Airports Close, Thousands Flee As Bali's Mt Agung Volcano Erupts: Live Feed

Bali’s Mount Agung has been trembling and spewing ash into the sky for months, warnings that prompted the government to steadily evacuate more than 75,000 people living around the base of the active volcano. Now the long-anticipated eruption is finally happening.

As the eruption began, Indonesia’s disaster management agency mandated an evacuation zone of 10 kilometers around the volcano and raised its alert status to 10, the highest level. More than 24,000 residents were evacuated over the past two days as the airport in Bali canceled flights as a thick cloud of ash shot 6,000 meters into the sky and drifted east and southeast of the archipelago. Lombok International Airport on Pulau Lombok, the island due east of Bali, has also closed.

According to CNN, residents were evacuated from 224 points around the island, said Ari Ahsan, spokesman for Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali.

The closures came as Indonesia upgraded its Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation (VONA) to red, its highest warning, and said the ash-cloud top could reach 19,654 feet or higher.

The cancellations at Ngurah Rai, Bali's main airport, stranded roughly 7,000 domestic and international passengers, according to the airport's latest report.

Indonesia's Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation raised its aviation notice from an orange alert to a red one Sunday.

According to Reuters, ash covered roads, cars and buildings near the volcano, which is situated in the northeast of the island, while the red glow of what appeared to be magma could be seen in photographs taken by the state news agency.

“The activity of Mount Agung has entered the magmatic eruption phase. It is still spewing ash at the moment but we need to monitor and be cautious over the possibility of a strong, explosive eruption,” said Gede Suantika, an official at the volcanology and geological disaster mitigation agency.

At a height of just over 3,000 meters, Agung looms over eastern Bali. The most recent eruption, which happened in 1963, killed 1,000 people. The eruption surprised the local community, and some residents had only minutes to flee.


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Have ya ever noticed Gaia worshipers are never around when she/he/it is slinging ash into the air, sending rivers of molten mag-maw through peoples living rooms and just generally causing human death, misery and mayhem?Its like some vibrating, harmonic, existential, truth gained by them peering into a crystal that they don't want us to know about...or...sumpin ;-)

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Just to comment on the original story, I live in Bali and the headlines, as usual are misleading. The "Thousands of people evacuated" refers to villagers living on or around the volcano not a mass tourist exodus. The volcano, Agung, is located at the NE of Bali and the winds are just changing from SE (Dry season) to W (Wet season) so the ash clouds will drift either NW or E respectively. Either way, most tourist activity and the Airport are located at the extreme South of the island. The airport closed first is in Lombok Island, located to the East of Bali in which direction the ash cloud is drifting (See above) but Bali airport is closing and opening intermittently with some flights cancelled and some operating normally until today, Monday. As of now, the airport does seem to be closed.As of now, life is normal here in South Bali, no ash and no other effects. If anyone needs more information for travel plans please PM me.

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lol...its something I heard Kalifornians like to do, stand on sheer cliffs overlooking the ocean watching the sunset, while clutching crystals, on strings, tied around their necks and then vibrating harmonically with each other, while mumbling "ohm-ohm".Hell I dunno what its supposed to do for them, its Kalifornia! its precariously close to a death cult at cliff side in my estimation ;-)

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Observation: Back in Sep'17, there were many reports on the internet warning of an impending eruption of Mount Agung. So it looks like the science was correct in this situation.I expect this will screw up airline flights for weeks in a surrounding area covering 100's of miles.BALI’S highest volcano Mount Agung, is just one of more than 450 volcanoes along the terrifying Ring of Fire which is world's most active earthquake belt.

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I am sure Merkel is glad she shut down the German nuclear plants what with all this volcanic activity.  Better to burn that lignite coal from the Hamback open pit to which they have to cut down more of the 10,000 year old forest and eliminate towns than to risk a Rhine tsunami destroying a nuclear plant.

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This month they have had the booms (sonic and mining blasts ruled out) in Michigan, New Jersey, Colorado (numerous locations), California, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas... basically everywhere.  The New Jersey ones were likely small quakes because Dutch found them on some foreign reporting agency.  I think he also found the ones in Arkansas.  We had a meteor shower so that could be some of it.  Also supposedly when the earths crust stretches you will get those, something about the air displacement being smashed back together or something.  Maybe Satan with burst out of the earth and go eat the bankers.Here is the one about the Alabama booms.  About 1:20

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