Oy vey! Now, seven flags over Texas?


"It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world."

President George Washington's farewell address

Oy vey!  Now, seven flags over Texas?

Back in 2016...

Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, flew to Israel on a private plane belonging to Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino owner and megadonor active in Republican national politics.


A spokesman for the governor confirmed Abbott flew on Adelson’s 737 after Jewish Insider and The Dallas Morning News first reported it Monday.


Adelson is a top spender in Republican politics known for his fierce support of Israel and his friendship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Abbott met with Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Monday to discuss the Texas-Israeli relationship and reiterate Abbott's opposition to Iran — a nation whose relationship with Israel has long been tense.


Adelson made political contributions totaling at least $90 million in the 2012 elections, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, and is a highly sought-after donor in the 2016 Republican presidential primary.




Then, a little more than a year later...

Governor Greg Abbott today signed into law House Bill 89 (HB 89), known as the Anti-BDS (Boycott, Divestments, and Sanctions) bill, which prohibits all state agencies from contracting with, and certain public funds from investing in, companies that boycott Israel. The Governor hosted the bill signing at the Jewish Community Center in Austin. 


"I am proud to have commemorated Israel’s Independence Day by signing into law Anti-BDS legislation in Texas," said Governor Abbott. 


The bill, authored by Representative Phil King, prohibits the state of Texas from conducting business with companies involved in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. After the bill becomes law, it ensures that certain public funds are not invested in any entities participating in this movement. Additionally, state contracts will only be given to verified businesses to guarantee that Texas maintains a strong and supportive relationship with Israel.




Yes, you read that correctly.  All private businesses wanting to provide goods or services to the State of Texas, and get paid for doing so, must now sign a statement swearing allegiance to the foreign nation of Israel.

For example, just imagine that you are a Texas pediatric oncologist born in Palestine (the nation in the Middle East, not the town in Texas) and you choose to accept the very low fees to treat Texas' poor children covered by Texas Medicaid and CHIP.  Apparently, you must now sign a statement supporting Israel's apartheid government, and swear not to refrain from buying Israeli merchandise, in order for you to be compensated by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission for your work as a physician.  It does not matter if your niece happened to have her brain melted by an Israeli white phosphorus chemical weapon, while she was playing in a village in Gaza where your family has lived for thousands of years.


You may be asking yourself why the governor of Texas would sign such an Un-American law?  Well, in addition to millions of dollars of Sheldon Adelson's campaign contributions, the answer may be that Texas oil and gas companies, like Noble Energy, want to do more business in Israel...

MOAR Pipeline Wars: Jews fear being gassed (by their own government) before exports to Europe even begin


“The development plan approved by the Ministry of Energy on 02.06.2016, [June 2, 2016] will deliver natural gas to the Israeli market and to neighboring countries before the end of 2019. The Leviathan Production Platform is located 10 km offshore on the edge of the continental shelf and within the area approved by the National Planning Committee’s National Outline Plan 37H.


Exporting significant amounts of natural gas to neighboring countries...via pipeline...before the end of 2019? 


If you are not OK with this, morally, then I invite you to discuss the following with your family, friends, neighbors, and elected representatives.

A Quick and Simple Plan For Politicians to UNFUCK AMERICA


5) Enforce The War Powers Act and repeal The Patriot Act


Stop it with the boogey man scare tactics.


6) Close all 800 or so overseas military bases and cancel all foreign aid


Make America great again, not Turkistan, not Israel, not Afghanistan, not Poland, not the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but America.


7) Pass a law that only people eligible to vote for a candidate may contribute to that candidate


So, it is bad for Russia to influence our elections, but ok for Mexico, Israel, and Saudi Arabia?  Stop the hypocrisy.




Peace, prosperity, love, and liberty,




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HH...I have been posting Adelson/Abbott trip all year long...post other inconvenient truths about so called Tejas conservatives such as...

• Tejas being first state 2001 to introduce in-state tuition for illegals
• Tejas ranking near top combined state/local debt per capita nationally
• Tejas ranking near top in pension payouts with 81 local shaky plans overseen by Tejas Comptroller
• Tejas looming CAB Capital Appreciation Bonds massive ballon payments at end
• 51 Toll roads constructed
• Aggressive with Civil Asset Fortfeiture

Miss anything...

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headhunt hedgeless_horseman Mon, 11/20/2017 - 15:11 Permalink

That is funny, look at every leftists controlled State and virtually every 'University' in the USA - hell holes of political correctness and Free Speech is non-existent. Never mind the government and Teachers unions that stomp on the throat of Free Speech every chance they get.Fuck the leftist/communists who are doing their best to turn the USA into a third world commie POS.

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hedgeless_horseman shankster Mon, 11/20/2017 - 16:44 Permalink

 Yep.  Watch what they do, not what they say...

"Governor Abbott has long defended the constitutional principles on which this state and our nation were founded."  https://www.gregabbott.com/bio/

Or this one...

"The solution is to restore the rule of law by ensuring that our government abides by the Constitution’s limits."  https://www.gregabbott.com/texasplan/

Reading these, one might think that Governor Abbott would stand up for our free speech rights as protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.Alas, he does not.

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Grimaldus hedgeless_horseman Mon, 11/20/2017 - 16:46 Permalink

"Sure, but the governor of Texas is a Far-Right Conservative Republican."Ah -----that would be unpossible.  Not after that.That my HH friend is pure progressive. Must not be one real constitutional bone in Abbots body.Even though I am extremely disgusted--Thank you for posting that--I would not have known.I have known I have to get out of Texas because of progressive policy's running rampant but damn it's worse than I thought...  Grimaldus   

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Tejas/Zionist 2-Step...

This Powerful Adelson-funded Israel Lobby Could Soon Rival AIPAC’s Influence in Washington Thousands will descend on D.C. this weekend to mark the 10th anniversary of the Israeli-American Council. But some early supporters warn its growth comes with a price

Amir Tibon (Washington) Oct 31, 2017 4:53 PM


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Over the last 15 years I’ve seen many decent and good christian/ orthodox folks end up in the northern NE area. Just an observation.

Been to the river walk in San Antonio. There is an ‘Irish’ bar there called Durty Nellies or something like it. On the back wall is a display of law enforcement patches which include Israeli ones as well. Shitloads of them were staying at the Marriottt there as were Canadian military. Course you know the ATT bldg is close by.

Outside of ’strangeness’ (like Austin) and millions of feral cats, the only highlights were traveling the west texas area. The rest including the gulf coast, remind me of awful liberal places.

Davy Crokett would hang his head in shame. Time to make Texas Great Again.

County Line Ribs and River Water, to which I have been bestowed the coveted recipe.

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Not really a surprise what with Citizens United ruling making it ok for anyone and anything to contribute to the US political process.That and the bible thumpers getting it in the ass with the Schofield reference bibleisrael and kikes Uber Alles you stupid fucks!

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Dual citizens in gov and this alliance always makes me think of the concept of closed primaries in states. The theory on that is; if voters didn't have to declare affilliation with either/or party prior to primaries, insincere voters from party A could tamper with party B's general election process. That's what closed primaries prevent because according to the theory, that would be wrong.No other group could ever get away with this. This is the genesis of what we now call "political correctness". So many people who claim to hate political correctness are indeed very politically correct on this topic, because if it was any other group they'd scream bloody murder, on this....nothing.

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There are no families currently in Gaza that have been established for "thousands of years", and while sad about the children, the fake cultural group Palestinians do this to themselves - namely they use their own children as human shields, on purpose in order to later show/say "Look at the horrible things these zionists are doing to our children"Spare me...................

quadraspleen WasNotWuz66 Mon, 11/20/2017 - 15:09 Permalink

You don't fool anyone around these parts, Hasbara boy. That "fake" cultural group, along with true semitic jews (i.e pretty much nobody in modern Israel) were the only fuckers there until the British fucked off, leaving their forts to the newly formed Irgun and Stern terrorists. I suppose the Nakba never happened? All those photos were phtoshopped back in 1948, and the 700,000 or so people who were forcibly evicted at gunpoint didn't exist?C- Try harder. 

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Nah............. I coulda' said "look what the jewz are doing to our kids", but not sure it evokes the right meaning, although it's probably a more accurate statementIf you're meaning the "spare me" bit, let me take it a bit further: spare me the crocodile tears for the fake Palestinians that hold up their own kids to shield themselves in schools, hospitals, and mosques and expect the world to be outraged.  I think that about covers it

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Mustafa Kemal WasNotWuz66 Mon, 11/20/2017 - 21:01 Permalink

"There are no families currently in Gaza that have been established for "thousands of years"Point being? The same is true in the full state of Israel. Not one family line has been there for thousands of years. "  namely they use their own children as human shields, on purpose in order to later show/sayLook at the horrible things these zionists are doing to our children"Spare me..................."Yeah, I get the dead baby thing.  Its very popular these days.But back to the story.  Its illegal to protest Israel.   How does that sound to you?  

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fleur de lis WasNotWuz66 Mon, 11/20/2017 - 21:02 Permalink

The biggest mistake the Brits ever made since Roman times was to get anywhere near the Middle East.Remember the two young British officers who were kidnapped by Stern/Irgun -- can't remember which sewer rat gang -- and then thrown into a pre-dug pit and held as hostages before being tortured, killed, and their booby trapped bodies hung from trees. http://www.britishforcesinpalestine.org/attacks/sergeants.html

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Akzed WasNotWuz66 Thu, 12/14/2017 - 16:45 Permalink

When did you survey Gaza residents as to their ancestral provanance?One thing's for sure, God Almighty kicked the Jews out of Palestine in AD 70, and their return to it as anti-Christs has displeased Him mightily - and so has the "Christian" zionism that made it (temporarily) possible. 

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Im a member of the tribe, while I do think this stuff is gruesome and wrong, it's time for palestinians and other arabs to leave the state of Israel and demand that (((they))) provide reparations and resettlement funds.  There is no 2 state solution, there is only one state: the State of Israel for the Khazar Jews. Stop this madness and have all arabs deported from Israel as peacefully as possible.  If there were no arabs in Israel their kids wouldn't be exposed to this apartheid system.  Kahane was right.  

Karl Marxist DipshitMiddleC… Mon, 11/20/2017 - 18:04 Permalink

Wy doesn't Addelson spend the money to properly relocate Israel's self made Palestinian problem, provide housing, basics, jobs? Oh. That would be too humane? Israels are superior to we goyim? In what way? Criminality? Fear and loathing? Perhaps. But clean hands make a happy life. Something Israelis cannot understand. Goes against their indoctrination. And they say Hitler was the villian. Jews declared war on Germany long before Germany declared war on the Jew written Treaty of Versailles, a crippling blow to Germans who did nothing more than honor their treaties as Germans are honorable once and the Jews know no honor.

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Mustafa Kemal DipshitMiddleC… Mon, 11/20/2017 - 20:56 Permalink

"There is no 2 state solution, there is only one state: the State of Israel for the Khazar Jews."Does that Israel which you speak include Palestine? "Stop this madness and have all arabs deported from Israel as peacefully as possible. "Actually, thats not a bad idea. It worked very well for the Turks after they obtained their freedom. I suppose if Israel went back to the 67 line and stopped the apartheid in exchange for all the Arab  Israelis to be resettled in Palestine and all the Israeli non-Palestinian squatter resettled back to their homeland, you might get much support from the Arab world.If there were no arabs in Israel their kids wouldn't be exposed to this apartheid system. "Nonsense. This is about Palestine, you know the place that is NOT Israel? You should learn more about what the Zionists of your tribe have been doing.A good place to start is "Against our better Judgement"It will cause some cognitive dissonance, but you will learn something.

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fleur de lis DipshitMiddleC… Mon, 11/20/2017 - 21:14 Permalink

While you're at it you might consider all the welfare checks from America for nothing but trouble in return.If all you Israelis are so smart that you can manage on your own, fair enough.But stop ripping us off.And if you are all such paranoid neurotic nervous wrecks about Iran and hell bent on attacking and destroying it, then do it yourselves and leave us out of it. 

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