Trump Attorney Denies Deutsche Bank Received Mueller Subpoena

Early in the European trading session, German media reported and Bloomberg confirmed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had subpoenaed Deutsche Bank several weeks ago for details of transactions involving President Donald Trump, as well as documents relating to any accounts he might hold there. It was already widely known that DB was one of the few remaining large Wall Street banks that would still lend to Trump following his brush with bankruptcy in the 1990s, and it's believed that DB is perhaps the only global bank to have extended large amounts of credit to Trump within the past decade.

When asked for a statement, Deutsche Bank issued a cryptic response where it neither confirmed nor denied the existance of a Trump subpoena. And now, Trump's own attorney is denying the story, saying he spoke with representatives from DB and they confirmed that no such subpoena had been issued.

Jay Sekulow, one of Trump’s personal lawyers, said Deutsche Bank has not received any subpoena for financial records relating to the president as part of Mueller’s probe, according to Reuters.

“We have confirmed that the news reports that the Special Counsel had subpoenaed financial records relating to the president are false,” Sekulow told Reuters in a statement. “No subpoena has been issued or received. We have confirmed this with the bank and other sources."

Sekulow later said the bank in question was Deutsche Bank. A spokesman for Mueller declined to comment.

Deutsche Bank has said only that it takes “its legal obligations seriously and remains committed to cooperating with authorized investigations into this matter.”

According to initial reports, a US official with knowledge of Mueller’s probe said the subpoenas were issued to find out whether Deutsche Bank may have sold some of Trump’s mortgage or other loans to Russian state development bank VEB or other Russian banks that are now facing US and European sanctions.

VEB, as well as the Russian Agricultural Bank and Gazprombank did not immediately reply to emailed requests for comment.

“No one from the VTB Group representatives has received a subpoena because there are absolutely no grounds for it,” a bank representative said in response to a request from Reuters. “Deutsche Bank did not contact us regarding people connected with the Trump administration.” Holding Trump's debt would potentially give banks leverage. Though a soure close to DB told Reuters the bank had "run checks" on Trump's financial dealings with Russia.

As Reuters pointed out, during a photo opportunity with senators at the White House on Tuesday, Trump declined to answer shouted questions from reporters about whether Mueller had crossed a line by asking Deutsche Bank for information. Trump has said in interviews that his finances should be off limits to Mueller unless they were somehow directly related. Trump obviously fears that the Mueller team - which has a reputation for its seive-like handling of sensitive information - would let his tax returns or other sensitive financial documents fall into the hands of journalists.

Asked if delving into his and his family’s finances unrelated to the Russia probe would cross a red line, Trump replied, “I would say yeah. I would say yes.”

Deutsche Bank earlier this year rebuffed efforts by Democratic U.S. lawmakers to get more information on its dealings with Trump as well as any information it may have about whether the Republican, his family or advisers had financial backing from Russia.

Trump had liabilities of at least $130 million to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, a unit of the German bank, according to a federal financial disclosure form released in June by the U.S. Office of Government Ethics. Those include a loan exceeding $50 million for the Old Post Office, a historic property he redeveloped in downtown Washington, mortgages worth more than $55 million on a golf course in Florida, and a $25 million-plus loan on a Trump hotel and condominium in Chicago.


Lumberjack Joebloinvestor Tue, 12/05/2017 - 16:58 Permalink

DB didn’t need a subpoena.…

Look up Clinton Foundation DB. Yea, the bitch got the records and DB can admit no subpoena was issued. I will bet my scrawny ass on it plus 1000 LjCoins.

Clinton has ties to many big banks on and off shore. One would be a god damn fool not to think that folks there didn’t do them ‘favors’. It’s the Clinton Operating Procedure.

Whilst she wears that evil grin at book signings, speeches and such, it’s a guaran-fucking-tee she is up to no good.

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JRobby Lumberjack Tue, 12/05/2017 - 17:06 Permalink

Is this that "fake news" they have been saying doesn't exist? Because I saw the DB subpoena story on a number of "news" and "news aggregator" sites starting very early this AM. PS: DB is smoke and mirrors being propped up by Germany in some insane face saving ritual.

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Lumberjack JRobby Tue, 12/05/2017 - 17:28 Permalink

My guess is that DB did release that info. I say its safe to assume deep state already knows. They, including Clinton, Obama and deep state will mercilessly keep this charade going, batting -200 at best until they can control the Presidency and all policy.

These indeed are interesting times. A ‘COG’ in the wheel of sorts. Sleep with one eye open.

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MrBoompi Tue, 12/05/2017 - 16:41 Permalink

Holding Trump's debt would give banks leverage?  Give me a fucking break.  Why isn't the swamp screaming at the top of their lungs about all the Goldman employees in the Trump administration?  What more fucking leverage do they need?  Obama did every goddamned thing the banks wanted, and he protected their sorry asses from going to prison for looting the world in 2008.  Did Obama owe his bank some money too?  

Robert Trip Tue, 12/05/2017 - 16:44 Permalink

Jay Jew says there is no subpoena  so there's no subpoena.Pretty basic.Just more fake news with the intent of smearing our President.Smear away.We won.Once again screaming headlines on MSM news outlets prove to be entirely false.

artvandalai Tue, 12/05/2017 - 16:55 Permalink

Do ya think Sekulow probably ran this through a whole lot of times with his sources at the bank. Verifying it who knows how many times before he would say something like this. I would think so.

Keyser VideoEng_NC Tue, 12/05/2017 - 20:14 Permalink

You have obviously been asleep for the last 2 years beause the MSM has been lying to us at least this long about Trump... The idiots fail to realize that every time they are caught in a lie it reduces their credibility... At this point a crack whore has more integrity that Joe Scarborough and the Hitler Youth at the NBC faily of networks... 

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Opulence I Has It Tue, 12/05/2017 - 17:33 Permalink

Fake News, from the same people who brought you:* Rathergate* Using dynamite to explode a GM truck and claiming it was a fuel tank failure* George Zimmerman's edited phone call* Brian Williams many lies* Katie Couric's deceptively edited interview with gun owners* Stephen Glass* Campus rape epidemic* Trump removed the MLK bust from the White House* Immigrant and Illegal Alien can be used interchangeably* Trump has no chance to win the election* Al Gore won Florida* Jayson Blair* Jimmy's WorldIf you still trust anything these people say, you're a dope.

FoggyWorld Tue, 12/05/2017 - 18:54 Permalink

Gee, Lester Holt of NBC hasn't heard from Sekulow and he just spent 4 minutes actually smiling about the DB supoena that apparently is another figment of someone's imagination.And Sekulow was quoted and photo shown on Fox Business around 4 pm denying the story that Lester is so happy about almost three hours later.

pippi68 Tue, 12/05/2017 - 18:56 Permalink

"Trump obviously fears that the Mueller team - which has a reputation for its seive-like handling of sensitive information - would let his tax returns or other sensitive financial documents fall into the hands of journalists."

This seems way overstated. Trump has some rights to privacy, and his financial dealings 10+ years ago are way outside the scope of this investigation. There has to be a line drawn on how far away from shore this deep-sea fishing expedition is allowed to float. Especially if we are being asked to ignore the mountain of circumstantial evidence piling up against the Podesta Group and Clinton Foundation.