What Makes Google's Eric Schmidt So Afraid? (And What Should He Be Afraid of?)

Authored by Jan Oberg via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

OK, it’s from Russia Today so you should of course not trust it but somehow this video and text and the man in it seems quite factual, not fake and obviously not omitted.

It documents that Eric Emerson Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Alphabet – an American multinational conglomerate that owns a lot and among them Google – is working on “de-ranking” alleged propaganda outlets such as Russia Today, RT – the world’s third largest television network – and Sputnik.

Who is Eric Schmidt?

On the Wikipedia link you can read more about Mr. Schmidt, one of the richest person on earth, an advocate of net neutrality, a corporate manager and owner of a lot, a collector of modern art, etc. And you can read about his heavy involvement with Hillary Clinton’s recent campaign and the Obama administration and about Schmidt’s involvement with Pentagon, too.

Eric Emerson Schmidt’s name is associated with the world’s largest and most systematic data collecting search engine, Google, that millions upon millions use. School children, teachers, parents, media people, politicians and you and I all daily “google” what we need to know.

While we do that, Google tracks everything about us and if you are searching for a thing to buy, say a camera, be sure that camera ads will shortly after turn up on your screen. And they know everything we are interested in through our “googling” including political interests and hobbies.

Playing God

This very powerful corporate leader with a open political orientation has decided - as will be seen 58 seconds into the video – that the Internet and his hugely dominating search engine a) shall cave in to political pressure, b) de-rank at least these two Russian media organizations because c) he knows they are “propaganda outlets” (it isn’t discussed at all or compared with US or other countries’ media) and d) in the name of political correctness it is OK to limit the freedom of opinion-formation.

In fact, he says in a few words that he – well, not he himself but a computer program and mechanism called an algorithm – shall decide what you are I shall be able to find. Google as Good, Google as God.

Conspicuously, his de-ranking – read censorship – policy shall not hit media (as far as we can understand from this clip at least and not from this backgrounder either) that have, for instance, been using fake news and planted stories, omitted facts and perspectives and sources and told us propaganda and worse about, say, US wars around the world.

It’s Russia’s media. And naturally you ask: Whose next? And where does that end? (“Wherever they burn books, in the end will also burn human beings.” – Heinrich Heine).

Obvious human rights violation

This type of political paternalism is not only totally unethical and foolish, it’s a violation of human rights. It cannot be defended with the argument that other countries and media outlets also use propaganda. The Western world – the U.S. in particular – calls itself ‘the free world” and gladly, without the slightest doubts, fights and kills to spread that freedom around the world and has done so for decades.

We humans have right to information without interference – at least if international law counts. Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states states that “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

You abuse power, Mr. Schmidt

Mr Schmidt, you are blatantly and clearly interfering in the rights of millions, if not billions, to know. To seek information. To shape their opinions.

With your few words you abuse your almost unlimited digital, political, economic and ‘defence’ power – much much worse than if you had sexually abused just one woman for which older men today are fired or choose to resign.

This has to be stated irrespective of whether we like or dislike Russia and its media. That is not the issue here. This has to be fought against because it is slippery slope, Mr Schmidt.

You ought to stand up and use your powers with principles and vision: To protect the Internet against every and each reduction of freedom. Freedom for all, also the fake news-makers however we define them. Yes, there is another solution for that problem and it is not your paternalism.

It just cannot be for you to decide what is good for others and collect data about us all which is only good for you.

Has the West really become so insecure about itself?

Censorship – de-ranking – and information warfare is not the solution to anything. A strong society or culture that believes in its own moral value and vitality does not censor. Dictatorships – “regimes” – do.

Mr. Schmidt has much more power than many state leaders but he is not up to it and how would he be able to re-rank themes and media again in the future.

Has the West, the US and Western culture become so weak, so trembling at the sight of the global future and so morally deranged that it cannot live with – does not believe it can compete factually and intelligently with – other views? With fake? With propaganda by others? If so, that is where the Soviet Union was in the early 1980s. And if so, watch the writing of the Western walls!

Education and trust

There are much better solutions – if you think. Mr. Schmidt may also google them…

It’s education – education of young and old to learn to identify what is trustworthy and what is not. Learning to learn on the Internet. It is dialogue and it is dignity – instead of succumbing to the lowest of levels that he accuses others of being at.

And there is more solutions.

Making democracy, freedom and human rights stronger – by believing in human beings, their intelligence and solidarity. When Google de-ranks, it de-humanises. It offends the intelligence of the world’s users of the Google search engine.

It sinks to the low level where fakers and liars are – devoid of morals but passionate about selling a particular message even if totally unfounded.

What are you so afraid of, Mr. Schmidt?

If I were Eric Schmidt, I think I would be afraid of being perceived as a “useful idiot” or an an evil operator on behalf of US militarism – since he is targeting Russia in a the new Cold War atmosphere.

After all is/was a member also of various US government security and Pentagon related boards. And after all, he spoke at the Halifax Security Forum filled with military defence people and hardliners who see only Russia, North Korea and Iran as problems, never the US itself. One of the panels deals with the “Post-Putin Prep”!

Regime change in Russia too in the future and with truthful news from Google?

Mr. Schmidt and his corporate fellows should also be afraid that millions will become more sympathetic to Russia Today, Sputnik and even Russia itself precisely because of his words.

There are no wars on the ground without information war. If Schmidt’s Google fights political wars with de-ranking, many of us will be de-parting to more peaceful, rights-respecting and ethical search engines than his. So until further:



ParticularlySt… Nexus789 Fri, 11/24/2017 - 03:36 Permalink

Like elections, ranking algorithms can be gamed. You will note he did not say he had to falsify the rank, but that they are "working" on a means to create their preferred outcome. There is no difference with our elections. Everything can be fabricated, and nothing is real. Take as an example the top story on Zerghedge, alleging American mercenaries are beating royal family members in SA. However, we all know that those who are engaged in the practice are Mossad, too clear, crystal clear. But most people are idiots, and so it shall not be difficult to achieve any outcome desired. In any event, there are two paths before us, and but two, and not falsely bound, as water runs either one way down a mountain or the other, and this is our choice: to continue, by elections, to tighten the noose of Communism, or to fight it with Fascism, which alone can secure this nation, her borders, and preserve us from those destructive degenerates which have brought so much vile and repugnant even in the past few years. IT IS TIME FOR FASCISM - IF YOU ARE NOT A FASCIST YOU ARE A COMMUNIST!

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andrej ZIRPdiggler Fri, 11/24/2017 - 08:18 Permalink

DuckDuckGo has been my default search engine for quite a while. In the beginning, it was almost as good as Google, now it's at least as good - except for news. Since Google started censoring, DuckDuckGo became incomparably better than Google, even at topics, which are not politically sensitive. Looks like censorship somehow screwed Google's algorithms up.

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Big Creek Rising ZIRPdiggler Fri, 11/24/2017 - 08:39 Permalink

Use whatever you want or invent something better.ES may be a piece of shit for a human being but he should not be castigated for profiting from his business. He does not have some inherent duty to protect truth justice and the American way. If users value the convenience of Google over personal privacy and susceptibility to deep psycho-social manipulation, then users can choose google, or not.Facefuck is no different- these guys have developed multiple (and unknown future) revenue streams from legal applications of knowledge they acquired. The market gives you alternatives to sustain your personal moral principles.

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Dude-dude Fri, 11/24/2017 - 02:26 Permalink

"If I were Eric Schmidt, I think I would be afraid of being perceived as a “useful idiot” or an an evil operator on behalf of US militarism – since he is targeting Russia in a the new Cold War atmosphere." Eric might want to be afraid of ingesting polonium.

AurorusBorealus Fri, 11/24/2017 - 02:36 Permalink

The question only is: how long until governments around the world decide to "derank" Google and declare it to be "foreign... i.e. U.S." propaganda?  The answer is: soon.  What does this mean?  Google devices, Google Apps, the Google Search engine, and people from Google will be banned from many nations.  That means you, Eric Schmidt.  You will be soon be considered a foreign agent in many countries in the world and could be arrested while traveling overseas.  As a foreign agent, you will not be placed in a standard prison.  You will be held in a military prison and questioned by national intelligence agencies who may use "enhanced interrogation techniques" to discover what you know and how you spy on the citizens of foreign nations.  People who own and operate massive multinational media companies, especially those that create and distribute spyware to billions of people around the world, should be very careful about accusing foreign media companies of engaging in "propaganda."

AurorusBorealus Tallest Skil Fri, 11/24/2017 - 02:44 Permalink

The world is based upon imitation and precedent.  Do not think that governments, bankrupt governments, around the world are not paying close attention to what is happening in Saudi Arabia.  One day, Mr. Schmidt might get off an airplane in Poland, or Austria, or even China, only to find himself surrounded by government agents who want to "take him in for questioning."  His "cooperation" would include a substantial cash payment to be "removed from the list of potentially hostile foreign agents."  If he does not cooperate, there are thousands of people who have been trained by U.S. intelligence agents and mercenaries in "enhanced interrogation techniques."

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runnymede Fri, 11/24/2017 - 02:34 Permalink

Thinking people are and always have been a threat to any status quo. But they are statistically insignificant; at least at the moment. Every day more get woke though---Google or no Google 

amanfromMars Dirtnapper Fri, 11/24/2017 - 03:24 Permalink

What the Bilderbergs want, is what Ol' Schmidty will deliver. ..... Dirtnapper

In the past that might have been reasonably expected, Dirtnapper, nowadays though is it always going to be a battle where the aggressor element is destroyed because of its ignorance and arrogance in things as they now are.To imagine that things have not fundamentally changed today with all of this new fangled and entangling virtual technology at our fingertips, is a sure sign of at least a lack of intelligence and can even signify a descent into madness whenever the fight is to deny knowledge rather release it.Do any of those caps fit Ol' Schmidty/Alphabet?  

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East Indian Fri, 11/24/2017 - 02:45 Permalink

Next regime change in Russia?Hahahahahahaha..."They" couldn't topple Assad, forget Iran or Turkey. And "they" dream of regime change in Russia?hahahahahahaha...

cherry picker Fri, 11/24/2017 - 02:59 Permalink

People have no self discipline nor intelligence, that is why so many are over weight.We forgot we all existed without any issues before Google.  There are and were alternatives.You see, we all love free stuff and convenince, and not having to pay monthly for email cost us our souls, a small price for evil merchants like Schmidt and the others to pay for so many of them, souls I mean.  Combine that with the abberations of face book, linkedin, microsoft and we are starting to see what is a real problem on this planet.Yes Virginia, Santa Claus does not exist and we got along fine and survived before the cell phone came into being.Now we are controlled and we are fooled into thinking we are not.Home of the free and the brave?  I don't think that exists anywhere on this planet and definitely no land of truth exists. 

cherry picker Fri, 11/24/2017 - 03:14 Permalink

Why does the suit take predominance in this planet?Is it the uniform of crazy or evil people?Go to just about any country and politicians, leaders, business people, all wear a shirt, tie and jacket.A tie is about the dumbest thing ever invented and it is now part of uniforms everywhere.This alone shows us what followers we all are......

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With increased home processing power and faster connections there will be a move to an alternative-web if the existing one takes too many liberties.  The media refer to this as the 'dark web' - but it is simply people fighting back against the system - as they always have, as they always will.Google et al will start a decline - just as Face(palm)book are being seen for what they are and suffering, so will any corporate organisation that thinks it can over ride the will of the people.  The genie is out of the bag as far as information is concerned and it won't be stuffed back in any time soon.

groundedkiwi Fri, 11/24/2017 - 03:23 Permalink

I used to Ask Jeeves and always got what I was looking for.
Now if I type the same request into google, I would be nowhere close to answers that were relevant.
I can still remember my first Ask Jeeves search. It was for Hodges Swain , a great great grandfather of mine.
I had an immediate first result.
Type that in now to Google and I would not find him.

otschelnik Fri, 11/24/2017 - 03:25 Permalink

The domestic and international political pressure on Schmidt and Zuckerburg must be enormous.  UK and EU are suing Google for antitrust violations (using search engine to favor their vendors).  Merkel was caught on tape telling Zuckerburg to tamp down social comments concerning emmigrants in Germany.  FB admitted in congressional testimony that they blocked #DNCleaks, effectively censoring wikileaks and 'helping' DNC/HRC. China has blocked gmail.  Bill Gates/MS shared source code with China to avoid being blocked.  Naturally Schmidt diddled alogrithms as the DNC's chief technical advisor to tilt the search engine in Shillary's favor...  he sucked up to the politician that everybody thought would win.  Now he's bending over for the deep state to censor RT, Sputnik, etc.  What is Schmidt afraid of? - the gubermints, that's what. 

Stef1304 otschelnik Fri, 11/24/2017 - 05:29 Permalink

Sure, those poor guys... so much pressure, so much suffering on their shoulders. Yeah, right.With other words, I disagree : Schmidt is not afraid of the gubermints, and you know why ? Because, he is one of them. And one of their top executive, on top of that.So yeah, those top GAFA executives need much much much more pressures on their shoulder.And by that, i mean REAL pressure. Like for example : - dismantling those monster GAFA companies into smaller business companies +- trial with jail for major legal infrigment for all of their top executives, starting with Schmidt and Zuckenberg.+ - confiscation of all their financial assets in the process (to pay for US public infrastructures and renovation of the public Education system)Making 'Amerika' great again should mean that. No more, no less.

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Stef1304 Fri, 11/24/2017 - 05:14 Permalink

"If I were Eric Schmidt, I think I would be afraid of being perceived as a “useful idiot” or an an evil operator on behalf of US militarism – since he is targeting Russia in a the new Cold War atmosphere."Deciding for others is a given when you are the boss. Deciding for everyone ? Sure, that's quite the same. Or is it not ?Eric Schmidt behavior in front of foreign news outlet is just business as usual. Isn't it ?But that's nothing new.He already signed up his own pact with the devil himself, a long time ago. For example, while making a deal with the US intelligence & military agencies, under the Bush or Obama presidencies. If they hadn't at that time, that day, his company and himself definitively lost their soul.  As for now, at this later stage of corruptive disease, the only thing left for him would be to go to a catholic priest, confess his soul and sincerely ask for forgiveness. And then, probably as a sign of true sincerity, give a public conference while revealing everything. And by himself, explain why this seriously wrong, in regard to the US constitution, etc.Who believe this will ever happen ? Nobody, right ? Ps - If the US country institution were not so corrupt, US Anti-trust Law would have already hit HARD on GAFA. 

ZIRPdiggler Fri, 11/24/2017 - 03:34 Permalink

Fascist cocksucker Eric Schmidt-hole.  I would love to see this criminal doing a perp walk in an orange jumpsuit on the same chains as John Pedo-desta.  Alphabet Inc, as in alphabet agencies who spy on Americans and wipe their asses with the last remaining shreds of the constitution.  Goolag is evil.  Fuck this douchebag.  Piece of shit.

ZIRPdiggler Fri, 11/24/2017 - 03:38 Permalink

BTW, my life is Google-free now. I use a private encrypted email and a VPN. I NEVER use google for anything any more. Their days of farming me without paying royalties are over.  These miserable bags of fuck can harvest someone else.  Dear Goolag:  Take your surveillance state apparatus and tom-peepery to the less informed sheep out right now, as I type this, black friday shopping and slurping on fucking starfuck's. 

cherry picker ZIRPdiggler Fri, 11/24/2017 - 04:26 Permalink

You are not freeYour ISP is collecting everything Google does.If you are connected, they know what, when, who, where and in many cases why.Don't fool yourself into thinking you are secure.  The only security in respect to privacy anyone can hope for these days is ni some isolated place with no cell or electronics anywhere around you and then you would have to wonder if that star you are seeing at night is some satellite seeing what you are up to.

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