Trump's Border Wall Is No Match For Mexican Drug-Shooting Bazooka

While everyone salivates over the board game, ‘Cards Against Humanity’s’ latest political stunt in buying a small piece of border land in attempt prevent President Trump from erecting his proposed Mexican wall, there is a greater crisis lurking that no wall will stop: a Mexican drug-shooting Bazooka.

New evidence from Mexican daily El Universal suggests a wall would do very little to stem the flow of drugs across the border, as drug cartels have resorted to mobile vans using a tubular mechanism powdered by compressed-air to launch drugs and other illegal objects  into the United States.

Last week, the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) and the Mexican Army seized a mobile bazooka housed inside a van on the border town of Agua Prieta, Sonora, boarding Douglas, Arizona.

According to authorities, the contents with-in the van included not just the drug bazooka, but 825 kilos (1818.81 pounds) of marijuana, cartridges, and an array of firearms of different caliber.

The Mexican daily El Universal provides additional detail of the military operation seizing the bazooka van:

It transpired that in a search diligence, authorized by a judge as part of a preliminary investigation of the Ministerial Agency for Criminal Investigations (AMIC), on November 09, agents discovered several packages of marijuana and the van designed with a sliding roof where a bazooka comes out to launch the drug packages to the United States.   

The article ends to say, this is not the first time a drug bazooka has been found. Back in 2016, the same boarder municipality “secured” a vehicle with a “projectile type attachment for the launching of drug packages”.

Mexican drug cartels have been smuggling all types of illegal items into the United States for years. This is nothing new, but bazooka vans are a new phenomenon that no matter the height of the wall - drugs will be shot in. On the map below, bazooka vans have been seized on the Mexican border parallel to Douglas Arizona, which happens to be a major port of entry for drugs.

Mexican authorities have had a busy year with more than 24,000 homicides on pace for the most violent year in history, as you guested it -  the drug war is fueling the crisis. Perhaps, that is why Mexican drug cartels are resorting to bold techniques such as bazooka vans and even drones - anything to stay ahead of the competition.

As we noted in October,

2017 might be the most violent year in Mexican history, one NGO claims. Semáforo Delictivo said that, due to the 24,000 homicides between January and September, the year is proving even worse than 2011, when President Felipe Calderón’s war on drugs led to 22,000 homicides.


President of the organization, Santiago Roel, said that 73 percent of murders committed in the first eight months of the year were related to organized crime. He said that in 2007, there were 2,828 executions. Now, a decade later, 18,017 have been reported.


All high-impact crimes have increased during the current year, including abductions, homicides and grand theft auto at gunpoint. According to Roel, the main cause of violence and corruption is the “Mérida Plan,” which focuses on eradicating drug cartels. 

Evidence above suggests Mexican drug cartels will continue to innovate through technology as the drug war spirals out of control.

For Trump’s current and possible future wall, it’s already obsolete, as cartels are now shooting in drug with a trajectory of over 500ft. 

The evolutionary phase is quite clear– drones are next. So why even build a wall?


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This article is bullshit by a guy who is addicted to weed. Fact is, the wall will make it incredibly difficult to get drugs over the border. They will get across still, but the cost will SKYROCKET. Gone is your cheap weed, ADDICT! As far as the van problem, it's quite possible to establish aerial surveillance that would detect any approaching automobile. In other words, layers of defenses. Defense, and a defends, and a defense. Or, an assault, a defense, a new assault, a new defense, so on. One does not give up in war, like a pathetic coward, just because there is determination on the part of the enemy. FOOLS!

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a Smudge by an… chunga Thu, 11/16/2017 - 03:18 Permalink

I don't care what you guys say. I totally want a massive drug shooting bazooka. First target? The neighbors.Liberal sons of bitches wanna complain about Rand Paul's trees? We'll show them a thing or two.It's perhaps slightly more realistic than the thing I previously wanted more than anything else in the whole world which is to air drop hundreds of tons of pillows over NYC and declare the entire island to be a pillow fight. It was part of my fiendish plot to commit laughable acts of economic terrorism.

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OK forget everything else. How about the guy who's supposed to catch this payload on our side?Hey Pedro, esse, we got a job for you mang. This is gonna be no problemo amigo, totalmente tranquilo. All you gotta do it catch the ball. You good? You got this? Seguro? Youdaman!BOOM!I got it I got it I got it I got it I got it...POOF! a cloud envelopes the space where Pedro stood. The dust settles.Hey check it out mang Pedro turned white! Oye Pedro te viste como un gringo! Te puta maricon! BWA HA HA HA HA!La Vida Loca. Viva Mexico Libre!

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Drones don't have to fly do they? How about remote controlled submersibles? Sail a boat in international waters, launch a bunch of remote controlled subs (or even autonomous subs programmed to surface at a particular inlet, boathouse or wharf) and have them take loads of drugs. Every day there are thousand of boats out there that can transfer the drugs to each other by such drones until they reach near American waters for the final run. The last boat could be a pleasure boat, a fishing boat or a commercial boat. Might even be an offshore oil/gas rig or one of their service boats. Bottom line is that the cartels have lots of options to import the drugs.

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Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Are you an aging demented retard?Oh, of course not, as you personally proclaim that you are a 'Particularly Stupid Humanoid'.For starters, any fucking hippy (what you refer to as: weed addict) can grow marijuana in a closet in their apartment, or house, using a grow light, therefore making unnecessary the cartel bazooka which you so greatly fear. They can even fucking grow it in their backyard...So there goes your 'cheap shitty Mexican weed' theory out the window, as with 5 states growing recreational marijuana legally in this country; it is already 'cheap'.Believe me, Mexican weed is hardly worth smoking anyway, compared to what's grown presently in the U.S..Furthermore, the main purpose of the wall is to keep out illegal aliens who steal jobs & line the welfare roles in this country, to the tune of about $140 billion dollars a year cost to the U.S. government, & carry out the usual criminal migrant crimes like murder, rape, theft & cost our prison systems about 500 billion a year...So you see, FOOL, it's not really about some 'journalist' who is a "marijuana addict" desiring "Cheap Weed"; no, of course not; there is a much bigger picture involved w/ this proposed wall than your idea of cheap Mexican weed available to the masses in this country who already have more good weed than they know what to do with...Now, go take your Geritol like a good boy, & please remember to change your 'Depends', while your busy with that...I'm sure the general public would really appreciate it, next time you are out on the street; God help us all. 

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No Country for Old Men, the drug gang bad guy had a compressed air gun.OT Aussie UN diplomat, celebtating gay marriage, falls several stories to death in Manhattan. Did he have something on Cankles?OT Aussie government collapsing because of long overlooked law saying no dual-citizens in Parlament. Isn't PM, former Goldmanite, Malcolm Turnbull a dual-citizen? Imagine if we had a no-dual-citizens-in-congress law in America?

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aurum4040 Juggernaut x2 Wed, 11/15/2017 - 21:37 Permalink

Exactly....Unfortunately we in the US are walking a similar path. Difference is we are on borrowed time and do not put our intelligence forward to make a difference in what is running our country into the ground - elitists and politicians. Many talk about it, write about it, but generally speaking we dont do much. Voting for Trump was a step, or so we thought. We cant grasp the fact we must sacrifice much more then weve ever sacrificed in order to get there. At this point it will be far more difficult than the Revolutionary War. 

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 Is it just me, or does that old beat up white  cargo van with the rear doors opened wide and the giant pipe remind anyone else of Barney Frank's ass?In other news, Mexicans can sail boats to Texas or California.