South Korea Unveils Plan To Strike North Korean Missile Launchers

North Korea launched its Hwasong-15 ICBM into the waters west of Japan at 3:17 am local time on Wednesday. Barely six minutes later, South Korean artillery, air force, and Navy sprang into action and began firing missiles into the waters off eastern Korea - yet another military show of force meant to intimidate the North into ceasing its missile strikes.

The retaliatory display was calibrated to target a spot in the waters off the Korean peninsula that was exactly as far away as Pyongsong, a town about 20 miles north of Pyongyang where the Hwasong 15 was reportedly launched. The distance was meant to signify that the South Korean military could destroy the North’s missile launchers if it chose to do so, the Wall Street Journal.

But while the precision strike probably impressed any bystanders who were watching, in reality, the South’s technology for detecting and responding to North Korean missile launches is still unreliable.

But detecting missile tests is an imperfect science, involving misses as well as hits. In a conflict situation, North Korea is likely to take more steps to conceal its movements, for instance by deploying decoy launchers, said Yang Uk, senior defense researcher at the Korea Defense and Security Forum, a Seoul think tank.


In such a scenario, the likelihood falls that South Korean, U.S. or Japanese forces would pinpoint the exact launch site, Mr. Yang said. Still, he viewed the South’s response to the missile test as a success, especially considering the short time the military needed to return fire.


A spokesman for the U.S.-led U.N. Command in Korea said no U.S. or other forces participated in the response.


“What we saw Wednesday was an active response to a North Korean missile launch that South Korea calls its ‘kill chain’ system’,” Mr. Yang said. The kill chain is part of a larger defense system designed to pre-emptively strike the North’s missile systems in the case of a nuclear attack.


South Korea this year installed a U.S.-operated Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense antimissile battery that can shoot down short- and medium-range missiles, complementing its Patriot PAC-2 antiballistic missile system.


The new battery has a longer-range, but it can’t cover the whole country.

A retired senior South Korean military official said that the South lacks a military satellite that can watch the North, although US and Japanese satellites share images with South Korean officials in real time.

Meanwhile, analysts said North Korean officials install devices onto missiles that generate signals and send them to ground-based control towers. The South has a way to tap into these signals and track the missiles, they said.

But in a real missile launch targeting a South Korean, Japanese or U.S. city, the North Koreans may choose not to install them, said Jo Dong-joon, deputy director of the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies at Seoul National University. This means that the South might have no way to track a hostile missile, Mr. Jo said.

The retired military official also noted that the South has a network of human intelligence in the North that may have tipped off Seoul officials about this week’s launch. He declined to give further details, citing security concerns.

Details on the South’s spy network in the North remain murky, but local media have reported in recent months that the South has lost most of its human network in North Korea in recent years.


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 Still MOAR NK War Porn... It is IRRELAVANT if South Korea can shoot down NKs ICBMs... WTF ?They hardly have any ICBMs if any at all ?OK... Let's say that South Korea can shoot down ALL NK's ICBMs Missles...What about the NK Artillery Fire that will take out most of the top of South Korea population and manufacturing and American and SK Military Bases in the first 24 hours... and It's GONE... So if SK shoots NKs few ICBMs out of the sky what have they accomplished... Nothing...We are NOT going to war with NK... It is a distraction... For something else... Stay tuned...See Images of a FEW of the NKs massive (10,000 to 20,000 Arillery Guns aimed at North Korea and impossible to completely take out.…

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Just do what the serbs did in Kosovo. Set up dummy launchers with dummy missiles. Heavily camoflagued so its not clearly visible for sattelites. Then keep the real stuff in the bunkers ready to roll within minutes of any strikes on the dummies. I think South Korea needs to purge their military of fuckwits who are too coupled with the US warmachine. Triggerhappy retards should be removed from any chain of command that could set off the fireworks.

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There ya go! I said it a lot over the last few years... why is all this rhetoric about the U.S? Beijing is within range of short range missles, as well as the rest of the far east.... and surely anything that can reach the U.S. can reach Moscow and most of Europe....I suppose it's because the norks have successfully extorted the U.S. for several decades now, and they desperately need another pay day, but still, the rest of the world thinks the norks will actually ONLY fire on the U.S.? And they will somehow NOT be caught up in the collateral damage?

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?1: Will 2018 be Trump VS Fed, or Trump & Fed??2: Does Trump want to crash markets (4d chess) or not?Biggest Fed appointement in my lifetime.If it were me in the O.O., i'd buy4america w.sahara, mauritania and mali (offer 1bil per) first.Then tank the dollar, default on china's 3tril Bomb norks. & move back Cannuks to 54-40 (or fight).Gotta think like a banker (& jefferson). Gobble up world while doller-strong. Then default on debts to bad-actors. (china i.p. violations).

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Just leave them be. Norks will most likely use nukes if there's any pre-emptive strike even when it means they will be obliterated. Goodbye South Korea, Japan, Guam, maybe even Hawaii, California. The US will be responsible for the nuclear fallout affecting millions of people in China. That's when WW3 starts. 

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What,spoiled coked-up "actresses"(=high hat whores), ass spelunkers (Google it), loony snowflakes, Too-rich wastrel Butt-Whistles with more cash and cocaine than sense, being roasted and purified into clean white ash in the nanosecond Exawatt flash of Teller's X-ray fire?Is that bad? why is that bad?...Seriously, why is it bad when damn fools die?People should pay for being damn assholes.

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NK and Koreans have no right to bear arms,  They are allowed to only have certain weapons, with permission from the world empire.  Sounds familiar, isn't that how they treat We the People, restricting our arms, requiring permission to possess, certain weapons can even get you landed in prison or killed.I guess it's no wonder that the so-called "conservatives" are the most vocal in wanting to attack Korea.  The US is hypocrite land after all, or is it hypocrisy if you're so ignorant and self-deluded that you believe what you say and can't see the conundrum? 

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RoK government today is nigh unto a mindless puppet of Washington.

They’ll allow their own soldiers and sailors to be slaughtered piecemeal, never doing anything about it, seldom ever firing back, never retaliating. Momma DC says “NO.”

Yet now they’re “going to deal with DPRK nukes”..? Uh huh.

IF that’s true it will ONLY be because Momma DC compelled them to do so on the USA’s behalf.

It’s tragic.

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i don't see what the big deal is about missile launch technology.  Dr. No gave us the technology back in the '60s.  ok, fucking sean connery blew that all to hell.  as diabolical as man is, someone has no doubt duplicated this feat.  and depending on which side ursula andress choses, i'm down with that.

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Weird...No one has ever shot a missile into space and had it come down on a target and explode a nuclear weapon. I may be wrong on that...I have no doubt we could do it and a few others, but people act like it’s a given in this situation...I have no doubt they could drop it out of a plane...

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if planes can fly into the world trade centers, it should be "simple shit maynard" to understand that a nuke could explode in merika. who do i trust? certainly not any of this reported heresay shit. lies upon lies. i know one thing, the will strike again. your fate is luck...

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Rememember the Five Dimensional Martian Clusterfuck (5DMCF)  that was Iraq?All they fucken needed to do was basically kill ONE GUY.200,000 corpses later and they still failed.How weak are we when we cant kill ONE GUY without wholesale slaughter? Nork-Just gotta kill ONE GUY.Shit, instant replay....You know China has gotta have one or many moles near Kim. If they're stupid they don't , and they ain't stupid.They can hit the eject button on this silly gluttonous bastard any time, I thinx. Trump's just gotta figure out how to make it worth their while.Let's make a deal. E: a real life metaphor:Protip: Never try to kill a mouse with a single action Army Colt .45 pistol.I destroyed half my LP collection, and the mouse was fine.Lost all my Zappas, dammit to hell.

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"Never try to kill a mouse with a single action Army Colt .45 pistol.I destroyed half my LP collection, and the mouse was fine."

Take a cat. Let the mouse sweat. And enjoy the cat and mouse game. I know I did. The cat usually wins eventually (from my experience, have some fotoshots of my cat eating the damn mouse, that damn smile on the cats face when it's eating the damn vermin). Saves you ammo and insures your LP's (which nowadays are like relics) remain intact. Just sayin'

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Yah, I agree, apparently cats are more effective than large bore pistols, mousewise.Though the mouse did abundantly shit himself. fast little fucker, jet-propelled.But- the fricken' coyotes kept eating my poor cats. No trees to climb round there (desert).Goddam cat gobbling vermin.They're really quite smart, they remember where all the cats are when the hard times come. They manage their range.My dear sweet fluffy cattum friends were their larder, dammit. Like eating my children.Fuckers. They're the dog equivalent of Nizzles.Feral shits. if we wiped them out, the fuzzy little bunnies would be glad....By way of Kliban: A cowboy cat with a guitar, singing a tune-"Love to eat them mousiesMousies what I love to eatBite they little heads offNibble on they tiny feet."

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China can take out Kim any time they like. To make it worth their while, US, Russia and China have to sit down and talk about sharing the costs of rehabilitating the slave nation Kim controls. China doesn't want 25 million starving North Koreans who have never seen the internet flooding across the river, becoming a burden on them. Also, China doesn't want a reunified Korea or US bases on it's southern border. These political issues need to be sorted otherwise Kim is staying right where he is, and he's gonna let off another test nuke in February.

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They don't smoke medical marijuana in NK, that is why they are allowed nukes.Now if they smoked medical marijuana, like those former gun owners in Hawaii, the USA would label them as criminal pot smokers and take their nukes away, simple as that.But NK hasn't done anything that America has a war on yet, like the war on poverty, war on brown people in the ME, war on anti Israelism, war on drugs, war on homlessness, war on bullshit, war on taxpayers, you name it and each war leader is called a czar for some reason.I think I'll call Kelly Ann Conway and ask her for some opiods. 

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I'm still waiting for the South Korean Technology to redirect any Nork missile into Fatso Kim's giant ass and detonate it! Maybe Samsung's battery department can help?