Lebanese Army On "Full Combat Readiness" At Southern Border To Counter "Israeli Enemy"

Two days after Israel provided the first ever official confirmation of covert ties with Saudi Arabia, a step many analysts see as a precursor to future conflict in the Middle East involving adversaries Iran and Lebanon, on Tuesday the head of the Lebanese Army told the military to be at “full combat readiness” to face “the Israeli enemy” at the country's southern border. The announcement comes as Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia, vow to tighten their grip on Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia.

"The army needs to be prepared to “confront the threats and violations of the Israeli enemy and its hostile intentions against Lebanon,” Joseph Aoun said on Tuesday, while urging the army to cooperate with United Nations forces in Lebanon under UN Security Council Resolution 1701, adopted to resolve the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict. The statement came after Lebanese President Michel Aoun said that “Israeli targeting still continues and it is the right of the Lebanese to resist it and foil its plans by all available means,” according to Reuters.

President Aoun’s remarks were echoed by Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, who also cautioned Tel Aviv against sparking a war, according to RT. Lebanon is ready to act, but will do its utmost to prevent Israel from an invasion, he told RT last week. “We should restrain Israel from starting a war exactly because Lebanon is sure to win it,” he said.

Lebanese Army soldiers. Hassan Abdallah / Reuters

As reported at the start of the month, Lebanon has been undergoing a deep political crisis after Prime Minister Saad Hariri abruptly resigned on November 4 in a televised statement from Saudi Arabia. In his resignation address, Hariri accused Iran and Shiite Hezbollah militia of sowing strife in Arab countries.

As further reported, on Sunday the Arab League called an emergency meeting in Cairo blaming Iran for destabilizing the region. The alliance also described Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, but stopped just short of threatening any action against either. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the Arab League’s secretary-general, said its members may reach out to the UN Security Council to discuss possible steps against the Islamic republic.

Meanwhile, Tehran dismissed the Arab League statement on Iran, saying it was “full of lies” and the product of Saudi “pressure and propaganda.” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi called on Saudi Arabia to stop its “barbaric attacks” in Yemen. He also called on Riyadh to drop its embargo on Qatar, a country which has close ties to Tehran.

 On Tuesday, president Aoun defended Hezbollah, saying his country had been subject to Israeli invasions for decades and therefore had the right to protect itself. Aoun rejected “insinuations accusing the Lebanese government of partnering in terrorist acts.”

"Lebanon has confronted Israeli aggressions from 1978 until 2006 and has been able to liberate its territories,” he added, as cited by National News Agency.

For those who may have missed some of the recent, rapidly moving events in the region, here is a quick rundown:

Saudi Arabia, a regional arch-rival of Iran, has recently demanded that the Lebanese government pressurize Hezbollah to disarm, and also threatened to take action against Iran’s “aggressive” involvement in the affairs of Yemen and Lebanon. Speaking to Reuters last Thursday, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said Riyadh is “reacting to that aggression and saying enough is enough.”


The bellicose statements from Saudi Arabia notably coincided with comments made by Israel’s top political and military brass. On Sunday, Israel’s Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz told Israeli Army Radio that cooperation “with the moderate Arab world, including Saudi Arabia, is helping us curb Iran.” Steinitz added that his country, which fought Arab nations in several wars, is “usually the party that is not ashamed” of such ties.


The disclosure comes days after Lieutenant General Gadi Eisenkot, chief of staff of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), said that Tel Aviv is willing to contribute to “a new international alliance” in the Middle East, which is determined “to stop the Iranian threat.” He said that, while Israel does not planning on striking Hezbollah, it is ready to share intelligence on Iran with Saudi Arabia. Tel Aviv and Riyadh do not have diplomatic ties with each another.

Earlier this week, Iran reiterated once again it is determined to bring lasting peace to Syria, while its Gulf neighbors are sparking tensions in the region. Tehran has been working with international allies such as Russia and Turkey to ensure ceasefire in Syria and pave the way for political reconciliation, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said on Sunday. At the same time, Riyadh “fuels terrorists, wages war on Yemen, blockades Qatar [and] foments crisis in Lebanon,” Zarif tweeted. The Iranian diplomat posted his statement after a new round of talks with his Russian and Turkish counterparts, Sergey Lavrov and Mevlut Cavusoglu, respectively who met in Antalya, Turkey, on Sunday to discuss the Syrian conflict.

On Wednesday, the president of Iran and Turkey are set to meet with Russian president Putin in Sochi, where a day after a previously undisclosed meeting with Syrian leader al-Assad, Putin will seek to formalize the end of the Syrian civil war and establish the framework for the future in the middle east, one which certainly will include a prominent role for the Kremlin which has eagerly stepped into the power vacuum left by the receding US presence from the region.


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They're good with overwhelming force. Who isn't?They're performance against Hezbollah the last time around is a source of embarrassment for them. Of course, they aren't going to make the same mistakes twice but Hezbollah are no amateurs and they're essentially fighting with one arm tied round the back.

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"Hezbollah fighting with one arm tied round the back"?Don't make me laugh.Hizbullah shoots missiles at Israeli civilian towns, kidnaps Israelis and keeps them for years without honoring the Jeneva convention, uses Lebanese civilians as human shield and nobody in the world holds them to any account. Whereas Israel is demonized all over the international press anytime Arab civilians are mistakinly killed, even when they have been warned to evacuate.And finally when Hizbullah loses the war they themselves have started, they get to run to the UN and beg for a ceasefire... Pathetic creatures.

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....it didn't end well for Israel the last time they messed with Lebanon. They got their ass handed to them.

They will not attempt anything serious again until they are CERTAIN of success.

That said, Hezbollah is no longer "just" a ragtag fringe group with ties to Syria and Iran, that ship sailed a LOOONG time ago. When you hear Hezbollah, think, Lebanese army.

They are a fully integrated force with HUGE cred amoung the people there.

Given the great success of the Syria / Russia / Iran faction of late, I think it is pollyannish to think that the Saudi / Israel chaots can just waltz in unhindered. To do that they will need serious serious war machinery. It is available to them thanks to Uncle Sam and Auntie Merkel (5x weapons exports to saudi in the past year) but the political will to initiate such an act will bring down governments.

Merkel is on her fat way out. Trump and Putin are cautious buddies. The Israelis and House of Saud would be CRAZEEE to start anything right now despite itchy neocon's interference.

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Your assuming rational action without knowing the true motivation.Israels existential need for the Litani delta precludes that rationality.Iran,Syria etc have all been about masking the real reasons, but the planned genocide of S. Lebanonspopulation does need masking.Just getting the Litani is not enough in itself if other peopleare using that water.

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Memoron that's all mostly anyone wants to see: arrogant, bullying, warmongering kikes who are always "defending themselves" by starting a war getting slapped around and punished.Here's to Hezbollah missiles sending you rats running for your shelters like it's anuddah shoah. May they blow up many more jew tanks, ships, and even down a few jets this time. But don't worry, the international zionist media organs will always make Kikestan out to be the victim, even if they fire the fist shot because these assholes can do no wrong. 

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- rockets, not missiles; the Israeli side has US supplied tanks, fighter-bombers, artillery, and targeting and is actively destroying civilian targets in a country it has repeatedly terrorized - firing toward 'civilians' on the Israeli side is fair play.

- Israel ROUTINELY kidnaps Palestinians; it also has assasinated abd kidnapped Hezbollah fighters, including those fighting ISIS in Syria. It held Hez fighters w/o charge, and tortured some - but when Hezbollah captured a couple Israelis in 2006, THAT was 'unfair' and justified the massive bombardment of civilians etc? Kill yourself.

- The human shields argument is Zionist nonsense, particularly when the Israelis invade Lebanon and kill lots of civilians - defending those civilians from armor and infantry isnt using them as 'human shields.' This is typical tortured Jewish logic - even when attacking civilians on foreign soil, those defending them are 'using human shields' rather than jews are simply attacking civilians, confident that US/UK media, in the main, and govts, entirely, will spin it as Israel 'defending itself.'

-Hez did not start the 2006 war. And Israel DID start the '67 war, using a bullshit pretext - relevant because shameless dickheads like you shamelessly lie about both.

- Hezbollah, outnumbered and outgunned, frustrated every Israeli attempt to hold ground. They took their licks, but all in all it was an Israeli defeat.

- Israel's military is a terrorist organization and should be treated as such.

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LOL.Why so angry,Hasbara troll?Israhell could not even "fight" a "bird" when its F-35 got shellacked.Or was it that the Syrians flipped a bird to Israhell?Let's remember here how long it took the great resistance movement,Hezbollah,in 2006 to wipe out the IDF(which,by the way, is good only at killing civilians,women and children in Gaza and West bank):33 days,wow! Talk about how IsraHell is so mighty! You want to start again a disaster and then cry to Uncle Shlomo for help?Does IsraHell know about the Geneva (it's called Geneva,not Jeneva,you think everything is derived from the "J" word?),does it know about this when it attacks the neighboring countries,support the ISIS terrorists,has nuclear missile(see Dimona) and it didn't signed the nuclear non proliferation treaties? How about the biggest concentration camp it has created in Gaza? Was that covered by the Geneva?

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I am always amazed at the Zionist capacity to say the sun is shining when it is raining cats and dogs.

Israel, with US provided weapons superiority and numerical superiority, were kicked out of Lebanon by the Lebanese resistance using little more than AKs, and anti-tank IEDs/missiles

Impressive. And a W.

Frankly, Israel was so shocked and embarrassed it has avoided ground incursions there for a decade.

The IDF is simply an occupation force.

Faced with even a relatively poorly equipped military they showed themselves to be incompetent.

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Snípéir_Ag_Obair Mtnrunnr Tue, 11/21/2017 - 08:08 Permalink

If 'not fucking around' means a willingness to bomb hospitals and water treatment plants, with or without some pretext, then I disagree.

Israel's great at bombing civilians from US built and financed jets, not so good on the ground when up against more than teens with rocks and pregnant women.

The IDF is a terrorist organization absolutely bereft of any honor.

And they are very much active in the Yemen war with the Saudi regime.

Both belong in the dustbin of history.


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You fucking Israelis live in a bubble of your own. You live this false existence where you think the entire world doesn't understand what you are. Sure countries deal with you because you have money and the U.S in hand but despite this everyone hates you.Do you see any Palestinians on these or any other boards? Must annoy you, armies of paid Hasbara and yet the Palestinians still manage to sway public opinion against you despite doing nothing but running around like idiots throwing stones at tanks. You guys are your own worst enemies. And you call the arabs stupid. From where I'm standing all the semites are stupid, but the jews are different.... they have the touch of evil. Definitely. 

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Ha, a Palistinian cockroach has crawled from the cracks in the wall. The trouble is, there are too many of you sand fleas in too small an area, and you continue to breed like rabbits......that has to end sooner or later, no matter what you want.  Same with other places on the Planet, Until a Nation controls the Breeders, a Nation has no control.

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Send them all to Ukraine. How about out of Europe?  One of the orignal Zionist places was Uganda.  The other was Madagascar.  I don't think they should have their own separate island, but instead should be living amongst negroes on the continent of Africa.  The parasite would have a hard time parsitizing the Negro, it would be two groups meant for each other.Do not send them back to Ukraine.  The Holodomor was enough, the Ukrainians have suffered enough.

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Mementoil, with his "rotting in a window less cellar" comment is just projecting his own evil acts onto the nonChosen. Look how the Jewish Terrorists tortured and murdered these two English sargents they kidnapped and murdered in Palestine.http://www.britishforcesinpalestine.org/attacks/sergeants.htmlThey left the bodies hanging and boobytrapped!!The bomb went off and blinded one of the squadies cutting them down.Just despicable. You talk about an once of honesty. How would you know anything about an ounce of honesty? Mementoil go hang your head in shame you dog.Back then, the English still had some balls and so there were anti-Jew riots in England when word got out on what was done to these two poor guys. That's probably why the story has been suppressed.Sometimes /often times, the truth turns out to be Anti-Semetic as you like to say, although anti-ZionistJew would be much more accurate.

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Your Hasbara has become irrelevant.Like the antisemitism BS. Like the Holohoax is becoming.The truth is exposed every day and your lies do not stick anymore.We see the facts on the ground and they do not correspond to your lies.We've seen ,over the year,how "humane " you are (911,USS Liberty ) are only a few examples.You are humane only when treating your pet terrorists(ISIS,AL Nusra,etc) as we've seen in your hospitals(visited by Mileikowsky in person,posing with leading terrorists),your chutzpah has no limit,but it does not impress us!

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IDF targets pregnant women for double “points”, holds tail gating parties for bombing Gaza, gives 3 minutes warnings before blowing up entire apartment buildings, uses five headed turrets in drones and then blames all their victims for their own uncomfortable mental illnesses which result from their own evil behavior.
And don’t forget their thriving organ business.

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Remember the USS Liberty, when Israel (and LBJ) murdered US Marines and Sailors in a failed attempt to sink a ship to blame on Egypt in a war Israel started to grab land.

And remember the fantastic costs of Israel to US taxpayers

And remember the many, significant Jewish/Zionist/Israeli connections to 9/11 which launched the Endless War in MENA


Remember the ZIONIST JEW CREATED AND RUN 'Office of Special Plans' which fabricated evidence to lie the US into a war for Israel, as the Zios had long craved:

Skim the following, which is an overview of Zionist calls to destroy Syria and Iraq and Lebanon for an expansionist Jewish state


The 'neocons' were and are a Zionist and Jewish clique whose primary goal is Greater Israel. They conflate Israeli interests with American ones, and use wildly disproportionate campaign contributions, bribes, and the term 'anti-Semite' to prevent discussion of their Jewishness and primary allegiance to a foreign power that spies on the US relentlessly while selling its secrets in the past to the USSR, China, and others.

Remember that the NSA, which illegally spies on us all and sucks up every email and packet transmitted across the intertubes, but couldnt find hillary's deleted emails or prove the DNC was hacked by Russia...
was and is absolutely compromised by Israel

to which it gives the 'raw data' with a nice pretty bow on it.


Remember that Mossad posed as CIA agents while recruiting terrorists in Iran

That Israel is the biggest 'ally' spy threat by far

And recall US Army Intelligence's report of 9/10/01 regarding Mossad's capacity to attack the US and make it look like Arabs.

Remember the Israeli spies caught filming abs celebrating the collapse of the towers on 9/11


Remember multiple reports demonstrating Israeli (and Saudi) support for Al Qaeda and ISIS as the latter expecially targeted Christians, murdering and torturing thousands of them... not merely weapons and buying their oil but explicit military coordination




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