THe WeeK IN ONe PiCTuRe...


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Mueller doesn’t normally eat fast food, but when he does... he always opts for a bag full of dicks.

These shits seem to ignore that Trump is the popularly elected president and the democratic representative of the majority.

I had a heated debate with a French colleague several days ago when he stated that the Brexit vote should be held again as the outcome was unsatisfactory. Liberals are like spoilt children.

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Ha! The whole fucking thing is crazy. These dickheads are standing in a haystack full of crime and fraud and they're looking around for needles.DOH!Special Prosecutors, secret committees, furious tweetstorms lol. The DNC chair girl just wrote a book admitting to election rigging, scared over the dead staffer. Video from the store across the street where he's murdered has gone missing, nobody is looking for it. The other DNC girl threatens the Capitial Police over computers...nobody is looking for that either. The Weiner laptop...that's gone too. Julian Assange says he's got proof the Russian thing is fake...he's ignored. Trump's AG busy praising the prosecutor in the Bundy trial fiasco, threatening states over pot, bolstering federal civil forfeiture...Comey mocks and taunts everybody on twitter.Fuck this junk away, I'm finishing work and gonna have teriyaki wings, coconut shrimp, beer and watch football in super duper HD. Dilly Dilly! Touchdown!

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Our good buddies would do such a thing? Our same good buddies that were shooting rockets yesterday into Syria while using Lebanon as a human shield*? I'm shocked!Also worth celebrating tonight during the super moon...we got a MASSIVE tax cut!Time to start my annual quest to get this's almost time for Rudolph the Red Nosed Covfefe!*that's a true story. I'm not making that up

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lol...a Bag-O-Dicks is about right.Brian Ross, citing a close conf-e-dawnt (see, ya gotta pronounce it that way in French or it doesn't carry any weight at all! just tweeted one of those is definitely a Russian dick & yet another one is a suspected Tea Party cock!I'm guessing he would somehow know the difference ;-)

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when i was a little kid, my parents told me I would receive a lump of coal and bundle of switches from santa if I was, good or bad, we only have a bag of dicks for christmas.

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And the FBIs counter espionage expert is having an office tryst? My God, what kind of fucking morons are on the government payroll!

And complaining about it is probably politically incorrect!

The Russians are laughing their fucking asses off!

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Now, now, Banzai.  I'm sure there's a perfectly innocent explanation for all of this.

And the FBIs counter espionage expert is having an office tryst? My God, what kind of fucking morons are on the government payroll!

Probably, they were BOTH transgenders transitioning in opposite directions.  The both could have very high IQ'sYou need to be more sensitive and less judgmental. 

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the flaming train wreck of corrupt gov is hurdling towards the cliff while nations around the world celebrate..maybe there will be a new world wide holiday when this monster boil is lanced.

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J Edgar's perversions are still the total essence of the FBI.   J Edgar = Comey = Mueller = Perversion of Justice/morality/decency

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Far be it for me to compare the family Jewels Scandal of the CIA to something similar going on in the FBI, nor that the CIA still seems wide open without oversight of the American public.…

Latin America and the CIA's 'Family Jewels” | NACLA
When the CIA declassified its “family jewels” in June, a few small pearls about the agency’s programs in Latin America tumbled into view. The secret documents were compiled in 1973 on orders from then CIA director James Schlesinger, who, in the interest of controlling the damage inflicted on the CIA by the Watergate scandal, commanded his personnel to identify any CIA activities that might be construed as illegal. The compilation of reports that flowed to Schlesinger’s office became known as the family jewels. Henry Kissinger called it “the horrors book.”

Those horrors are familiar to anyone with a passing acquaintance with the CIA’s history: assassination plots, spying on U.S. citizens, drug experiments on human guinea pigs. Most were revealed three decades ago by Congress and the press, and some of what we knew has been inexplicably censored from this newest version. Because Schlesinger’s focus was on domestic operations, the family jewels don’t disclose anything new about the CIA’s most notorious operations in Latin America—overthrowing presidents (Guatemala, 1954), staging invasions (Cuba, 1961), and fixing elections (Chile, 1964), to name a few.

A pair of memos from James Jesus Angleton, offers long-standing U.S. program to train police forces in Latin America and exploit them for intelligence purposes. (see pages 607–12 of the family jewels at

NSC, survey, called the Overseas Internal Security Program, was led by officers of the Pentagon, the CIA, and the International Cooperation Administration (later the Agency for International Development). The effort evolved into the Office of Public Safety (OPS) under AID.

Guatemala was the first Latin American country to come under the program in 1956, quickly followed by Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, and Venezuela.

Angleton saw could recruit them as spies in OPS programs and in classes at the International Police Academy in Washington, provided them with equipment, and gave them special CIA training outside OPS channels.

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So it seems. So it does seem. History shows the Elites win year after year or they destroy the economy, jobs, social fabric, social contract, and usher in stealth taxes through inflation ... of course Network Complexity since 1500 AD has meant war and world wars now in a kind of Complexity Theory Dynamic that is playing out to higher extremes each month.

Gains in Social Contract and Worker Rights & Anti-Trust Legislation ... seem to be met with destruction of the Currency, Expansion of Money Supply Instruments like Derivatives, poor stewardship of WRC(a Global Problem for all workers, peasants, common people, and new property owners).

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Yes, Low Money Stock Velocity, Jobs and Capital fleeing overseas or being hoarded overseas, low & inconsistent Job Creation below 200K a Month for Population Growth, Trade Deficit of negative $780 Billion Dollars, and 100 Million prime working aged Citizens not working.

President Trump has had push back on many fronts, he will need to make it happen, set up the circumstances to make it happen if he is to be a great president. It seems Marrakesh Agreement that formed WTO and allowed China a Full Member could be a stumbling block.

1980 - Most favored Nation Status for China (J. Carter)
1984 - Caribbean Basin Initiative,
1994 - WTO Formed, Marrakech Agreement
1994 - War on Jobs, NAFTA,
1994 - Most Favored Nation Status for China Reinstated after Tianamen Square
1996 - Most Favored Nation Status for China Reinstated after Test
2000 - Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China and WTO Membership for China
2005 - CAFTA-DR Ratified, 2006

For that matter neither do most in the GOP. It is a one party system like in the USSR, but in the USA. (By Race)

Economist has NEGATIVE $780 Billion Trade Balance.

Trade balance Current-account balance

** How do you get Capital Formation/Investment of the kind that creates Millions of Jobs a year?! **

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US CONgress - the New National Zoo - come one, come all, see the snakes, vipers, apes, chimps, dumb asses and chumps - do not feed nor vote for these animals!  Dog and Pony show runs continuously with Animal Trainer Bibi Netanyahu...