China To Deploy Elite Troops In Syria To Fight Alongside Assad's Army

According to multiple reports in Middle East regional sources, China plans to send elite military units to Syria to advise and assist the Syrian Army in an attempt to root out the country's terrorist insurgency, especially Chinese Islamist foreign fighters who have shown up in increasing numbers in Syria's north since the start of the conflict.

If confirmed this won't be the first time China - one of the five veto-wielding powers of the UN Security Council - has sent assistance to the Assad government: according to previous reporting by Middle East Eye, China began quietly sending soldiers in an advisory capacity into Syria earlier this year to assist government forces in weapons systems, intelligence collection, logistics, and medicine. But this certainly marks a dramatic and more public escalation in terms of Chinese operations in the region as Beijing will reportedly send special forces to work closely with government troops, and likely in coordination with the Russians as well.

File photo via "Life of Soldiers" blog

Sources told the Saudi Arabia based newspaper New Khaleej that the Chinese Ministry of Defense intends to send two units known as the “Tigers of Siberia” and the “Night Tigers” - both elite special operations units - to assist the Syrian government's fight against the jihadist insurgency. The news follows a high level meeting last week in China between Syrian Presidential Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban and Chinese Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who praised Damascus' efforts in fighting foreign militants from the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM, also commonly called the Turkestan Islamic Party, or TIP). The Muslim separatist group was founded by ethnic Uighurs and is based in the Xinjiang province of northwest China.

The militarized Uighur separatist movement has long been a thorn in the side of the Beijing government, which began actively fighting the group soon after 9/11 when reports began surfacing that notable al-Qaeda terrorists as well as Osama bin Laden himself were actively supporting Uighur extremists and their operations. Various Uighur Islamist groups have claimed terror attacks in Chinese cities over the years, most notably a Shanghai blast which occurred days before the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics were set to begin. 

When armed opposition groups in Syria began taking territory around Aleppo and other parts of Syria's north in 2013, thousands of Chinese Muslim foreign fighters began pouring into the war via southern Turkey. At the time this sparked a quiet diplomatic war between the Turkish and Chinese governments as Chinese intelligence demanded southern Turkey not be a staging ground for Uighur militants it was tracking, and which Chinese leaders feared.

The end result was closer Chinese ties with the Syrian government based on mutual commitment to anti-terror operations and resisting the international push for regime change - a relationship which was formalized made public when in August 2016, a Chinese admiral visited Damascus to sign memorandums of understanding involving joint anti-terror operations including mechanisms to track captured Uighur fighters in Syrian prisons. 

Screenshot from jihadist video featuring Chinese foreign fighters in Syria.

Indeed, it's no secret that throughout the course of the over 6-year long war in Syria, the international powers operating from neighboring countries - most especially Turkey - have allowed border areas to remain remarkably porous, which facilitated record breaking numbers of jihadists entering Syria from dozens of countries.

As the US State Department’s own 2014 Country Report on Terrorism confirms, the rate of foreign terrorist entry into Syria over the past years has been unprecedented among any conflict in history: “The rate of foreign terrorist fighter travel to Syria – totaling more than 16,000 foreign terrorist fighters from more than 90 countries as of late December – exceeded the rate of foreign terrorist fighters who traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, or Somalia at any point in the last 20 years.” According to multiple counter-terror studies as well as diplomatic sources in Syria, up to 5,000 Chinese Uighurs and their families are currently in Syria, mostly now settled in al-Qaeda controlled Idlib province. 

The US State Department also considers the Uighur TIP a terrorist organization with the United States having formally designated the group all the way back in 2002. However, the US and China have long been at opposite ends of UN Security Council votes on Syria, with China consistently vetoing measures and resolutions which propose critical or punitive measures against Damascus.

Since jihadist forces overtook Idlib City in 2015, the TIP became one of the strongest foreign jihadist forces in the country's northwest. The Asian radical Islamist groups are now supporting a military operation of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the northern Hama countryside, according to various reports from Syrian opposition sources. This might have encouraged China to consider more direct and aggressive military action against the TIP in Syria before its fighters gain an opportunity to return to eastern Asia.

China has lately positioned itself as a major player in Syria's future reconstruction. According to Reuters the Chinese FM recently promised that China will lead international reconstruction efforts, telling the Syrian delegation which visited Beijing last week, “China hopes the Syrian side can seize the opportunity, display flexibility, and promote dialogue and negotiation to achieve substantive results… The international community should emphasize and actively support Syria’s reconstruction. China will put forth its own effort for this."

Russia, China, and Iran have positioned themselves to be the major players in Syria's reconstruction once the country is cleansed of its jihadist insurgency, even while aggressive sanctions from the West continue to target Syrian government institutions.


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The most (to me) logical reason for this is that China has a fairly substantial contingent of Islamic extremist militant types, and many of these have traveled to Syria to do a jihad action. So now that these extremists have been ass-kicked, it would be logical that they would simply return to China. So maybe the plan is to make sure they never return.But far more significant is the fact that this is an absolutely un-Chinese type of strategy. China does not send troops abroad, until now. This is disturbing because China is rapidly becoming a gigantic superpower. And I would absolutely not want to live under the Chinese ruling class. (Not to imply that the one we have presently is so wonderful.)

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"So maybe the plan is to make sure they never return."I wouldn't be surprised.  I guess their delayed entry into the conflict could be about tracking their movements before making a move.  Yes, it is significant (if they follow through) and may be disturbing to you but, had they been left alone (i.e. Korean peninsula, Uighurs, etc...), none of this would have occurred.

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i think the chinese are also sending a message to the zionazis that russia and china are allies with arabs and the persians who want to return to a peaceful mideast, pre israel, pre usa, even pre saudis. remember, the sauds are responsible for a lot of the conflict in the mideast but are also, for now, china's biggest supplier of oil. china has always used economics to influence the politics of their host countries. this sends a clear message to the sauds that they better straighten up their act or china will get their oil from somewhere else. one of those requests is a civil relationship with iran. china needs peace in the mideast for the one belt road to be successful.israel is being isolated. they have gotten their wish. they are now truly surrounded by enemies who want to silence them, russia/china, and they can wipe out israel in a heartbeat if they decide it is neccesary. nutandyahoo and gang have been cornered. the only thing they have left is the samson option but the samson option is also the reason they must be neutered.

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chance for what? Picking up some rare - non Made in China muddled eastern souvenirs... in the suk in Damascus town?

According to our stable of geopolitical geniuses here - on hand to serve us the latest news from near Asian shores... via their master of the universe consoles on the other side of the world...

the fight against Daesh ISIS is over! So how come now> the Panda platoon is sent to the rescue?

Apparently the (he he he)'staff writers' here having grokked my recent reference to the FACT that China has a MAJOR bone to pick with the JIHADI JONESTOWNERS IN ANKARA who have bankrolled the Uighur terrorist movement for years...

they've decided to play catch up - by scanning the internet for news bout the way things actually work here - rather than how they work on the pages of Exceptionalist fantasy scriptwriters note pads!

This just in - agin!

The Chinese will not be participating in a bold new "Eurasian" alliance based upon the shiny new pretend coalition of Russia/Turkey/Syria/Iran being pushed by agit-prop organs.

Because... in addition to being seriously pissed with the Turks... they are already participants in a much more serious ... AND REAL...ALLIANCE . led by tel aviv... that will join various pirate state theocracies together in a criminal cabal with which to strangle the west via energy monopoly such as I have now outlined repeatedly... to the enraged and gormless astonishment of a legion of

in house and external sock puppets unequipped to deal with the appearance of actual news FROM ...not about... the muddled east!

Buttons... tards!

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Yes... you must be right!What kind of a moron could fail to understand that...the best way to ,,, err, 'rebuild' a country ... is to err...send highly specialized 'elite' troops trained to acutally 'fight terrorists'...over to Syria. It's all clear to me now. Thanks. You were lookin in a mirror ... and suddenly got inspired to jot down yourthoughts for our enlightenment.Please come back often!

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OH! And I couldn't help noticing... do to the lucky accident of re-arriving here with a timing that gave me a precise picture of your 'deposit'...being followed immediately by a stereo-typical inability to refrain from THE MAGNETIC ATTRACTION OF THE CONCESSION KEY...THAT YOU PROCEEEDED TO VOTE YOURSELF UP ...AND MY comment down. The tru mark of the loser trolll. What kind of a moron... indeed.

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@Bob:Sounds like you actually spend time in Turkey [as part of your investigating work (in the Ukrainian conflict???)]...How many others can say the here? (courtesy of the links you provided in the other thread):"...Now, four months later, having headed back down to lower altitudes after a full season of nomadic meanderings in the Anatolian mountains, one finds the world busily preparing for the final stages of that long sought conflagration by which the millenialist madmen in control of the levers of power in all the western satrapies intend to achieve the mass immolation of the greater part of humankind. Here, in the aftermath of the major holiday of the year, Kurban Bayram, which the populace celebrate with the ritual sacrifice of sheep or goat, it is easy to contemplate the prospect of the this wider, Molochian enterprise of sacrifice planned by the Satanist power and its followers. The blissful ignorance, meanwhile, in which those of a ‘new[er]world’ heritage..."… response from the other thread:…, like you, have my suspicions about the Saker, but thinking about over the last couple of days I cannot escape a question, which there seems to be no objective answer to: "why such vitriol, vicious, voracious campaign to discredit him, even calling for his hanging for being a traitor (just look at the link that I provided on that thread to the CIA/Mossad "personalities"; read carefully the initial hit piece and the responses in the comment section, especially one "Bimbo Plumbe" amongst others (multiple actors); look at the sheer animosity, the incessant tone, the calls for death, and, most importantly the length of the responses and obsessive quality to them. Who does that and WHY???!!!)Couple that with some of the ZH (intel shills?) responses in the comments section of the ZH piece...notice the pattern...the tone, the calling for his head and being a traitor. The Saker must be doing something to stir that kind of animus...ergo: must work in opposition to them. I am still conflicted by the Sakers motivations (not sure about your experience on the deleted comments from his site, perhaps an infiltrator, as his operation is not a one team job), but lately I came, by chance, on one of his recent articles in which he does seem to take on the Talmudists (perhaps sensing the swinging of the pendulum he feels more at ease to discuss in the open, not with the ferocity it deserves...yet?)…

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Thanks, that's a great post. I'm still going through some of the links. It is good to question everything and like yourself I have my suspicions about the motives of certain people but facts are facts. While we may not agree with where the facts are taking us, it doesn't mean the facts are any less true. The last link, for example, has, from the horses mouth, an admission as to the true nature of judaism. The Saker may take us from here to there and while we may not agree with him on that, that is an esteemed Rabbi, remorselessly, revealing the true nature of judaism."It's ok to keep the property of a non-jew because the jew will, over time, make better use of it?" I'm sorry, but that goes against my human instinct, and for this reason, if I was born into this cult, I would have rejected it... as many good people do.People were pointing me towards some suspicious stuff the other day: See this thread:…. Seems like a lot of anti-zionist stuff as your base facts, but then leads us to a different path. The fact is, what happened in ww1&2 tells us everything we need to know. Each was a step in getting us closer to the sate of Israel. The next war is to expand it's borders...imo  

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I agree. These days one can never be too careful as the Internet is rampant with psyops/disinfo. As such, if one is to get to the core of the issue at hand, one should methodically peel back the layers...I am not sure if you had a chance to listen to the whole video of the Rabbi, but I did, and it serves as a good lesson into the Kabbalist mindset (at one point in a hypothetical he essentially says of a goyim is at the edge to a cliff and is about to fall, the Jew should do nothing in such a situation (do not intervene), therby being an uninterested withness in the  goyim's death. Interesting rationale...The other piece you posted on the link (I have the same linke above you), I have a comment in there with a link to a CIA/Mossad hit job on the Saker. It would be well worth your time, if you are interested in that sort of mindset, to examine the link:… especially the comments section (see my comment on that thread) There are multiple "personalities" all working for and against the Saker.Here is some tid bits of how the CIA/Mossad operate, in their own words:"...Our recruitment is a sort of magic wand - you can easily destroy everyone we do not like either. However when you do not act on our orders and even use the nasty j-word against one of us, we take our protection away, and you are again only what you are by yourself plus (i.e. minus) the damage we'll inflict on you from now on, beginning with calling you names..."You'll also notice the (intel shills?) on the ZH comments section, of that article, as you had interactions with them. Notice a similar tone to the link of the CIA/Mossad agents?...Follow this link to the comment and notice the tone and the replies to that comment (staged?):…

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I am not sure if you had a chance to listen to the whole video of the Rabbi, - Not the whole vid but everything that was indexed in the article. I won't be watching it all. Don't have the time and have read a whole bunch of stuff to understand that it's the truth. I also know many jews.have a comment in there with a link to a CIA/Mossad hit job on the Saker. - I read that when you posted it. And I know exactly what you mean about the staged responses (to my comments). I won't comment too much on what I recognize about them because they will adjust their methods but I think we both know what we're looking for. I didn't recognize the one in response to yours but on re-reading it, it seems suspect even though there's some stuff I agree with in there..I'm not sure. Essentially, there are a couple of base truths and no matter what anyone says, you cannot deflect from them. But they always try.Anyway, I'm always interested in info about the 2 wars and all the events surrounding them, so if you have info or things I could read, let me know. One of the characters that really turned my head with regard to this is one Arthur Zimmerman. A VERY interesting character. I was shocked when I learned of his role.

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I would not be too sure about "old" threads not being scoured "our" tax-funded govt "workers"...but at some point they are abandoned...when that is, is the key. BTW BobEore has good insight, amongst others, (he is an investigative journalist -- in the old sense of the word digging for the truth...) if you want some quick reading on WWs here are some historical primares worth examining (these should get you started):… one of the most important primers to any discussion involving conflict, war, money, politics, etc. is Machiavelli's  "The Prince" (not sure if you read it, here is a web version if you have not):"...The basic manifestation of social conflict, according to Machiavelli, is the perennial struggle between the common people and the great and powerful. While this is clearly a notion of class struggle involving economic factors, Machiavelli’s explanation of the struggle is not couched in economic terms. The primary cause of domestic strife and of war between states is, as he saw it, a lust for power and domination. Within any state, the overwhelming majority seek security for their persons and possessions, while a handful, either a hereditary aristocracy or a commercial oligarchy, desire to dominate the masses..."(Bio)… me state, that not all Jews are messianic; there are many reasonable (sane) ones and they those should be at the front-lines against these other throwbacks if we are to ever secure some semblance of normalcy (case in point): 

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Ok, thanks. I will read this. I have studied the wars quite a bit but something new always crops up when you read different points of view. I think I have read some of the voltaiernet stuff but not Machiavelli's book - will read. In one of those posts, along with The Saker, I was being warned away from Dugin and Hossein. I have never really looked in too deeply to what either of those characters are saying but am looking to expand knowledge on the current Russian landscape. I've already noted your high opinion of Solzhenitsyn and intend to do some research into him. Additionally, would be interested to know your take on Arthur Zimmermann. There's not a lot of stuff out there about him and I believe there is much to be understood about this man. I have my own fairly obvious conclusions.Thanks again. Just to add: I completely understand what you are saying about Jews. I believe the common jews are as much victims of the cabal as the rest of society though they don't realize it. But, there's a big problem out there and I believe the way I carry on, flawed or not, serves a purpose.

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Thank you China.   I was hoping they were coming to help Syria out.  Excellent.  F the NWO and Roth$child Mo$$add. I was at a gym in a city recently as I am usually travel around to a few states.   There were Chinese young guys who were attending a local college and flight school.   It is pretty amazing to see with better nutrition that they were all at least 6 feet tall.  My guess is they were middle class or upper middle class kids. Another good example is Japan where the WW2 soldiers were smaller while today, the Japanese are probably as tall as most westerners. The poor north koreans like lots of mexicans are about 4'11" due to poor nutrition while South Koreans are probably as tall as most Americans.  I think the Dutch are among the tallest white folks.   

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Take a look.  The soldiers are Han's and Islamist Chinese are Mongols.  The mongols from East were responsible for a lot of the Russian barbarity against German women after WW2.  Mongols have more of a wide and flat head than Han's. (If you don't pay attention to race, then get with the program.) Islam + Mongols = restive region.  Islam + Uighurs  = restive regionUighurs have Turkic ancestors who followed the silk road.  Both Slavic Russia and Han China have common cause on many levels, another reason why the Zionist west will not be able to separate them.Putin has said many times, he wants to kill Russian Chechen Takfiris outside of Russia's borders, and not have them return to Russia to cause problems.  China knows ZOG's plan was to destabilize Russia, break it into parts, and then move onward to China.  Islam, especially Takfiri Wahabbi Salafist types, are footsoldiers and mercenaries who have found common cause with our ((elites)).

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Err...TAKE another l@@k! With the cheap MADE IN CHINA agitprop google glasses off this time...Ooooh! Ur "mongols" turn out to be..... Uighurs... that mixed of ethncities which have inhabited the Taklan Makan wastelands since....Genghis and the mongols destroyed the Xia and Uighur(turkish)states which had been there since...they in turn had over run the city states of Kucha, Kizil, and other inheritors of the mysterious "Causcasian" Tocharian peoples who had lived there since...before ,,, well,,, and thenhopefully you start to get the picture. Uighurs... a high proportion of whom via their green/blue/hazel colored eyes, for instance, show the physical evidence of their very mixed antecedence - which INCLUDES mongol blood* of course - are NOT 'mongols' ... anymore than "anglo-saxons" are either "saxons" or "angles" ...*which detail - ironically enuff for your intended message... is ALSO ENDEMIC to your RUSSIANS AND HAN heroes... since the very same MONGOL conquerors used their women too to breed a mixed race of people who are now common to all of northern Asia. Which makes it diffiucult - to put it lightly - to deilver that anything but a comical cautionary tale about the perils of ... as you might say - not 'paying attention to 'race.'Now back to our unrelenting 'program' of disinformation. 

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Things are getting reaaaly interesting,isn't it ,bitchez?This is the opening shot. The aperitif.In related news:                     -the leader of PMU ,the Iraq militia, said that Iran has prevented the US and zionists' plan to destroy Iraq and to divide it                     -he also said that the US is making plans to kill the leaders of their organization,which was instrumental in liberating Iraq                   -The SAA is advancing in...gasp... the Golan Heights(Al Nusra withdrew from there,even with heavy support from the shitty zionist country) 

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In retrospect, Congress should never have supported Bush-43's war to remove Saddam Hussein. He may have been a horrible person, he may have used gas on his own people (Iraqi Kurds, that is), but the country was a lot more stable then than it is now. And all because Saddam tried to off Poppy.Bush-43's fault!Whether or not the opioid crisis is also his fault is open to discussion.

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