America's New "Trick" To Beat Black Friday Crowds: Wear Employee Uniforms

US shoppers’ lust for Black Friday bargains this year has reached absurd new levels, evidenced by a viral joke that morphed into a disturbing new trend to help shoppers beat Wal-Mart and other big box store crowds by disguising themselves as temporary holiday employees. It started when Twitter user @OverlyLiked announcing he would be selling his Walmart vest for $100.

“I’m selling this Walmart vest for $100,” he wrote. “Use it to skip the line during Black Friday. You can even walk in, grab what you want, and walk out."

Although the tweet was reportedly meant as a joke, earning @OverlyLiked more than 30,000 retweets and almost 80,000 likes, it wasn’t long before he was being inundated with real requests to buy his shirt.

“The popularity of the tweet really did not surprise me… What shocked me was the news coverage of that,” @OverlyLiked told RT, explaining that apart from the bidders, he was also sought out by numerous media outlets covering the story.

But @OverlyLiked’s disappointed would-be buyers didn’t need to wait long for other offers to materialize. It seems former and current Wal-Mart employees quickly caught on to the idea and began selling their own uniforms in earnest...



While others went out looking for them,

Meanwhile, Walmart has apparently caught on to the hustle, and has asked its employees to “question” anyone they see wearing one of their vests, but whom they do not recognize.

The American “Black Friday” tradition has intensified in recent years as big-box stores have sought to fend off the encroaching “Cyber Monday” when shoppers order all their items online - read Amazon - instead of trudging through massive crowds at Wal-Mart, Best Buy or any other retail mecca. Retailers typically open late Thursday evening, before the holiday has even ended, to offer massive bargains, prompting nationwide anarchy as dozens of stories and videos emerge of shoppers fighting one another for the cheapest deals on anything from blenders to widescreen TV’s to underwear. The insanity of Black Friday was perhaps encapsulated best by this meme that made the rounds a few years back:



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Amateurs...I wore my Bill Clinton mask and walked right through the front doors while waving at the crowd and screaming "TITTIES AND BEER!!". I then proceeded to sexually harass the greeter & the asst. manager before I grabbed a case of beer and a 55" TV and walked out without paying.I stuck my finger in the cashier's ass for good measure too. Rock solid alibi.

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 "Landatees" Friend gave his working big Sony projection TV to a douche who didn't have a dime to his name.  Douche gave up the free TV and fought hand-to-hand for a bigger LED TV on BF to play his Xbox on only to get a 90 day warrantee for the new TV and then posted on FB(I was sent the screen grabs) that his new TV died like 4 months later.  The Sony was still running but he bitched like a POS that he got fucked on the deal.  Currently well in debt, soon to be divorced, and still an asshole.

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By even a cursory examination, and likely to a quite large extent, the plebians understand old rules no longer apply . The socio economic structure and presumed "leadership" is merely a mirror reflection of society writ large. As Carlin once pointed out, the congress critters, intellectuals, thought leaders and such come from American families. The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree .. Lawlessness at the top of the food chain, begets lawlessness at the bottom ..I do not point to this as excuse, merely a simple fact of  life, human nature, as you have mentioned ..  when in Rome.A great many years, and much effort, energy expended, on marginalizing what was once called, good moral conduct.The line has been smashed, a veil lifted, and there are no good guys in white hats gonna ride on in and save the day .

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Babylon indeed, and Babylon is about to fall. I RAISE UP NATIONS...AND I DESTROY THEM...I WILL SET YOU AS AN EXAMPLE TO THE WHOLE WORLD I, Mashiach, the King of all creation, the Only Savior for mankind, scour the earth, looking for those who embrace My Truth. The warnings from My messengers and prophets have been declared for many generations and now, as you see, the time has come for all to be fulfilled.The cries of the broken and contrite of heart have been heard in Heaven, and the Just Judge of all now brings recompense where it is due. As a loving Father of His children, My heart longs to see hearts desperate for truth, hearts that cry out to Me through the destruction and through their sufferings; but as I look, I see many more still numb to the truth that has been presented, and I see them placing their hopes and dependence on man-made systems. I do not see many people falling on their knees in repentance, nor looking to Me for their hope, protection and provisions. Your leaders, America do not publicly cry out to Me in prayer for your nation, nor do they stand for truth based in My Holy Word. I hear words again such as, 'We will rebuild and restore,' but I tell you, this will not be. For as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so shall I allow the judgments to sweep this nation from coast to coast, as Babylon the whore will fall. You will not rise again to a mighty nation, but I will burn you with fire and destroy you with terrible winds and floods, bringing great devastation to your land. I will set you as an example to the whole world, what will be the end of all those mock and scoff Me and blatantly disregard My commandments.This is not all I will do. You have only now just begun to see the shaking I will cause, as the earth will also violently respond to My commands for justice. I alone can raise up nations, and I alone can bring them down. I will shake the heavens and I will shake the earth and all that is will be undone. A serious and dire message this is indeed, but as I have spoken, the time is come. I hear the heart cries of those who seek Me and love Me with all they have, and you My precious ones shall see much, but only for a short while, and then I will draw you to Myself. Do not despair My faithful ones, do not lose hope, for you know that I must do what I must do. I do these things to test and to measure the heart motives of all men. I see all and I hear all, and I have each and every outcome. Nothing escapes the Great I AM. Prepare in repentance, fasting and prayer first, then prepare as you are able physically, knowing that I have My children's  names written in the palm of My hand, and no evil will befall you. Your security is in Me, regardless of what you see around you and what is imminently coming upon you. Watch, wait, pray My loves. Your King is coming for you. Can you not hear the armies of Heaven as they ride? YAHUSHUA, YOUR KING, YOUR DEFENSE, YOUR ROCK, YOUR HIGH TOWER, YOUR REFUGE…

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Or, but things that have use other than entertainment value. Over the years we've picked up some remarkably good bargains in the "non-electronic" camping and DIY categories - things that are no longer "fashionable" but still perfectly useful (e.g. traditional rather than "digital" metrology instruments)

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Amazon stores already have this handled.Surprised it took this long for the FSA to figure this out. Walmart is going to have to do a major overhaul on its security now. I guess they could afford the big bucks to bring in some machine learning people to get them set up.Positive side effect being of such a system is that creeps trying to molest women or children can be easily caught too. The store itself is always watching.

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amazon free return that has the lady who wore the new dress to the ball and returned it the next's only will take back anything - but the lines are long..LOL