type fundraisers including Richard Branson ALWAYS took the money and ran.  Remember the Arizona/NewMexico "space port" that was supposed to take folks into space?  that's right - another scam.and a year ago Elon Musk (*Lone Skum) proclaiming a ride to the Moon in 2018 !   and today the headlines are that Skum will be outed from Tesla board. EVERY SINGLE ONE of these scams to get people to dump a quarter million and more to a future "space ride" has failed.  feeling dizzy folks?  zooming along 1.3 Million MPH in the vacuum of space, while we spin faster than the speed of sound at 1,000MPH and we're also somehow moving 66,666MPH AROUND the SUN  - (all the while our little moon manages to fly AROUND our little waterball,  lulZZZZ!)   -  dizzy?   no.didn't think so.  that's because we're NOT moving.  

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HRClinton HRClinton Thu, 11/16/2017 - 01:01 Permalink

My humorous comment aside...1. I'd like to see their (a) Strategic Plan, and (b) Biz Plan, to grow this cyber country.2. The fact that it is a CYBER citizenship, has many implications -- some foreseeable, and some (many?) unforeseeable.   - Will Virtual Companies now be citizens?   - Will Cyborgs be citizens?  How about humans with enhanced cyber implants? Where's the line between the two?   - Can you store Personal, Business and Organizational Data with Asgardia (for the sake of global privacy?) 

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Wicked Old People Wed, 11/15/2017 - 22:53 Permalink

Arise! All rockets launched soon splash down harmlessly into the ocean. There is no such thing as "space travel". It's a profitable hoax. Hubble does not exist. All space images are cartoons. Search your feelings, Luke, you know this to be true. When a 24 hr live feed of the earth is on the moon, then we'll see. Until then, believe what other men tell me? No. Space is a scam. $$$$$$The only reason you believe in it is because you swallowed the lie. Think about it. 

justa minute skinwalker Thu, 11/16/2017 - 01:38 Permalink

just look at water , do you see a reflection? that means it is flat, level no curvature anywhere and antartica is an icewall that holds the water in. just look at the un logo, that is the true map of earth hidden in plain sight. there are also 33 sections representing the 33 degrees of freemasonry. they are masters of the lie, as one cia director once said " our mision is complete when everything people believe is a lie" globe earth being one of the biggest lies.

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elephant Wed, 11/15/2017 - 22:59 Permalink

I will soon be launching my own nation-state, in an alternate dimension.  Citizenship fees will be very reasonable.  Dimensional launches will be held in states where recreational marijuana is legal.

honestann Wed, 11/15/2017 - 23:08 Permalink

This is a good example of an idea with good intentions... but sadly clueless.What is the appropriate human organization?Simple.  It is essentially the native americans setup before they were invaded and destroyed by invaders from Europe [and elsewhere].How so?Simple.  If you create AKA produce something, you own that something.  If what you create is something like a house or apartment or factory, you own that house, apartment or factory.  As owner, you can establish "rules" for anyone who wants to enter or manipulate what you own.In effect, an indian settlement is just like this.  You build the tee-pee, you own the tee-pee, and anyone who wants to come inside your tee-pee must follow the rules established for that tee-pee.  If you don't agree to accept the rules of a given tee-pee, don't enter and you are not subject to the rules (call the rules "laws" if you wish).One absolutely fundamental and key point is... everywhere between something you own is NO MAN'S LAND.  In "no mans land", no rules exist because no human built the earth, and thus no human owns the earth, and thus no human can make rules for the earth.  A human can only create "rules" for what he created AKA produced.Even conventional real-estate as normally envisioned in most of the world cannot be owned.  That is, the unimproved land cannot be owned, because no human created it.  However, if a human creates a garden by planting seeds, watering and caring for the plants, that is created and owned and subject to rules.  So is all equipment.  So is a fence around a section of land.  So are all structures.  So are canals.  So are all real, functional improvements.  And so, in practice, one can legitimately enjoy what is very close to what is considered conventional real-estate... just "not quite".  For example, if someone manages to pole-vault over your fence, land somewhere that doesn't damage any crops or equipment or other property, then walk across the land and pole vault over the fence at the far side... then "no harm, no foul" is indeed the operant phrase.This is what I call "natural law", because it is 100% based on causality (cause and effect) applied to human action.  No "god" or "authority" required.In any event, this was more-or-less the native american "system".  If you don't like the rules of your tee-pee owner (or tribe), you are free to leave... you are free to accept the rules of some other tee-pee owner (or tribe)... or if you wish, you can wander anywhere in the boonies (outside the tee-pee settlement) and create your own place to live with no rules.  Of course, you also have no improvements, help or job that you might enjoy in the rule-laden settlement.  Your choice.  Once you have created a nice place to live, you can set up your own rules and let others live in your settlement... where you get to set the rules.The key, fundamental and absolutely necessary point is... no human or entity can establish rules for "no mans land".  Some might call this "the boonies", but in practice one would not need to be very far from settlements to establish their own settlement with their own rules.  What none of them can do is create rules that extend outside what they own... which means outside what they created.  Which means... there are always lots of places one can live without arbitrary rules created by others.-----The whole notion of this satellite ignores THE best aspect of outer space... that once you can live in outer space, you need not be part of any settlement or follow any set of rules.  YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN, BABY.  Which is great... as long as you have ways to fix what breaks and trade for whatever you need but cannot [easily] make yourself.  Of course most people would rather be a slave than be free, or "be on your own, baby".  And that's fine.  They will mostly live on earth, or eventually live in a space station that someone else created and therefore owns and therefore sets the rules for.  Confidient/Capable/Crazy individuals like me prefer to be free of arbitrary rules (meaning, only subject to the nature of reality, not human whims)... though I strongly suspect even us extreme individualists will form very tiny collaborations where the rule book is approximately one line, something like "do not harm or destroy the property of others, and if you accidentally cause harm, fully repair or compensate for the damage".  That's off the top of my head and thus probably not formulated correctly, but you get the idea (a tiny collaboration of super-creative/productive individuals has advantages).The only hope for honest, ethical, productive, benevolent individuals is the kind of set-up I described (and the native americans enjoyed).  This doesn't mean there weren't extremely nasty individuals 600 to 60,000 years ago in the americas.  I'm sure there were.  It simply means... the default human organization was the only ethical one.  BTW, this system also has the characteristic that individuals must defend themselves against predators, including human predators.Anyway... the outer-space setting of this article made me remember this fact of reality.I'm fairly certain humans will never insist on this, the only ethical form of human organization (namely voluntary), which is why almost all humans on earth are assured to always live very inefficiently and badly... as slaves.

honestann Laughing.Man Thu, 11/16/2017 - 00:20 Permalink

It has always been true, is true today, and will always be true that... PREDATORS EXIST.That's just a simple and obvious fact.As I've said elsewhere, many times, is that humans must defend themselves... OR THEY ARE PREY.The difference in space is this.  The difficulty and expense to find and extract wealth (and/or obedience) from individuals in space is VASTLY greater than any benefit human predators could extract from them.That doesn't mean "predators do not exist" or "predators cannot travel in space".  The only difference is... we are (or can be) vastly more difficult to find, we can see them coming vastly more easily, we will probably need to live in nuclear-bomb proof locations anyway (inside asteroids)... and so they don't have us cornered and any attempt to find us or come after us will not benefit them.THE UNIVERSE IS HUGE.Just the asteroid belt alone is huge.BTW, as long as humans on earth are a million times easier to enslave, it is not to their interest to bother with us who live permanently in space.  If they try, they will fail... big time.

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Laughing.Man honestann Thu, 11/16/2017 - 00:48 Permalink

True.  However, do you really believe that government will allow individuals to walk up to a dealership and buy that Midbulk transport, standard radion-accelerator core, classcode 03-K64, Firefly and fly away?  Space colonization will happen but only under the watchful eye of government.  Don't expect unrestricted access to space technologies.  Yes there will be people that'll find a way off the beaten path (i.e. steal a ship) but once their society grows to the point that attracts the attention of EarthGov, or whatever they will be called, expect a visit from the Navy.

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honestann Laughing.Man Thu, 11/16/2017 - 02:32 Permalink

If you froze current technologies for the next 50 years, you'd be correct.  However, I fully expect even more technologies to develop that have the potential to "change the dynamics of the game" in major ways.  Is that a guarantee the predators-that-be won't continue to enslave 99.999% of humans?  No.  What it probably means is that only 0.001% of humans will have the guts, desire and competence to silently give the finger to the predators-that-be and vanish.Something like 0.001% do that today (or maybe only 0.00001%), and I expect that will remain true in the future.  And you must understand... at least for the first few decades, space will be a place that typical morons will have zero interest to inhabit, and will kill everyone who is careless in fairly short order.  The kind of people who are viable for inhabiting space are more often the kind of people who... well... since you put it that way... have the kind of attitude the crew of Serenity did.In the long run... space is too huge for any "government" to contain.  And when you think about it, they'd have to be insane to spend $100,000,000,000,000,000 per year to weed out that last individualists from the solar system, which is roughly what it might cost to be so thorough.Consider me right now.  For the past 5 years I have lived in the extreme boonies of the southern hemisphere 125km from the nearest human being in my own self-sufficient digs.  I have had zero contact with any "official".  I have paid zero taxes.  I have nothing whatsoever to do with any predators-that-be.  True, 99.999% or more of humans aren't willing to go to such extremes.  My point is, 0.001% (or perhaps only 0.0001%) are willing to do whatever it takes.  That will remain true.But yes, the vast majority of humans are screwed.  Humans are a failed species, not only because they refuse to defend themselves against human predators, but they actually fund, defend, support, sanction and give endless weapons to the predators that enslave them.  So I'm only talking about the 0.0001% to 0.001%.  One thing about space is... probably only 0.0001% of humans would move into space permanently.  Which means, perhaps as many as 10% of them will be the kind of individuals who will take steps to vanish from the radar of predators-that-be.  I certain would... and plan to.PS:  As it happens, I'm part of a tiny group of scientists and engineers who are implementing a technology that would assure what I envision... assuming we finish in time and nothing truly horrific happens first.

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You are correct that no government would be willing to go after any small group of pioneers / PilgrimsTM.  Full containment is not feasible via conventional means.  As long as these societies that you envision remain small, live off the beaten path, aren't settled on valuable commodities (i.e. dilithium / kaiburr crystals, LOL), and more importantly, do not pose a threat to TPTB interests, then all is good.As far as technologies is concerned, your method may work, *only* if your group keep said discoveries secret and aren't concerned with the propagation of the human species.  I suppose you could rebuild the species if your exit group is large enough or via artificial womb system.  However, once the government discovers what your little group is up to, it's tits up.

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Hoffman Lenz Laughing.Man Thu, 11/16/2017 - 12:36 Permalink

It depends how easy it would be for the technology to be reproducible.It could be better to blast it all over the internet. If it is a world changing technology that anyone with some engineering experience could reproduce, that's the end of the current system of control.If, on the other hand, H-Anns' group wants to make huge amounts of money and keeps the tech a secret, they will eventually be tracked down and 'disappeared'.

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honestann Hoffman Lenz Fri, 11/17/2017 - 23:27 Permalink

See the above two messages where I describe what the technology is, and why we will never attempt to commercialize, and why we will never sell.  And also, why we cannot flood the world with the technology (as would-be practical for a "free or hyper-cheap energy invention").  In our case, releasing the technology would mean any number of predators-that-be could replace what we call the "core value system" with "obey your masters (the predators-that-be)", at which point the predators-that-be could and would immediately exterminate at least 99.999% of the human race.We do not intend to earn 1 penny from the technology.  OTOH, once we have the technology we will not need another penny to enjoy far more than a current multi-trillionaire could buy, including vacation homes all over the solar system within a few years.PS:  We do hope someone discovers and releases "hyper-cheap energy" or other great inventions world-wide.  Unfortunately, ours is too dangerous in the hands of 99.9999% of the human race, especially the predators-that-be!

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honestann Laughing.Man Fri, 11/17/2017 - 23:21 Permalink

Yes, we have not accepted outside funding (which would be easily available for this technology) precisely because we know that any conventional investor (corporation or government) would possibly capture us, enslave us, lock us up and try to force us to develop under their close watch... and defintely would steal the technology once working to implement humanity destroying weapons, mass enslavement, and probably also mass human extermination.  So yes, though we already have working technology, our work goes vastly slower due to the fact we must do the work ourselves and pay for all expenses ourselves.  See my comment above for more details.You are correct.  It is silly and absurd, but our best protection is... nobody believes any group this small could do what we've done without investment or self-promotion.  We also have other protections.  For example, we are distributed across the southern hemisphere in different locations, and have taken steps to assure that finding one of us cannot lead to the others.  Nonetheless, far and away the best protection is... we are too unconventional (no funding, no promotion, never intend to commercialize what we develop, plan to leave earth shortly after we succeed, etc.  We recognize that we cannot save humanity... or at least not humanity on earth.  The predators-that-be would do anything... and I do mean ANYTHING... to prevent anyone from saving humanity from their enslavement (and eventual extermination).  And so... sadly... we cannot save humanity.  We can only save ourselves, which is an exceedingly hyper-tiny fraction of humanity --- and an exceptionally unconventional sample at that!  To even attempt (or perhaps even just talk about) saving humanity would assure our failure.  So we had to firmly and irrevocably give up any notion of that.

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