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What I wonder is if getting caught at any of this shit bothers these people like it would you or I. I remember watching that sleeze Weinstein hopping in a limo to head off to "rehab" talking about "second chances" with this creepy, smug look on his face, like he didn't regret a thing and he knew he'd be right back at his depravity no matter what.I'm getting to be numb to these gross people, hollywood, dc, ny, they're just sickening and gross.

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thebigunit Bad_Sushi Mon, 11/20/2017 - 18:34 Permalink

You are correct.

 It _can't_ bother them as the wires in the brain that transmit guilt, shame and empathy are simply not present in these people.

My explanation is that the MAJORITY of people alive today (and ALL progressives) are "tribalists" as all humans were 14,000 years ago before the development of herding and agriculture.Tribalists didn't have the concept of "morality", they had an "ethos" and it was "my tribe good, other tribe bad".All this "golden rule" stuff is relatively modern and a consequence of human development of higher reasoning.But the primitive ethos was if they belong to another tribe,  "kill 'em, take their stuff,  and take their women (at least the good looking ones)".

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Current serving Senators touched me in an incestuous way, but Trump is a pig.

--Jackie and Barb……

Wilbur Mills, Representative (D-AR), was found intoxicated with stripper Fanne Foxe. He was re-elected anyway, but resigned after giving an intoxicated press conference from Foxe's burlesque house dressing room. (1974)[36]

Fred Richmond, Representative (D-NY): Charges that he solicited sex from a 16-year-old boy were dropped after he submitted to counseling. (1978)[42]

Edward Kennedy, Senator (D-MA), was often portrayed scandalously in gossip columns and tabloids, owing to numerous and barely concealed extramarital affairs plus notorious public incidents, including public sex in 1985 and 1987 at La Brasserie restaurant in Washington D.C.[59] (1980s)

Barney Frank, Representative (D-MA), was reprimanded by the House for fixing 33 parking tickets for Steve Gobie, a male escort who lived with Frank and claimed to have conducted an escort service from Frank's apartment without his knowledge. (1989)[60]…

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So, THIS is what the people of Minnesota are? THIS cretin is THEIR REPRESENTATIVE THAT TELLS THE WORLD THE PEOPLE OF MINNESOTA ARE SKUMBAG WOMANIZERS THAT LIE AND CHEAT FOR THE EVIL SATANIC AGENDA?People that are so stupid to fall for THIS evil scumbag and the media liars and deceivers that support and franchise these kinds of evil things, should just crawl into a hole and die. Better this stench to be buried deep, never to return.Perhaps even get out of the USA. Being a mind controlled i-satan phone worshiping dupe for cnn and the rest of the gaggle of liars and propagandists, ARE the reasons why America is falling apart. WHEN the chinga hits the fan, many will fall. Many will turn into roach eaters for lack of food. Many will just shrivel up back into their commie slimy snail shells, and die. Babylons zioplan is do use the same old worn out Cesarean divide and conquer methodology and the PEOPLE are to darn stupid to see this. Stupid will dig its own grave, while allowing the communist SATANIC newz media to lead them like lemmings to the seas of massive death. Why is it allowed to let googlecia, faCIAbook, and U-are-a-commie-tube idiots to run roughshod over the world? Monopolies like gaggle/utube, faCIAbook etc, are disgusting greedy cabals of evil slime buckets that can not get enough horsepiss money-god to drink. Never happy, are the greedy evil things.Make darn sure that WHEN the flag goes up, ALL the liars and media deceivers meet proper rope justice for causing the downfall of a once great country. Let the commie/satanic/child killers all go back to hell starting with the rottenchilds, rocketfelers, bushes, and most of all, the evil cunthag and her rapist husband. The sooner these evil things are exposed to true justice be done, and not dragged out and stalled until the next world changing false flag event from cheny/bush/cunton mob, the sooner those who support these evil things will truly SEE how evil and vile corrupted they are. THEN, and only then they will have the choice to continue to support the out of control evil, or to fight it at every level. DO not ever forget, one person can change the world in a good, or bad way. So many have written history in bad ways. How about some good hearts coming to the fore and DOING THE RIGHT THING. How about changing history in GOOD ways?CLEAN HOUSE OF THIS KIND OF EVIL TRASHY SKUMMY SLIME THAT GETS AWAY WITH ALL KINDS OF NASTY WICKED THINGS BECAUSE THEY ARE ZIOTRASH!OUT DEMONS, OUT!  +