More Details Emerge Of Yemeni Rebel Cruise Missile Launch On Abu Dhabi Nuclear Plant

Submitted by South Front

More details have emerged concerning the reported December 3rd firing of a cruise missile by Yemeni Houthi rebels toward a nuclear power plant under construction in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The cruise missile has been identified as a “Soumar” missile, an Iranian-modified version of the Soviet-made Kh-55 cruise missile. With an operational range of 2500 km, the Kh-55s are equipped with guidance systems that allow them to maintain an altitude lower than 110 meters from the ground, thereby avoiding radar detection.

Local Yemeni sources confirmed that the cruise missile did not hit the target, having crashed in the northern Yemeni province of al-Jawf. The UAE stated that it possesses an air defense system capable of dealing with any threat of any type or kind, adding that the nuclear power plant in Abu Dhabi was well-protected, state news agency WAM reported on its Twitter account. The crash reasons are still unclear, but most likely it was a technical failure.

This is the third launch from Yemen in a month, including the two missiles fired at Saudi Arabia. This differs from the missiles fired at Saudi territory as it was a cruise missile, instead of ballistic missiles used previously. This clearly indicates that Houthis’ military capabilities grow by the second, making them more of a threat to Saudi Arabia and the Saudi-led coalition in general.

And they were already a threat enough, with missiles abound. The Houthis had launched ballistic missiles towards Saudi Arabia multiple times in the last year. The Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces intercepted ballistic missiles heading towards the southern city of Jizan on the 17th and 20th of March 2017, and also reported intercepting four ballistic missiles launched by the Houthis in Yemen toward the Saudi cities of Khamis Mushayt and Abha on March 28. 

In July 2017, the Houthis released video of its Burkan-2 (volcano 2) ballistic missile launch which attempted to strike Saudi Arabia’s oil refinery in Yanbu. It was reported the missile flew approximately 930 km, making it the longest distance traveled by a Houthi launched missile. They claimed that the ballistic missile hit the oil refineries in Yanbu, but Saudi officials reported that Saudi Aramco Mobile Refinery (SAMREF) at Yanbu was operating normally after a fire affected a power transformer at the gate of the facility.

More recently, Saudi Arabia claimed that its US-supplied air defense system intercepted a ballistic missile from Yemen in northeastern Riyadh on 4 November 2017, however, a New York Times report contradicted this. Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reacted to this attack by saying that Iran’s supply of missiles to the Houthis in Yemen was an act of “direct military aggression.” The Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthis in Yemen accused them of “dangerous escalation (that) came because of Iranian support.”

The latest missile fired at Saudi Arabia was intercepted on November 30. The Saudi Press Agency, quoting Colonel Turki al-Maliki, the official spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition fighting the war in Yemen, said the missile was headed towards the Saudi city of Khamis Mushait on its southwestern border. It was destroyed without causing any casualties, but there were no details on how the missile was intercepted. The Houthis in Yemen claimed success in the missile launch, saying it was a test firing, according to the pro-Houthi news agency SABA in Yemen.

The United States accused Iran last month of supplying Yemen’s Houthi rebels with a missile that was fired into Saudi Arabia in July. US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said that by providing weapons to the Houthis, Iran had violated two UN resolutions on Yemen and Iran. She said a missile shot down over Saudi Arabia on November 4th “may also be of Iranian origin.”

The Houthis are becoming a force to be reckoned with at a moment when the Middle East appears more than ever a powder keg waiting to explode, and sparks in Yemen may fly easily with the Saudi-backed government in shambles, and the Iran-affiliated Houthis in control of the North of the country and the capital.

Moreover, Iran has been reportedly sending the Houthis advanced weapons and military advisers. The further involvement of Hezbollah in the region, now that ISIS is nearly over and done with also doesn’t work in Saudi Arabia’s favor: if the kingdom decides to escalate the situation in Lebanon, Iran and Hezbollah may use Yemen as a pressure point, forcing the Saudis to go to war on several fronts.

The rise of Iranian predominance in the region, with Hezbollah becoming a formidable force in the recent years, potentially puts a stop to a plan of military escalation from the US and especially from Israel and Saudi Arabia. If a new large-scale open conflict starts in the region, the pro-Israeli block would suffer unacceptable losses even in the case of victory.


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Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia Iran Russia- is anyone else seeing a pattern here?

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More like: Iran, Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Saud, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, South Africa (most of Africa,) Brazil (most of Central and South America,) and even large chunks of Europe are turning away from the US. Canada, being a resource-based economy is ambivalent, which leaves only the UK and Israel as permanent allies.With the petro-dollar evaporating, it looks like the US is in for more earthquakes.

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Let's play a game.  Imagine I come into your house, beat you up, smash all your stuff, and kill your kids.  Then I build a fence around your and house and make it nearly impossible for you to get out for food or to see a doctor.  How would you feel?  Then I tell everyone you started it and that you hate me so you should be destroyed completely.  Well, that's North Korea.  NK was created arbitrarily by the US in order to put Korean collaborationists in power in the South while creating one of the most evil right-wing dictatorships of the 20th century.  The US provoked NK repeatedly by making probing attacks across the border.  Finally, when NK retaliated with a full-scale war, the US cried foul.  Of course, America got its ass kicked by the Chinese ( embarrassing is THAT?  Fucking commies kicked America's butts.  Come to think of it, the US is 0-2 against commies since we lost in Vietnam as well.).  But before the Chicom kicked our butts, we slaughtered millions of NK and destroyed as much as 80% of their infrastructure and industry.Any nation on earth that wants to be independent from US hegemony, violence and depridation must absolutely get nuclear weapons. 

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There has been a blockade on now for months. How are these weapons getting into the country if all the ports and harbours, airports, and roads leading into the country are being (and have been) controlled by Saud?They have secret tunnels all throughout the ME.But do they have tunnels to Yemen?

-Tunnel hundreds of metres long filled with ballistic missiles and hardware-Military chief warns they 'will erupt like a volcano from the depth of earth' -Iran has built a third underground ballistic missile production factory... -Iran Underground 

I'm betting the cruise missle was Israeli, though.Imagine that. An Israeli cruise missile used by Saud as a FF aginst Yemen/Iran.



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Have you ever sailed in that aprt of the world? There is a huge segment of the economy that is run by smugglers in small go fast boats. They don't use lights at night, and these things glide on water at over 70+ knots sometimes. I remember one night a swarm of smugler boats sailed past our patrol ship and we barely had time to see them on radar and react. At the time we were told, anything coming out of Iranian territorial waters heading towards UAE, we had to ignore. There is no way we could have caught up to them anyways. By the time we spooled up both GT's and take off they would have been miles away.That area of the worl has a sea community that is not well known of land lubbers. There are the fishing dhows, the cargo dhows (doing legitimate business), there are the not so legal fast boats with close to 1000 HP of outboards in the back. That area of the world has a sea surface teaming with life. Smuggling everywhere is the way of life...

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If it looked like it came from Yemen and a Russian Missile, you can bet your last dollarit is NOT hat it seems. Especially when Iran is Flavor of the Month again becauseKim Jong Uh-Oh seems to have dropped off the Radar. 

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another PERFECT LOCATION for GE to build a nuke plant... hats off to you on that one guys, just when i thought building one on a fault line couldn't be beat, you've outdone yourselves yet again. shit, i'm almost glad to be paying taxes to support Government Electric now, all my popcorn won't go to waste after all

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The Saudi Sandmonkeys sure screwed up when they let their mooseadd cousins talk them into this.I watched some vids last year of a small band barefoot Houthi wearing rags with AK's and RPG's, just totally FUBAR a Saudi Armored Column.Give a Houthi a RPG and a chaw of Khat Stevens and you get Saudi BBQ for the Ravens and virgins for Cerberus and Uncle Mo the Molester...The Yemeni are not to be fucked with without some serious blowback.

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If the Saudi's weren't such a poodle of ZATO and worked things out for themselves, independently, like Iran does, then they wouldn't be such a bunch of inbred retarded pussy wipes.

Take a good cut of pork, cover it in female menstruation and slap a Saudi Royal in the face with it, pig fucks.

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Saudi national armed forces are not their real military resource - these are just a bunch of entitled upper-echelon royal hangers-on.  Look towards the French Foreign Legion in Abu Dhabi, the PSD companies like Xi and Academi, and the entire Pakistan nuclear defense forces to get a sense of what the Kingdom would really deploy in a war.

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Interesting how understanding specific simple fact can allow you to predict how nations will behave.Russia are going to unload all their old Soviet era hardware to Iran, who are going to use it to topple the Saudis. So basically,  Russia gets paid to take down the petrodollar.I bet China has a shitload of old hardware as well. ...If only we'd been designing and building replacement nuclear power stations for decades by this point.... But nooooo. The feelzzzz The feeelzzzz!

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"Med, I'm tired of the ZOG in the US dicking us around.""Me, too, Vlad. I have an idea! Let's sell off all this cold war stuff we have laying around to Iran. They can mark it up and sell it to a third party.""Lemme see that list.....hmmm, all this stuff will expire soon! Make the call, Med! Get the Iranians on the phone. We'll give those ZOGs some shit to think about!""I'll tell them we'll throw in decal changes for free. They can put theirown logos on the weapons.""Good idea." 

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Maybe  Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud's kidnapping and murdering those Iranians at Mecca the other year was not such a good idea.   

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Better luck next time, but good for them, I'm Pro-Houthi.Or maybe I'm just anti-saudi, but fuck those lying billionaire oil fucks, starving millions of women and children as they drop every bomb known to man on these "rebels"... who are living in their own goddamn land.I dont know if anybody else noticed but thats also pretty much the plot of Star Wars.

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Looked up the prevaiiling winds in Abu Dhabi. Mostly from the North which puts the fallout over Eastern Yemen, smart! Less predominant is from the West which has it graze S. Iran and blanket Pakistan/India. Assuming it cooks off for a year it goes both ways. The Persian Gulf would glow nicely at night.

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The plant's under construction.  Yeminis are not so stupid as to hit an operating nuclear power plant.  But inflicting a pretty penny on UAE, without hurting any people, is pretty clever (it's an almost-completed $30 billion project and I imagine some investors are getting pretty cold feet - gonna be some big losses if that plant is hit).

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Did ZH use Google to translate the submission from Hebrew or does Mossad have someone on staff there to do it for them?

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The knee-jerk anti-Israel shills are posting on anything and everything now. Damn, guys, get a life, read a book, learn some history. Possibly consider working for someone else other than Soros.