Hedge Fund CIO: "You Can No Longer Understand America Unless You Check Breitbart And Infowars Daily"

Submitted by Eric Peters, CIO of One River Asset Management

“When the smartest guys say we’re ninth inning,” bellowed Biggie Too in baritone, “we’re 7th inning, maybe 8th.” The S&P 500 finished November +2.8%, its eighth consecutive monthly gain, a refrain last heard in 2007. Year-to-date the index jumped +18.3%, the forward P/E is 19. Bitcoin popped +1,015% in that time. Market volatility faded to 50yr lows. $8trln of bonds carry negative yields. Interest rates are at 5,000 year lows. Economists forecast a booming 2018 global synchronized economic crescendo. And that was before America’s Senators approved a $1.5trln tax cut. “Late in the cycle, clever boys drown in dumb money,” rapped Biggie, chief global strategies for one of Wall Street’s too-big-to-fail affairs. The crowd bounced, roared. Central bankers shuffled toward the exits. And backstage, into this extravaganza, One River warmed up, and launched our dedicated Long Volatility Fund.


“You see fat boy shot another missile over Japan?” asked my Uber driver, laughing. I joined right in. We were talking America, making it great again. His three kids are in active service - US Navy – he’s got every right to joke about the chubby Korean kid.

“You see Trump toy around with Chucky and Nancy?” he asked, jolly. “It’s not even fair, he’s five times smarter than both of them put together. He knows how to press their buttons and they take the bait every single time.” Schumer and Pelosi had responded to a twitter taunt by cancelling their White House meeting. The Donald left their seats empty, let the cameras roll, antagonizing his enemies, advancing his agenda.

“My wife can’t watch TV at work. She comes home every night dying to know what he did. And you know what?” he asked. I shrugged. “Every single day there’s something, usually lots of things, it’s constant entertainment.”

I admitted to checking Breitbart daily. InfoWars too. You can no longer understand America unless you do.

“You see the Indian thing?” The Donald awarded Navajo WWII veterans for their service. “Trump told them we have an Indian in the Senate, they call her Pocahontas!” he said, howling. “These liberal snowflake journalists asked the Indians if they were offended. They said hell no, they were ordered to yell Geronimo when they jumped outta airplanes!” he said, snorting, barely able to drive.

“You can’t make this stuff up!” Indeed. “Democrats talk about impeaching. They’re literally so dumb. He’s going to win again in a landslide.” I laughed, why not?

“And I can’t wait for this tax reform. I’m a trained economist you know, I know this stuff cold. It’s going to be like pouring gasoline on a fire,” he explained. “Trump promised us 5% GDP growth. Katie bar the door!”


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Niiiiice. :) lololol

I do Breitbart, ZH, Drudge. InfoWars is full of special ed motherfuckers. The good stuff always bleeds over onto other boards anyway.

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Alex Jones is an idiot, whenever he opens his mouth about "The Nazis".

Just a reminder, people:

"The Good Guys" won WWII. That said, nearly ALL of the BS you don't like about the times we live in, is a result of that.

Think about that, whenever our politician/asshole/traitors are happily sucking up to Isra-hell.

Add up all the money the US has given that little shithole country...we could probably have paid-off the national debt.

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Jones is just an idiot, period.

He spends more time talking about how tough/macho/badassed/cool he is, than he does talking about anything worthwhile.

Ever see a picture of him? He's a sawed-off tub of crap. He mostly stopped having guests on, so he can spend his time marketing crap to equally-insecure twits, but it's not like he ever let them talk, anyway.

He's got that same flavor of PT Barnum-esque self-promotion that annoys me about a certain person on this site; He thinks he's very smart, but sounds like an idiot to people who actually are.

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Kushner spotted at the Saban summit this weekend.  Yah. Saban.  The moron who made his billions bring Power Rangers to the world.  Seriously.  Saban event is the Davos of the ME.  Same globalist ambitions.  Of course Kushner is a guest speaker. Fucking cuck.  Where is that article, Breitbart, Infowars, anybody?

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Arabic: king
Esparanto, Irish, Scots Gaelic, Welsh: badly
Estonian, Latvian, Persian, Ukranian: chicken
Gujarati: Malcolm
Hmong, Somali, Tajik: is mine
Kurdish, Nepali, Pashto, Sindhi: a house
Urdu: country

But I don't care as it is actually a Na'vi word, as taken from a now defunct online translator.

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I am pretty sure IW will pick this up.My gripe with AJ is not his over the top rhetoric, but that he keeps on saying how trump is growing the economy.The stock market is NOT the indicator of how people are doing...just SOME. And then as you all know, it's mark to fantasy. None of that is Trump's doing anyway.Cut Alex some slack. He has been battling the nwo for over 20 years. Love him or hate him, he red pilled way more than this site.Jmo.

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Drudge, ZH, the chans, Gateway Pundit, then others for flavor.

Lurk on the chans for awhile, see what the kids are talking about. Gawd, I wish I had the Net when I was young. This country would be a far better place, because the serious drift to the dark side happened after JFK was murdered. Imagine having the Net when that went down.

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Gateway Pundit is too zio con ish for me.  4 chan is a hard slog and this Q and the Marines invading the CIA shit plus Pizzagate - when and where will it ever come out> No way Trump or Bannopn can drain the swamp when Jared is a Soros-Bibi too. Also goy Bannon said that he (himself) is a zionist. 

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I agree about Alex, even though I do admire him in a way. Especially since the election, all he can talk about is how tough, courageous and important he is. I used to listen regularly... haven't listened in months. Unbearable ego at this point, and the low information density doesn't justify the hassle of listening through all of the self-aggrandizement. There are much better shows to listen to if what you're after is current events and not a cult of personality.

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CroesusAlex Jones's sweet Texas heart is in the right place...but not his big mouth nor brain. Alex has the pulse of the country, no shit---but he fucks things up NOT GOING INWARD.Kon Thai have a name for this---"greng jai"---it means "to stay within your skin." Alex could use a triple dose of LIVING OUTSIDE AMERICA for a spell.When Alex Jones has an excellent guest on, I give him a skip---Alex refuses to let any guest actually SPEAK. Beyond fucking old. I wait until the guest does the circuit and watch when Greg Hunter interviews the same guest. Yes, Alex could learn much from Greg Hunter's style---but will he? Fuck NO! 

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I started reading Breitbart about mid campaign season. I still read Breitbart sometimes, but during the campaign, they had more bold, honest coverage of issues like mass underemployment of US citizens and illegal immigration. Maybe, they have concluded that cultural issues motivate the people who actually turn out to vote, as Republicans did back in the Nineties.

Take the recent tax bill: We have an [Establishment] tax cut for the rich and more tax welfare for parents at a time of a gigantic debt. This is hardly fiscally conservative. This is a Keynesian stimulus, right? [‘Stimulate the economy with spending in bad times, and balance the budget in good times’]. Is that not a Keynesian approach?

We do not have the [anti-Establishment] reduction of mass, welfare-boosted, wage-depressing immigration promised during the campaign because of [employers], getting huge tax breaks, who do not want it. They do want a welfare and tax-welfare-bolstered workforce of part-time-worker moms and immigrants, hence the pay-per-birth tax welfare for those groups, in addition to extended tax welfare for mom workers with spousal income that already makes it easier for them to work part time for low wages, driving wages down for people who lack unearned income from government or spouses.

We do have a lot of coverage of the covfefe. It is funny to point out the hypocrisy and the snobbiness of the left.....:...

......especially when you ARE the underdog.

I have learned a lot by reading ZH. Many of these writers know a [lot] more about economics and / or the world of actual trading than I do. From owning a small shop for a few years, I know a little about business on that scale, but I have never thought about some of the things discussed on here. The whole debate around the currency is interesting. I was always kind of dismissive of the supply side and the libertarian arguments, but I can see the basic line of reasoning now. Breitbart and ZH both have their place. I have not really read many articles by Alex Jones. I have read the Daily Caller, which is really hard-hitting on current events.

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When 1% is...

  • 35% of billionaires,
  • 25% of Ivy League grads,
  • owns all of hollywood and most media (including Drudge and Breitbart),
  • large segment of the legal and courts systems,
  • most of international finance,
  • most of the soft science and liberal arts academia,
  • a decent chunk of the Deep State,
  • etc.

Yeah, it makes sense to blame them. How about a compromise? You get them to quota themselves to 1% of all those influential professions, and we can talk about them being only 1% and not very responsible for anything. They love quotas and fairness for everyone else, so this should be easy. Deal?

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Well, it depends on whether they got that through cronyism or studying harder than other people. In fields where many people could do a job, crony loyalty of various groups—like the crony moms in the low-wage, mom-gang jobs I describe on here, none of whom or almost none of whom are Jewish— has a BIG impact on who is hired / retained, assuming things like the NUMBER of accounts generated and retained matters in a [“job”] more than back-watching, absenteeism-friendly motherhood. Cronyism is not always about race, ethnicity or religion.

If the job requires some specialized, super-difficult or hardcore skill that takes many years of study or rare talent to perfect, should society go with individual-based merit or pristine fairness to [GROUPS]?

When you are fair to groups, you can be unfair to individuals who studied much harder or who studied harder subjects, who took more risks, who shouldered more responsibility at work, who sold more by doing more dog-work cold calling, who retained more acccunts by exhaustively waiting on more customers during the protracted absenteeism of working-mom cronies, etc.

I have heard Thomas Sowell talk about seeing a lot of Asians studying hard in the library. Should we have quotas there? Is that fair?

I am all for fairness and very much against mass immigration that drives wages down by paying citizens and immigrants through the welfare and tax system to have sex and reproduce, thereby reducing their household expenses and making low wages palatable to them, but I am not sure that fairness is served by punishing the [INDIVIDUALS] who sacrificed fooling-around time to study harder, regardless of what group they belong in.

That said, we are already diverse in this country. We need greatly restricted immigration that is strictly merit-based. But since we already have a diverse [citizenry], I don’t know that quotas align with a merit-based system or with fairness. This citizen was born in this [group], so hard work is irrelevant when the group quota is met. That seems kind of sick.

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First, let me say this clearly. Individuals cannot exist without the group, which you don't realize until you wake up and you're surrounded by other groups after a lifetime of ignoring the needs and existence of your own. Groups exist for a reason, because the power of even the greatest individual doesn't stand up to a group.Even if you treat everyone as an individual, plenty of others with power to alter your life will decide that you are just a member of that group you always shunned in righteous individualistic principle. It is your own peril to surrender yourself willingly into the power of cohesive outgroups who view you as a separate pawn. Who cares if that outgroup is more nepotistic or simply more able? What kind of cuck do you have to be to think your own genetics is so vastly inferior to some other groups that you deserve to be influenced into fighting wars for their overseas colony in the Middle East, and absorbing the refugees from those conflicts? I mean, come on.No, when it comes to controlling your own group's destiny, others outside the group do not get out-sized influence over you, not even if they were better.However, if you read Ron Unz here, you can verify that the Jews' vaunted "ability" has a strong ally in the form of ethno-nepotism:Elite Colleges Look Neither Like America Nor Like America’s Highest-Ability StudentsWe are therefore faced with the clear conundrum that Jewish students seem to constitute roughly 6 percent of America’s highest-ability high school graduates and non-Jewish whites around 65–70 percent, but these relative ratios differ by perhaps 1000 percent from the enrollments we actually find at Harvard and the other academic institutions which select America’s future elites. Meanwhile, an ethnic distribution much closer to this apparent ability-ratio is found at Caltech, whose admissions are purely meritocratic, unlike the completely opaque, subjective, and discretionary Ivy League system so effectively described by Karabel, Golden, and others.

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I used to catch him occasionally, then I saw his presentation on Dick Cheney & Co meddling in Azerbaijan Chamber of commerce back in 2014. and I really sat up and paid attention to him. ...and what do you get a few years down the line? Azerbaijan running arms to Syria.... Yep Corbett +100%>AIG anything that touched Mena or Arkansas has to be worth looking at - especially if they touched anything that ran for Congress.

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I try to read across the spectrum, sometimes it makes the bile rise reading some bullshit snowflake fantasy crud, but its sometimes necessary to fully  understand perspectives. I also read alot of asian press and on up into Caucasus's region. There's a lot of stuff going on there that's a prelude of what's further down the pike, and it flies below the radar here so you don't see it until (like the Syrian arms running) it unfolds onto your breakfast table.

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