Erdogan, Saudis Warn That Recognizing Jerusalem As Capital Would Be A "Red Line", Have "Catastrophic Consequences"

Two weeks ago, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan won an important concession from President Donald Trump when, in a phone call, Erdogan coaxed a promise from his American partner to stop arming US-backed Kurdish resistance fighters in Syria. But that gesture of goodwill could be swiftly forgotten if Trump follows through with a plan to officially declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel – an act that Erdogan and many other Muslim leaders have said would be a “red line” that could force Turkey and several other Muslim states to break off diplomatic relations with Israel.

In a speech, Erdogan said the recognition of Jerusalem by the US would force Turkey to call an Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit and consider severing ties with Israel.

"Jerusalem is the red line for Muslims. Such a decision will be a heavy blow for all mankind. We will not leave it. We will fight to the end. We may even reach a severance of diplomatic relations with Israel. I once again warn the United States not to take steps that will further deepen the crisis in the region," Erdogan said.

Israel has long claimed Jerusalem as its capital. The city hosts much of the infrastructure of the Israeli government. But the ancient city – which contains the venerated Al-Aqsa mosque, the third holiest site in Islam – is also viewed as the logical capital of a Palestinian state. Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as their rightful capital, while Israeli’s claim the whole city, according to the Telegraph.

In addition, Erdogan said he would convene a summit meeting of countries of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation to oppose the US’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Most world powers recognize Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital, and no embassies are presently based in Jerusalem.

Saudi Arabia has also spoken out strongly against any possible US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The Kingdom and Israel have both targeted Lebanon in an anti-Iran, anti-Shia alliance of convenience. KSA expressed its "grave and deep concern" about such a possible recognition from the US. In a statement on the state-run Saudi Press Agency, the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that the kingdom affirms the rights of Palestinian people regarding Jerusalem, which the ministry said "cannot be changed."

The statement also warned that this step would "provoke sentiments of Muslims throughout world,” according to the Associated Press.

Prince Khalid bin Salman, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the US, added that Trump's looming decision on the status of Jerusalem "would have a detrimental impact on the peace process and would heighten tensions in the region."

US officials have said Trump could recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital later this week. The move would represent something of a compromise: Trump had promised to move the US embassy to Jerusalem during the campaign.

Palestinians would be infuriated by the decision. Majdi Khaldi, a diplomatic adviser of President Mahmoud Abbas, said the Palestinian leadership would "stop contacts" with the US if Trump recognized Jerusalem – making Jared Kushner’s job of solving the Israel-Palestine conflict even more difficult than it already is, according to the Associated Press.

Khaldi said the US would lose credibility as a mediator in the Middle East if the US President went ahead with the move.

Early Tuesday, Husam Zomlot, the top representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization in the US, said that Washington recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital would have "catastrophic consequences" and prompt a "strategic and political" response from the PLO.

Israel captured east Jerusalem, which is home to major Muslim, Christian and Jewish holy sites, in the 1967 Middle East war. Israel quickly annexed the eastern part of the city, declaring the whole of the city as its capital in 1980 – a declaration that has not been recognized internationally. The United Nations believes that the status of the city should be decided during peace talks.

Such a decision, which US officials have said has not been finalized, would violate decades of US policy not to take a stance on the fate of Jerusalem, on the grounds it was an issue Israelis and Palestinians should negotiate and decide for themselves. Many diplomats fear recognizing Jerusalem could unleash violence throughout the region and possibly make US diplomatic missions a target.


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Poor P.T. Trumpum. He won't know which knee pads to wear, the pair he wears when kneeling down in front of Netanyahu or the pair he wears when kneeling down in front of Mohammad bin Salman. The world is about to find out who he fears most. Having to choose between America's enemies (but Trumpum's buddies), AIPAC or the Wahhabis, is as close as P.T. will get to finding himself between a rock and a hard place. Lying down with either of these dogs definitely comes with its fair share of fleas.

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mr. Balfour gave palestine to hebrews when turks were occuppaying it.  he committed british empire to liberate it and donate it to mr. rothchild, a private citizen it should be noted.  at this point, i doubt turks can do anything of where the capital should far as Saudis go, i am suprised this is the same saudi king who received Kushner and his team for two days prior to arresting over 200 princes and ministers.  saudi involvement in lebanon and now this issue is suspicious to say the least. why do they do it?  who knows it must be a reason perhaps to built an oppossition that you can crash otherwise it does not look good to start ethnic cleansing in jerusalem ...claiming the gas pipelines routes so they can remove millions of people it will look a bit fishy (since they both live over the same Jerusalem) not that they care anyway.

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Well, let's start with what we "know"1). Starting several years ago there was a concerted effort by unknown forces to spread Islam around the world. This was done against the will and sometimes knowledge of the people who lived there. Right now there is 5-15 percent muslim in most 1st world countries and 90+% in North Africa, Middle East and Indonesia with something in between in a good part of the EU.2). A large population in these countries have not assimilated.3). We are now seeing push back against this influx of muslims to the point it has largely slowed down with a lot of the EU countries starting to reform there immigration laws or at least starting to elect people just because of this plank in their campaign.4). One would assume that we are at "peak" muslim immigration based on the above so any further time delay in pulling the trigger on a conflict only yields marginal returns because of increased immigration.5). Now Trump comes out with the only possible idea that would unite muslims worldwide in conflict against both Israel and the US along with supporting gov'ts. The capital of Israel isn't any concern of the US, yet here is Trump considering this announcement out of the blue.A united muslim effort to disrupt and riot throughout the world would almost guarantee each country in the northern hemisphere would be in a civil war. Gee, that would most certainly be an excellent excuse for an economic collapse that couldn't/wouldn't be blamed on the central banking system. See how this shit writes itself?

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Islam and Christianity grew out of Judaism, then Islam split into Sunni and Shia, while Christianity ate all it could of what was left of the world. The whole thing over there is a clusterfuck not worth getting pulled down into. Bulldoze it all and start fresh. Have one of those man-made natural disasters erase all that shit in Jerusalem everyone wants to fight over.

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Does Trump want to move the Jew capital to Jerusalem.

Of course, the idiot does. Trump is a Jew.

Just like, Obama, Bush and (Bill & Hillary) Clinton are all Jews.

And as to how real wars are fought,.... i.e., through deception, see

Proof that Adolf Hitler was a double agent.

It seems pretty weird when you first read it, but its clearly true.

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Judaism is a actually a new-old religion that emerged from the ashes of destroyed Temple.All of the genealogical records of Levites were destroyed; no priest class = no religion.  What emerged in the aftermath is the "verbal" tradition written down.  What was hidden came into view.The verbal tradition is Kaballa and before that Zohar.  The mystery religions of Babylon infused themselves into Torah, and became Talmud.  Zohar can be traced back to Heremeticism in Egypt.Mecca was a jewish controlled entrepot city on the overland trade routes.  Crucially, the Jewish controlled money system was the movement of gold and silver across these routes, so the Jews grew fabuously rich taking rents on money through exchange rate differences.  The Arab "merchants" like Mohammed were cut out of this trade, and were frustrated by Jewish in-group predations.  When Mohammed would reveal his religion to the Jews, they would laugh and say it sounded a lot like that "christ" fellow.  The Meccan phase of Islam is more Christ like, and the Medina is phase is more made up by Mohammed.Sitchin noted the parallels of all middle eastern religions with Sumer. makes a good case that Christianity is "Western," that the good shepherd is Cro-Magnon peoples that moved West to East after fourth ice ages.  Middle eastern tradition's had to make way for the influx of Western (White People) who immigrated from West to East as they moved along waterways in their "leather skinned" boats.  Neolithic cave art of the West shows domesticated cows, indicating that Western Cro-Magnon man was well along in the "shepherd" tradition, likely before middle easterners.  How Christianity came to the East 8000 years ago:… 

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Erdogan, Saudis Warn That Recognizing Jerusalem As Capital Would Be A "Red Line", Have "Catastrophic Consequences"My response: So the TYRANT of TURKEY speaks along with the our friends, the SAUDIs. If memory serves me correctly, these two nations are based on Islam, correct?So let's ask a question: Why is JERUSALEM a concern to the ARABS and the TURKS? The word "Jerusalem" IS NOT FOUND ONCE in the Qur'an.On the other hand, the word "Jerusalem" occurs 820 times in 772 verses in the NKJV of the Bible.Jerusalem is GOD's city and it belongs to ISRAEL. Is everyone getting that point?END OF DISCUSSION!!!GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP and HIS TEAM. What ever the decision, it will be the will of GOD of the Bible and not Allah!!

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Unfortunately for Europe, their philosopher kings have accepted the embrace of Islamification. Once the infection has taken firm hold, one may bulldoze their own nation to start fresh.Also unfortunately, we may have already crossed that threshold in the minds of our own philosopher kings.The power to resist the change was relinquished; by the two generations subjugated at the hands of those who envisioned the home television set. The social and cultural "revolutions" of the 60-70's have universally infected the minds of the populace at large.What was once consecrated as righteous or good is now cast aside as useless platitudes.What was once known as darkness is now embraced because it is ubiquitous and there appears no penalty or judgment for touching it. The world is swallowed up in darkness, and only the light will expose darkness for what darkness is. This is why darkness hates the light. Darkness hates being exposed. Darkness depends on the disguise in which it wraps itself, in order to deceive the end user. Light shines into that darkness, revealing truth. The truth is fixed, and therefore no order of lie can move it. Therefore, the darkness can never overcome the light. Hence, darkness will do everything it has been enabled to do in order to destroy those who carry the light. The means to this end requires that every vessel be occupied with something other than that light.Since light itself cannot be overcome, those vessels who do harbor it are a problem. The only remaining tactic for the enemy is to implement a grand scheme for the purpose of wreaking confusion. This confusion brings about the great deception, through which a great many of the vessels of light will fall away in due season. We are in that season.One must observe that darkness is ordered. There is organization. There is purpose. Virtually all information is funneling the individual into that purpose, into that lie. The darkness and those who embrace it are seeking to swallow up the remaining vessels not already taken. Understanding this is the key to understanding the beast. It is a kingdom of the entire earth, of men full of only darkness.It is separate from the whore who rides it. The whore is a harlot for a reason. She was once a vessel of light and now isn't. The beast was only ever full of darkness. This is why it hates her, and seeks to destroy her. It should be no mystery that she is become Babylon. It should be no mystery that Babylon is a collection of those who have fallen away to embrace worldly systems. There is much mention of Babylon in the last days. The systems instituted by the Neo-Babylonian Empire are still with us today, as are the principalities who nudge nations.This is why no matter who changes office, what dynasty is installed, what rebellion is begun, or which outcome is of war; that the overall trajectory of events on the planet has been asymmetrical. The system has been in place, and the speed with which its maneuver completes is accelerating. It is not in our power to remove it.It is in our power to reject the curtain of darkness seething over the earth. It is in our power to take the light and show it to others. It is in our power to bring that freedom to those who are receptive. Every soul was lit in the womb. Every person has the truth in them. Those who utterly reject that truth are rejecting their life, as they reject their purpose. Vessels that definitively reject their purpose are sailing on borrowed time. Every day is a gift. Every single day one awakes. The world is darkness. We can either be a siren on the rocks or bright buoys in a midnight fog. 

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We know that the majority of Trump's big SuperPAC donors are AIPAC members and Zionists. The greater Israel project is a Zionist project. That is all you need to know.The muslims I know here in Canada will not riot and die for the cause. They like their material comforts as much as anyone else. There are a few fringe radicals, just like the fringe neo-nazis. Not enough to worry about.

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If Jerusalem is their "logical" capital, I see no reason why it can't be downgraded to a"virtual" capital.  Maybe "symbolic capital" would be a reasonable. I am not advocating Israel expansion by any means, but I am tired of hearing, "the venerated Al-Aqsa mosque, the third holiest site in Islam".  I'd call some hard, pipe-hittin’ orthodoxies and go medieval on that site with a blow torch and a pair of bulldozers. They might wail and gnash their teeth and throw dirt in the air for a couple of weeks and then, oh well, time to promote the 4th holiest site.  As for red line, they might “break off contact”?  That sounds dire.   

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The irony of the slaughterers of the Byzantines perching over their capital of constantinople boggles the mind. muslims cant stand for Jews to have the things that are Holly to them, A sentiment that many white gentiles share, because they know the Jews are better than them, and their freedom to practice their religion will get greater ratings than islam, jesus, or the pagan european religions that were already abandoned for A religion closer to the Jews that still allowed rejection of Jewish leadership. Just like economic freedom is denied to the Jews, because if they had it in Israel, why would they share it with the americans? In G-d I trust.

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You take a little slice of the sausage every day and pretty soon you possess the whole thing.Most people do not fight over a little slice. The Jews do. This is one of the principles to which they owe their ability to win against many others.There do exist however, some who prevent this, and some others who quietly observe it happening because they understand that they themselves have a different way of doing things, by which they will easily be able to defeat it later. To win ultimately is better than to win every battle except the last one.Let us also not forget (whether we are Jews or not), that the Jews have lost many times. Their great virtue is that they continue to come back, and this, it seems to me, is very much due to the fact that they wrote a book which over many centuries has become a motivating force in bringing the populations of numeous other nations to their point of view. Whether that point of view is beneficial to non-Jews, I believe it is not. Nonetheless, it continues to prevail in the minds and hearts of many millions of humans in many nations, and unless it is overturned, or until its welcome wears out, it will continue to have that effect. Until then it provides an excellent example of the type of thing that causes desired outcomes for human civilizations. We need something of the same sort, if we intend to survive.

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I think the clear lines will emerge very rapidly, and that is no bad thing. Much of the world has, since the end of the Cold War, pretended that all philosophies and religions can live tolerantly with each other. They can't. The situation is now very bad because all the different peoples are intermingled, just like a bar fight. However, we will pretty soon see it's one end of the bar against the other. Those stuck on the wrong side will get fists from the enemies around them, and probably get hit by flying chairs from their "own side" also. 

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if it can help this muslem mad man..I recognize jerusalem as the capital of what fuck face?? Putin would love taking you out when you stick your sad country into this mess, and Trump would let him.

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So now the Saudi's are back to not recognizing Israel's right to do and say whateverthefuck they want?And erdogan after doing how many 180's in deed and association has a voice in this at all? 

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It is common knowledge USA is pushing for a war, any war, as long as whatever USA fights against can't hit back, like NK.Declaring Jerusalem as capital of Israel would give the USA another war or two to supply or give an excuse to bomb more brown people.