The US Aristocracy's Smear-Russia Campaign: Big Brother At Work

Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Billionaires, both liberal and conservative ones, own, and their corporations advertise in and their ‘charities’ donate to, America’s mainstream (and also many ‘alternative news’) media.

They do this not so as to profit directly from the national ‘news’media (a money-losing business, in itself), but so as to control the ’news’ that the voting public (right and left) are exposed to and thus will accept as being “mainstream” and will reject all else as being “fringe” or even ‘fake news’, even if what’s actually fake is, in fact, the billionaires' own mainstream ’news’, such as their ’news'media had most famously ‘reported’ about ’Saddam’s WMD’ (but the’news’media never changed after that scandal — even after having pumped uncritically that blatant lie to the public). 

Have America’s numerous foreign coups and outright military invasions (including Iraq 2003) been the result of fake-news that was published by the mainstream ’news'media, or only by some of the ‘alternative news’ sites that mirror what the mainstream ones have been ‘reporting’ (passing along the Government’s lies just like the mainstream ones do)? Obviously, the catastrophic fake news — the fake news that ‘justified’ America’s invading and destroying Iraq, Libya, and many other countries — was all published in the mainstream ’news’media. That’s where to go for the really dangerous lies: it’s the mainstream ’news’media. If those media, and their Government (whose lies they stenographically report to the public) will now censor the Internet, such as is increasingly happening not only in the US but in its allies including the European Union, then the only ‘information’ that the public will have access to, at all, will be the billionaires’ lies. Have we already almost reached 1984, finally, in 2017?

Two typical examples of this coordinated mass-deception-operation happened to be showing at the top of the magazine-pile at an office recently and struck my attention there, because of the ordinariness of the propaganda that was being pumped.

One of them was the cover of TIME magazine, dated “July 24, 2017” and with the cover headlined “RED HANDED: The Russia Scandal Hits Home”, overprinting onto the face of Donald Trump Jr., as their menacing-looking cover-image. That cover-story, as published inside, was titled “How Donald Trump Jr.'s Emails Have Cranked Up the Heat on His Family”, and it used such phrases as “potentially treasonous” and “Russia is the one country that could physically destroy America” (as if it weren’t also the case that US is the one country that could physically destroy Russia, and very much the case also that possession of the weaponry isn’t any indication of being evil, such as this particular propagandist was implicitly assuming). Hillary Clinton’s V.P. running-mate was reported to be “saying that these fresh revelations move the Russia investigation into the realms of 'perjury, false statements and even, potentially, treason.'” 

These mere speculations, with slimy inferences of evil, with no real facts that back them up, were the front-cover ‘news’, in TIME. The facts were thin, but the speculations were thick, and the only thing really clear from it was that almost all of America’s billionaires and centi-millionaires want Trump ousted, and want Vice President Mike Pence to become America’s President as soon as possible — before Trump’s term is up. Democratic ones certainly do, and many of the Republican ones apparently do as well. Perhaps Trump isn’t hostile enough toward Russia to suit their fancy. At least Pence would be predictable — predictably horrible, in precisely the way that the controllers of the ‘news’media overwhelmingly desire.

The other example was the cover of The New Republic magazine, dated “December 2017” and it simply headlined in its center, “HOW TO ATTACK A DEMOCRACY”, and the opening page of the article inside was bannered “WEAKEN FROM WITHIN” and below that in the printed edition (the December physical issue of the magazine) was:

“Russian manipulation of American social media in the 2016 presidential election took the United States by surprise. But Moscow has been honing an information-age art of war — through fake news, disinformation, leaks, and trolling — for more than a decade. How can these societies protect themselves?”

The online version of that article (which was dated 2 November 2017) opened almost the same: “Moscow has been honing an information age art of war — through fake news, disinformation, leaks, and trolling — for more than a decade. How can free societies protect themselves?”

The unspoken assumption in this article is that the US CIA hasn’t been doing the same thing — and doing it even worse than the old (and thankfully expired) KGB ever did. (And the CIA, even after the end of communism as its supposed enemy until 1991, still does far worse to other countries than Russia’s FSB does or ever did.)

Underlying both the TIME article and the TNR article are unstated speculations about the American situation, which are based upon thin facts such as that "at least $100,000 in ads purchased through 470 phony Facebook pages and accounts” were "using Facebook to incite anti-black hatred and anti-Muslim prejudice and fear while provoking extremism”, and that supposedly somehow (they never say how) such puny expenses threw the multi-billion-dollar 2017 US Presidential election to Trump. How is a case such as that, to be viewed by an intelligent reader as constituting anything but propaganda for the weapons-making firms such as Lockheed Martin, who benefit from such international anti-Russia hate-spewing to NATO countries, which are those firms’ major markets (other than Saudi Arabia, and the other fundamentalist-Sunni kingdoms that together constitute the Gulf Cooperation Council or “GCC” nations, which hate Shiite Iran as much as the US regime hates Russia)?

Also among the underlying and unstated speculations in the background here is the older mass-media allegation about Russia’s allegedly having spied and swayed the US election by ‘hacking’ it, which is likewise being pumped by Democrats and other opponents of Mr. Trump, alleging that ‘Russia hacked the election’.

And, so, for an example of the flimsiness of those allegations, one of the two main ‘authorities’ who are the source of that, the Bush and Obama Administration’s James Clapper, was headlined at Politico on 7 July 2017, "Clapper: No evidence others besides Russia hacked US election”. Mr. Clapper happens to be a military-industrial-complex revolving-door ‘intelligence’ ‘professional’ whom, on 10 February 2011, even Politico was reporting to be “backing away from comments he made Thursday calling Egypt's branch of the Muslim Brotherhood movement 'largely secular’,” and who had also covered-up George W. Bush’s lies about ‘WMD in Iraq’ so as to protect the liars. On 29 October 2003, the New York Times stenographically passed along his deception about the non-existent WMD by headlining, "WEAPONS SEARCH; Iraqis Removed Arms Material, US Aide Says” and reported, "The official, James R. Clapper Jr., a retired lieutenant general, said satellite imagery showing a heavy flow of traffic from Iraq into Syria, just before the American invasion in March, led him to believe that illicit weapons material 'unquestionably' had been moved out of Iraq.” No evidence ever existed that Saddam Hussein still had any WMD after the U.N. monitors (UNSCOM) destroyed the last of them in 1998; but Clapper ‘unquestionably’ ‘knew’ to the contrary — though no evidence was ever made available to the contrary of UNSCOM’s reports, and lots of evidence existed that Bush simply lied about the entire matter.


The other main source for the allegation that ‘Russia hacked the election’ is the Obama Administration’s John Brennan, whom Glenn Greenwald exposed as a fraud back on 7 January 2013, headlining “John Brennan's extremism and dishonesty rewarded with CIA Director nomination”

Both of the official ‘experts’ who are promoting the Russiagate charges, are longtime, and repeatedly, exposed liars - but that’s the best they can do, always assuming that the public don’t know that these people are propagandists for the military-industrial complex, not real ‘public servants’ at all.

This isn’t to say that Trump isn’t also a liar — just that the ‘news’ in America is full of conflicting lies — and that they constantly are coming from the fake ‘news’media that are the mainstream ones who are now trying to censor out, and ultimately to obliterate, the few small news-operations (some of which, unlike any of the mainstream ones, actually are good, and authentic journalistic operations, no mere PR hackery) that are constantly exposing the fraudulence of the mainstream ones, which want to impose their dictatorship — the mainstream lies — even more rigorously than they already do. After all, the mainstream Western media still haven’t yet reported US President Obama’s bloody racist-fascist coup that in February 2014 replaced the democratically elected President of Ukraine (and his supporters in the legislature) by a racist-fascist or ideologically nazi regime that’s rabidly hostile toward its neighboring nation of Russia. Even now — nearly four years after the event. It’s already solidly documented history, but the mainstream US-and-allied press still hasn’t reported it.

The fake-news masters are certainly the mainstream ‘news’media themselves - and they, and the billionaires and centi-millionaires who own and control them, are the real megaphones by which the US dictatorship constantly fools the American people (and the publics in its allied nations), to keep in line, for the aristocracy.


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if russia hacked the election why didn't the dnc ask, beg the fbi to examine the dnc email servers and prove it in detail?  instead the dnc put forward the highly questionable crowdstrike and guccifer 2.0 materials.why hasn't evidence from the vaunted national security agency, as shown by snowden to record everything, been presented to demonstrate russian hacking?how can the fbi still maintain it never investigated the seth rich murder?  even if seymour hersh is right and it wasn't connected to rich's very probable theft of dnc email data and its transmission to wikileaks, it certainly could have been and merited checking out.  either the fbi is lying or incompetent (or both).i sent a request to judicial watch (potentially explosive materials about the clinton lynch "tarmac" meeting to be released today) asking them to file freedom of information suits on the first and third paragraphs above.  we must break out of the horrible zionist takeover of the u.s. that is explained in detail in chris bollyn's new book and video, the war on terror; the plot to rule the middle east.  it is also the plot to rule the u.s.a.…

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If there are any fucking Russians posting to ZH or any fucking where else.Why do I never, ever see the honest home boy Russian guy/gals opinion of all of this.And of their lives under Putin.Never, ever. Not one reveal.Either they are happy patriots.Or they are completely shut out/censored from the world wide web.But really.You old ZH'er's.Whuts da storie? 

BobEore wisehiney Thu, 11/30/2017 - 00:32 Permalink

Not shut out/censored. Just completely, religiously an exceptionalist occidental readership who literally have not the time of day - for real perspectives from real people who don't live in the 'real Gulagistan' which the west has become. I can remember - a few years back - a Russian gal appeared on the board, for a week or so, posting incredibly interesting tidbits totally unavailable to us through the ONEMEDIAZ... and asking her to keep posting. Which she stopped doing shortly thereafter... as there was no other reaction ... at all. Just ignore...everything outside the fishbowl.As for this turd in the punch bowl... by another comedian - Dr Zeuss!

The fake-news masters are certainly the mainstream ‘news’media themselves

correction: the fake news masters are certainly the mainstream and alt flavor versions of the ONEMEDIA themselves. Competing for the common prize - of entrappng their audience in a fun house of mirrors... dialectical deceits.. and false trails.Billionaires? No mention - NONE of the srael-firster who now make up almost exclusively the ranks of the 1%.Bullshit agit-prop of the most naked type. It's what merikan want - and it's what they gonna get.

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I met a few Russian dudes and a couple of Russian chicks during the 80's.It was all a party then.I was overall impressed with them.Now they are gone.In media. On the street.Everywhere.Wow.I do not think that I would miss any hint of them.Were it to flash by.I am so curious of the great white north.And those wondrous lost people.

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Bro - contact some. Easy as. Go to English language blogs or whatever on VK or online chats They are just like you and me, but with a few different ways and cultural assumptions.  They consider insincere emotions like lying, so if they do not know you they won't be overtly friendly. It's not rudeness,  it's simply not fakeness.I am from Auz and i went there to live and work 3 times, not by choice. The first time was honestly shocking - the beginning of my red pilling. The people and society were open, free, nowhere near as monitored or as police state censored as we are Downunder. I was honestly in shock the first full day. Example - On the main drag was a Golem mock up with Putin's face on it outside a store. I got my photo taken with 2 cops by it!! Discussion is open, people still largely have commonsense (though feminism still begininng poisioning even there on millenials). Men are a mix from super-Alpha to gentler sensitive sorts, but they have your back, fucking always, will fight at tge drop of a hat but (REALLY fight - bloood) then be drinking together arms around their shoulders 10 minutes later. They dont fuck around and will shit test you as a man to see if you have the metal to simply say "net". They respect that.  Women, complete spectrum, but with a focus on family, and generally more feminine. Not easy at all, in fact less inclined to sleep around tgan Aussie chicks, but 1000000 times better in the sack and in romance than the entitled deluded adult children we call women here. Lots of men and women don't drink at all surprisingly. (If you want to know how Russian men generally converse, listen to this Russian guy) Newspapers slag off politicians like ours, mix of people in the cities. The cops are corrupt but teddybears really, super chilled and approachable. Anyway - they are just like us but, in truth,  not as broadly  stupid as we are, with more modest expectations. They understand our culture, we are largely clueless of theirs except for the vodka-slutvana cliches. They have huge aids and drugs problems still (1990s hangover), but in most ways everything is safe, chilled, unassumingly moving forward. MOSCOW vERY Different from St. Petersburg,  which In turn is different from Irkutsk, etc. After my first week i started to ask "wow! If the narrative on Russia is such a lie, what else could be on this scale of inversion ...?". My journey out of the matrix began.Talk to the ones in Russia, not chippy expats in the USA, but ordinary people,  nurses, teachers, oil engineers, solicitors, students, babushkas (yep they are tech savy). Diverse like here, but not having the front row seat to the asylum circus we are currently blessed with in the West.

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Hell yes.That is exactly them as I remember.And a good tip it is.Never enough time for what we want to do.But thanks for the obvious answer.I do not carry a cell phone, I just bring people like you to good parties.And laugh my ass off.Just thankful that they invite me again.One night soon, I shall follow your good advice and simply find me some to exchange with.Keep it real, keep it true, keep it free.

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I wonder if the Russians think the same of us, our government liars and media. I'm sure they hear more about us then we do of them, however as the demonizing of Putin and Russia accelerates as the elite embark upon regime change in Russia, we will be spoon fed the same propaganda about how Putin is a ruthless dictator and how the Russian people are censored  and suffering under his brutal regime. Sound familiar?Propagandize, demonize and dehumanize. The US CIA MIC M.O. Our elite project alot too. You can always know what they have done or are doing, via their accusations of those they demonize.  

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We have a couple on here, at least that appear to be.  They usually have Russian sounding names and speak English that's a tad broken.  Vokadov comes to mind.  I am not sure if that is the right name but there ar a couple.  There is one that comes in here very rarely but he is a really good poster.

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The Russians are neither shut out nore censored from the internet.  They have very lively online and media discussions about the crazy West.  They laugh at our juvenile approach to life, having international temper tantrums just like their own children when things don't go their way. They do not usually post here because 1) many of them do not speak English and 2) most do not think it is even worth the effort to reach to such a low level of intellectual discourse. Here is an example where the former and 'infamous' Russiagate Ambassador to the US is having a bit of fun with America on Russian TV:…

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Look...Sure it has an effect on the sheep, but we wouldn’t have President Trump If it was that effective. The people who believe the Russia crap and all the rest are in a bubble and the fact someone buys it hook line and sinker is no different then politics of old...The fact the left decided to stop even pretending in their media is a godsend, but the vast majority of people are here because we already know NYT,WaPo, CNN are Fake News...Who the fuck believes TIME magazine but a fool...

Funny Assange linked to 1964 interview video with Dylan calling TIME and Newsweek Fake News..good stuff....

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yes indeed.  the handling of the election by the legacy media and their near unanimous support of hillary clinton (quite different than when the fully aipac vetted john mccain and mitt romney ran) explains why.anyone with intellectual honesty can see that there is a very strong attempt by the dual citizenry and the mic to keep up the wars, both for the power and control it gives the u.s. national security state vs. a free u.s. electorate and the devastation it brings to israel's perceived enemies.perhaps the best practical step would be to follow the advice of reuven rivlin, israel's president, and offer legal possession of the conquests of the six days war to israel on condition of the vote being given to the palestinians as full israeli citizens.  

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I just keep thinking that this has to implode on itself soon, if for no other reason that it so gawd damn stupid.  Not one narrative they have is left standing, just completely blown wide open stupid shit.  Being behind ISIS and Al Qaeda for example.  Yet, they still keep pushing the meme.  Many in the US may not but world wide people generally know.  We have at least 3 major state actors revealing it all the time now in their media.  They are starving whole nations now in epic crimes against humanity, right in the open and then trying to play the angelic state battling the forces of evil, that everybody knows that they are funding.  They put the poet crucifiers on the globalist human right council for f*cks sake.  This turkey has to be about cooked.  

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@Ms No... agreed but then why I now call out the new form of liberalist as the one that now craves war so they have fresh victims to feed upon and that they can go on to be some fine upstanding person in their community.Without a large vocal argument against those doing the warmongering the lieralists support the action creating all the human death and suffering.Like I call out government workers as enemy combatants so I call out liberalists as a new form of parasite.All possible when you have a propaganda led MSM not based on any truth or evidence.

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of course, the logic that follows these russian hacking allegations is that the usa is so weak that 100,000 dollars and a few news items from a coupla minor russian news agencies can manipulate the entire usa public but billions of dollars worth of propaganda coming from the usa is totally ineffective. the zionazis, using their usual non sequitor reasoning, admit they are bungling idiots.

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This article is really appropriate to my present situation. I created an account on the liberal website just this past week. I used my old Facebook accout, which I haven't used in years, to get facilitate logging on. The stories are rapidly anti-Trump and Russiaphobic - the commenters even more so. They seem to believe without reservation everything they see and hear on mainstream TV. An amazing lack of critical thinking - an echo chamber of groupthink. I enjoyed debating their viewpoint, catching lots of flack from the Politico faithful. One commentor in particular was dead sure I was a Russian bot, or troll. 'Where do you live in Russia? You have a fake Facebook page. You're a coward and a phony. What is Putin paying you?' When I explained that I was as American as I assumed he was, but I had a different take on the Russian fake news narrative, he called me a liar and a Russian spreading fake news. Fast forward to last night. i get on the Politico site, and all my comments are gone. And this tool is proudly proclaiming that he informed Facebook that I was a Russian troll and they promptly disabled my Facebook account. Sure enough, Facebook notified me that I could no longer access my account. Just like that! No reason. No explanation. Now how did this idiot have the power to shut me down? To silence me? At this minute, I'm trying to contact Facebook online to explain what the hell happened. I live in the SF bay area (not Moscow like this foaming moron truly believes), and I will drive to Facebook headquarters and demand some answers if need be. Something treacherous is going on. Free speech and alternative ideas are in grave danger. If this happened so easily to me, how many others have, or will, have it happen to them? I'm pissed - and I won't stop until I get to the bottom of this!

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do it.  bring a video camera wielding assistant with a microphone.  post results to youtube or there a democratic party oriented website with the commenting freedom of zerohedge and which can be accessed without a social media account?  i want a go at them too, not that this debate is at base a partisan one, more like individualist/libertarian vs. authoritarian.  

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There is a site called ''. It is an amazing echo chamber of like minded morons. Comment something to the likes of what we see here on Zerohedge - they are the nastiest, foaming at the mouth crowd of Clintonites you will ever witness. Lots of fun fucking with their heads, but scary how many truly media-brainwashed zombies are out there. You don't need to be on social media to create an account. Just don't expect to last long there. I was kicked off the site in spite of being polite and following the rules. They just couldn't have someone disrupt their little safe space groupthink. They can't handle the truth!

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UPDATE. Well, this just gets weirder and weirder. After spending half of yesterday proving to Facebook that I was who I said I was, and not some 'Russian troll', they re-activated my account - all my comments are back on the Politico story. But now the moron commenator who knocked me off Facebook in the first place is himself now gone. All his comments have disappeared from the Politico site. All I can imagine is that HE was actually a fake account - a troll - spewing Russia-Trump collusion 'fake news', and Facebook closed HIS account. Crazy! 

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wwho cares what russkie think or feel, russkie are not humans, they have no culture other than veneration (either open or overt) of socialism. them

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Yep it actually shows how far the west has lost its capitalist ideology government tell us we have.Nope ...Population is forced to live as socialists.Those ruling live as capitalists.Then the capitalists feed of the socialist body "A FUCKING ABOMINATION THE ULTIMATE PARASITE".The host never dies they just put enough in to keep it alive is all while they collect the rest. 

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