Editor Apologizes For Running "White Death" Opinion Piece

Authored by Rob Shimshock via The Daily Caller,

An editor for a student paper apologized for an op-ed a student journalist asserted that “white death will mean liberation for all,” according to a Wednesday report.

Rudy Martinez, a Texas State University student journalist for The University Star, wrote an article entitled “Your DNA Is An Abomination,” referring to the DNA of white people, reported The College Fix.

“The original intent of the column was to comment on the idea of race and racial identities,” said Denise Cervantes, The University Star’s editor-in-chief, in a statement.


“We acknowledge that the column could have been clearer in its message and that it has caused hurt within our campus community.


We apologize and hope that we can move forward to a place of productive dialogue on ways to bring our community together.”

The publication removed Martinez’s article from its website, but the writer still insists that the piece was not racist.

“Ontologically speaking, white death will mean liberation for all,” said Martinez in his column.


“Accept this death as the first step toward defining yourself as something other than the oppressor. Until then, remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist. You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die.”


“Was the piece racist? Nope; racist attitudes come from a position of power,” said Martinez to The College Fix.


“The only group who have ever held true power in this nation are those who call themselves ‘white.'”

The writer noted that his language, specifying the part where he claimed to have only met “12 decent white people” in his life, “could be deemed as hyperbolic (just barely),” but said that it started a dialogue and outed racists.

“The column’s central theme was abhorrent and is contrary to the core values of inclusion and unity that our Bobcat students, faculty, and staff hold dear,” said Denise M. Trauth, president of Texas State.

Martinez has published seven other posts on The University Star, the first of which was titled “100 Years Onward, The Russian Revolution Continues To Inspire.”


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DEATH for Martinez! Your Hispanic bloood is an ABOMINATION, complete extermination of all Mexicans and their oppression of flour tortillas will liberate corn, and swine globally! (Sorry, was trying to place the shoe on the other foot to reveal how evil this mindset is, but this "whitey" just has to much humor in him) :)

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“Was the piece racist? Nope; racist attitudes come from a position of power,” said Martinez His opinion piece was from his position of power as a writer. It was racist.

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Communism always lacked logic , their is a basic flaw at the heart of this stupid and evil philosophy  . Can we be suprised that its Priests spout illogical BS to their followers in the certainty they will be believed . Who built the Transiberian Railroad ?  In the Bolshevik version 'Criminals who were sent for religious retraining through proletaritate studies ' . If some of them died it was for a good cause . Like all totaliterian creeds Communism is evil . 

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I need 5 minutes alone with that snowflake and I'll show him white privilege. Fucker needs the taste buds pimp-slapped out of his cock holster.

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No matter how Vile & repulsive as the piece was. Vile, revolting, Scum Fuck Martinez has the freedom of speech to write it & express his hatred of the White Race & People.

That’s the difference between the Pseudo Intellectual Marxist’s & Freedom loving Patriots.

The Fascist will use violent force to shut down the opposition. The opposition would not resort to such tactics.

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With the war on Whites, particularly White heterosexual males, gaining strength, Mr. Martinez (below) feels emboldened enough to come out and express in writing his true hatred of the European peoples. This is a good development because it helps destroy the illusions of many that mass immigration from the third-world will have a happy ending. I have interacted with a lot of non-Europeans both in the west and in their home countries, and if you scratch below the surface you will find in most a hatred of Western Civilization and the people that built this civilization. This may seem counter intuitive considering our borders are overrun by people from the third-world trying to get into western countries but it really isn’t. In fact, the closer non-Europeans are to Europeans, the more they hate us. The reason is that they are reminded daily that they cannot compete with the European people in any major area of endeavour and are incapable of creating anything remotely comparable to Western Civilization in their home country which is very painful. Over time, this hatred grows and will eventually reach the point where even most White liberals will conclude that we have the West and the Rest, and the two cannot live together in harmony and peace. The genetic distance between Europeans and other racial groups is too wide to be bridged in most cases. At that point, and we are getting close to that point in the US, Canada, Australia and Western Europe, there is a good chance that all hell will break out. I am not sure how this will be resolved but it looks to me like we are on the path to civil war which will be followed by physical separation and repatriation of non-Europeans to their home countries. In Canada, Justin Trudeau may believe he is the future but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Trudeau and the ideas he represents are finished but he doesn’t know that yet. He will suffer a fate similar to Merkel and other proponents of what is in truth the genocide of the European peoples. Because in the final analysis, it comes down to blood and soil for all people despite 24/7 media propaganda to the contrary. Truth has a way of destroying endemic lies and those spouting these lies.

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"it comes down to blood and soil for all people" you sound familiar. Is your name Adolf?, Adolf Hitler. He was a Very Good Man and if the jew supremacists had not swindeled & connived the U.S. into jew war II we would not be in this situation.It's the jew supremacists that has given us this mess. "Against our better judgement"- Allison Weir"Megacaust"- Michael Walsh"Jewish Supremacism" David Duke"The synagogue of satan"- Andrew Carrington Hitchcock"The Jewish revolututionary spirit"- E. Michael Jones" Myth of the 20th Century"-Alfred Rosenberg"The jewish onslaught"- Dr. Tony Martin" It's the jews Stupid"- R. Vincent Bert" Mein Kampf"-Adolf Hitler" One Nation Under israel"- Andrew Hurley" On the jews & their Lies" Martin LutherJust to name a very very few.And the definitive work regarding the nature and actions of the jew supremacists- "Holy Bible"- God   

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He should have named this article "My Struggle".  Nazism was about victimhood as much as anything, and the Jews could not be victims of racism because they held the dominant posts in society.