Hollywood Movie Director's "Outlandish" London Home For Rent - Take The Tour

If you haven’t heard of Roland Emmerich, you will almost certainly have heard of some of his movies. Emmerich is the 62-year old German who directed Universal Soldier (1992), Independence Day (1996), Godzilla (1998), The Day After Tomorrow (2004), White House Down (2013) and Independence Day: Resurgence (2016). He is the 11-th highest grossing director in history. Besides directing, Emmerich also produced and wrote most of his movies. Emmerich owns homes in Los Angeles, New York, London and Stuttgart. As Wikipedia notes.

He likes to decorate his homes in a self-described "outlandish" manner, adorning them with rare Hollywood memorabilia, murals and portraits of dictators and Communist figures, and World War II militaria.

Emmerich’s London home is currently available for rent – anything from a few days to six months. As The Guardian newspaper notes,

the house is filled with communist iconography, taxidermy and potentially outrageous art. The property’s interior designer John Teall says:


“Nothing is spared, from government and gender to race and religion – but there’s no manifesto. The idea was to provoke thought, amuse and maybe shock a little.”

If you’d like to take the tour, let’s go. Here is the outside on Brompton Square In London’s Chelsea.

Walk past the stuffed zebra towards the living room…lots of natural light.

Murals of Chairman Mao and Lenin add to the relaxed atmosphere.

Before we go upstairs, check out the waxwork of Pope John Paul II reading his own obituaries.

Fancy a shower, share the cubicle with another infamous dictator.

Let’s get cerebral…the office is covered with equations inspired by the movie “A Beautiful Mind”. The desk is constructed from the wing of a second World War plane.

Watch a movie in the low-key cinema room.

When you’re ready to retire to bed, close your eyes under the bed cover made from 70 pairs of army underwear.

If you’re a big fan of the British royal family, you’ll love this guest bedroom.

If we had to be a guest of Robert Emmerich, or one of his prospective tenants. we’d choose this one.

If you’re tempted, the weekly rent is £7,525 ($10,000). Please contact the agents, Kinleigh Folkard & Howard.