Is A Saudi-Israeli Friendship Driving The Rest Of The Middle East Together?

Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Through its top official, Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS), Saudi Arabia continues a wave of internal arrests, having seized nearly $800 billion in assets and bank accounts. A few days later, MBS attempted to demonstrate his authority by summoning Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to Saudi Arabia, where he was forced to resign on Saudi state TV. Trump tweeted support for Bin Salman's accusations against Iran and Hezbollah, and the future Saudi king even obtained Israel's secret support. Iran, meanwhile, denies any involvement in Lebanon's domestic affairs or involvement with the ballistic missile launched by Houthi rebels towards Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport a few days ago. Meanwhile, Trump, Putin and Xi met recently and seem to have decided the fate of the region in an exercise of realism and pragmatism.

News that upends the course of events has now become commonplace over the last few months. However, even by Middle East standards, this story is something new. The affair surrounding Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hariri generated quite a bit of commotion. Hariri had apparently been obliged to announce his resignation on Saudi Arabia's Al Arabiya news channel while being detained in Riyadh. His most recent interview seemed to betray some nervousness and fatigue, as one would expect from a person under enormous stress from forced imprisonment. In his televised resignation statement, Hariri specified that he was unable to return to Lebanon due to some sort of a threat to his person and his family by operatives in Lebanon of Iran and Hezbollah. The Lebanese security authorities, however, have stated that they are not aware of any danger faced by Hariri.

In an endless attempt to regain influence in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has once again brought about results directly opposite to those intended. Immediately after receiving confirmation that the resignation had taken place in Saudi Arabia, the entire Lebanese political class demanded that Hariri return home to clarify his position, meet with the president and submit his resignation in person. Saudi actions have served to consolidate a united front of opposition factions and paved the way for the collapse of Saudi influence in the country, leaving a vacuum to be conveniently filled by Iran. Once again, as with Yemen and in Syria, the intentions of the Saudis have dramatically backfired.

This Saudi interference in the domestic affairs of a sovereign country has stirred up unpredictable scenarios in the Middle East, just at the time that tensions were cooling in Syria.

Hariri's detention comes from far away and is inextricably linked to what has been happening over the past few months in Saudi Arabia. Mohammed bin Salman, son of King Salman, began his internal purge of the Kingdom’s elite by removing from the line of succession Bin Nayef, a great friend of the US intelligence establishment (Brennan and Clapper). Bin Nayef was a firm partner of the US deep state. Saudi Arabia has for years worked for the CIA, advancing US strategic goals in the region and beyond. Thanks to the cooperation between Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud, Bin Nayef, and US intelligence agencies, Washington has for years given the impression of fighting against Islamist terrorist while actually weaponizing jihadism since the 1980s by deploying it against rival countries like the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, the Iraqi government in 2014, the Syrian state in 2012, and Libya’s Gaddafi in 2011.

MBS has even detained numerous family-related princes, continuing to consolidate power around himself. Even Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the richest men in the world, ended up caught in MBS’s net, rightly accused of being one of the most corrupt people in the Kingdom. It is speculated that family members and billionaires are detained at the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh, with guests and tourists promptly ejected days before the arrests began. Mohammed bin Salman’s actions are not slowing down, even after seizing $800 billion in accounts, properties and assets.

MBS is intensifying his efforts to end the conflict in Yemen, which is a drain on Saudi finances, lifting the naval blockade of the Port of Aden. Not only that, the two main Syrian opposition leaders, Ahmad Jarba and Riyadh Hijab, have been arrested by Riyadh in an effort to demonstrate to Putin the good will of MBS in seeking to resolve the Syrian conflict. Not surprisingly, King Salman, in a frantic search for a solution to the two conflicts that have lashed his reputation as well as the wealth and alliances of the Saudi kingdom, flew to Moscow to seek mediation with Putin, the new master of the Middle East.

MBS has undertaken an anti-corruption campaign for international as well as domestic purposes. At the national level, the collapse of oil prices, coupled with huge military spending, forced the royal family to seek alternatives for the future of the Kingdom in terms of sustainability, earnings and profits. MBS’s Vision 2030 aims to diversify revenue in order to free Saudi Arabia from its dependence on oil. This is a huge ask for a nation that has been thriving for seventy years from an abundance of resources simply found under its ground. This delicate balance of power between the royal family and its subjects is maintained by the subsidies granted to the local population that has allowed the Kingdom to flourish in relative peace, even during the most delicate periods of the Arab Spring in 2011. There is an underlying understanding in Saudi Arabia that so long as the welfare of the population is guaranteed, there should be no threat to the stability of the royal family. It is no wonder that after losing two wars, and with oil prices at their lowest, MBS has started to worry about his future, seeking to purge the elites opposed to him.

The Kingdom’s reality is quickly changing under MBS, the next Saudi king, who is trying to anticipate harder times by consolidating power around himself and correcting his errors brought on by incompetence and his excessive confidence in the Saudi military as well as in American backing. The ballistic missile that hit Riyadh was launched by the Houthis in Yemen after 30 months of indiscriminate bombing by the Saudi air force. This act has shown how vulnerable the Kingdom is to external attack, even at the hand of the poorest Arab country in the world.

In this context, Donald Trump seems to be capitalizing on Saudi weakness, fear, and the need to tighten the anti-Iranian alliance. What the American president wants in return for support of MBS is as simple as it comes: huge investments in the US economy together with the purchase of US arms. MBS obliged a few months ago, investing into the US economy to the tune of more than $380 billion over ten years. Trump's goal is to create new jobs at home, increase GDP, and boost the economy, crucial elements for his re-election in 2020. Rich allies like Saudi Arabia, finding themselves in a tight fix, are a perfect means of achieving this end.

Another important aspect of MBS’s strategy involves the listing of Aramco on the NYSE together with the switch to selling oil for yuan payments. Both decisions are fundamental to the United States and China, and both bring with them a lot of friction. MBS is at this moment weak and needs all the allies and support he can get. For this reason, a decision on Aramco or the petroyuan would probably create big problems with Beijing and Washington respectively. The reason why MBS is willing to sell a small stock of Aramco relates to his efforts to gin up some money. For this reason, thanks to the raids on the accounts and assets of the people arrested by MBS, Saudi Arabia has raised over $800 billion, certainly a higher figure than any sale of Aramco shares would have brought.

This move allows MBS to postpone a decision on listing Aramco on the NYSE as well as on whether to start accepting yuan for payment of oil. Holding back on the petroyuan and Aramco’s initial public offering is a way of holding off both Beijing and Washington but without at the same time favouring one over the other. Economically, Riyadh cannot choose between selling oil for dollars on the one hand and accepting payment in another currency on the other. It is a nightmare scenario; but some day down the road, the Saudi royals will have to make a choice.

The third party to this situation is Israel in the figure of Netanyahu, Donald Trump's great friend and supporter right from the beginning of his electoral campaign. Trump's victory brought positive returns to the investment the Israeli leader had made in him. Ever since Trump won the election, the US has employed harsh words against Iran, turning away from the positive approach adopted by Obama that managed to achieve the Iran nuclear deal framework. Nevertheless, the Israeli prime minister has had to deal with numerous problems at home, with a narrow parliamentary majority and several members of his government under investigation for corruption.

Donald Trump pursued a very aggressive policy against Tehran during the election campaign, then went on to annul the Iran nuclear deal a few weeks ago. The decision is now for Congress to certify, with a difficult mediation between European allies (other than China and Russia), who are opposed to ending the deal, and the Israelis, who can count on the support of many senators thanks to their lobbying efforts. Israel, for its part, sees in Saudi Arabia and MBS the missing link between Saudi Wahhabism and Israeli Zionism. Various private cablegrams leaked to the press have shown how Israeli diplomats around the world were instructed to support Saudi  accusations of Iran interfering in Lebanon's internal affairs.

The interests of MBS and Netanyahu seem to dovetail quite nicely in Syria and Yemen as well as with regard to Iran and Hezbollah. The two countries have a common destiny by virtue of the fact that neither alone can deal decisively with Hezbollah in Syria or Lebanon, let alone Iran. Rouhani himself has said that Iran fears American strength and power alone, knowing that Saudi Arabia and Israel are incapable of defeating Tehran.

Trump's approval of the arrests carried out by MBS is based on a number of factors. The first involves the investments in the economy that will be coming America’s way. The other, certainly less known, concerns the subterranean battle that has been occurring between the Western elites for months. Many of Clinton’s top money sources are billionaires arrested by MBS, with stock options in various major banks, insurance companies, publishing groups, and American television groups, all openly anti-Trump. In this sense, the continuation of Trump's fight with a portion of the elite can be seen with the halting of the merger of AT&T and Time Warner involving CNN.

Trump seems to be accompanying Saudi and Israeli urgings for war with multiple intentions, potentially having a plan for a broader, regional and global agreement between the parties.

At a regional level, Trump first supported the Saudi crusade against Qatar, resolved with Riyadh not getting Qatar to accede to any of its advanced demands. During the crisis, Doha approached Tehran and Moscow, who immediately took advantage of the situation to establish trade relations and commence negotiations with Qatar to tame its terrorist influence in the region, especially in the Syrian conflict. Turkey and Qatar have practically announced a military alliance, cementing a new front that includes China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Qatar, now potentially all on the same side of the barricades, opposed to Saudi dictates and Israel’s efforts to foment war with Iran.

With the US withdrawal from the region, as is increasingly evident from Trump's reluctance to embark on a Middle East conflict, Israel and Saudi Arabia are increasing their desperate cries against Iran, observing how the gains of the resistance axis have led Tehran to dominate the region with its allies. The visit of King Salman to Russia, and the four meetings between Putin and Netanyahu, give the idea of which capital is in charge in the region. This all represents an epochal change that further isolates Riyadh and Tel Aviv, two countries that represent the heart of chaos and terror.

The Saudi attempt to isolate Qatar has failed miserably, and the continuous effort to paint Iran as the main cause of tension in the region seems to have reached a point of no return, with the latest stunt involving Hariri. Sunnis, Christians and Shiites agree on one point only: that the premier must return home. Riyadh hopes to light the fuse of a new civil war in the region, with Israel hoping to take advantage of the chaos brought about by an attack on Hezbollah. This is not going to happen, and the disappointment of the House of Saud and the Israeli prime minister will not change anything. Without a green light from Washington and a promise from Uncle Sam to intervene alongside his Middle East allies, the Israelis and Saudis are aware that they have neither the means nor strength to attack Iran or Hezbollah.

Trump is playing a dangerous game; but there seems to be some degree of coordination with the other giants on the international scene. The main point is it is impossible for Washington to be an active part in any conflict in the region, or to change the course of events in a meaningful way. The "End of history" ended years ago. US influence is on the decline, and Xi Jinping and Putin have shown great interest in the future of the region. In recent months, the Russian and Iranian militaries, together with the Chinese economic grip on the region, have shown a collective intention to replace years of war, death and chaos with peace, prosperity and wealth.

MBS and Netanyahu are having a hard time dealing with this new environment that will inevitably proclaim Iran the hegemon in the region. Time is running out for Israel and Saudi Arabia, and both countries are faced with enormous internal problems while being unable to change the course of events in the region without the full intervention of their American ally, something practically impossible nowadays.

The new course of the multipolar world, together with Trump’s America First policy, seems to have hit hardest those countries that placed all their bets on the continuing economic and military dominance of the United States in the region. Other countries like Qatar, Lebanon and Turkey have started to understand the historical change that is going on, and have slowly been making the switch, realizing in the process the benefits of a multipolar world order, which is more conducive to mutually beneficial cooperation between countries. The more Saudi Arabia and Israel push for war against Iran, the more they will isolate themselves. This will serve to push their own existence to the brink of extinction.


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What's correct is the regional destabilization.The spot to watch is Djibuti, where USA building 5000 servicemen, China has capacity for 10,000 Saudis have a base ( for less public actions), France (With German and Spanish troops stationed there). and Japan.  A few clicks South is Somalia, and less East over the straights is Yemen. In the basin is Oil - and Saudi's run out of its own.

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I was thinking the same thing right when i read the headline. But in a way there's nothing new here... America and SA have been dealing oil from since before most of us were born and Israel has also been America's friend. The terrorist countries have always tried to destroy Israel and America so this is nothing new. The only thing is that the secret treaties of the US and SA are coming out into the open and that SA is recognizing Israel, so of course the Arab terrorists will now move against SA as well.

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Won't it be ironic if the 9/11 mossad/sayanim false flag designed to touch off the "war on terror" in pursuit of a greater israel ends up wiping israel and half the tribe from the face of the map.Be a real bitch if that happens.

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"cementing a new front that includes China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Qatar"...I like that bit.IDF will need camaflage waders and kevlar Huggies as standard issue, the elite Kings Royal Armoured Camels bring up the rear.False flag odds drop at Paddy Power. Age of Empires New/Load/Delete Game?But MBS did one thing right taking the 800 billion which will finance more than a fancy new city and also allow the delay of that pesky IPO.He should start stacking and BTFD.No real humanitarian relief yet in Yeman despite the lies fuck him and his Germ Wqrefare qnd Phosphorus qnd Civiliqn Genocide<help been qttqckedm ;y qwerty keyboqrd gone auertym 6 they got ;e<<< 

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Good luck on the writers Turkey,Iran,Qatar,Russia and China fantasy..I would like to see this motley crew make it thru a dinner..It is clear all the naysayer were wrong again and we are pulling back militarily ...Not long ago the usual clown show was saying we were invading with 100,000 troops in Syria ...

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Moe Benny finally has the cash to create his half-trillion dollar super city. If successful the surrounding region will be transformed into an economic powerhouse. It will occupy the entire strech of the KSA along the Gulf of Aqaba and butt up against Eilat, Israel's only port city on the Red Sea. So why is it such a surprise to everyone else that the Israelis are falling over themselves to cooperate with his agendas? Seems pretty obvious.

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sort of like those "you've just won a free teevee" scratch off faux-junk mailers they used to send out to round up dumbasses with outstanding arrest warrants.if i was a nigerian prince whose only hope was to scam dumbasses with a ridiculous spam via email, the "guests" of the ritz would have my attention right about now. big rollers not on the list so far would have my attention bigly, too.alas, i am not a nigerian prince. 

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For all the talk about motives and alliances, the crux of the matter is Israel's enemy#1 - Iran.  Iran supports Syria and Lebanon, which Israel badly wants to control.

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Israel is nothing but a fake criminal state backed by the US and the House of Saud is actually a house of cards. Both will be wiped out in the coming WW3.

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the sauds have made their choice. it will take some time to implement but they have clearly turned to russia/china. the region belongs to russia/china. israel is the odd man out. neither russia or china will put up with a belligerent israel as it interferes with the purpose of the new silk road. it may be easier to get rid of the country altogether than risk any disruption of peace in the mideast that is critical to the silk road success. the russia/china helix has also been smart enough to realize iran is the most strategic country in the region, soemthing the usa passed on because of its zionazi leadership insistence that israel was more important.

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This. 100% this.The U.S. has irreparably botched their participation and claim to a stake in the Middle East with their handling of Iran. Russia and China are not so stupid to repeat our mistakes and will do whatever they can to foster a strong relationship with Iran now, building the foundations for their core strategic partnerships in the region which will support the future silk road.Of course, this will come at the expense of KSA's and Israel's relative regional influence, and so the ascendence of the Silk Road will likely coincide with the decline, or even the collapse, of the two former states. The Kissinger plan with KSA and the petro-dollar was a stroke of geo-political genius, but the moves since then have been too heavily influenced by the U.S.'s overestimation of Israeli importance.The only answer to this geopolitical blunder that I can think of is that Israel was to be a forward colony to exert Western Influence in the region, and so far it has. But in putting the cart before the horse by prioritizing Israeli interests and alienating Iran, they have created only one path forward. That will be to double down on an Israeli/KSA first policy.It will definitely be interesting to see how things turn out over the next 5 - 10 years, especially with KSA pointing fingers at the entire region. 

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I$I$rahell come out of the closet that she/he/it has deep and long-running affairs with Saud!!!Shocked, shocked! <<<Not really>>>Next, every goy<<< MSM follower>>> will hear how their love towards each other deepens when they get birth their beloved wicked babies<<<I$I$, Dahe$h, etc>>>and their loathe towards their arch-enemy Iran flamed when Ruskies/Iran/Hezbola killed their babies in Syria.So they are loath to let go their embarrassing loss <<<financial & jihadist>>> and defeat<<<militarly & tactically>>> evenif their goal of deeath & destruction alone is a success.They are setting the stage phase two, three to go war with Iran/Lebanon-Hezbollah/Syria/Yemen-Houthi/etcShame who called themselves are Arab and yet are in bed with I$I$rahell in the closet, of course, disguising as anti-Tel Aviv/U$A/etcShame on EgyptNow that parasite nation is confident enough to speak openly they/Arabs are a bunch of her asset who would march on Iran/Hezbollah/etc when she whistles on demand.Got that!The stage has set further when the so-called Arab league <<<not Arab what so ever>>> 'extraordinary emergency general meeting' <<<LOL>>>in Cairo to condemn Iran's act of sabotage/barbarism over their stooges I$I$ as an influence in the region w/c they want exclusive right to do whatever they want.I can't make that stuff out of me except me reading the psychopath in the ME.Iran/Hez/Syria/et al Is A Saudi-Israeli Friendship Driving The Rest Of The Middle East Together?Fewer countries yes. Example: Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Others not made their mind or trapped in old relation Example: Turk, Qatar, Iraq

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 Until it is acknowledged that the Middle Eastern fields are highly depleted, and degrading rapidly none of what is happening there will make any sense. It is nothing more than a battle for the last man standing.

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Why cannot the world understand that Abrahamism spawned three patriarchal religions all based on a SIMPLE PONZI :Original Sin and consequent penitence for as long as you live in the hands of the CLERIC until you die in the hope of passing the cut on Judgment day.PAY IN THIS LIFE FOR FUTURE ETERNAL BLISS !THE VERY DEFINITION OF A PONZI!As judgment day is fake news or at best a picture on the wall of the Vatican, the House of Apostolic Ponzis par excellence; it spawned  the Inquisition and unending wars; never peace and love! Today we see two fundamentalist Abrahamic ideologies now aligned to protect, GOD, race and soil against an apostate of one faith : the Shia Iran resurgence! All three scamming in name of Religion !It is necessary to remember what a surrogate Prince of Sunni Islam once said as he imposed the Sharia in his homeland as a Condottieri for Islam and Pax Americana :"We admire the Israeli Sionists in their fight for race and religion. We Sunnis should have the same mindset in defending our Sharia Islam : All or nothing ! God would not ever accept half measures! The man in question was Zia Ul Huq President of Pakistan and father of Talibanism concocted with the CIA in Afghan to fight the Soviet invasion of 1979. He was also point man fighting as two star general in the Pakistani brigade which during Black September of 1970 helped Hassan of Jordan to dislodge the Palestinians of Arafat from their ghettos of Amman to new ghettos in Lebanon.In that role coordinated by the CIA he made himself known to his American overlords who then allowed him to do a Pinochet type coup against the incumbent populist President Bhutto; friend of China and initiator of Paki Nuclear bomb. Bhutto as Allende in Chile ended up like a final solution victim, a Ngo Dinh Diem type casualty to America's march of regime change and "doing what it takes" on all continents to defend "freedom fries".Now 38 years after the Taliban creation, 47 years after the Black September ouster of Palestinians, the two surrogate nations, deadly enemies, but American protected sons of intolerant Abrahamic belief systems-- and coresponsibles of the ongoing Ideological cum politically fed "game of thrones and black gold control" ponzis-- end up where all scams do : like pardners in pathological crimes all to do God's work! Back in 1230 Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, wrote the THREE IMPOSTERS to highlight what he as Emperor saw as the biggest danger of his age : the political use of GOD to rape the world for the riches of silk, of spice and precious stones heading from opulent Orient to intolerant christian and arab lands. He refused to fight the Crusades; in fact did a peace deal to make Jerusalem open city for 14 years! He got excommunicated for that by his own Pope and from then on tried to beat the shit out of those Roman scam artists wearing red hats and conical crowns! His  treatise is more than relevant today. As the Christian world has moved away from using GOD as the motive of political plays; witness Science and the Enlightenment. Its high time that the OTHER TWO IMPOSTORS, who politicize religion to turn humans into ants and cannon fodder, be exposed as PONZI SCAMMERS and treated like the French treated their kings and clerics during the Great Revolution-- both Political Kings and Head Clerics alike !DOWN with all politico-religious ponzis!  And long life to Frederick II's  memory as first peaceful monarch in Christendom who understood what Salman Rushdie said about Ayatollah Iran-- but 750 years before him !The ugly faced Joker that launches a thousand ships !(Not to be confounded by that other sublime face that served another ponzi where God was neutral.) 

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Fellow Satanists, it seems, but remember that the House of Saud was originally 'Jewish'... back before the original family founder changed his name to fit his then current locale... not long before all that oil was found to be so useful.... this 'game' goes much deeper than the current puppet show would make it seem... as we only see the action in front of the curtain.... but soon enough, that curtain is set to change, disappear and reveal all kinds of strange stagehands, directors and assistants in back.