Ex-Clinton Foundation Official Tied To Chinese Kindergarten Embroiled In Bizarre Sexual Abuse Scandal

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A former Clinton Foundation official who is now an independent director at a company which operates private schools in China has found himself embroiled in a bizarre child abuse scandal involving needles, pills, “brown syrup,” nudity, and sexual molestation, according to parents.

The head of a Beijing kindergarten has been fired after China launched a nationwide investigation into a chain of private schools operated by RYB Education Inc. ($RYB) following claims of abuse at multiple locations. Parents report at least 8 toddlers with mysterious needle marks, while others said their children were forced to take white pills that were supposed to be “a little secret” between the children and teachers, along with some sort of “brown syrup” given to the students. Children were also allegedly stripped naked and forced to stand, or locked in a dark room, one parent said.

An unidentified mother who made a viral video about the abuse told reporters Thursday that her son was was injected with a brown liquid by a teacher and made to strip along with other students before being “examined” by a naked adult male stranger, describing it as an "action like sexual intercourse." When the mother pressed the principal to allow her to review closed circuit footage from the school, she was denied.

Medical examination of eight children confirmed that the injuries were in fact caused by needles, Guanzhuang police report.

Furious parents gathered in front of RYB Education New World Kindergarten on Friday demanding answers, while China’s Xinhua news agency reports that children were also sexually molested.

The Beijing kindergarten at the heart of the controversy is located next to a large military base, sparking rumors that military officials had been sexually abusing the children. Notably, the husband of the kindergarten’s director was previously an official at the base, however Fun Junfeng, the base’s political commissioner told PLA daily that there was “no evidence” that military personnel are involved in the abuse.

Mail Online reports:

Li Jing, mother of a three-year-old girl, told AFP her daughter had not been abused but said other children had explained how they were coerced into taking pills.


“Other kids were saying it’s not to be called taking a pill, but a reward. And the pill is not to be called a pill, but a jelly bean, and is a little secret between the child and the teacher,” Li said.


“I asked my child after I heard what other parents said and my child said that they had taken two white pills after lunch, and slept after eating the pills,” one father told CCTV outside the school on Thursday.

These latest allegations are not the first involving RYB schools. In April, the head of a different RYB kindergarten in Beijing was suspended after admitting that teachers had made “severe mistakes” when videos emerged of children being thrown and kicked in the back. In October, 2016 two teachers from an RYB kindergarten in the northeast Julin province were sentenced to 34 months in prison after jabbing children in the buttocks, head, and insides of their mouths with sewing needles. 

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RYB Education operates 80 kindergartens and has another 175 franchised locations across 130 cities in China, according to filings. All of it’s directors are all Chinese, with the exception of former Clinton Foundation executive and associate dean at Yale, Joel Getz, 52, who is listed as an Independent Director.

Mr. Joel A. Getz is Independent Director of the Company. Prior to that, Mr. Getz served as Director of Development for the William J. Clinton Foundation in New York and was President of the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City.

The RYB Investor Relations page lists Getz as a member of the Audit Committee and the Compensation Committee.

Bill Bishop of the Sinocism China Newsletter and Axios contributor points out that it’s a bit odd that an Associate Dean at Yale would be on the board of directors of a Chinese kindergarten chain, suggesting that perhaps Getz thought it would be “easy money.”

Shares of RYB plummeted on Friday after the investigation was announced, falling over 42% in early trade only to recover slightly, ending the day down 38.41%.

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The RYB News has been going around the Chinese channels quite a lot the last few days, and I was curious how ZH was going to handle it. The Clinton Foundation connection is a nice find.

From what I gathered on their side, it seems that the real "business model" was to use the kindergarten as a front for pedo brothels, with the parents paying for the privilege of their children being used.

Oh, and apparently they recently opened RYB schools in the USA.

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There is a TON of precedence or the child care pedo rings AND military associations, namely the McMartin preschool ring and more recently the Hampstead, UK case. SO MANY, unfortunately.And if you are unfamiliar with curruption that has usurped Child Protective Services in this country, PLEASE familiarise yourself with hero and saint Nancy Schaefer, R-GA who was suicided, along with her husband, as she neared completion of a documentary exposing it. Her film "partner" is suspicious as fuck and many claim was covert CIA.Pizzagate was REAL, insomuch as it started as an exposure of sex trafficking rings amongst DC's elite here in the US, but became corrupted, itself, as we see every fucking time, to divert and deconstruct efforts made to illuminate even bigger organ trafficking crimes.This abuse against children is going on, right now. How many of you are going to stop what you're doing and look into it? Share what you learn? Make any attempt to spend more time helping those around you who are sleeping through this than you do yammering in concer about "how bad things are"  in these comment sections?DO SOMETHING.

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Offutt Air Base in Omaha also made an appearance in the Franklin Scandal. Same air base Dubya hid out at after 9/11.And Aquino was active at the US Army's Presidio daycare.Satanist Col Michael Aquino Fingered by kids in Military’s Presidio Daycare Sex Scandal. Never Charged – Covered Uphttps://www.timeofreason.com/satanist-col-michael-aquino-fingered-by-ki…

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Just another link in the chain of WORLD wide child trafficking! I' sure that pictures are BEING taken OF these children when they'e nude, and then passed along to clinton foundation pedophiles for enjoyment?? Child trafficking IS A global business worth hundreds of billions of dollars! When these suxk BASTARDS are finished molesting THESE children, they harvest their organs and fluids, another muli billion dollar a year business!

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Another piece of evidence added to their guilt. I think that it is easier to name the crimes and illegalities they did not commit(one word=zero).I'd say the Clintons don't even qualify for a trial at this point. Direct execution or jail.Let's see if this latest accusation will be left without any consequence from our Justice department(by the way,do we still have one?).This is proven pedophilia. How about we start investigation into the other pedophilia claims,child trafficking,child sacrifice,Satanism,Spirit cooking?Where is Weiner's laptop AND THE 650,000 E-MAILS? where is Huma?Do you have a FBI?I know,I know.Those are rhetorical questions.

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