"Because We Can!!"

Authored by Robert Gore via The Burning Platform blog,

Sexual predation is the tip of the abuse-of-power iceberg...

Truths are emerging from the sexual predation scandals. Put a person in a position of power and there’s an appreciable chance he or she (most of the allegations so far have been against men) will sexually impose on someone—male or female, above or below the age of consent—with less power. The scandals shine a light on the prevalence of such predation. There’s no reason to think that future revelations won’t work their way through virtually every corner of American life. Non-consensual sex and, beyond a certain point, unwanted advances are unacceptable and must lead to civil and criminal liability, especially in those situations in which the perpetrator has power over the victim.

This is as it should be, and even much of the politically driven anguish and celebration is understandable and excusable. The discomfiture of Bill Clinton’s many zero-integrity apologists as they try to reclaim at least a veneer of decency—a few even admitting that perhaps they got it wrong back in the 1990s—would be gratifying if it wasn’t so disgusting. If there were a gram of decency in any of them, they’d issue personal apologies to the women they labeled as sluts, whores, bimbos, and trailer park trash back then. Of course that won’t happen, which invalidates their opportunistic “reappraisals” of the vile ex-President.

There are two potential problems with the current scandals. You don’t have to be a full-blown conspiracy theorist to question the timing.

The establishment concocted a story of Russian influence on Trump, his campaign, and members of his administration that has backfired spectacularly.


It’s obvious that there’s nothing to the establishment’s story, and it has boomeranged into two very real stories about Russia, Hillary Clinton, and the Obama administration: Uranium One and Fusion GPS (see “The Rout Is On,” SLL).


If you’re implicated in the crumbling concoction or either of the two new scandals, you’d like to change the subject.

In America, there’s no better way to get people’s attention than with sex. Appeal to this prurient preoccupation and you’ve got a surefire diversion. Harvey Weinstein answered Establishment prayers: a Hollywood movie mogul, powerful, and among his alleged victims are a slew of comely actresses. He looks like a piggish thug, or a thuggish pig. Talk about a figure Americans love to hate.

Next up was Kevin Spacey, whose alleged transgressions—perhaps in a bow to sexual diversity—are homosexual in nature. There might be some resentment of Spacey in Washington. His House of Cards portrayal of President Francis Underwood as a bad apple tarnishes the .000002 percent in government who aren’t. There are people who still haven’t forgiven Frank Capra for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington or Francis Ford Coppola for The Godfather, two movies that portrayed politicians in an unsympathetic light.

If someone was trying to divert attention those are two blockbusters. However, there a much greater danger than that sexual predation will divert the masses’ attention from Russiagate, Uranium One, and Fusion GPS. Eventually Americans will lose interest in the latest accusations, the accusers, the accused, and their alleged depredations. That point may already have been reached. Investigations, lawsuits, and judicial proceedings will grind on for years, far longer than the American attention span.

Many commentators have correctly pointed out that these scandals are not about sex, they’re about power. The leitmotif of these tawdry tales is: I’m doing what I’m doing to you because I can. Horrifying as it had to been for the victims, they’re the tip of the abuse-of-power iceberg. This must be the beginning of the beginning, we’re nowhere close to the end. The powers that be have had their way with the world for decades, and for many of their victims the price has been far higher than traumatization.

Consider the Yemeni mother holding her child, who’s dying of starvation. She has no ties to those making war in her country. She knows that rich Saudi Arabia has shut her poor country off from food and medicine, and many are dying from starvation and disease. She knows that the rich United States, a country she had thought of as a good place, with good people, is helping Saudi Arabia destroy Yemen. She knows she would bear any indignity or horror, including death itself, if it would save her child.

Dead Yemenis join the millions who have died over the past few decades in America’s senseless wars. America’s deaths are always in the thousands and are well and endlessly mourned. Its victims’ deaths are often in the millions, mostly ignored, but when noticed hypocritically justified as sacrifices to some American greater good. Eventually the survivors figure out it for themselves: the dead are “less than,” and they’ve been killed because America can.

As the cynicism deepens, they realize something else. Wars aren’t just about blood and power, they’re about treasure. America manufactures endless war, weapons, mayhem, and death the same way it manufactures autos and computers, and for the same reason—profit. The rhetoric is a smokescreen: the people who profit don’t want them to end. Is there any evil more monstrous than murdering millions for money?

It’s no consolation to the people of those lands, but most Americans are victims of the same depraved cabal. They are looked upon in the same way and for the same purpose as a starlet invited to Harvey Weinstein’s hotel room: to be used and abused. The “less than” are robbed, coerced, defrauded, swindled, herded, conscripted, patronized, propagandized, lied to, and opiated. Those who question this state of affairs are mocked, scorned, deplored, harassed, marginalized, ostracized, silenced, and eliminated.

A river flows into the heart of darkness from this wellspring of evil: the belief that other people are the involuntary means to one’s own ends. It’s the predators’ view of the world, whether that view encompasses victims of their sexual violence, honest and productive people and businesses plundered, countries conquered and subjugated, or any other “less than” they’ve exploited. They will do it because they can…until they can’t, which won’t happen if exposure and retribution are confined to sexual predation.

Anyone who claims your life, your body, your mind, your work, or your property without your consent is a predator. The predators among us must be brought to justice. “Because we can” must become an inviolate: “No, you cannot.” No one is a “less than.” Only when that becomes the consistent reality will humanity staunch the evil from which all others flow.


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if this crap continues it will be like the body's primary flight controls, you know like breathing (I ain't a dr I am tech), where you get too close with your corruption and theft and then wack your lights are out, as natural as swatting at a mosquitoe.  At some point with the rule of law being pooped on, the reaction is going to start to be like swatting flys, picking your nose and spitting out the gum

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~"If you’re implicated in the crumbling concoction or either of the two new scandals, you’d like to change the subject."~ Someone pointed out today that both Conyers and Franken returned to work today on Capitol Hill and not a single femnazi protester was in sight or to be found.Oh, the hypocrisy.

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Left out of the discussion so far has been the role illegal drugs play in degenerates preying on young women and men.  Bill Cosby drugged his potential victims, slipping qusaludes into their drinks to knock them out.  Pimps keep their whores under comtrol in part by providing them with narcotics. Any discussion of drugs and human trafficking would be lacking if we did not include the role of Satanist George Bush, who oversaw the murder of JFK in Dallas and then became the world's biggest drug peddler as VP for Reagan.  The Bush family's best friends were the Hinckleys, whose son John got the job of shooting Reagan.  To lure their victims, those Hollywood predators use illegal drugs, most of which are imported by the Bush Crime Cartel. 

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Actually, if they use quaaludes & heroin they're using legal drugs, for illegal purposes.Illegal drugs are things like weed and ecstasy, which are actually implicated in very, very, little illegality apart from being taken by people against the wishes of other people, who sell legal and far more dangerous drugs..Drugs that make you feel loving and/or peacable are illegal & slandered, drugs that make you ill and violent are legal & promoted. Got that? FIFY.

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"the predator's view of the world".  Well written piece.  Not sure I agree with the diversion theory though.  These pukes can only apply power for so long.

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How many are starting to notice the the kikes are at the epicenter of all of this shit???

More are waking up but not nearly enough. The bibble is a great brainwashing tool for the benefit of the kikes to produce totally brainwashed and clueless servants.

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Once the SECRET is known, it loses its power.Using covert hypnotism to make the peasants believe that whatever they say IS REAL.That is pretty darn clever, it is like L Ron Hubbard calling his mutinational corporation for stealing people's wallets by the label scientology. Each time you see the word your subconscious gets told there is SCIENCE in it, impllying there is something to it...-----2nd part of THE SECRETAssociate your enemies with the smell of burning flesh.  Worked GREAT to discourage anyone questioning Catholic doctrine. The whole town smells an odor that is hard wired in DNA to mean very bad things... This is exactly what occurs when  you hear the phrase "Holocaust denier"  Works every time to STOP THINKING, STOP INQUIRY, to induce HEADS TO TURN AWAY..However, it won't work so well  after reading thisMagic: Is not knowing how the trick was doneHope this helps“The French conjurer of the 18th century, Robert Houdin, who magicians today call the Father of Modern Magic, once said, “It is immaterial how skillfully an orange is caused to disappear, my friend. There is no magic unless the audience is aware that the magician had an orange in the first place?” John Mulholland  

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They start young. When I was in college my organic chemistry lab partner was from a very wealthy family. Immediately he tried to pawn off the work on to me. When I resisted he tried bribery. During a 3 hour reflux he invited me to dinner which I reluctantly accepted. The first thing I noticed he was rude to the waitress and then went into a pathetic soliloquy of how he was going to be a Dr and this stupid class was a waste of his time. I was to name my price and his body language told me there would be more to the deal. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and walked out. The next day I asked my professor for a different lab partner.

The stupid idiot got caught cheating on the final and the school expelled him. Unfortunately today that probably wouldn't occur because an endowment fund is worth far more than justice. He should never had been a dog walker let alone a doctor and something tell me he didn't turn out to be a paragon of virtue.


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"In America, there’s no better way to get people’s attention than with sex"..


The way to an American's soul is through a digital wallet when everything else in the economy can't be faked anymore including .gov taking you to WWIII!... Complete with a Zionist banker lifting every crypto data packet out of it (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-27/theres-something-important-you…) when the time is right of course to pull the table cloth out from underneath the assembled diners who just happen to be the stupidest fuckers in existence!


It's the last call before this announcement (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-27/its-going-lot-lot-higher-novog…) becomes reality that you know deep down inside it's too good to be true BECAUSE IT IS whether it happens or not! You can either live for the moment and continue the fairy tale and let it pacify you to your end which won't give anyone behind you much to look forward to... Or... You can eliminate the source of the problem (38.9072° N, 77.0369° W) that has been your's and the rest of the World's burden since the day you were born!

Either way it ends badly.

But at least with the latter you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you'll be "leaving it better off" then when you came "into it"!

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No R&D

Just stating the facts of what constitutes the "sacred cow" to the American soul.

You can cheat on your wife. Have a job working for the MIC that maims, tortures rapes and murders for other Nation(s) "stuff"... Launder money and rob your own as a member of one of the many reputable financial institution selling derivatives in this Country...

But NEVER fuck with my $stash... And even if you're guilty of all those other things?... It's okay as long as you keep bringing home as much of that "bacon" as you can lay your hands on!

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There is no 'American soul'.  As a recent previous article noted, America has at least 11 distinct cultures.  In any event everyone is an individual anyway.Racists collectivize by race.  Marxists by class.  Cultural marxists by nearly everything.  Nationalists by country.  Most bigots by ethnicity.  The list goes on.  You're just another collectivist, assigning everone in a nation a set of beliefs based on your own notions.As it stands anyway your steroetypes don't even hold up very well.  There is no correlation between the desires of the American people and public policy anymore.  America is no longer a functioning democracy.  That has been proven by the Princeton study.Finally the fact is that people do obviously care, or else all these revelations would not be news.

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Well then partner if what you say is true "that CONUS is no longer a functioning democracy" and that the "people care"???... Then why hasn't Washington D.C. been completely immolated along with the taxpayer(s) legislators and their institutions that are "NO LONGER OURS"?!!!

Until you get that contradiction resolved you better be prepared to take the crumbs off Melania's dessert plate...

Just sayin!

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It's not bad enough yet for people to revolt.  It never is until there is no food on the plate or something else happens to fire them up.  In any event, Trump would not have been voted into office if there was no discontent.  People are trying to take back some power.  I'm no fan of Trump per se, I just voted against Hillary, but if you don't think Trump winning wasn't a 'fuck you' from the people to the politicians their voices not being listened to you're just not paying attention.

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I have found in my travels that Jewish men and women love taking it up the spinkter. I know there are other religions that accept it up the rear tooooo. I like to satisfy their wiered and sick lifestyles.

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DickCheney once said in an interview "America is not a warlike country".  Among those watching that day at my place there was spontaneous laughter.

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A now ex-wife said that after plucking two hundred dollar bills out of my shirt pocket."Because I can"The morning after the divorce went final, the decree sitting on the dinner table... there was knock on the front door.  It was a bailbondsman, he was looking for my new ex-wife, said she skipped on a 20K bail bond..  I invited the young man in, we shook hands,  and I showed the divoirce decree dated the  day before, - he looked quite sad...so I consoled him:"look pal,  we have a lot in common, we both got *ucked by the same gal...BUT  you were lucky, she only took you for 20 grand...".

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So, on what planet is it that women are NOT interested in men that are:
Good looking

How many men who fall under those categories have dog ass ugly wives or girlfriends twice their age?

So basically it’s the way the world has been forever...but lemmings have allowed themselves to believe it isn’t.

Fuck me, people are stupid.......

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The sex scandals may just be a life saver.  It turns out that the power structure is psychopath and will always be abusing, molesting and raping wherever they go.  This isn't much of a problem for them in Marxist Europe and some other areas but America's allegedly horrible 'puritanism' might be the thing that finally nails these f*ckers.  It's their one weakness that wont go away.  It's sensational and so people just can't ignore it (like a million dead in Iraq).  You also can't separate their murder from their sexual predation.  They'll be doing both because it's what they are.  Whatever you can nail them for, get the bastards, before everybody ends up like that child.  That child isn't the worst it gets with these monsters either, child sex trafficking is.  You are better off dying of starvation than dying of rape and sadistic abuse.  Children like that are the most at risk because they have the access and they are vulnerable.  This is a huge weakness for them and they would certainly like to normalize all of their abuse.  If 'puritanism' stands in their way then I'm thankful that we have that problem.  Pretty soon they will be saying claims of sexual assault or misconduct are "anti-Semitic".  Good luck to those bastards.

Ms No Tue, 11/28/2017 - 00:16 Permalink

That child is a victim of Israel and the bankers globalist empire.  It gets old when they get away with everything because of some degree of separation between the victims and a vassal.  Bibi and the bankers are starving an entire nation.  Bankers love starving people apparently because they systematically create starvation situations periodically.  It's actually probably their primary weapon, always has been.   

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 Hollywood is just the current distraction delivered to us by the media whores to prevent us from pondering the amount of pain and suffering that is being inflicted upon humanity by the corrupt governments, corporations and military complexWake up!!!   

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I am not getting one by the goalie and she knows that I am trying for the Hat Trick.  She told me that I need to skate some more.  I am not getting there to score.  She is not dumb.  She told me that I need to try harder.  Like with a condom?  We can't have those.  Now I will wait about another week and then see if I can get by the goalie.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ObA3exh0RQ