Special Counsel Mueller Now Probing Kushner's Contacts With Israeli Officials During Transition, WSJ

In a startling illustration of just how expansive Mueller's investigation of the Trump administration has become, the Wall Street Journal now reports that the Special Counsel's team is looking into meetings that Jared Kushner may have conducted with Israeli officials in the days leading up to an important U.N. vote on the construction of settlements in disputed territories on December 23, 2016. 

Robert Mueller’s investigators are asking questions about Jared Kushner’s interactions with foreign leaders during the presidential transition, including his involvement in a dispute at the United Nations in December, in a sign of the expansive nature of the special counsel’s probe of Russia’s meddling in the election, according to people familiar with the matter.


The investigators have asked witnesses questions about the involvement of Mr. Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and a senior White House adviser, in a controversy over a U.N. resolution passed Dec. 23 that condemned Israel’s construction of settlements in disputed territories, these people said.


Israeli officials had asked the incoming Trump administration to intervene to help block it. Mr. Trump posted a Facebook message the day before the U.N. vote—after he had been elected but before he had assumed office—saying the resolution put the Israelis in a difficult position and should be vetoed. Mr. Trump also held a phone conversation with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, whose government had written a draft of the resolution. Egypt proceeded to call for the vote to be delayed, but the resolution passed the following day, with the Obama administration declining to block it.


Investigators have also asked witnesses about Mr. Kushner’s role in arranging meetings or communication with foreign leaders during the transition, the people said. The special counsel’s mandate gives Mr. Mueller a broad directive to examine any matters arising from the Russia investigation.


These revelations raise new questions over whether Special Counsel Mueller may attempt to use the 1799 Logan Act to apply pressure on Kushner.

A 1799 law called the Logan Act also bars Americans from communicating with a foreign government to influence the government’s actions related to a dispute with the U.S., but no one has ever been successfully prosecuted under the law.


In a statement that Mr. Kushner gave to congressional committees in July, he wrote that at his father-in-law’s request, he served as the main point of contact for foreign countries at a time when it was clear Mr. Trump would be the Republican nominee.

Of course, Kushner is under investigation for a litany of other allegations of wrongdoing ranging from his meeting with a Russian lawyer to inaccuracies on his financial disclosure forms to his role in Comey's dismissal.  Why do we get the sneaking suspicion that Mueller isn't going to stop pursuing new angles on Kushner until something sticks?


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so might any of these "Israeli officials", eh hem....members of CON-gress be on Mueller's list?  Just wondering...LIST OF DUAL CITIZEN'S IN OUR 114TH CONGRESS:https://jhaines6a.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/list-israeli-dual-citizens-i… what a shocker that all but one are treasonous Demo-RatsDual Citizenship – Former KGB Agent Explains Israeli dual Citizens are Destroying America http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDNcmnK2hlEI posted the above youtube link because I think it's pretty interesting that it's a link to a removed video.  I'm gonna see if I can find another copy.looks like it would have been a video by Yuri Bezmenov who has other videos of "Former KGB Agent Explains....", but I can't find this one.  very interesting...I've watched his other videos in the past of how Marxists have worked to destroy take over America from within our own system.  He knows his shit. 

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Problem with dual citizens and where their true loyalty lies:

Sheldon Adelson (from the "right" side of the aisle)
in his own words:


(5:08)"...The uniform that I wore in the military, unfortunately, was not an Israeli uniform; it was an American uniform...my two little boys, our two little boys one of whom will be Bar Mitzvah...his hobby is shooting and he'll come back and be a sniper for the IDF..."

(7:21)"...all we care about is being good Zionists..."

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Another dual citizen (from the "left" side of the aisle):

Haim Saban (part owner of Univision and one of the wealthiest man in the world and a mega Clinton contributor)

"...As Saban has said, “I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel.”..."

"...His greatest concern, he says, is to protect Israel, by strengthening the United States-Israel relationship. At a conference last fall in Israel, Saban described his formula. His “three ways to be influential in American politics,” he said, were: make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets..."

How does a duplicitous billionaire with dual citizenship stiff Uncle Sam for his share of taxes to the US Treasury (from sale of Fox Kids Worldwide, co-owned by Murdoch, to Disney for $5.3 billion netting him $1.5 billion), along with countless other evasions manage to stay out jail, yet his personal accountant served time for his part in this scheme; then, in turn, makes sizeable donations to Pro-Israeli institutions and the DNC?

"... made it possible for Saban to pay no taxes on his $1.5-billion gain...

"...But the biggest bill by far that Saban didn’t want to pay was the government’s. In late December, 2000, after Saban had exercised his right to sell his share of Fox Family, Matt Krane said that he received a call from him. “He said, ‘Let me ask a question. What are we doing on taxes on the sale?’
“I said, ‘We’re going to pay the capital-gains tax, like we always discussed.’
“ ‘What is it?’
“ ‘Like, twenty-seven per cent state and federal, combined.’
“ ‘Are you fucking kidding me? Are you fucking crazy?’ He was shouting, ‘I’m not paying that!’ ”..."
In a response to Saban's suit agianst Krane, his accountant, the complaint read, in part: "“Despite being one of the richest men in the world, Haim Saban, believing he is above the law, has spent decades trying to avoid paying taxes on the many billions of dollars in income he has received, evidencing little restraint in his conduct other than seeking a convenient scapegoat.”

On Jewish tv: "...The interviewer, Dana Weiss, warmly told Saban, “You really are our rich uncle in America, and we can rely on you...”

"...he also founded the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, in Washington, D.C..."

"...A couple of years after the Saban Center was founded, Indyk, knowing that Saban was eager for more visibility, proposed creating a U.S.-Israel dialogue—to be known as the Saban Forum—which would attract high-level government officials and be held in Jerusalem one year, Washington the next. This dovetailed with the decision Saban had just made, in the spring of 2004, to start investing in Israel. “The Saban Forum provided him a very high profile in the business community, and an avenue for intercourse with high-level Israeli politicians,”..."

"...He also tried to buy Time and Newsweek, but neither was available. He and his private-equity partners acquired Univision in 2007, and he has made repeated bids for the Los Angeles Times..."
"...He has tried repeatedly to buy the Los Angeles Times, because, he said, “I thought it was time that it turn from a pro-Palestinian paper into a balanced paper.”...

"...Saban also said that he asked the New York investor Steven Rattner to let the Sulzbergers know that he would like to buy the New York Times, but Rattner told him they weren’t interested. “What’s it worth now, the whole thing—a billion dollars?” Saban said dismissively. “But it’s a family legacy or something, I don’t know.” If the Sulzbergers were to change their minds, he said, “I would be jumping all over it.”..."

"...By far his most important relationship is with Bill and Hillary Clinton. In 2002, Saban donated five million dollars to Bill Clinton’s Presidential library, and he has given more than five million dollars to the Clinton Foundation...."

"...In recent years, Saban has approached the acquisition of social and political power as strategically as he had his business career. The Clintons have been essential to this pursuit..."

"...For example, Saban continued, “Obama was asked the same question Hillary was asked—‘If Iran nukes Israel, what would be your reaction?’ Hillary said, ‘We will obliterate them.’ We . . . will . . . obliterate . . . them. Four words, it’s simple to understand. Obama said only three words. He would ‘take appropriate action.’ I don’t know what that means..."

"...Saban called Hillary’s defeat “my biggest loss—and not only mine. I’ll leave it at that.”

"...In early March, shortly before Vice-President Joe Biden visited Israel, he invited a group of prominent Jews to the Vice-President’s residence. Most were leaders of Jewish organizations or close Biden supporters...In the meeting, Saban said that the Administration “may want to consider the fact that their relationship with their Israeli wife is more valuable than their newfound relationship with their Arab mistresses.”..."

"...And, airing a grievance he had been nursing ever since the President’s Cairo speech, last June, Saban insisted that Biden correct what he considered to be Obama’s cardinal error—the implication that Israel’s creation was justified by the Holocaust, rather than by millennia of Jewish history...Saban animatedly told Shapiro that Obama had made his career—becoming President and a Nobel Prize winner—by the power of his speeches, so he ought to be aware of the importance of language..."

Saban said: “I was so committed to Hillary becoming President, with my whole neshamah,” Saban said. “I put my heart and soul into this campaign.”..."

"... “I hosted the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, in my home. I was informed that he refused to sign a letter to Obama, which was signed by most of the senators, supporting Israel, before the speech in Cairo. . . . I got the message on Saturday and he was at my house on Sunday. I asked him, ‘Why didn’t you sign?’
“So he said, ‘Because I don’t sign other people’s initiatives,’ as the leader, as head of the Democratic Party.
“I said, ‘So send a letter of your own.’ ” And, Saban added, smiling, and with hesitation, as though he did not like to boast, “He did.”..."


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All Trump's economic team, campaign financiers and team, and in-laws are Jews.  Why would he force anyone to name them?  Have you looked up his past at all?  What is this parallel universe you live in?  He genuflected at the wall.  Why do you insist on polluting these boards with such nonsense?

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Special Counsel Mueller Now Probing Kushner's Contacts With Israeli Officials During Transition, WSJMy response: I have to state that I have absolutely no TRUST in Mueller's investigation. This GUY is all over the place and needs to be shut down now due to his personal conflicts of interest. Having Mueller investigate anything regarding RUSSIAN interference is like the WOLF guarding the HEN HOUSE.SHUT THIS GUY DOWN and quite wasting tax payer money.

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I simply assume they are Muslims. They sure act like it, and that they would suddenly side with Mueller once their "its the jews" trigger gets pulled shows that a) they have the IQ of of cane toads, and b) they are no friends to American citizens. Mueller belongs at the end of a rope, and anyone who can't see that clearly is not someone whose opinion is worth respecting.

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By ZH crowd you mean people who put American interests ahead of Jewish ones?

You'd have some credibility if you weren't a mindless, predictable, unremitting apologist for Israel and the notion Jews qua group never did nuttin' to nobody... but you basically linger here as a typical case of Jewish/Zionist hypocrisy, arrogance, and obdurate cluelessnes...

People don't like Israeli and Jewish influence because it is excessive and deleterious. Your whining about it because as a Jew you want to be above criticism while treating non-jews as an 'other' to exploit is the age-old problem.

Were you not stupid with brainwashing you'd be able to grasp why you are harming your own cause. But your 'Jewishness' has so warped your capacity to think I can *tell* you this and you will double down, as will nmewn who tries so hard to appear neutral here.


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I reposted a reply to one of your original posts from this article:


higher up in the thread...BTW thanks for your insightful commentary and links!

I appreciate and read all POV to the extent time offers such opportunities (have to sift through the myriad of propaganda and disinformation to come to some sensible conclusions based on carefully disguised evidence)

I've not seen a reply from you to me directly, not sure why...

assuming you read this would care to offer your thoughts???

I'm just put here tryin' to put the pieces of this puzzle together, often times by trial-and-error...

If we are to succeed this rather deliberate infestation and disinformation, we either all succeed or perish into the abyss of the sinister black hole induced and deliberately constructed only to have the ignorant masses lured into this honey pit.

Not sure if you researched these, but if you haven't they are worth examining:

2014 National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israeli "Special Relationship"

Gareth Porter: https://youtu.be/PY-6mmj3HsI (manufactured evidence against Iran)

Philip Giraldi: https://youtu.be/CkxuC0phFck

Ray McGovern: https://youtu.be/-r97vxvl-MI

Mark Perry: https://youtu.be/zy2dA5NCqgI

Stephen Walt: https://youtu.be/PxpGkD9AMeA

Paul Pillar: https://youtu.be/Jdfsusb6ru0

Karen Kwiatowski: https://youtu.be/e8OGleE15QU

Alison Weir: https://youtu.be/5ly75-R5TN8

Ernie Gallo: https://youtu.be/rLr9fjg6cmM

Jeffery Blankfort: https://youtu.be/KB2lDJJr3lE

Stephen Siegorski: https://youtu.be/UCxQJ-oJyMQ

Paul Findley: https://youtu.be/UF0Pg3gfndI

Scott McConnell: https://youtu.be/Zr-uOZYSxW0

Justin Raimondo: https://youtu.be/EZBhtxSn1qM

Philip Weiss: https://youtu.be/0yNxVxT1E4o

Delinda Hanley: https://youtu.be/zodOs-Lg3XU

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  Bah... This is part of the 256-bit, 4D-chess that Mueller, Trump & Sessions are playing right now.Why can't you wrap your head around that...?  

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What's next, Mueller probes the dude who sold Trump his skivvies in 1986?  Jesus.How about we appoint special counsel to investigate Mueller's role in Uranium One?  You know, the actual Rooskie conspiracy?  Somebody go poke Sessions with a stick and wake his sorry ass up so he does his fucking job.