Pentagon To Admit To 2,000 Troops In Syria; Number Likely Far Higher

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General Had Previously Said US Had 4,000 Troops There...

US officials said on Friday that the Pentagon is expected to concern confirm that there are “about 2,000” US ground troops in Syria, a major increase from the roughly 500 that they officially claim is the case.

An accounting system, known as the Force Management Level (FML), was introduced in Iraq and Syria under the Obama administration as a way to exert control over the military.


But the numbers do not reflect the extent of the US commitment on the ground, since commanders often find ways to work around the limits, sometimes bringing in forces temporarily or hiring more contractors.


Current FML figures are officially 5,262 in Iraq and 503 in Syria, but officials have privately acknowledged that the real number for each country is more.

The US has overtly lied about troop levels in Syria consistently throughout their deployment.

Less than a month ago, Gen. James Jarrard told reporters the US had about 4,000 troops in the country...


though the Pentagon at the time claimed he was wrong and the real number was only 503.


Adding to the confusion, the Defense Department had also offered figures to Congress on overseas deployments, and those figures said 1,723 troops were in Syria at the time.

Despite this, the official troop figure has not changed.

President Trump has made a point of troop levels needing to be kept secret from “the enemy,” but consistent lies from the Pentagon about their deployments have made the figures less a closely guarded secret than a mockery of transparency.

While 2,000 is almost certainly closer to the truth than 500, it’s not necessarily the actual figure.


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They are all enemy combatants; invaders. With the grace of God, the allied forces of Syria will absolutely destroy these minions of evil.Oh, they're Americans? Good, then do it with calculated prejudice and make an example out of them, because they are hypocrites and violators of their oath, not countrymen. I certainly don't want them back here, where they will only be a drain on the rest of us with their entitlements.I am Chumbawamba.

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Also ask about our US terrorists in Africa who were duly attacked... "NBC recently reported, “The Trump administration is paving the way for lethal strikes against terrorists in Niger as the U.S. military pushes forward with a plan to arm the Reaper drones that fly over that country.”That push was prompted by the recent killing of four Americans soldiers who were supporting a secret Joint Special Operations Command mission. NBC reported that their death “is fueling an urgency within the Trump administration to take more aggressive steps against the terrorist groups that are operating in North and West Africa, according to intelligence and military officials.”It’s not clear whether the Trump administration even knows what terrorist groups to target. Numerous armed bands operate in the vast desert region, where ethnic and tribal disputes are rife.Nor is it clear what critical U.S. interests are at stake. Take a look at a map of Africa and see if you can identify anything that most Americans would find worth fighting over within a one-thousand-mile radius of Niger."And More: "The Action-Reaction CycleNonetheless, the Trump administration’s response is the latest predictable move in the action-reaction cycle we have seen so many times since 9/11: Washington sends troops to the Middle East, South Asia or Africa to wage war against terrorists. The terrorists kill some of the Americans, so Washington sends even more troops, drones and bombers.In the process, invariably, some civilians die. More terrorists are born. Soon the United States is building more far-flung bases and waging war in yet another country, without explicit congressional authorization.As a military strategy, this bipartisan strategy has been a dismal failure. At a cost of several trillion dollars, U.S. military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries have succeeded only in growing the numbers of terrorists and insurgents and widening their geographic footprint.In Yemen, for example, drone strikes and Joint Special Operations Command missions in late 2009 and early 2010 killed dozens of civilians, fueling recruitment of local Al Qaeda ranks.After one such attack with cluster munitions killed 35 women and children in 2009, Princeton University’s Gregory Johnsen called the Obama administration’s strategy “incredibly dangerous” because it would draw new support to radical jihadists — as indeed it did. Four years later, another U.S. attack wiped out a wedding procession, causing nationwide outrage.Yet the Trump administration has dramatically increased the pace of drone strikes and other military operations in Yemen, including a botched raid in January that killed “scores of civilians” and one U.S. commando.More Terror in SomaliaPresident Obama insisted in 2014 that the “strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us, while supporting partners on the front lines, is one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years.”That rosy assessment would come as news not only to the people of Yemen, who have seen Al Qaeda thrive since the United States and Saudi Arabia expanded that country’s war, but also in Somalia. The East African country recently suffered the worst terror attack in its history — a truck bomb that killed more than 300 people in the center of Mogadishu.That attack, according to news reports, may have avenged a “botched U.S.-led operation” against al-Shabaab insurgents in August, which killed ten civilians, including three children.Few Americans are aware of the scope of U.S. military operations in Somalia, where Washington is fighting one of its many undeclared wars. American drone strikes may have killed as many as 510 people in the country since 2007, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which tracks death and injury reports.In addition, the Pentagon has sharply increased the number of U.S. soldiers in the country, from 50 or so early this year to more than 400 today.On March 30, President Trump declared Somalia an “area of active hostilities,” giving the Pentagon authority to conduct air strikes without interagency vetting to minimize civilian casualties. The decision was quickly followed by a wave of suicide attacks by al-Shabaab against Somali government forces.Niger Is NextThe head of the U.S. Africa Command has called Somalia “our most perplexing challenge,” but Niger surely ranks high on the list. Its contingent of 800 U.S. soldiers is one of the largest of several dozen low-profile U.S. military deployments on the continent.The proposed expansion of drone strikes to that nation “would amount to a significant escalation in American counterterrorism operations,” according to NBC. To date, drones flown by the United States out of a base in Niger have been used only in Libya and Somalia. The base was approved by the Obama administration in 2014 to target “emerging” terrorist threats in the Sahel.Donald Trump, who long ago forgot his promise to pull back from costly military interventions abroad, is doubling down on Obama’s strategy. “The war is morphing,” said Trump’s close confidant Sen. Lindsey Graham, a senior Republican member of the Armed Services Committee. “You’re going to see more actions in Africa, not less.”The United States already has hundreds of soldiers stationed in neighboring Cameroon, as well as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Uganda, South Sudan and other nations — some 6,000 troops in all of Africa.Nick Turse, author of Tomorrow’s Battlefield: U.S. Proxy Wars and Secret Ops in Africa, reports that the U.S. military now conducts an average of nearly 3,500 missions per year on the continent, an “explosive” increase of 1,900 percent since the U.S. Africa Command was created in 2008.Beware of a Backlash“The huge increase in U.S. military missions in Africa over the past few years represents nothing less than a shadow war being waged on the continent,” said William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy.“This military-heavy policy,” Hartung warned, “risks drawing the United States more deeply into local and regional conflicts in Africa and generating a backlash that could actually aid terrorist organizations in their recruitment.”The most authoritative new study of the sources of terrorism and insurgency on the continent, Journey to Extremism in Africa (September 2017), finds that what triggers many individuals to join violent groups are incidents of government-sponsored violence, such as “killing of a family member or friend” or “arrest of a family member or friend.”“These findings throw into stark relief the question of how counter-terrorism and wider security functions of governments in at-risk environments conduct themselves with regard to human rights and due process,” concludes the report, based on interviews with more than 500 former members of militant organizations.“State security-actor conduct is revealed as a prominent accelerator of recruitment, rather than the reverse. . . These findings suggest that a dramatic reappraisal of state security-focused interventions is urgently required.”Numerous other experts have drawn similar conclusions from conflict zones in the Middle East and Asia. In 2008, a RAND Corporation report on Lessons for Countering al-Qa’ida warned the U.S. military to “resist being drawn into combat operations in Muslim societies, since its presence is likely to increase terrorist recruitment. . . . Military force usually has the opposite effect from what is intended: It is often overused, alienates the local population by its heavy-handed nature, and provides a window of opportunity for terrorist-group recruitment.”Similarly, the Stimson Task Force on U.S. Drone Policy, composed of former senior officials of the CIA, Defense Department and State Department, warned in 2014 that U.S. strikes had strengthened radical Islamic groups in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.Among other drawbacks, it declared that “civilian casualties, even if relatively few, can anger whole communities, increase anti-US sentiment and become a potent recruiting tool for terrorist organizations. Even strikes that kill only terrorist operatives can cause great resentment, particularly in contexts in which terrorist recruiting e?orts rely on tribal loyalties or on an economically desperate population.”These findings seem fully applicable to Niger, where “The growing foreign military footprint in the country appears to have fed a local backlash against both the government and Western countries,” according to the Congressional Research Service.Since the killing of the U.S. soldiers, Niger authorities have made things worse, rounding up village leaders and ordering thousands of people to evacuate the area where the Americans were ambushed in order to escalate the war on local militants.The outcome will, of course, be the exact opposite of what Washington intends. As University of Kent professor Yvan Guichaoua said, “Targeting these groups is the best way to make their leaders heroes, foster unity in jihadi ranks, and inflame communal violence. All policymakers working in the area know well the highly inflammable nature of the situation.”Unfortunately, the Trump administration has almost no one “working in the area.” President Trump only got around to announcing his intent to nominate an ambassador to Niger on September 2. The administration has deployed only five ambassadors to a continent of 54 countries and has not yet appointed a senior policymaker for Africa in the State Department.Africa is suffering from a host of maladies, including ineffectual and corrupt governance, severe climate change, crumbling infrastructure and technological backwardness — as well as civil wars and insurgencies. The United Nations just warned that the continent needs 11 million more doctors, nurses and teachers to prevent a “social and economic disaster” by 2030.Trying to address these complex ailments through increased U.S. armed intervention will simply aggravate the problem, as it has in so many other parts of the world. That should be the real lesson we take from the tragic failure of the recent U.S. military mission in Niger, and from the broader tragedy of our post–9/11 response to terrorism abroad."Reprinted with permission from What we need -- more war to kill and damage more US kids.

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Why do we drone weddings and bomb civilians in the Mid East?  Because Israel has designs on the lands of the Muslim people there and that makes those people enemies of Israel and any enemy of Israel has got to be an enemy of ours as well or the ZoG is not doing it's job. If <<<their>>> media can not generate enough hate among Americans towards Muslims then the MIC will just have to slaughter enough Muslims to generate the  necessary hate of Americans. Blowback in this case is a feature, not a bug in Zino-US foreign policy. 

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That idiot general that changed multiple times his report of the American US troops in the press conference at State Department,first said that the US has 40,000 troops in Syria,then 4,500,then lowered it to 2000 then to 500. So,which is it?I think we need to include the remaining ISIS/Al Qaeda troops(which fight under US.UK,Israhell command) too. They now morphed into so called kurdish forces(SDF). Most of SDF was anyway ,in fact YPG,an internationally recognized TERRORIST organization.US declared that 'IT WILL stay in Syria" even after ISIS defeat,to "fight SAA and Iran".I ask our Shabbos-Goy commander-in-chief : this is conform to what US and international laws?US,UK,IsraHell and Saudi Barbaria are preparing the war against Hezbollah/Lebanon. Then,maybe Iran. LOL!The axis of resistance ,meanwhile is growing,lead by the awesome leadership of the great northern country and its leader,Mr. Putin:_Sudanese leader,Al-Bashir is in Moscow,he wants Russia's protection from the AAZ empire,which,he says, is planning to divide his country into 5 pieces. (Do you remember the 7 countries in 5 years.Sudan was one of it.How about the droning,terrorist attacks in Darfur area,continued under the Donald, the same plans as during the Faggot's era).he offered military bases to Russia. LOL!- the leader of the Iraqi Resistance Movement,those that were instrumental in defeating ISIS ,warned Israhell that ANY ATTACK against Hezbollah will  automatically mean their and other Arab Organizations involvement to help Hezbollah AND IT WILL MEAN THE END OF THE ZIONIST ENTITY-the beautiful Tupolev white-range bombers eradicated ISIS targets in EAST Deir Ezzor-Americans try to appease Turkey,saying it will stop arming of YPG. You have to be an idiot to believe,at this point ,ANYTHING the US says-the Ukro Nazi Kiev regime(that one installed by Uncle Shlomo) tried again its luck in Donbass. It was wiped out. what idiots!-the Resistance is growing .Now it started including ex communist countries from east Europe(those are very,very unhappy with the current situation): Czech republic president, Mr. Zeman is in Russia. He said to Mr. Putin:You won the war in Syria                                                            Mr. Assad is the democratically elected president of Syria,supported by the vast majority of his people                                                             We want to stop the sanctions against Russia(joke: you loose good yogurt and cheese,replay from Mr. Putin: we get the beer and somehow manage without the yogurt! ROTFLOL!)                                                          He also told the European Union that ANY WAR with Russia ,including one to try to take Crimea ,will lead to Europe annihilation. Crimea is a fait accompli                                                            He said that the relations of Czech Republic with Russia are Far more important than ,let's say,France:when he went to France he had 14 business men accompanying him,in Russia ,he had 146.So,here you have it!Sorry for the long post

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This and the fact the US has no intentions of leaving Syria tells you all you need to know about how we have all been lied to by the pentagon and congress.ISIS is defeated, no thanks to the US, so we have no reason to be in Syria. Except for the fact that it was all a lie to begin with. The US is in Syria to execute a regime change and to attempt to control the resources of other countries.The american people are completely clueless about what our troops are doing in our name overseas. They are droning/killing innocent women & children, starving Yemenis (over 50K this year alone), arming ISIS and generally causing death and destruction around the globe. All this in the name of spreading democracy, at least that is the story told to us.We are the worst country in the world, thanks to the soul-less assholes in charge at the congress and pentagon. Why/how Trump was talked in to continuing this policy is anyone's guess but the test of time will show him to be no better than any of the other idiots who support this policy.

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Yes.US will try to stay in Syria. This,like everything they did since 911(and many before) will fail. Spectacularly. Of course ,accompanied by blood and tears.US has been asked by Syria and Russia and Iran to pack their s**t and leave. They were asked NICELY for now. If they persist in being stupid,there are multiple other means of engagement,all bad for US. Their position in Syria is UNSUSTAINABLE and INDEFENSIBLE. They are in the desert,surrounded by hostile countries,including Turkey(the Donald is trying to win back Turkey saying it will stop arming the terrorists YPG=SDF=ISIS.Doubt the Turks are stupid).They can not access and supply their troops . The border between Iraq/Syria is almost ALL under Iraq's ans Syria;s controls.The only part ,in the Kurdish territory in Iraq,will soon be liberated.And then,there is this pesky fact that the US had NO JUSTIFICATION under the international law for staying there. Not that the US gives a f*ck about ANY legality. But they even lost the "war against ISIS" cover.  What a nuisance. I think this is one of the main factors that they now try to open a new front against Hezbollah/Lebanon. Hariri,the traitor is making a lot of noise against Hezbollah. Remember that,BEFORE all this started,HE WAS INVITED to the White House. People with critical thinking will see that 2+2=4

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How a clear mind thinks:Washington is provoking Pyongyang although North Korea has neither carried out missile nor nuclear tests over the past two months, Lavrov said. "It is alarming that over the past two months, when North Korea did not conduct any tests or launches of missiles, Washington seemed to be unhappy and sought to do something what would irritate and provoke Pyongyang," Lavrov said.

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Of course President Trump has "made a point of troop levels needing to be kept secret from 'the enemy.'"  "The Enemy," of course, is those who oppose the endless Wars of Empire.Every Empire that has tried to control Eurasia has needed to keep at least one Legion in Syria.  And it's always been a terrible posting, more likely to destroy the Legion than any foes of Empire.

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The Israel of Theodore Herzl (1904) and of Rabbi Fischmann (1947)
In his Complete Diaries, Vol. II. p. 711, Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, says that the area of the Jewish State stretches: “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.”

Rabbi Fischmann, member of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, declared in his testimony to the U.N. Special Committee of Enquiry on 9 July 1947: “The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.”

Well, that's my take. Russia assisting Syria may have thwarted Israhell's plan from 1904 / 1947. Coincidentally, 1947 the same year the National Security Act passed establishing the "Intelligence" Surveilance State.

Operation Talpiot is icing on the cake. Total Complete Full Spectrum World Domination.

Arming, funding & training terror organizations since the days of the Mujahaideen.

Advancing Israel's Yinon Plan is the Goal.

“[The Yinon plan] is an Israeli strategic plan to ensure Israeli regional superiority. It insists and stipulates that Israel must reconfigure its geo-political environment through the balkanization of the surrounding Arab states into smaller and weaker states.

Israeli strategists viewed Iraq as their biggest strategic challenge from an Arab state. This is why Iraq was outlined as the centerpiece to the balkanization of the Middle East and the Arab World. In Iraq, on the basis of the concepts of the Yinon Plan, Israeli strategists have called for the division of Iraq into a Kurdish state and two Arab states, one for Shiite Muslims and the other for Sunni Muslims. The first step towards establishing this was a war between Iraq and Iran, which the Yinon Plan discusses.

The Atlantic, in 2008, and the U.S. military’s Armed Forces Journal, in 2006, both published widely circulated maps that closely followed the outline of the Yinon Plan. Aside from a divided Iraq, which the Biden Plan also calls for, the Yinon Plan calls for a divided Lebanon, Egypt, and Syria. The partitioning of Iran, Turkey, Somalia, and Pakistan also all fall into line with these views. The Yinon Plan also calls for dissolution in North Africa and forecasts it as starting from Egypt and then spilling over into Sudan, Libya, and the rest of the region.
Greater Israel” requires the breaking up of the existing Arab states into small states.

“The plan operates on two essential premises. To survive, Israel must 1) become an imperial regional power, and 2) must effect the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states. Small here will depend on the ethnic or sectarian composition of each state. Consequently, the Zionist hope is that sectarian-based states become Israel’s satellites and, ironically, its source of moral legitimation… This is not a new idea, nor does it surface for the first time in Zionist strategic thinking. Indeed, fragmenting all Arab states into smaller units has been a recurrent theme.” (Yinon Plan, see below)

Viewed in this context, the war on Syria and Iraq is part of the process of Israeli territorial expansion.

In this regard, the defeat of US sponsored terrorists (ISIS, Al Nusra) by Syrian Forces with the support of Russia, Iran and Hizbollah constitutes a significant setback for the Zionist project.

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Here's a tell.the person reporting 5,000 troops is a General Officer.Leading just 503 troops is NOT the role of a general officer to directly lead and manage. FWIW. follow along with me hereAn infantry Lieutenant leads a single platoon of about 38 guysAn Infantry Company Commander is a Capatian and leads 4 platoons of infantry plus a HQ section so under 200 guysa Batalion is often 5 line companies plus an HQ company, so +/- 1000 troopsBrigade is 3 to 5 batallions, so 3-5k troops and led lead by a "full bird" colonelA General officer leads a division. SO; if a general is involved directly;He's got 10,000-18,000 troops under his command… course maybe not all are "in country" But I'm betting the general was "under-reporting strength by 50%" and thought he was doing a good job at Op-sec, only to get his dick slapped by the pentagon for mentioning anything higher than the Party line official, BS.....Brought to you by your friendly green giant, walking the earth, with guns 

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Stop with the Jew wars already!Eretz Israel/Future Israel Ethnic Clique That Sold Us The Iraq War Strategy For Israel In The Nineteen EightiesOded Yinon, translated by Israel Shahak | KIVUNIM / Palestine with Provenance | February 1982"Lebanon’s total dissolution into five provinces serves as a precendent for the entire Arab world including Egypt, Syria, Iraq and the Arabian peninsula and is already following that track. The dissolution of Syria and Iraq later on into ethnically or religiously unqiue areas such as in Lebanon, is Israel’s primary target on the Eastern front in the long run, while the dissolution of the military power of those states serves as the primary short term target. Syria will fall apart, in accordance with its ethnic and religious structure, into several states such as in present day Lebanon, so that there will be a Shi’ite Alawi state along its coast, a Sunni state in the Aleppo area, another Sunni state in Damascus hostile to its northern neighbor, and the Druzes who will set up a state, maybe even in our Golan, and certainly in the Hauran and in northern Jordan."

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We Americans are being set up by the Mossad to all kill each other for a reason.

Now the NATO Zionist Jew Bolsheviks Criminal Central Banking Cabal who purchased our electoral system is turning America's Gentile against each other so there can be no sustained peaceful non violent, multiracial resistance to Zionist occupation as this is the Nazijew Bolshevik Banker Cabal's worst nightmare.

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