Meet Laikago: China's $25,000 Robo-Labrador

The Japanese have their non-nagging synthetic wives, the Saudis have their Shariah-compliant humanoid citizens, Americans are content with a backflipping supra-human, and now the Chinese get their very own 50lb, poop-less, robo-dog...

Meet Laikago – named after Laika, a Soviet dog who was the first living creature to orbit the Earth.

The Chinese-made robot dog weighs 22kg, a bit less than a common Labrador, and is around 60cm tall.

“It is a kind of medium automatic robot, a robot-dog in short,” creator Wang Xingxing told RT’s Ruptly video news agency.


“We have popularized Laikago among science and technology companies, and science fans. So Laikago is a scientific toy.”

The four-legged mechanical pet is able to run on grass and can assimilate canine-like movements, just like a flesh-and-blood pooch.

The initial price for Laikago will be around US$25,000, but may drop in the future.

No doggy-doo, vet visits or bones... now everyone can buy a robot canine online and enjoy spending time with their new four-legged friend (admittedly perhaps not the cuddliest or most-loving version of "man's best friend,") feeding it only with electricity.

The makers did not comment on whether RoboDog is so lifelike as to hump your leg or drink from the toilet.


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Stealing Mr. Lee's idea ...Rat Things, also known as semi-autonomous guard units, are cybernetic personal defensive guards found in and around Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong. Engineered from pit bull terriers surgically augmented with cybernetic components, Rat Things are named for their long, flexible tails. From Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

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Kina Tallest Skil Sun, 11/26/2017 - 04:33 Permalink

haven't invented anything of their own...??You kidding me.  You think history only started 1900?Paper, printing, gunpower, rockets, compass, ... in fact just looking at ancient China...listing A to Z just for a start...… While the Europe was digging in the mud licking its balls, China 'modern' and cultured.

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NewNeo Kina Sun, 11/26/2017 - 05:03 Permalink

China certainly was no great inventor of anything! The propaganda of the Chinese is astounding! This is a clear ripoff of Boston Dynamics! China is the great pretender, the illusionist. The technology it hasn’t stolen, it acquires from from foreign take overs and sends the technology back to China.

The Chinese are nothing more than uneducated peasants who got lucky when Kissinger allowed ping to suck his cock in the late 70’s. The powers that be selected China to be the next great challenger to world domination! Nothing that is particularly admirable about the Chinese at all. In fact, they’re being set up to be pulled down because of this. Every war consolidates the power of the elites! A war with China will reduce the global population and reduce the pressure on the planet.

Have you ever noticed the similarities between grey aliens and Chinese? Talk about clone armies, George Lucas spilled the beans in the Clone Wars! The Chinese can’t think like the Germans or Russians their offspring.

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Lol, how is it in you state run bunker? You think your so clever don’t you you commy troll! We know you guys get on sites like this to argue the commy propaganda! Unlike you shills, westerners can actually think for themselves. The only thing that comes out of China are cheap imitations and ripoffs, something to be proud of huh?

And yes, we’ve been to China, seen the poverty and your presents squatting in rice feilds eating shit! And I might add, that is how most of your shitty filthy poisoned country lives! You’re a pack of thieving, lying pricks!

If your not manipulating the currency, imposing yourselves on foreign countries, you’re spying and committing economic espionage! Fuck you fuck your shit hole country. Do yourself a favour, start buying the shit you ship off oversea’s, it’s good stuff....not!

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I'm not Chinese. I'm Caucasian. I live in China. The reason why there is so much cheap Chinese crap seen in America is because that is all Americans can affoed. It is exactly what Walmart/Target/Penney/Sears/Kohls/ ordered. Did you think they ordered quality merchandise and got switched with the tacky low-end merch? No. If it cost any more, Americans wouldn't buy it because they are broke. China makes a lot of quality appliances, hone decor and machinery. It doesn't get exported. When I spent $20,000 to finish and furnish my home here I was amazed at the quality and style and variety available.You can sit in America with your bad attitude and poisoned, hateful mind while the world crumbles around you. What a horrible way to live. 

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Ahh, you’re in with the commies! Yeah, you might like it now, but you wait for the uprising! Those Little’s fucks will show you what your yella loving ways get you! 60 million killed in the last one, enjoy! Stupid is what stupid dose! By the way, we only buy things made in America, Germany and the other western countries, they make good shit, not like that ripoff shit you call quality!

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css1971 Tallest Skil Sun, 11/26/2017 - 08:31 Permalink

Um... China had gunpowder, paper etc centuries before The West. Communism set them back a good 100 years, but they've caught back up. Fractionally behind now on the cutting edge.You're gonna see stuff out of China in coming decades that will blow your mind. Unless of course we can lower their collective IQ by a few points.... Oh wait, that's happening to The West, not China... Makes you think eh?

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its the only way to go. life is not fair sometimes you are ahead sometimes your behind.  the American patent law is a fucking joke a tool for rich to steal from the poor. ill take jungle law over IP laws anytime. look what happened to the internet. so many enthusiasts worked their asses off on the Open source code to get the internet up,just to see zirp fuckenberg skim the cream. 

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