Paris - The Capital Of West & Central Africa


Once France was one of “the great powers”, dominating Europe and parts of the world in terms of culture and economy. The country’s demise started after the Second World War, though it still played a key role in the creation of the European Union and the euro, which was to prevent Germany from subjugating the rest of the continent.

However, this strategy has failed and Berlin has become Europe’s capital, with France’s importance ever dwindling.

France’s population is slowly being substituted for by people from Africa. Renaud Camus calls it the “grand replacement”. Paris, once a European, then a global is slowly turning into an African metropolis. If French elites, whose influence in Europe is fading, want to remain a world power, they can only opt for Africa. Qaddafi, the king of the kings, became a threat to France’s interests on the continent. It were not the Americans that pushed for Qaddafi’s replacement but the French elites.

Although the days of colonialism officially came to an end in the 1960s, Paris has not given up its position of a great power on the Dark Continent.

France controls most of the countries in West and sub-Saharan Africa politically, economically and through a strong military presence.

Gendarme without backbone

France’s current zone of influence in Africa is the result of the policies of President Charles de Gaulle, who was unable to come to terms with his defeats in Indochina (1954) and Algeria (1962) and therefore sought to achieve the dominance of France in his former colonies. After de Gaulle, however, other presidents did not refrain from using military force and violence in Africa to defend their interests, on the pretext of protecting human rights and democracy. The French often achieved the opposite, because they made the same mistakes in their military actions as Americans made elsewhere in the world: they supported people who later became their enemies or violated human rights.  For example, it was the regime of Juvenal Habyariman in Rwanda that was supported by Paris: the French supplied Hutu combat groups with weapons, thus contributing to the Tutsi massacre. Hollande, who in Paris and Europe was perceived as a weakling, showed the face of a warrior and sent heavy units and fighter planes to Mali in 2013. This would not have been necessary if French President Sarkozy and the USA had not overthrown Qaddafi. It was Sarkozy that initiated the NATO led airstrikes against Libya. The removal of Colonel Qaddafi gave rise to the creation of the Caliphate with the help of Tuaregs in the north of Niger and Mali. After a few years since the start of the mission in Mali one wonders: has it made Europe safer? Has the flow of migrants been stopped through Sahel countries? Are the Jihadists of African descent a lesser threat in Europe?

The cost of the military action in Mali in 2013 amounted to 650 million euros. Operation Barkhane (as it is called) continues to this day and costs the French budget €500 million per year. Of course, democracy in Mali is a top priority for most Europeans, right?

A total of 9,000 French soldiers are currently stationed in Chad, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Gabon, the Central African Republic and Djibouti. The growing military presence is intended to support the fight against terrorism and crime, in fact it is about the French elites extending their power to the south, reaching for cheap raw materials and outlet markets.

Common currency – Central African Republic sponsored by Mario Draghi

To preserve power, a sovereign needs not only to have an army but even more so issue a currency. Paris knows about this and uses a currency of its own to preserve its colonial power. It is beneficial for the government and large corporations that it represents: uranium from Niger and Gabon, cocoa from Ivory Coast, peanuts from Senegal, commercial orders for French companies in many different countries of West and Central Africa – some 1,000 French companies operating in francophone Africa generate annual profits of around €52 billion.Such profits would not be possible without the CFA franc. The CFA franc is the official currency in 14 African countries with a total population of 140 million.

Its history can be traced back to the Bretton Woods conference after the Second World War:as in all countries participating in the Bretton Woods system, there was considerable inflation in France. The introduction of a quasi-parallel currency should devalue the real franc and lower inflation in the African countries because the Africans cannot print money at will. Banque de France thus guaranteed the convertibility of the CFA franc into the real French franc for many decades and ensured its devaluation and a fixed exchange rate:

Since the introduction of the euro, the CFA franc has been linked to the common European zone. Still, it is the French treasury that is responsible for its stability and so it is the French tax payers who are held liable.

The monetary union thus transferred the cost of the CFA zone to the French taxpayer. Is it clear to an average French taxpayer that he is not only confronted with the cost of mass-migration and that, apart from the billions in development aid, which is usually wasted anyway, part of his tax goes to Africa? Part of it? Well, how much is that? Those responsible are happy to keep quiet about this. Try to get the information out, it’s like France’s state secret. The Maastricht Treaty provides proof of this: it says nothing about the CFA. Perhaps the French signed the treaty because the financial burden was too heavy for them?

Carrot for African elites, French conglomerates and… migrants

Let us take just one country as an example: Senegal, a popular destination for French presidents. Rolf Heimer wrote:”The devaluation (1994) of the CFA had two aspects: on the one hand, exports of its most important product, peanuts, actually rose in 1994/5, and thus the income of the plantation owners, who belonged to the elite; on the other hand, the majority of the population continued to impoverish, as the higher prices for the fertilizers and pesticides imported from abroad meant much lower income for most small farmers."

While devaluation against the franc or the euro makes imports from Europe more expensive, linking the CFA franc to the strong euro reduces the competitiveness of African CFA countries. It favours imports from countries with weaker currencies (e. g. China, Nigeria, India and Thailand). In addition, most of Africa’s exports are calculated in dollars, meaning that the loss is double, since any appreciation of the euro against the dollar worsens the total value of exports. It was particularly clear in the years 2000-2010: the appreciation of the euro put the CFA countries at a disadvantage. The African countries do not form an optimal currency area. It means that the group of countries can be hit by crises that are economically too much asymmetric: one of them can be worse off while others can be booming. There is no coordinated fiscal policy ensuring that capital is transferred from states that are doing well to those that are doing poorly. For example, rises in oil prices can cause immense damage to employment and production capacity in one country, as their central banks cannot cushion the negative effects of changes in nominal exchange rates, while another country may profit from the phenomenon. Even though the CFA guarantees its countries lower inflation and fiscal discipline imposed by the ECB, the question here is whether the cost of the single currency will not outweigh expected profits.

Who profits from it? It is certainly Africa’s upper classes and migrants. Thanks to CFA, the former can buy luxury goods at low prices in Europe and transfer French lifestyle to Africa, while the latter can rely on their homes in Ouagadougou or Dakar to retain their value.

Macron – a man who will change everything?

You must be joking. During his February visit to the former French colony of Algeria, he said:“Colonization is part of French history. It is a crime against humanity, a real barbarity. You have to face that part of the past and apologize for what has been done.” 

From a historical perspective it was a strange remark, because the French conquered Algeria while it was under the Ottoman rule to end Berber slave raids and piracy. Politically, his apologies make sense in that to rule the African continent, the Paris elites should win the hearts and minds of the black “French” peasants.


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Allies laid waste in Germany 70 years ago. Today Germany is THE BIGGEST economy in Europe, and one of the biggest in the world.The US decided to test its new toys in Japan and nuked two Japanese cities, altogether with fucking them in a war. Look at Japan today.China a communist hellhole some decades away. Today it's not paradise, but certainly they are getting ahead.Now tell me again your sobbing stories about why European colonialism centuries ago is holding back Africa today. I really need to recharge my White guilt so I can better accept the hordes of FUCKING NIGGERS (oh yes poor baby, I'm a racist dickhead too) invading Europe.

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It's OK to be a racist dickhead. That way you'll understand why you get so angry when the mudslimes and niggers rape your wifes and daughters and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.Cause we have to embrace their culture of rape.Although we can't allow MSM celebrities, politicians, and other such ilk to use this cultural acceptance as an excuse for their digressions.That in and of itself would be racism.

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The US has hardly any involvement in Africa outside of military and aid. The aid part, unfortunately, is diminishing.China has the biggest sphere of influence. They bribe every politician to get their businesses contracts. Then they bring in Chinese prisoners and poor peasents to work on these projects. Most jobs don't even go to Africans. It's insane. Then all of Europe is in the DR of Congo along with China, keeping a war going while they are extracting every single resource and killing all the beaurtiful wildlife and keeping people in poverty. Go to Kinshasa -  12 million people living in a slum while Europeans and Chinese live in luxury.The US has very little business interest becasue US companies get fined for bribing. Th $750 million fine that the US levied against Walmart 20 years ago or so when they bribed Mexican officials, is an example of the harsh punishment meted out by the US to corporations for such infractions. Meanwhile Europeans and particularlythe  Chinese bribe right and left. And of course the leaders of most African nations are happy to take the bribes. In fact, they insist on being bribed.And look at Kenya - the bright spot of Africa but corrupt as hell. The European Union gave them a 4.5 billion Euro bond for projects and development. It took only one day for all t hose funds to disappear in the pockets and off-shore banks of the leaders of the country and the coffers of the ruling party. It all disappeared. Kenyan media was outraged. But it was just another horrid scandal that Kenyans have become used to hearing about. I know - I live in African. It is a beautiful continent. But it is fucked. I pray it survives.

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LOL. what a... blenderized mass of facts, factoids and rubbish

I like that "French Taxpayers On The Hook" regarding African currencies isued by the Banque of France and pegged on the EUR. straight out of the UK Tory Backbencher Dogma/Myth of "the eurozone is on fire, and UK taxpayers liable"


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It's the opposite. The French Treasury takes a 'fee' for it's 'guarantee'. The French are paying the price with millions of starving Africans, getting out of their shithole of a country, in a depression due to the previous unsustainable boom, mostly Euro credit which disappeared at the first sign of trouble.Same now as in the 1990's

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You beat me to it Ghordius. The author is blending fact, with half-truths, with massaged figures, with half stories, with outright lies. The author fails to mention WHY the French have invested so much military money in Mali. Why Marcon after his election victory, his first visit to see a state leader was not Merkel, or May, Or the POTUS, but he flew to see the president of Mali. One word is all I need to say. Taoudeni Basin. It is the size of fucking Western Europe and who do you think has first dibs in Mali? To say the Taoudeni Basin is full of goodies is an understatement. For the author to omit this, simply shows the agenda and the level of intellectual dishonesty at play.As for the currency peg. The author is a fantasist. How many times have I said on ZH, the French have the vastly better end of the deal, by running the currency of the 14 West and Central Africa Franc countries? When these countries were under colonial rule and we all know how the deals between the colonialists and the natives were so equitable in those days. The west and Central Africa franc, was 1 for 2. The moment former colonies started declaring independence, the CFA plummeted. Look at it now. Do you really believe it should be that low? Several African countries have wanted to leave the CFA and France always resists. I fucking wonder why? The French control their money, the French print it, the Africans are forced to leave the majority of their reserves in the French central bank and they run the entire show. Do people on this forum actually understand real world economics and banking?The author goes into no fucking details of the French being “out of pocket”. France is in economic shit, despite gouging 14 African countries of their resources, since? FOREVER. Believe me, the French have been sucking out more than €500 million euro’s per year on average, in Mali. French electrification is nuclear powered. Have a guess where their uranium comes from? Fools simply do not realise, the aid we give Africa, is just a tiny cut of their own fucking resources, our multi-nations rake in.

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Bravo. Couldn't have explained it better.The Brits did the same thing in Nigeria and the AMerikans, with Museveni and Kagame, are doing the same thing in the Tutsi rape of Eastern Congo, that OTHER mineral basin run by the likes of Glencore and Exxon-- in ex-Mobutu-CIA land. That ongoing war has seen 6 million people killed over two decades; that's SHOAH size tribal killings as PROXY WARS for the West.The Hutu Tutsi war in 1994 in Rwanda was a REMAKE of the Franco-Brit rivalry; France's FAshoda Complex from 1898 humiliation, to carve out these neo-colonial mineral, corpocracy empires; like they have done with EX-COMMIE Angola, now part of the West's OIL EMPIRE in Africa-- going MORE AND MORE CHINA centric.Not to be out-done the Chinese and Indians are also moving in to get their share of the African cake.Poor Africa will be up for grabs; while the world talks about climate change...Q-daffy was part of the loop and Sarko played the Count of Morcerf-- to help kill the Bey of Djanina-Tripoli; who apparently paid into his 2007 election according to the ongoing enquiry.What won't we do to make the Tale of Count of Monte Cristo come true!Its all a "GREAT GAME" like the Rule Britannia Empire played against the Russian bear in the 19th century; we never learn!Tolstoi's War and Peace is still the book to read!Macron is right to say France has no Françafrique policy anymore; he is right to say that women in third world should not just be baby factories without their own personalities; aka if we had more women's rights in third world there would be less population explosion; but the West has to stop JAWBONING and invest more direct investment to right the ship of past neo-colonialism IF THEY REALLY WANT TO STOP THE IMMIGRATION TRAIL OF THE "NEW BARBARIANS" OCCUPYING A EURO CONTINENT WITH AN AGING POPULATION INDigenous problem."What you sow you then reap" is the timeline of all Empires when they decay. Karma !

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Yes, and let's not forget the 27 year Civil-War (1975-2002) in Angola where the 'Usual Suspects' Bush snr, Cheney & Rumsfeld played a major role in the total destruction of the country, selling WMD's to UNITA.

Miraculously (sarc) the Oil flow throughout that whole period from Cabinda, wasn't interrupted for a single fucking day.

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American interest is basically nil in DRC compared with China and Europe. Those are the big players extracting and pillaging all the resources, destroying the wildlife, and killing the citizens. Those Congolese who aren't killed live in poverty..... Go to the DRC. It's sad.Canada has much more "business" interest in the DRC and other African nations than USA 

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The French Treasury supposedly 'guarantees' the CFA.It was the big credit bust of the late 80's that led directly to the disaster in Rwanda. When French credit began to wobble the first place it vaporised was the 'riskiest' part of the French economic zone.The situation still hasn't changed for the West Africans.

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Gone-to-seed nation of fags and Tunten.The law of the jungle does not indulge wimps, pussies nor shemales.The Coudenhove Kalergi agenda and the childless "leaders" of Europe is precisely what the chosenites have planned.Will working class France and the rest of the enslaved wimpy EuroPeons rise up and cut out the cancer? Time will tell....if they get the time.…

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Qaddafi. Colonel, dictator

let's not forget here that he was protected. for the lenght of his very long rule, except at the end

by Paris. with support of Rome and Berlin. and... Moscow as well as Cairo. against the wishes of Washington and London

enter the Iraq Madness, enter the destabilization of the whole region, enter... new players

now, one warlord there is being courted by Moscow and Cairo, one region is being supported by the new players and another is struggling to keep it's territory under control, under "western influence"

"thanks", Dubya et al. "thanks", "we came, we saw, he died" MadWoman. "thanks", Sarko. oh, there are so many we have to be "thankful" of. including the Oil Magnates, of course

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This is one of the sites that summarized WHY Gaddafi was a great leader for the LYBIAN PEOPLE in particular and the African people in general (esp. the northern African region). And I do believe that info knowing how the once prosperous deserted Maghreb Land under Gaddafi is turned into another shithole nowadays. Remember Muammar Gaddafi / Moammar Gaddafi --both name spelling are regarded as correct and are/were widely used-- of Libya - a blog about the late Libyan great leader: Muammar Gaddafi / Moammar GaddafiRead this article, You will be surprised! 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Libya Under Gaddafi’s So-called DictatorshipWhat do you think of when you hear the name Colonel Gaddafi? Tyrant? Dictator? Terrorist? Well, a national citizen of Libya may disagree but we want you to decide.Ruling the country for for 41 years until his demise in October 2011, Muammar Gaddafi did some truly amazing things for his country and repeatedly tried to unite and empower the whole of Africa. So despite what you’ve heard on the radio, seen in the media or on the TV Gaddafi did some powerful things that were not very reminiscent of a vicious dictator. Here are ten things Gaddafi did for Libya that you may not know about… 1. In Libya a home is considered a natural human right.In Gaddafi’s green book it states: ” The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore it should not be owned by others”. Gaddafi’s Green Book is the formal leader’s political philosophy, it was first published in 1975 and was intended reading for all Libyans even being included in the national curriculum. 2. Education and medical treatment were all free.Under Gaddafi’s reign Libya could boast one of the best healthcare services in the Arab and African world. Also if a Libyan citizen could not access the desired educational course or correct medical treatment in Libya they were funded to go abroad. 3. Gaddafi carried out the worlds largest irrigation project.The largest irrigation system in the world also known as the great manmade river was designed to make water readily available to all Libyan’s across the entire country. It was funded by the Gaddafi government and it said that Gaddafi himself called it ”the eighth wonder of the world”.(...)…

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Nice Post!

Killing Gaddafi was one of the biggest mistakes EVER in history.

Vichy France/DC & the Filthy Wahhabi Arab Scum Union whom he turned his back on in preference to lead the African Union from their Dependence on these Satanic Cults, paid the ultimate price . . . and yet it was Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan, who when promised easy access to the Presidency by the CFR Cabal, gave them the green-light, aka, No-Fly-Zone, to take Gaddafi out, against the wishes of almost Every Africa Leader who's countries gained a modicum of self-determination & Aid under his leadership of the AU.

Now this corridor of thousands of miles in the Maghreb is polluted with every piece of filthy scum, trading in weapons, drugs, human beings/parts. Neither Vichy DC or France will ever have Control or Peace in this Region , no matter how many troops they station there.

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iraq war was a war against euro, Gaddafi was a sequel. Those were different, axis of evil times. Russia was still in 2nd plan. then crash happened and russians took the georgia. south sudan then iran green revolution and north africa color revolutions. then syria, and ukraine. I remeber watching the olympics end ceremony. I watched putin carefully while kiev was burning . he was calm but obviosly with a brilliant response plan. crimea was definetely the inflection point and then right on syrian deployment. I wouldnt be suprised if he walked into north korea next without any resistance. guess missing chinese blessing.

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Well, good thing the French are the only country in the world stupid enough to spend so much money maintaining an empire.  I am sure Americans are way too smart to spend hundreds of billions supporting dictators in Africa and building military bases in godforsaken countries.

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CFA Franc Currency RegimeCheck also how France is still financially enslaving the 14 African countries through its control over their national currencies, the so-called CFA franc currency regime. Those African countries continue to pay colonial tax to France since their independence till today. In March 2008, former French President Jacques Chirac said: “Without Africa, France will slide down into the rank of a third [world] power”. Chirac’s predecessor François Mitterand already prophesied in 1957 that: “Without Africa, France will have no history in the 21st century.”CFA francs are used in fourteen countries: twelve formerly French-ruled nations in West and Central Africa, as well as in Guinea-Bissau (a former Portuguese colony) and in Equatorial Guinea (a former Spanish colony). These fourteen countries have a combined population of 147.5 million people (as of 2013), and a combined GDP of US$166.6 billion (as of 2012). The 14 African countries are obliged by France, through a colonial pact, to put 85% of their foreign reserve into the central bank of France under the control of French Minister of Finance. UNTIL NOW, Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon still have to pay colonial debt to France. African leaders who refuse are killed or victim of coup. Those who obey are supported and rewarded by France with lavish lifestyle while their people endure extreme poverty, and desperation.France’s Colonial Tax Still Enforced for Africa. “Bleeding Africa and Feeding France” | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization…

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The French had a 50 Year Monopoly on the Uranium in Agadez & Arlit , Niger and only in the last decade has China, Russia, India, others forced their way in to the business, against strong opposition from the French.

For 40 years also they paid the Niger Government $2 per kilo, even when the price rose to $50.

I was in Niamey the capital when :-

1) The dear old white French lady who managed my hotel was arrested for Spying (lol)
2) My group of geologists en route to Arlit were ambushed, coming under fire
3) The Tuareg's whose environment has been destroyed by the French Nuclear Company, Areva, drove an old beat up French car filled with explosives into one of their 2 operating uranium mines causing major infrastructural damage.

It's costing France plenty on Security, much like the Americans to Police their Global Jurisdictions. Enter China to pick up the mantle.

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I told a Trump supporter the price we pay for Uranium, is cost price and we cannot mine it out fast enough. He refused to acknowledge the handle the French have on African Francophone leaders. How many times do these nigger leaders get summoned to Paris like dogs? With that level of servitude, these leaders should be put down like dogs.The problem is corruption and subversion by the west and new powers, plus the idiocy of puppet African leadership. To call them dumb and short sighted would be a compliment. The problem is every time Africa has a genuinely good and smart leader, we kill them.

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Thank you - I'll repeat what i wrote above:The US has hardly any involvement in Africa outside of military and aid. The aid part, unfortunately, is diminishing.China has the biggest sphere of influence. They bribe every politician to get their businesses contracts. Then they bring in Chinese prisoners and poor peasents to work on these projects. Most jobs don't even go to Africans. It's insane. Then all of Europe is in the DR of Congo along with China, keeping a war going while they are extracting every single resource and killing all the beaurtiful wildlife and keeping people in poverty. Go to Kinshasa -  12 million people living in a slum while Europeans and Chinese live in luxury.The US has very little business interest becasue US companies get fined for bribing. Th $750 million fine that the US levied against Walmart 20 years ago or so when they bribed Mexican officials, is an example of the harsh punishment meted out by the US to corporations for such infractions. Meanwhile Europeans and particularlythe  Chinese bribe right and left. And of course the leaders of most African nations are happy to take the bribes. In fact, they insist on being bribed.And look at Kenya - the bright spot of Africa but corrupt as hell. The European Union gave them a 4.5 billion Euro bond for projects and development. It took only one day for all t hose funds to disappear in the pockets and off-shore banks of the leaders of the country and the coffers of the ruling party. It all disappeared. Kenyan media was outraged. But it was just another horrid scandal that Kenyans have become used to hearing about. I know - I live in African. It is a beautiful continent. But it is fucked. I pray it survives.------Let me add another example. Two years ago when the price of oil dropped, Angola couldn't meet payments on debt to Beijing. The President was summoned to Beijing. Imagine summoning a President of a sovereign nation to Beijing.The rumor that ensued afterwards is that the Chinese would agree to cut their debt in half if Angola agreed to except another 2.5 million Chinese. That was the rumor. Who knows, but it seems very plausible. Angola is completely controlled by China. Pollution is high and wildlife is now non-existent. 

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+100Seen it in person. Flights from China to Africa are full of mainland peasants. Don't know where they get them from or where they go. They arrive at the airport and then they disappear. You don't see any Chinese anywhere you go. None. They're all in China Towns all over Africa. Africa is being colonized by China, and being completely stripped bare.But you have the armchair warrior fanboys on ZH cheering on everything China. Chinese money printing is going to uppend all of humanity. And for what? To enrich the Chinese commie aristocracy. In essence, Chinese are going to burrow themselves into every country in the world and within one two generations just end it all in an orgy of sheer greed and stupidity. Because there's no quid pro quo. You can't do anything to China that they are doing to every other country. Try buyng your way into the Chinese aristocracy. Imagine a 2d-generation American becoming a Chinese politician in China. Try buying a China bluechip company. Try stripping Chinese assets out of China. Try getting Chinese citizenship for that matter. Pfffffffff...... No quid pro quo. None. One simple rule would check all this insanity. Quid. Pro. Quo. You give what you take. Nothing more. But nothing less. Our 30-year long trade deficit would have disappeared overnight. These fucking lunatics have let us run 30-years of 100 billion trade deficits. Chinese miracle my fucking ass.So there they are. The new Chinese middle class. 500 million medieval peasants with the purchasing power of an upper-class American and the sophistication of baboons. All they know how to do is copy... so now they're copying the 19th century and trying to catch up for lost time. They want it all and they want it now. Complete unchecked thoughtless materialism. Materialism on steroids doesn't begin to touch it. The ZH fanboys rage on and on about JPM or the Fed or the Jews..... pfffffffff.... the Chinese represent 100 JPMs, a dozen Feds and 500 million Joooooos with the selfsame medieval beliefs, superstitions, corruption, thoughtless tribalism and inflated sense of importance. And some. And all we do is kowtow and let them have their way. It makes me fucking puke.It's complete insanity. And their money printing goes completely unchecked. Complete and utter lunacy.Saw this coming a decade ago. No one will listen. I'm done with it. But good to see not everyone has drunk the coolaid.

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This article must contain many falsehoods about noble, virtouous, moral, superior France, that country's superior government would never participate any of the horrible deeds described here, or use its special forces to bomb Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior, or threaten New Zealand with economic embargo for trying to prosecute the perpetrators, or ....

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 Concerning the Rainbow Warrior in 1985 There was one accidentally death indeed: Agents intended the first mine to cripple the ship so that it would be evacuated safely by the time the second mine was detonated. After the first explosion, the greenpeace’s photographer surprisingly went back in his cabin and was unhappily killed by the second mine. It was actually a fault of French military security service (DGSE), that France recognised. Defence Minister Charles Hernu resigned and the head of the DGSE, Admiral Pierre Lacoste, was fired. Having admitted responsibility, France initially offered an official apology and acknowledgement of breach of international law. Additionally, the UN secretary-general awarded New Zealand 7 million USD. This is in addition to compensation which France paid to the family of the only victim of the mission and to Greenpeace (settled privately). France also offered a new boat to Greenpeace.

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viet nam should thank the french for teaching them how to bake good bread, and educating uncle ho in set piece battle at diem bien phu. oh and those beautiful wide tree lined streets of Saigon, the great bars and restaurants..and lastly the mix raced women..too bad the french could only think of the use of force to keep to control..

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Simply the Karma of nations. The more you colonize, the more you will be colonized. It's just amazing to witness it with our own eyes.Lesson for China and the others if they have ever considered emulating European powers.

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Correcting the images in the article;1 CFA = 0.00152449 €, and not 0.152449 €The food production and international food help is going from the fat European to the starving African, not the other way. The text of this piece is so riddled with errors, omissions and approximations that it would be better to rewrite it entierely.