President Trump Accelerates Drone Strikes In Somalia

President Trump’s expansion of war is most evident in the skies of Somalia where an acceleration in drone strikes have been reported.

U.S. Africa Command has conducted fourteen airstrikes since August bringing the year’s total to eighteen. The increased tempo of airstrikes started in September between the Kismayo and Mogadisu region.

Earlier this month, we reported on Trump’s administration hitting a new milestone - when U.S. Africa Command launched its first airstrike against the Islamic State-linked fighters - further accelerating the US presence..

Defense One highlights this momentous achievement…

U.S. Africa Command has released data on 18 strikes this year, more than four times the average over the previous seven years. 

The escalation of U.S. Africa Command presence in Somalia was made possible by president Trump’s order in March that ”allows the U.S. Department of Defense to conduct lethal action against al-Shabaab within a geographically-defined area of active hostilities in support of partner forces in Somalia.”

Defense One outlines a majority of the airstrikes have been situated around Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia where a mixture of Al-Shabab attack zones and support zones reside.

Back in October, Al-Shabab blew up a truck bomb in the capital killing 300 making it one of the nation’s worst terrorist attack ever. The devastating bombing was in response to President Trump and Somalia’s newly elected president forming new military efforts to combat the rise in Islamic State-linked fighters in the country.

Drones have been responsible for most of the airstrikes and what the report states it’s impossible to verify how many ‘extremist’ have been killed.

Defense One notes,

The Bureau for Investigative Journalism estimates that the strikes have killed as few as 88 people and as many as 124. The group also says it has tracked nearly 30 strikes for 2017, about a dozen more than the Pentagon claims.  

Micah Zenko, a writer at, outlines (dated Nov 09) that in 5+ months Trump has bombed Somalia 17 times verse Obama bombed Somalia 29 times in 7+years. The explanation for Trump’s rapid bombardment is the geographical spread of  strikes in the country is much larger, plus he authorized a new enemy back in March - ISIS.

Earlier this year, the US military reported about 50 US troops were stationed in Somalia providing training and advice for the Somali military, but as of lately the figure now stands at 500.

Before President Trump, the US military has always maintained a small presence in the region. Now it seems with the geographical spread larger and a new enemy in the region defined; the endless wars will most certainly continue further enriching the US-military industrial complex.



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Control, we just dropped on a dog, Hellfire used, 2 left.

Raptor 2 video shows that ‘dog’ had two legs, was 3 feet tall, and was carrying a Barbie?

Control, Raptor 2 requests you delete video of drop, and will meet you after work at the Mandalay Bar; I’m buying

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Wasn't Somalia one of the "7 countries in 5 years"? Somalia is unstable because of US military intervention.The US policy stays THE SAME,indifferent of who's the President.And the US tradition is for the acting president to be worse than the prior one. After Bush the moron,I did not think it was possible for a worse one.And then ,we had the Faggot with 7 or 8 wars,drone attacks,the bailing of the Wall Street bankers,Obamacare...Now,the Donald,who is obviously a Shabbos-Goy,is catching up.QED

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Here (Spain/Portugal/Ireland) Sam Girod's have a little more flexibility (mostly due to the incompetence of Govt. enforcers) and such products can be found in a mostly low key/ under the counter kind of way. State still slaves to pharma interests. Somalia is an undiscovered Oil producer, its been geophis'ed  and probably more by X-37B/Satellitte flyovers. Stability is NOW required.Policing China's foothold in Djibouti and owning or controlling the local proxy forces becomes a greater priority.Reuters covered the trend to this situation in 2013  My guess is it will go Balkan - "accidental" bombing of opposing Embassies - proxy forces tasted against one another, attacks on Foreign Forces Bases. (KSA has a Djibouti Base also - probably for the stuff US would rather not be seen doing).  If you'd like this expanded upon in an article - let me know.Orknot.

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Don't be so fucking stupid. We suck the 3rd world  dry, rig the financial rules in our favour, then give them back a bit of their own wealth out of guilt. Make no mistake, these 3rd world trash as you call the, have been robbed blind and our schemes are still creaming from them. I would really love to see the analysis, where we have been taking care of the 3rd world "in their own lands" vs what we take from the. You are an outright fantasist if you believe what you wrote.Nixon coming off the gold standard, showed the world who was really broke. The USSA is 5% of the worlds population, yet sucks 24% of the worlds resources, runs a trade deficit, manufactures fuck all. King of FIAT. King of debt and unfunded liabilities, on the basis of promises it can't meet. The Petro-dollar scam. Keep dreaming. Why do you think the USSA is in Africa? Altruism? lol Why is Uncle Scam Sahel? Who do you think is placing ISIS forces in the Sahel? 

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You're a stupid fuck stick and an ignorant douche if you believe that those “terrorists” exist in a vacuum.

Go and learn geopolitical realpolitik 101, and then read a bit of John Pilger or globalresearch before coming on ZH and insulting clearly more intelligent people than yourself. Terrorists my ass.

While you’re doing your research, look into the (documented) links between DynCorp, the CIA and USAID (they’re the lot whose name appears on sacks of grain in poor countries with lots of untapped natural resources)


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I really wonder how retarded one must be to be able to arrive at the conclusion: "Best way to spend tax dollars....Kill em all"Would it, for example, not be better to spend those tax dollars on replacing some rusted old bridges at the point of collapse in your own country, instead of killing some people abroad with whom you don't have any business whatsoever?But allas,this retard believes in the law of the jungle and "might makes right". Even if it's just for fun, for sports, just like they killed the natives in the past. Copy and paste "indian" for "foreigner": The best foreigner is a dead foreigner!What do you say to a gorilla with a machinegun? "Yes Sir" 

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I almost put that in but what's the point when you have U.S. Navy pilots drawing cocks with their airplanes (…) when they aren't of course crashing ships into commercial merchant vessels because they are too busy below deck "pulling trains" THESE DAYS!...


Our boyz and girlz in uniform can do almost "ANYTHING"!!!

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All kidding aside sdt

Look at the shiny new "object" the Russian Federation's Navy just placed in the water!... (…)

This wasn't announced for nothing. Especially when they carry the most advanced SLBMs the RSM-56s!

Definitely sending a pre-Xmas message to President Donny to "check his list twice" before doin anymore "naughty" in Russia's neck of the woods!

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