In "Largest-Ever" Military Drill, US Orders 16,000 Troops, 230 Jets To Simulate War With North Korea

Just days after Pyongyang launched its most advanced ICBM, one which experts warned has the potential to hit a target anywhere on the territory of the United States, North Korea said the U.S. is “begging” for a nuclear war by planning the “largest-ever” joint aerial drill with South Korea just after concluding an exercise with nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, Bloomberg reported.

Should the Korean peninsula and the world be embroiled in the crucible of nuclear war because of the reckless nuclear war mania of the U.S., the U.S. will have to accept full responsibility for it,” North Korea’s state-run KCNA said Saturday, citing a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The statement came after Yonhap News reported that six U.S. Raptor stealth fighters planes arrived in South Korea on Saturday for a joint air drill named "Vigilant Ace 18" scheduled for Dec. 4 to 8. The F-22s flew into South Korea together in a show of force. The stealth fighters, however, were just a small part of the upcoming show of force: according to local media, some 230 aircraft and up to 16,000 soldiers and airmen are taking part in the drill, which is one of the biggest ever of its kind.

As part of "Vigilant Ace", US and South Korean forces will be rehearsing for a full-scale war with North Korea, with Yonhap noting that "allies plan to stage simulated attacks on mock North Korean nuclear and missile targets."

Despite Pyongyang's harsh rhetoric, US commanders have downplayed the drill – claiming it is “regular” and not a direct response to North Korea.

According to the WSJ, at least 230 US and Southg Korean warplanes will take part, alongside 12,000 US troops from the Air Force, Marines and Navy and airmen with another 4,000 expected to represent Seoul." The drill, which lasts from December 4 until December 8, will see aircraft flying over eight airbases in across the Korean Peninsula.

US warplanes including fighters and bombers often blast over the Korean Peninsula

The stars of the drill will be the state-of-the-art F-35 Lightning IIs and F-22 Raptors leading the US’s wing. Both fighter jets outmatch anything in North Korea’s arsenal and could win most of the war against Kim by themselves.

F-35s can fly at speeds of 1,200mph and are capable of carrying nuclear bombs and bunker busters.


Meanwhile, the F-22 can hit speeds of up to 1,500 mph and are armed with Vulcan miniguns and Sidewinder missiles.

Commenting on the historic exercise, the US military said that "Vigilant Ace 18 highlights the longstanding military partnership, commitment and enduring friendship between two nations. It is designed to ensure peace and security on the Korean Peninsula, and reaffirms the U.S. commitment to stability in the Northeast Asia region."

F-22s will be dispatched to take part in Vigilant Ace

In reality, it will likely provoke North Korea into yet another ICBM launch.  To be sure, while the Kim regime traditionally rages over the drills on its border, claiming they are rehearsals for invasion, although it may well be right: US forces have been flooding into the Pacific this year with warships, warplanes, missiles and the army all on standby.

Vigilant Ace comes after Donald Trump warned he would “take care” of North Korea following the missile test.

Meanwhile, showing no signs of de-escalation, North Korea has tested dozens of missiles this year, and claimed its nukes can now hit the US. Kim is also feared to be readying the dreaded Juche Bird missile – a live nuke fired out into the heart of the Pacific.


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Does anyone really believe they want to burn the plantation down?
Just another way to take back the chits they give us slaves, like drugcare or edumacation or consumerism.
They have much better methods of culling the herds without radiating the whole planet.
So, chill and enjoy the parts of life you can.

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Sean7k IH8OBAMA Sun, 12/03/2017 - 15:42 Permalink

Are you talking about the US,Russia or China? France, England, India or Pakistan?

Europeans were warning their people in the early sixties to take additional iodine.

The US and Russia seem to find fangs everywhere. Just like any other totalitarian state. Though those pesky ruskies seem to have slaked off in the last score of years.

We Americans are some of the stupidest people on the earth. We never see the inconsistencies: churches which practice war or pedophilia, politicians which lie, cheat and steal, bankers who steal their wealth through central banking and militaristic psychopaths which kill their children for the price of a uniform and a special grave site.

We even think it matters whom is presidente! though it hasn't mattered since the coup of 1789.

We're slaves, willingly led to slaughter, working until we drop from cancer or other prescribed calamity, at ages well before our peers in western "civilization".

Well, at least we get to live better than most...

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Engdahl says Kim Jong Un is false opposition.

Engdahl says that Kim Jong Un lived in Switzerland from 1991 until 2000. He attended the Liebefeld Steinhölzli school in Köniz near Bern. The strongest hint that Kim Jong Un is a "Pentagon" puppet and not a communist (Chinese) puppet is that he had China's best friend in Pyongyang, Jang Sung-taek, executed. He also ordered the systematic execution of all other members of Jang's family including children and grandchildren (and others that were considered too close to China).

Other hints are that he is usefully (to the US) provocative and doesn't seem to listen to China.

Engdahl also thinks North Korea is an Pentagon Vassal State, but it seems more likely that Kim Jong Un is indeed a "Pentagon" man but that North Korea is (i.e., will be treated as) an enemy state.…

Remember: The first rule for fighting a (real) war is to place your own puppet as the leader of the enemy.

Also, one should not forget that Trump, Obama, Bush and Clinton are all Jews.

And as an example of how real wars are fought,....

Proof that Adolf Hitler was a double agent.

It seems pretty weird when you first read it, but its clearly true.

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Hey got the wrong no,

I live up near the coast of Oregon and over the past several weeks the buildings have shook with the low-bass rumble of massive jets -- just one or two at a time -- flying out of range of sight.

These ar not the normal air-carrier traffic we see and hear running up and down the coast everyday, these are likely bombers. The US military moves these assets a few at a time over a long period -- if they're not in a hurry and don't want to freak out and panic the citizenry with a whole bunch at once.

My wife thought we were having an earthquake, and I'm like "Nah, it's just another one of the B-52's head out over the Pacific."

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Obama killed over 1 million brown and black peeples all over the world. That's why he won the Nobel Pizza Prize.He also bailed out moar bankers then even Bush did.Sadly, he hates middle class Americans so he destroyed them at the same time. He also did little for blacks and blue collar workers but was successful in brainwarshing them into believing he was wonderful. That's why they called him "the Magic Negro." "Change you can bereave in!"

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yeah well, sure there is a difference: they play for different teams blue and read teams remember?  plus different colours ... as far as are they really the most powerful person in the world ... well that might be a stretch - I remember Ram Emanuel shouted at Obama to shut up during a meeting with senators during the healthcare bs, i recall it made into the media because a couple of the senators were taken by suprise ... yeah well, here is a worth watching video - these guys have been at it for the long time and have really mastered the magician game  

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If Obama had been standing up against ISRAHELL, he would not have given it 3.8 BILLION in aid a year. That's 11,000 a month for every man, woman and child in IsraHell. This does not include the massive amount of NUKES ISRAHELL had thanks to the US taxpayer as well as an assortment of other militaru aid. Obama and Hillary regime change fetish was an enormous help to IsraHell and the Greater IsraHell Project.IsraHell US A PARASITE upon the US taxpayer and it's lobbies OWN Congress a many of whom, including Schumer, Franken and Sanders have DUAL CITIZENSHIP WITH ISRAHELL. Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump all BIBI's poodles

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I agree with Trump - this should have been taken care of _long_ ago.  Now Kim's created a blueprint and ecosystem for other proliferators, and increasing the risk that these materials and technologies find their way into the hands of asymmetric warriors.

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Maybe you should read more. It was taken care of in 2006 I think .Including with the video proof and deposition from international organizations of NK DESTRUCTION of their nuclear reactors. The deal was for lifted embargo and sanctions ,food and energy. Only that the US AS USUAL DID NOT RESPECT THEIR part of the deal.After which,NK concluded(rightly) that US CAN NOT BE TRUSTED with ANY deal and restarted their nuclear proliferation program.This ,of course did not make it to US propaganda presstitute media. And the stupid Americans parrot their lies. 

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  China will not allow the US to act unilaterally against NK.  Not sure what they will do about it but they have many options.  Some of those options can lead to unprecedented misery for Americans.  China has already said they will intervene if the US and/or their allies attack NK.  Do you think they are bluffing?

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All he can do is TALK,he cannot launch any nukes without major league EXPERIENCED(VERY) top level MILITARY VETERAN big foots.Had it been up to ME, Iran would already be a Sea of Glass, and NK would have been a quick 2nd.Besides ANYTHING that happens is being orchestrated by GOD Almighty,man controls nothing,except free will.BUT GOD has had HIS plan drawn up since before day ONE.

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Spot on.The US president is just a figurehead ,a hired actor(their quality is worse each time) to explain to the stupid Americans what their real masters want,and in such a way as to leave room in the serfs' heads for the "freedom,constitutional republic,power of the public through votes,free markets,blah.. bullshit;I mean ,the serfs must continue to believe all these. And the President,senate,congress are the hired(bad) actors to make them believe it.Meanwhile,behind the curtains of the theater,the real power continues advancing their agenda. Have you noticed that the main agenda DOES NOT CHANGE ,no matter the president and the political party in power?What was the difference again between Bush and Obama? Nothing.I exclude the minor things,like "women ,LGBT rights" and all that BS.And each president ends up being WORSE then their predecessor.

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China has been financially supported NK since the last time the west tried to get in there and seize control with aggression, the Korean war.  South Korea is ours, NK is theirs.  ISIS is ours, crazy NK is theirs and for similar reasons.  Protective irrational actor with one degree of separation.  You can't just nuke NK which would radiate China now can you?  If you do it's WWIII.  China wants aggressive whitey the fuck away.  Do you really think China didn't have the ability to infiltrate and overthrow this guy if they wanted to?    

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