Convicted Croat War Criminal Dies After Drinking Poison In Hague Court

A Bosnian Croat wartime commander died on Wednesday shortly after he drank poison, seconds after U.N. appeals judges upheld his 20-year sentence for war crimes against Bosnian Muslims.

Slobodan Praljak, 72, a former wartime leader, tilted back his head and took a swing from a flask or glass as the judge read out the verdict. The man’s defense lawyer then told the court that the accused had “taken poison.” The presiding judge stopped the proceedings and ordered a doctor to be called, Reuters reports.

“I just drank poison,” he said. “I am not a war criminal. I oppose this conviction.”

Praljak sat back down and slumped in his chair, a lawyer who was in the courtroom at the time said. The presiding judge suspended the hearing and called for a doctor. An ambulance was at the building and paramedics went to the courtroom.

Praljak was convicted of involvement in a campaign to drive Muslims out of Bosnia and create an ethnically pure Croat state during the Bosnian war in the 1990s sparked by the breakup of Yugoslavia. The conflict mainly saw Bosnian Muslims fighting Bosnian Serbs, but there was also deadly clashes involving Bosnian Muslims and Croats after an alliance fell apart. A total of 100,000 people died and 2.2 million were displaced in the three-year war.

Quoted by Reuters, Croatian General Marinko Kresic told Croatian state TV he had spoken to the wife of another defendant, General Miroslav Praljak, who was in The Hague. “She confirmed that he drank the poison and that he is in a very grave health condition,” he said.

Praljak died shortly after.

A UN judge who later called the site a "crime scene" said that Dutch police are investigating the incident.

As Reuters adds, the court said it would resume reading the verdict, which is also handling cases against five other defendants, including Milivoje Petkovic.

Prior to drinking the substance, Praljak had heard that his 20-year sentence for alleged war crimes in the Bosnian city of Mostar was being upheld. Praljak, who was one of six former Bosnian Croats having their appeal heard at the UN tribunal, is reported to have told the judge that he is not “a war criminal.”

The dramatic events came in the final minutes of the court’s last verdict before closing down. The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), established by the United Nations in 1993, shuts its doors next month when its mandate expires. The court’s lead suspect, former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, died of a heart attack in March 2006 months before a ruling in his genocide case.

Two defendants awaiting trial committed suicide by hanging themselves in their U.N. cells, according to court documents. Slavko Dogmanovic died in 1998 and Milan Babi? was found dead in his locked cell in 2006. Last week, the same tribunal handed former Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic a life sentence for his role in the genocide of the Balkan Wars in the 1990s. Mladic was found guilty on 10 out of 11 charges, including the massacre of Bosnian Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica in 1995. He had pleaded not guilty on all counts.

Questions have been raised over the fairness of the international prosecution of crimes committed during the Balkan Wars. Of the 161 individuals indicted by the ICTY, the body created specifically to prosecute wartime crimes, 94 are ethnic Serbs, compared to 29 Croats, nine Albanians and nine Bosniaks. Two years ago, Russia used its UN veto right to block a resolution on the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica tragedy, saying that the draft document depicted the Serbian people as the sole guilty party in the complex armed conflict in Yugoslavia.


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A total of 100,000 people died and 2.2 million were displaced in the three-year war.

100,000?A drop in the bucket compared to the millions killed by us in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Palestine, Pakistan, Yemen, etc.

Hypocrisy is the contrivance of a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing real character or inclinations, especially with respect to religious and moral beliefs; hence in a general sense, hypocrisy may involve dissimulation, pretense, or a sham. Hypocrisy is the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes another. In moral psychology, it is the failure to follow one's own expressed moral rules and principles.[1] According to British political philosopher David Runciman, "Other kinds of hypocritical deception include claims to knowledge that one lacks, claims to a consistency that one cannot sustain, claims to a loyalty that one does not possess, claims to an identity that one does not hold."[2] American political journalist Michael Gerson says that political hypocrisy is "the conscious use of a mask to fool the public and gain political benefit".[3]

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No, that came much later, during the late 90s, including the negotiated Bondsteel military base in return for "liberating" Kosovo from Serbia.Yugoslavia was taken down primarily because organized mafia hates competition. Otherwise, the D.C. lapdogs in Brussels would've said YES to the ex-YU government's demand to be admitted in Da Club in order to prevent the bloody civil war (instigated by "western" alphabet soup agencies).

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He wasn't saving the public nor was he a war criminal.

He did this to communicate to those attached to the cause, and he lead them by example, - never submit, surrender is different than submitting, an honorable death is virtuous and to be preferred, he also reinforced his comments that the trials were a NATO/Zionists kangaroo court and corrupt and did so with defiance giving his life on his terms. Instead of letting them slowly break him in prison and physically cause him to waste so they could use his shattered images to break unity within his people he showed strength, devotion to his people and bravery born of conviction to cause.

I have respect for the man.

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European and American courts are biased against white christians fighting back against muslim aggression, or taking back land attained through muslim violence and intimidation which european media censors because there european leaders are willing to coverup any muslim war crimes, human rights violations, and atrocities against any people on earth in order to defend the european and american peoples collective lie and delusion of muslim victimhood being the cause of muslim inequality. A vast majority of americans and europeans are incapable of defending themselves from the accusation of racism, and their muslim enemies taunt them for it, and take advantage of it by refusing to live peacefully with white christians and openly attempting to violently conquer them. You cannot defeat an enemy you are afraid of.  That being said there is A chance the croats were the aggressors to the peaceful albanian muslims, but I would bet heavily that the hauge is guilty of discrimination and war crimes against the Christian white croats. In G-d I trust.

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Well said, Blankone.  And a tragedy it is to have military commanders be "judged", that is,  made an example out of, on contrived charges by a political entity.  The Serbs got screwed by the prototype humanitarian war which laid the blueprint for the "smart power-humantarian" interventions to come. 

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Its white gentiles who are the somewhat extreme anti racists, white gentile women to be specific. But really their evil leaders are the white supremacists, Jews don't need war they can win through competition economically. White gentile leaders are responsible for selling out the white gentile poor and middle class and their daughters in trade to maintain dominance. White gentiles should overthrow them and say they do not want to be part of the war to oppose economic freedom for Jews, because you daughters bear the burden of that war. If your leaders were Jews they would pretend that white gentiles were in charge dedicated to opposing Jewish supremacy. Although there is the possibility that the leadership is loyal to the universal ideals of G-d, and this is all an illusion, A test engaging the majority or people with the potential to repent. In G-d I trust.

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Yugoslavia,and especially the Serbs ,were punished because they were Christians(Orthodox Christians,slavs,and pro Russia and a thorn in the NATO/US ass).After this(US and NATO bombed Belgrade ,non stop for 98 days,killing civilians and destroying infrastructure;they dropped depleted uranium on them,white phosphorus and still could not defeat the Serbian army.It was an inside treason that did it)US/NATO supported the Muslim terrorists from Albania/Croatia/Bosnia ,WITH the help and involvement of AL Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden(aka col Tim Osman)After this,the glorious US established a military base in Kosovo,the historic part of Serbia,without any referendum,just vote from the Parliament(coerced). The Kosovo Bondsteel base is the CENTER of drugs,organs,child and young adults,weapons trafficking in Europe.This was the moment I realized NATO is a terrorist organization and all their talk about "freedom and democracy and human rights " is a BIG BULLSHIT( this was years later,when I started looking into it)The Russians could not do too much to prevent it,as Russia was demolished by the Haaarhaad jooos boys at that time (but they still tried,it almost triggered a WW III)

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rubbish... and you ought to know thatbut go on, show me the Christian community/church that puts him in his prayers, and regards him somy goodness, so many here claim to be Christians... and would gladly put the Christ on a cross, if possiblefor speaking funny, for being not lily white, for being a Jewish rabbi, to boot, for preaching love and understanding, for telling people to show the other cheek, for the Sermon Of The Mount, for being a Middle Easterner, for plenty of reasons and moreah, there I have it: for the Parable of the Good Samaritan. as a reminder, it was not about cleansing the land of Samaritans, the damn heretic people hated by everybody around them

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my goodness, so many here claim to be Christians... and would gladly put the Christ on a cross, if possible Ghordius, you are being disengenuous with words, and you know it.  There are different kinds of Christians.  Orthodox Christians, and the Catholic Church had a schism centures ago.  Constantine maneuvered bishops of that day, and Christendom split, creating two Christian Civilizations.  The eastern branch had its Jew problem, and the Western Branch had its Jew Problem.  Fast forward to the future, and the Western Branch has evolved to post Christian state sponsered usury, meaning its civilization is no longer Christian.  Christianity in Europe is a rump.  The Eastern Branch, which is Orthodox  -is being ressurrected as Bolshveik communism could not wipe it out.  Putin has also resurrected "symphony of church and state" where Orthodox are moral arbiters on State Law.  People that keep claiming Putin is an illuminst ought to closely consider resurrection of Byzantium's "symphony" that is being put in place.  This civilizational mode is decidedly against ZOG and Western Illuminism.An exception is Poland, which is Catholic (Western Branch), where Catholicism survived.  Eastern European civilizations were somehow preserved by Communism.The West favors Sunni Muslims, precisely because West is post Christian and has made "financial" alliance with petro-states.  The petro-dollar, mammon, and usury are the new religion of the west.  Everything is reduced to monetary terms, and those other things that make up a human (wisdom, morality, artistic expession, evolution) are now reduced to a monetary price.  Oligarchy extracts prices from the laboring goy, to then perpetuate rents and usury for the "special"  ruling idle class.Some said it perfectly.  When Yugoslavia broke up, Serbs - who are orthodox and slavs - would have favored Russia.  At that time, Putin was putting down the Chechen rebellion, which in turn was funded by the Wahabbi Petro State.  The West was trying to break up a rival civilization by fomenting internal division.You talk as if Christianity was monolithic, which it is not, and you ignore large civilizational constructs as if they are a non factor.  Current degradation of Western Christianity cannot be separated from the continuous attack by mammon's ((footsoldiers)) of usury.  Even 503C status of American Christianity is a chilling effect on speech.  The Church dare not speak out against its paymaster.

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I wish it was that simple. The Croats were mere tools of Zion in the Yugoslav wars, as were the Bosniak Muslims. Not to rain on your "Christian" parade, but the two were allied against Serbia during the initial stages of the war.Armed, trained and financed by CIA and its European stooges, mainly BND, they got all the political and financial support and when the job was done they were thrown under the bus. As they say, dance with the devil...

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of course they were allied against Serbia. it was a civil war, whereas Serbia wanted to keep the integrity of Yugoslavia while the others wanted to break free into independent countriesfurther, political post-break support (your link) is not the same as support during the waroh, and France was leaning on the side of Serbia, initially. which led to stasis, on the european side

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No Ghordius,it WAS NOT a civil war(like in Syria it is not a civil war).It was a 'Color revolution"(the book was written there and applied many times after that.Its leaders,Serbian and Croat traitors are teaching it to others now).So spare me your "cutting the gordian knot bullshit".You are using a lot of words without saying anything of value,trying to confuse people and divert the conversation away from the real subject.

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You write that as if you were present there, Ghordo. Inquiring minds want to know, were you there alongside Bob Baer and the rest of the instigators (or were you only there "to document the event"?) when it all started?And fuck you with your "post-break support", by now the entire scheme has been well exposed including the "smurfs'" (a popular Yugoslavian nickname for the UN "blue helmets peacekeepers") role and culpability in the Srebrenica massacre. Here's your Catholic church too.France had as much say about the Empire's conquests in the 90s as it had in the 2000s and has today. Zilch, zero, nada. If they had, France wouldn't be arming Croatia in the 90s and they would've also refused being a part of the 1999 ZATO war on Serbia.Go lick some Zio balls, apparently you excel at that one discipline.

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I beg to differ...suicide (for Christians) was quite the thing, in the early body of the church.The Great Refusal: An Historical Guide"The “life of perfection” these true Christian followers of the message of death lived, Sorcha Faal explains, was linked to their wholehearted and steadfast belief that every human being, like Jesus exampled by his willing crucifixion, was free to end his or her life at any time of their choosing, for whatever reason they choose, and only be adopting such beliefs was one truly able to see the physical world for what it truly is, an illusion."  -  Sorcha FaalJMY

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