Bush-Era Intel Chief Blasts Trump: "If This Is What We Are, Then I've Wasted 40 Years"

President Donald Trump stirred up yet another twitter shitstorm over the weekend when he once again slammed his favorite fake news network – CNN – for using its international arm, CNN International, to spread fake news across the world.

At the same time, the president praised Fox News, claiming his favorite news network is “much more important” in the US.

The exasperation this tweet provoked cannot be understated, as liberals and anti-Trump conservatives joined forces to blast the president for his blatant disregard for the first amendment (to be fair, Trump said nothing about shuttering CNN or revoking its license to operate). But one voice that cut through the noise was that of Michael Hayden, a former general who ran the NSA and then the CIA under President George W Bush and has directed national intelligence agencies under the previous three presidents, as the Hill pointed out.

Hayden blasted Trump for his “outrageous assault” on the first amendment, saying “if this is who we are or who we are becoming, I have wasted 40 years of my life."



Of course, the hypocrisy embedded in Hayden’s rebuttal is nothing short of galling: He served in the Bush administration and was complicit in deceiving the American people to justify invading Iraq, a decision that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and down chaos in a region that persists to this day.



Of course, the criticism didn’t stop Trump from bashing CNN again this morning.



He also criticized MSNBC’s Morning Joe, a perennial target of the president's ire (remember the infamous Mika Brzezinski facelift tweet?).



Of course, Trump also took time out from his holiday vacation to blast the Democrats and their single-minded focus on the Russia collusion narrative, which elicited this entertaining response from former US Attorney Preet Bharara.