'Gold is in a Bear Leg..with an $1800 Target'

originally posted by the Soren K. Group on marketslant.com

Moor Report Summary:

If the title confuses you, do not be fooled. There is a short term outlook, that can change from day to day, an intermediate outlook that can change week to week, and a long term one. This changes month to month And they are not contradictory.

  • Short Term -  refers to daily outlooks here. It is choppy with repeated failures to pierce $1300. This calls for trading counter trend with a downward bias intraday Sell rallies, buy dips.... in that order.
  • Intermediate Term- We do not like trading week to week and have no feel for this time frame. To us, if the short term makes money, then take it home and see if it continues intermediate term.
  • Long Term- Buy it, buy it again, and keep buying it unleveraged with money you do not need for current cash flow or expenses; and hold it for 12 to 18 months with a target of $1700 plus. The only thing to  consider is if you buy more on any dip above $1245 (Fund  Finder level) then $1229 (Moor Level) and $1192, (from VBS). Then decide if you add on a break  above $1338. The macro is lined up. We seek the micro to start the ball rolling to add or pare positions.

Slow Rally Kills Shorts

We are in a limbo area right now, where a short term bull leg is triggered with a decisive penetration above $1294.50. And any settlement below $1292.20 is a short term bear leg. Accumulators buy while shorters seek weakness to push lower. Physical  accumulators  do not chase. It is the shorts who will ignite this if it is to accelerate  to the upside. We'd  prefer a slow melt up to $1338 so no hot money buys, and shorts can delude themselves

Michael's analysis echoes what we see longer  term. Specifically, in 9-12 months he sees an upward  move bringing us to $1400 minimum,  and over $1800 maximum. This all happens as long as the market withstands any pressure down to $1229.

Our own  analysis remains unviolated adn fully intact. Funds are buying dips above the  12 month moving average, Volatility in the short term is starting to percolate, and long term volatility is flatlining. The low long term volatility implies the next move in Gold is not to be faded if  accompanied by  newly expanding long term volatility.

Simply put:

  1. SKG Fund Finder: Patient Long above the 12 month MA with a sell stop on a  monthly settlement below $1245
  2. Moor Analytics: Traditional Analysis says a long bias is in order with the ability to swing trade in either direction as described in the levels below
  3. Echobay's VBS Macro: Explosive volatility on a move above $1338 or below $1192 in either direction. implying a $200 move in either direction if triggered

SKG Fund Finder - the 12 month MA said to buy in July/August on a settlement above the yellow line. Our refinement says now is when to buy based on line slope and risk /reward



Moor Analytics Weekly

GC (G)

On a short-term basis:

I cautioned that an area of possible exhaustion for the move up from 12628 came in at 13077-81.
We rejected $43.9 from this, but this is now on hold. The trade above 12896 (-1 tic (10 cents) per/hour) put us above a small
formation that projects this upward $5.5 minimum, $14.5 (+) maximum. We have seen $9.4 of this so far. This will come in at
12881 (-1 tic (10 cents) per/hour starting at 6:00pm). If we break back below, look for profit taking to come in. The trade
above 12925 brought in $6.5 of the strength warned about above before rolling over. Decent trade below 12792 (+.3 of a tic
(3 cents) per/hour starting at 6:00pm) will project this downward $20 minimum, $24 (+) maximum; but if we break below here
decently and back above decently, look for decent short covering to come in. A maintained gap lower tomorrow will leave a
short term bearish reversal intact above that will warn of decent pressure, likely for days. Trade above 12990 is a sign of
renewed strength.

On a macro basis:

We broke above a well-formed macro line in the week of 8/7 that came in at 12629. The break above here
projects this upward $174 minimum, $493 (+) maximum—the maximum to be attained likely within 9-12 months. This line
comes in at 12294 this week, and rolls into (G).
This is off hold, or you could wait for a decent break above the 12947-54 area
mentioned below for added confirmation. Within that we rallied up to a macro resistance line on 9/11 at 13522 that I said we
are looking for a multi-week smackdown from-- we were seeing some of this as we have come off $89.4, but this is on hold.
We left a medium term bearish reversal intact above on 9/18 that also warned of continued pressure in the days/weeks ahead.
We have seen $48 so far. This too is on hold. Within the bearishness I noted that a possible area of exhaustion for this move
down from 13624 comes in at 12732-644. We basically held this, but with a $1.6 violation, and rallied to 13084 before rolling
over and rejecting from it again. Decent trade below 12682 will project this downward $31 minimum, $97 (+) maximum based
off a well-formed formation. Decent trade above 12950 will project this upward $23 minimum, $47 (+) maximum based off an
‘ok formed’ formation; but if we break above here decently and back below decently, look for decent profit taking to come in.

Email Michael for subscription info : Michael Moor


Volatility Cycles more cleanly than price. it could stay low for months, but is far less likely to give false  signals. 


In Gold and Silver, we use 1.5 STD on BBands and relationships not shown here between historical and implied that corroborate or negate a signal- SK

Good Luck

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SafelyGraze Slomotrainwreck Thu, 11/30/2017 - 15:41 Permalink

price is going to zerometal has declared bankruptcy it borrowed more than it can repayit was found guilty of fraudits corporate charter was dissolvedit rusted, it rotted, it evaporated, it grew old, it became very ill, it died, it went on strike, it was badly injuredit stopped conducting electricity and/or electricity stopped being of valueit stopped being used in jewelryit became too abundant and too easy to collectprice is going to zero

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The Jaguar Thu, 11/30/2017 - 13:31 Permalink

My gold and silver still look exactly the same every day. I don’t own to speculate or I would be heavy bitcoin. I own as insurance and long term wealth preservation.

ReturnOfDaMac Thu, 11/30/2017 - 13:48 Permalink

Who cares?  Two gold eagles, pandas, or maple leafs is all anyone will ever need in a lifetime.  IF and thats a big IF, SHTF, they get you through the emergency, and then its back to fiat city with a new regime.  Happens all the time.  Short term emergency and another fiat Du Jour arrives.  Look at Venezuela and Zim (birthplace of the great Gideon Gono), etc.

Iconoclast421 Thu, 11/30/2017 - 13:56 Permalink

I tried to be bullish on gold, but I ended up being glad I have that 22.50 GDX hedge. After the action this week I've flipped from majorly bullish to majorly bearish, on the miners in particular. Watch out below!

OnErrorResumeNext Thu, 11/30/2017 - 15:29 Permalink

Unfortunately, it cost my family a few more than two to get out of Europe early last century. Granted, the going rate for refugees to escape is about one ounce per head and hasn't changed much in the last thousand years....This was supposed to be a reply to ReturnOfDaMac. Not sure why is slid down the page.

BurningBetty Thu, 11/30/2017 - 16:11 Permalink

See the pattern that was developing in gold up untill 2012? It resembles the development in Bitcoin. BUT, since Bitcoin doesn't have an overleveraged papermarket run by criminals, the price discovery is determined by supply/demand mechanisms. AND, it can't be shorted. Gold is and always will be true store of value, regardless of cryptos but the criminal cabal of Central Bankers have done their outmost to fool the public into thinking that gold is nothing more than shiny "gems" stored as antiques.

zerohedge25 Thu, 11/30/2017 - 19:03 Permalink

My thought of the day in this irrational world:Great heroes just like great music and art can and should be rediscovered. Aldous Huxley, George Orwell and Smedley Butler are perfect examples of that premise. Let them be the great trinity of the new way of thinking. 3 great intellectuals who could read the future like and open book, let their great work be re-discovered so we don't repeat the terrible mistakes of the past.Everyone should be aware of their warnings. Huxley warned of the dumbing down of society because people incapable of critical thinking are easier to rule over. Orwell warned of governments and other forces that want to control the media, our thoughts and even what words we can use. Butler warned that War is a business and if the military industrial complex is left to its own ways, we will have perpetual warfare until the end of time, which if they have their way, may be sooner than we think.