Democrats' Last-Ditch Effort To Force Tax Reform Back To Committee Fails By Vote Of 56-44

Update (2:35PM EST): And just like that, another forced procedural vote to push the GOP tax reform bill back to committee fails by a vote of 56-44.


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Tune in below as the Senate takes yet another vote on a procedural motion to force the GOP tax reform legislation back to committee.  As we noted earlier, this last ditch effort by Democrats comes after Mitch McConnell confirmed that Republicans have the votes required to pass their tax bill after working through the night to make a series of substantial changes.  Here's more from Bloomberg:

Senate agrees to hold another procedural vote from Democrats on the tax bill at 2pm, and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will speak on the floor after the vote.


Vote is the latest effort from Democrats to send the bill back to cmte; all previous attempts to delay the bill have failed