Clinton Mocks Trump: "How Does He Get Anything Done Between Tweeting And Golfing?"

Just a few short hours after President Trump challenged his former friend-turned-rival Hillary Clinton to run against him again in three years, Clinton shot back by questioning how the president has time to get anything done in between feuding with perceived enemies on twitter and slicing up the back nine.

"Honestly, between tweeting and golfing, how does he get anything done? I don’t understand it," she said, according to the Hill. "Maybe that’s the whole point."

She also claimed that Trump is “obsessed” with her repeated claims that her rival only managed to wi because he had the help of Russia, the FBI, email-gate, systemic misogyny….the list goes on.

Even her own husband broke with her on Saturday when, during an interview, former President Bill Clinton said believed former FBI Director James Comey’s decision to reopen an investigation into her handling of classified information on a private email server just days before the election had little to do with the outcome of the vote, the Hill reported.

Still, Hillary Clinton was undeterred:

"I’m going to keep speaking out," Clinton said at an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of former President Bill Clinton's 1992 electoral victory. "Apparently my former opponent is obsessed with me speaking out."

Since emerging from the woods of Chappaqua, New York, where she had retreated following her embarassing electoral flop, Clinton has tried to position herself as a leader of the “resistance." She has persistently criticized his conduct in office, and repeatedly insisted that the Trump campaign purposefully colluded with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Saturday, Trump tweeted: Crooked Hillary Clinton is the worst (and biggest) loser of all time. She just can’t stop, which is so good for the Republican Party. Hillary, get on with your life and give it another try in three years!



Bill Clinton said the decision to reopen the investigation wouldn't have been as damaging had the controversy surrounding her emails not been overblown in the first place.

"We have a slight disagreement about this," the former president said, speaking alongside the former secretary of State at an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of his 1992 presidential victory.

"If the voters hadn't really been told that the email ... was the most important issue since the end of World War II, I doubt if the FBI director could have flung the election at the end."

Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes, though Trump has disputed this figure by insisting that millions of illegal immigrants likely voted to help their preferred candidate. Yet Trump dominated the electoral college, sweeping swing states in the Midwest and south, and smashing through the Democrats famed “Wall of Blue.”


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vortmax: Please, Hillary, never go away. You're the best weapon against the left we have.  Exactly. And she keeps the left entertained. However, the final blow to Trump will be lead by Obama. You’ll see how ugly it will get. Trump can’t stand losing. And both can’t stand each other. Nothing good will come out of the next Presidential election. Unless there’s a war. Then, the seating President has a huge advantage.  
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Clinton Mocks Trump: "How Does He Get Anything Done Between Tweeting And Golfing?"My response: This LADY is mentally ill and in need of some serious help. Poor Hillary, someone took her BINKY.Maybe Nancy Pelosi can help her. Opps  ... wait a minute. That is like the BLIND leading the BLIND. Oh well, I guess there is no hope for HRC.May HRC be accountable for all the damage she has done to the republic. 

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Speaking of the Big 0, Wookie took time off from scaring hikers in the Pacific Northwest to hang out with Trudeau. Seems Wookie like to bitch about racism and exclusion but....

Charity with ties to Trudeau excluding Quebecers from contest
Quebec residents can't enter contest for tickets to hear Michelle Obama talk about empowering girls…

I hope these folks remember that...…

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Oh he was doing "things" alright. He got Lewinsky done, he got Willey done, he was gettings "things" done all over the world.   What did Hillary get done during her time in office?   We know she got 20% of US uranium production in Russian hands, and she destabilized Libya such that it is now a radical islamist redoubt and world famous slave market.  What else?

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