Meth Crisis In West Virginia - Overdose Deaths Soar To Record High

According to a new study from the Health Statistic Center of West Virginia, overdose deaths related to methamphetamine have increased by 500 percent in just four short years.

In fact, a record-number 129 people have passed from overdoses in 2017 - and that number is expected to climb through the holiday season.

As the late American-German poet, Charles Bukowski once said, “My dear, Find what you love and let it kill you.”  It seems as some West Virginians have taken it to heart...

Chad Napier, prevention officer with the Appalachian High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area said, about half the meth overdoses involve fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid that remains the leading cause of drug overdoses in the state. Napier further said, addicts are using meth mixed with fentanyl, sometimes unknowingly, which is the reason for the overdose surge.

In November, we highlighted how 60.1% of heroin tested by authorities in Canada for the 2017 period contained fentanyl. We also noted, cocaine and methamphetamine saw a noticeable surge as well. The situation in Canada is critical with one funeral home in Vancouver warning of “too many bodies.”

As we’ve pointed out in the article, fentanyl is being shipped from China into Canada, then distributed across North America. In West Virginia’s case, meth dealers have graduated from their Breaking Bad recreational vehicles— to now demanding super meth from extravagant laboratories in Mexico.

So far, Kanawha and Cabell counties in West Virginia have been hit the hardest in meth-related overdoses. About thirty Kanawha residents and twenty eight in Cabell have died with the epidemic spreading to other counties such as Raleigh and Wood.

“A lot of these people don’t know what they’re getting,” Napier said.


“We’re seeing the meth cut with fentanyl, so that’s increasing the meth [overdose] numbers, I believe.”

The Health Statistic Center of West Virginia said, meth-related overdoses across the state have dramatically increased over the past four years from 21 in 2014, 49 in 2015, 107 in 2016 to 129 deaths so far in 2017.

Dr. Rahul Gupta, state health commissioner warned, residents are mixing meth and opioids producing a dangerous concoction that could kill anyone who comes in contact with it. The journey of the Mexican-made meth started in the southern states and has now spread to the east.

“We’re seeing a lot more meth, and it’s a different kind of meth than we were seeing five or six years ago,” Gupta said.


“There’s a push from the cartels to get these drugs out there.”

So it seems,  Mexican drug cartels have seen one too many episodes of Breaking Bad, as they attempt to empire build across the United States killing what’s left of America’s middle class through a powerful concoction of meth and synthetic opioids.


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you come at me with a 17 year old stat?nmewn, brother,my comment was a prod and poke at the idiotic arguments put forth around these partsabout lib, dem, gop, conservative, snowflake, deplorable, division politics and all that bullshitmeanwhile people scream about emails and don't look at the fucking misery being wrought by the "war on drugs", the CIA, and now Trump's war in Afghanistan....and the MIC gobbles up more and more of our budget and people actually support Trump's claim of the military being underfunded....but it looks like that flew a bit over your 48+ year old head.     ;-)

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They just came through an EIGHT YEAR FEDERAL ASSAULT on their way of life & their state by the Obama administration.And you somehow expect them to transform themselves from "I need money to eat NOW because I refuse to lower myself and take social welfare." that it?You are blaming the meth use on that what I'm getting from you out of all this?

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wow,you got that from my comments? wow,the only thing i said about trump is he is continuing the opiod warsthe other MENA wars and divertingprecious resources away from citizens and towards the war machinei never put the opiod crisis on himbut his policies don't really show him giving a real fuck either

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Meth has been a big deal out here in the sticks for a while now (not bad around here but other places) and Trump just gave Kellyanne an opiod "czarship"...which should make you happy, somehow (lol) as I'm sure she won't be concentrating on just "opiods". Free enterprise capitalism (which is nothing more than giving the people what they want) or not...people are dying.Anyways, I'm out...later.

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I'm also in the sticks. It's funny how you can be in the midst of a meth epidemic without really being aware of it. I can look back now over the 17 years I've lived here and count seven very near neighbors who did meth. I can count several more who did opiods--most of whom got started after surgeries. There are probably many others I don't know about. Quite a few of those people are now dead.I don't think I realized until just now how pervasive this stuff is. 

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People in WV take a lot of welfare, mostly in the form of food stamps. They have a whole racket going with flats of soda that are bought in front and sold back at a discount at the loading bay, which is why it’s the #1 most common item purchased with EBT cards. Basically, they turn some of their food stamps into cash at a very poor exchange rate.

You also have to remember that the little gainful employment that was available in these places was totally destroyed by Obama era laws aimed to harm those filthy white people, with the bogus claim that it was to combat AGW...

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Only a slight tangent from this thread.....A fair share of Deplorables there, maybe do some undercover research where the Fentanyl is coming from.  Not much of a stretch for the same gov. that murdered Kenedy, staged 9/11, Fast and Furious, Mideast springs, Central American coups, etc. to have planted the Fentanyl into the supply chain.Drain The Swamp.

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It's because the cities are full of ignorant, minority, liberal trash. Yep,  there's so much generational opportunity in the coal fields (and other deeply rural areas) people are held back by the awesome wages, the clean environment, and all those unnecessary programs like SNAP and Medicaid. /Sarc I've  noticed that the libtards don't have a monoploy on externalizing blame and irrational memes.

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Its called "goof-balls" out here in Seattle.  Cocaine and meth are called "speed-balls".Fentanyl is bad stuff, when they start combining it with an upper like meth or crack bad things happen.We witnessed a clear Meth OD the other day and the medical folks were calling for Narcon.  They clearly feared opiate OD and were trying to prepare.Bad stuff out there right now.sschu

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Goofballs and speedballs are old American street slang, at least as far back as William Burroughs and Junky.  This latest sounds like a downmarket goofball.  The young people may sense they are getting the shitty end of the stick. Funny, in older cultures people are terrified that they will not be remembered well by the ones they leave behind.  In Amerika, they grab and go and have left their grandchildren to eat shit.

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“If somebody wants to build a coal-fired power plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them,...Under my plan … electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” 

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Seems like there should be potential for a massive lawsuit against these big pharma firms who produce this shit and can't keep it out of the general population (even if they were trying, which is doubtful).It's like making 'shards of glass popcycles' and saying, "Well, they're not for kids."

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