Is Poland's Patriot Missile Purchase A Paid Bribe To America?

Authored by Andrew Korybko via Oriental Review,

Poland announced that it will purchase $10.5 billion worth of anti-air Patriot missiles from the US.

Technically, the official news event is that the State Department approved the possible sale and that Congress has 30 days to block it, but for all intents and purposes it’s widely considered that the deal will go through as planned. This means that the Central European country will strengthen its frontline position as NATO’s anti-Russian vanguard, crucially functioning as an indispensable component of the missile defense shield that the US is constructing around Russia’s borders. In and of itself, the Patriot system is presently incapable of neutralizing Russia’s nuclear strike capabilities, especially given the hypersonic missile advancements that Moscow has undertaken over the past couple of years in invalidating this strategy, but it worryingly sets the precedent that further missile-related infrastructure could one day be deployed on Russia’s borders.

The latent threat that this represents could also see Poland acquiring cruise missiles in violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, or INF, whether to augment its ground-based systems or its planned submarine ones in the future. Per the former, cruise missiles could be deployed to Poland under the guise of being Patriot anti-missile munitions, with Moscow being unable to adequately ascertain whether Warsaw is building up its defensive or offensive strike capabilities. This will likely contribute to the spiraling security dilemma between Russia and NATO, and Russia and Poland in particular, though with the inadvertent consequence being that Poland is essentially paying billions of dollars to improve its anti-Russian “soft power” credentials among its own population and the West at large.

This is very important for the ruling Law and Justice Party, popularly known by its Polish abbreviation PiS, because party leader and de-facto “grey cardinal” Jaroslaw Kaczynski has staked his reputation on being the West’s most vociferous Russophobe, partly in a bid to provoke more nationalist sentiment among his base and therefore distract from some domestic shortcomings. In addition, Warsaw shrewdly believes that its anti-Russian crusade is necessary in order to retain Washington’s support amidst Brussels and Berlin’s “EuroLiberal” opposition to the ruling authorities’ revolutionary “EuroRealism”, believing whether rightly or wrongly that a strong stand against Moscow can help PiS remain in favor with the EU’s American overlord and thereby preserve its hold on power in the face of Color Revolutionary threats.

As such, the costly $10.5 billion Patriot anti-missile system deal acquires self-interested strategic value for Poland because it allows the conservative government to “buy off” American support for its “EuroRealist” agenda, which also aligns with Trump’s ideological vision, but it dangerously risks provoking an uncontrollable orgy of nationalism at home that could easily spiral into its own set of problems.

Furthermore, Poland is reducing any realistic chance at normalizing ties with Russia after purchasing this weapons system, suggesting that the American-provoked “Cold War” between these two civilizationally similar Slavic neighbors will continue into the foreseeable future and remain a mainstay of continental geopolitics to the detriment of both states’ genuine national interests and the overall dynamics of the emerging Multipolar World Order.


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Fuck Poland. Always the sellouts. They pretend these days to be the "defenders of Europe", it's all zio controlled bullshit! Wish I had been around during the Nazi era. I'd rather have gone down with them than live to see this utter whitewashing of history. The worst part is when your own people defend the whitewashing of THEIR history.

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I'll read them. I don't mean anything bad towards the polish people, I mean, just look at the head of the zio snake, it's the U.S and U.K. So when I say sell outs I mean well, they're sell outs to us... which makes us worse not the poles. In Europe's most crucial moment, all European nations betrayed Germany to please the Zios. That Poland was the stick used to poke the Germans, the holders of that stick were the U.S and the U.K. It's the same today. The right wing movements have similarly been infiltrated so just cannot be trusted. But that's just my opinion.I usually keep my comments very jew focussed for this reason. I don't aim to antagonize anyone but the source of the problem. I will stick to that in future.

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You make your own decision of who is worthy to stand by your side in this struggle against tyrannical forces beyond one's control, but I will submit to you from first-hand knowledge that there is few that you will share side with in your struggle against tyranny, than the Eastern-Europeans.

Overlook this natural ally, and his uncompromising determination, at your own will.

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Let's take a look at Germany's contributions to history.  Hitler and the Nazi's, which you stated you wish you had been a part.  Germany's contributions include world war 1 and 2 and genocide.  What a remarkable legacy to mankind.  What about Russia's contributions.  They include Stalin and genocide,  They have alot in common with the Nazi's, genocide.  What is about Germany and Russian ancestory that produces such pure evil int heir people?  Maybe you can answer.

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amazing how he's selling outdated systems that never really worked in the first place. Remember the first iraqi campaign? Already they doctored the accuracy rates of these excuses of a defense system to be able to sell them all around the world.Should I have been a pole, I would have enquired for at least a couple of S300, if not S400... Maybe Putin would have been interested despite the general (stupid) animosity between Poles and Russians.After all, this aggressivity does not serve any interest besides those of the (((lobby))) who wants another war between christian countries because it's (((their))) harvest.I wonder when will people understand than fighting between neighbors is by and large stupid.

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Ummm ... I do remember the Patriot missile accuracy issues in that campaign... I also happened to have been working on a component part of the missile and the issues had nothing to do with the overall accuracy of the system but had everything to do with corrupt individuals in corporate world and the ‘wonder’ of h1b visa holders. I tried to shut down a production line due to discovery of crap engineering in it and my life made into a living hell and DoD never bothering to speak with me (had only first hand knowledge available) but they did go after the organization. Lost that career of mine due to all of it .., the bad guys won as usual

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Why would anyone trust weapons built by a foreign country?If you didn't build it yourself then you have absolutely no way of trusting it, especially these days.But don't worry, if it doesn't work then you can always get your money back!  Or we'll send you another one for free!

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every purchase, payment, or otherwise tribute to any country is to some degree a bribe o.0if it wasn't, it would be dumb.why buy X from country Y if you can buy X from Country Z and also get 'bonus influence' hhhhhin practice, any time you buy from another country, there should be some political goodwill won over at the same time.and if you're a smart US or smart Russia or smart China, any time you sell or lend or whatever to Poland, Syria, or Djibouti, you're factoring in that 'bribe' or 'influence' to lower the priceit's smarter to sell X at a discount with bonus influence than X at regular price sans influence o.0

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Let me leave you with what I said previously -- get a f***n clue, and the sheer number of red arrows (getn' junkd) " -- does not and will not change PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, no matter what is written in the "books"...

If you still do not get it, then close your eyes, pretend to be sodomized, and then attempt to tell someone ELSE of this unpleasant experience...capeesh "self-described genuis"!!!!

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Take a read of Icebreaker by Victor Survinov.It does create a very compelling narrative that the Soviet Union had a very large part to play in starting WW2, if not planning it from the very start.From the USSR allowing the Germans to train and rebuild their military in the USSR pre-WW2 to the Molotov Pact that had the USSR invade Poland 6 days later (it was supposed to be at the same time, but they had to make sure UK/France declared war on Germany first).  Then to the complete lack of defensive preparations in Eastern Poland by the USSR, they did the exact opposite building bridges, roads and railway links to speed their logistics to the front.Airfields were even placed so close to the front line, and facing it, that aircraft had to gain altitude over German occupied territory, and the Mountain division opposite the mountains in Romania was no cooincidence.  Their equipment also only made sense from a use on European roads, of which there were few in the USSR.The USSR had at least equal blame to Germany, in my opinion they hold the majority of the blame.

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Ironically, Great Britain went to war with Germany over Poland, only to allow the USSR to seize the country. A dumber reason for war and final resolution could hardly be found in history. Because of its willingness to fight over Poland, the British Empire was ripped away in the aftermath of such a "great victory".What is often forgotten is that the USSR took some of eastern Poland for itself and gave Poland part of eastern Germany. So while the towns and cities have been given Polish names, there is still historic German areas that Poland now holds as their own.

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Adolf Hitler 23 May, 1939 "_Danzig is not the subject of the dispute at all. It is a question of expanding our living space in the East and of securing our food supplies. There is therefore no question of sparing Poland, and we are left with the decision to attack Poland at the first suitable opportunity."_Germany was prepping for war for a long time as the Poles watched in fear and repeatedly warned the Brits and the French about it. To think that re-emerged Poland in 1918 after 123 years of partitions and having fought the Bolsheviks ~ 20 years earlier with less than 1/2 the population of Germany would poke the Germans, the continental superpower is a major logical fallacy.Research the false flag at Gleiwitz that Hitler set up. 

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Fuck You! What do you mean cease to exist, like the Palestinians in their own land?!?!?!

Are you even aware the Chopin's body may be buried in La Pere Lachaise cemetary in the outskirts of Paris, but his heavy heart and the soul of his native POLAND, where he was FIGHTING for -- unlike you the present-day spineless cowards who refuse to stand up to tyranny in their own land -- the spirit of his beleaguerd peoples', he, Chopin, requested, through his writings, and by close associates and his family, including his sister Ludwika, that his very HEART be cut out of his deceased body and TRANSFERRED, secretely in a jar of booze, to his natural motherland, outside of Warsaw in the Holy Cross Church, where he and his peoples' struggle was indemnified and it was honorably entombed as the spirit of his own resistance in parallel to that of his peoples?

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Poland's heart does not beat for tropical islands. but it does for Ukraine

in other words: you might not be aware how many Poles are pissed with Russia about the recent "Ukraine Affair", or that they took up Ukrainians in the millions range

again in different words: both sides see themselves as reacting to the other's actions

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If you don't understand what caused the Crimea/Ukraine mess, start with the fact that the West ensured that a properly elected democratic government was overthrown so that a pro-Western puppet government could be readily put in place. Notice how fast the new government was recognized by Western governments. So much for love of democracy. Russia could see that the West would rush Ukraine into NATO and force Russia out of Sevastopol, where their fleet has been for over 200 years. So they took Crimea back and ensured Ukraine couldn't join NATO by backing eastern separatists.Questions to ask:1) Why is NATO, a military alliance, still in existence and trying to expand when the USSR and Warsaw Pact are long gone?2) Why would the West be perfectly content to see a properly elected government deposed by a mob?3) Why is NATO trying to surround Russia and then acting like Russia is unnecessarily paranoid?

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I did. nice diatribe. and I like his music

the point there was that the Polish Nation State ceased to exist, for periods. while I understand your point as that the Polish Nation did not

seen this way, you are both correct. Nation is not the same as Nation State. the first is blood, culture, language, customs (in sum: people), the second is territory, law/order and force (in sum: sovereignty)

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Although borders can be erased, its citizens subjugated, its flag desecrated -- IT WILL NOT ERASE, EVER, THE HEART AND THE SPIRIT AND THE NEVERENDING DESIRE, BOTH IN LIFE AND IN DEATH, TO RESIST THE OCCUPATION!!!!!

What Americans, and the western Europeans fail to consistently, to a larger degree, comprehend is both the concept of WHO the enem(ies) are and the transcendental length the people, notwithstanding the ignorant plumber memes, are willing to adhere to. And that is what the Jews and the Eastern Europeans share in common!

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I thought that when I joined this forum that I would be treated to some intelligent and insightful commentary, but it is becoming painfully apparent that it is not the case and that it had been infiltrated instead by buffoons!  The responses to this poster are self-evident. Seems to me you are one of a few insightful ones here 

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