House Set To Vote On Stopgap Spending Bill Tomorrow

Update (5:30 pm ET): House Republicans are moving ahead with a plan to avoid a shutdown after the House Rules Committee approved a rule change that will allow Republicans to bring a two-week stopgap plan up for a floor vote Thursday, allowing the senate until end-of-day Friday to avoid a shutdown. The plan helped Speaker Paul Ryan override conservative GOP lawmakers who were pressing for a longer extension to get more leverage over Democrats and the Senate.

The decision on a stopgap bill with a Dec. 22 end-date came after Ryan and his leadership team held discussions on overall budget strategy with the leaders of the restive House Freedom Caucus. A formal check of how members would vote on the Dec. 22 deadline came back showing widespread support, said Representative Dennis Ross, a member of the vote-whipping team.

The Freedom Caucus will discuss the stopgap at a meeting tonight, according to a House Republican aide. Votes from the group’s three-dozen members may not be needed if Democrats support the stopgap plan.

As part of the talks, the Freedom Caucus has sought and Republican leaders are weighing a plan to attach the House’s fiscal year 2018 defense spending bill to a second resolution to keep the government funded after Dec. 22, according to Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows and Representative Mac Thornberry, the Texas Republican who leads the House Armed Services Committee, according to Bloomberg.

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Update: After Trump once again raised the prospect of a shutdown while speaking with reporters following a cabinet meeting today, Nancy Pelosi had a few choice words for the president...



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Lawmakers are just two days away from the expiration of the continuing resolution that's been funding the government for the last two months, and yet many battles over a host of intractable issues are still being fought. At this point, passing something by midnight Friday - when the continuing resolution expires -is looking increasingly problematic.

Adding to the uncertainty are reports that President Donald Trump believes a shutdown could be spun as a political victory for Republicans by blaming it on the Democrats (it worked for Obama) - remarks that would seem to invalidate Mitch McConnell’s declaration that a shutdown “just isn’t going to happen."

Looming largest over negotiations is the fate of former President Obama’s DACA program - which is set to expire in March thanks to a Trump executive order. Most - but not all - Democrats want language preserving DACA attached to the funding bill - as a preliminary deal struck between Trump and “Chuck and Nancy” back in September had stipulated. Many Republicans - even many of those who ultimately support preserving DACA - feel it shouldn’t be attached to the spending bill.

Aside from preserving DACA, there are two other legislative priorities that Democrats and some moderate Republicans are fighting to include in the spending bill: An extension of a popular child health-insurance program, and a provision that would preserve federal cost-sharing payments to insurance companies for a couple of years.

Meanwhile, some conservatives are objecting to the two-week timeline favored by the Republican leadership, arguing that such a short timeline would give lawmakers more leverage to push for favors by threatening to make problems by holding tax reform hostage - something Republicans have promised to pass by the end of the year.

Here’s RealClearPolitics:

Democrats, and several dozen moderate Republicans, want to see a legislative solution for immigrants who came to the United States illegally as children -- known as “Dreamers” -- before the end of the year. Democrats and some Republicans in the Senate also hope to pass bipartisan legislation to shore up the Affordable Care Act marketplace, and lawmakers hope to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Also lingering are the expiring federal flood insurance program, and another round of disaster relief money for areas damaged by hurricanes.

As the Hill points out, many Democrats would refuse to support a spending bill unless it includes the protections for undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children.

Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), all prospects to run for president in three years, say they won’t vote for a year-end funding bill while these immigrants face the threat of deportation.

“I have been clear,” Harris said on the Senate floor Tuesday afternoon, noting the looming deadline to fund the government. “Any bill that funds the government must also include a fix for” the young immigrants.

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus have also warned they would oppose spending legislation unless some concessions are made to protect these so-called Dreamers.

Unsurprisingly, red-state Democrats are somewhat less enthusiastic about preserving DACA.

But vulnerable Democrats running for reelection next year in states that President Trump won don’t want any part of that strategy. They are aiming to show swing voters who backed Trump that they’re willing to work with Republicans when it makes sense.


“I think it’s stupid talk. You don’t want to shut the government down. That’s not where I’m going to be,” said Sen. Jon Tester. Tester said he wants the Dreamers taken care of, but “you don’t shut the government down."

The Democrats’ leaders in Congress have been wary of appearing to threaten a shutdown lest it makes them look like they’re willing to fight for their principles - something the Democratic Party brain trust apparently believes could hurt Democrats’ chances in next year’s midterms.

Like the original agreement with Trump, Schumer ultimately expects Democrats to reach a deal with Republicans that will offer some border-security concessions in exchange for preserving DACA.

The party’s top leaders, Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), have assiduously avoided threats of a government shutdown, knowing it could put some of their colleagues in a tough spot.  Schumer downplayed the prospect of Democrats blocking a spending measure to force Republicans to replace the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that President Obama created in 2012 to halt deportations for certain young immigrants who came to the country illegally as children.


“We don’t think we’re going to get to that. There are good negotiations occurring between Democrats and Republicans to come up with a good DACA program, as well as some good border security,” he said Tuesday after a meeting of the Democratic caucus.

According to Bloomberg, conservatives angling for a funding extension until Dec. 30 argue that would give them more leverage over spending demands from Democrats as well as the promises of potentially costly legislation made in the Senate. They also want to use the time to secure more money for the Pentagon.

“You’ve got the major part of our conference making sure our war fighters are taken care of,” said Mark Walker, a North Carolina Republican who chairs the 170-member Republican Study Committee. “But right behind that number you’ve got the fiscal hawks who want to control mandatory spending."

Stocks and yields were slightly lower Wednesday, while the yield on the short-term T-bill that comes due next week trimmed some of its rise but remained just below its highs from earlier in the week.

Still, several lawmakers are insisting that they won’t let the government shutdown. Is that because they fear Trump is right and that a shutdown could endanger Democrats, especially Democrats from red states, during next year’s election?

We’ll need to wait and see.


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Yep. Any furloughed workers get back pay for the days they don't work, even though they stayed home. It's just a paid vacation for them.

And for those thinking 'good, it will save some fucking money' of things along those lines, it actually costs MOAR when that happens. Funny how that works. Heads they win, tails we lose. Same as always. Would probably help cryptos though, if you're into that kind of thing.

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Endgame Napoleon eclectic syncretist Wed, 12/06/2017 - 17:47 Permalink

No, CONgress is committed to protecting the citizens of other countries. What they will do is betray the Trump voters, ensuring that millions of any jobs created by a massive tax cut will go to DACAs and the 1 million new immigrants who enter the country legally each year, not to mention all of the new illegal immigrants inspired by the DACA amnesty.

On top of that, they have expanded the child tax credit that was already raised to between $3,400 to $6,318. These immigrants are often also receiving subsidized rent and free groceries for US-born children, making it very easy for them to undermine US citizens in the job market by a willingness to accept low pay since their main household bills are covered by pay-per-birth freebies.

Since our corrupt lawmakers will not do anything but shaft voters, I wondered when this was going to happen.…

American citizens are now resorting to the judicial branch, successfully fighting it in the courts when employers hire nearly all Hispanic workers, their family members and their friends. That and other forms of REVERSE racism are plentiful out in low-wage job land. There is plenty of [overtly] discriminatory and unprofessional-to-the-max behavior by [groups of childbearing-age moms], too, despite all of their harping on the scourge of sexual harassment.

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GunnerySgtHartman FORD_FIESTA Wed, 12/06/2017 - 11:36 Permalink

The shutdown is a joke - if there is a 'shutdown,' between 65% and 70% of federal workers will report to work on Monday, December 11th because their agencies have declared them to be 'essential.'  The politicians hate 'shutdowns' because of the optics and scramble to 'prevent' them.The only real 'shutdown' that would affect things is if Congress ever grew the balls to truly "shut down" agencies by abolishing them entirely.

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there is NO scrambling.......the only scrambling is how to ensure year end bonuses.....the completely obvious stock sector hot potato rotation to keep indexes up until year-end is exasperatring.

Theta_Burn Wed, 12/06/2017 - 11:10 Permalink

Great, so now we wont be able to visit national parks, or tour the White House.Thousands of morons on the .gov dole sent home on vacation, so when they inevitably reopen federal lands they get all that back pay.. 

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If you live near a monument or any federal parks or land that they shutdown last time drive by and you dont see barriers and signs being brought in today or already setting there then there will be no shutdown hedge accordingly

Bemused Observer AAPL Slayer Wed, 12/06/2017 - 11:50 Permalink

Yeah, isn't that funny, how they "shut it down"...they pay public employees to PREVENT the public from using the parks. They are 'shutting down' anything, what they are doing is a lock-out. The taxpayer is STILL paying for those parks, only now they are paying to be locked out.Those parks belong to the taxpayers, NOT the federal government. Those stupid barriers should be torn down and people should flood right past 'security' to reclaim THEIR parks.A government shutdown should mean THEY don't work or get paid...not that WE don't get to use our own stuff.

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The last shutdown was absolutely brutal.  All of the trails, trees, rivers, streams, and even the ground itself disappeared during the last shutdown.  Folks, without affirmative action nigger government employees these things cannot exist.  Let's just support DACA and amnesty for every third world subhuman on the planet.  It's their right to be here because America is a proposition nation and anyone can be an American just by virtue of being here.  If you disagree then you're just a sick nazi.  Folks, we NEED niggers, beaners, and moslem terrorists here or we won't survive!

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DACA must be preserved at all costs even the costs of dead white goyim like the white supremacist Kate Steinle.  Folks, closing the border goes against the wishes of world Jewry and the government's one and only priority is to serve the Jews and Israel.  That's why DACA must stay.  Just think of the totally innocent Christ-killing, bolshevik mass murdering SIX MILLION who were deloused for no reason whatsoever by Donald tRump's grandfather, Adolf Hitler.

hanekhw Wed, 12/06/2017 - 11:39 Permalink

Oh dear? I'm so worried! Democrats are the BEST posturers. I wonder how many can balance on the Capitol Dome at the same time? With any luck it'll collapse and the government, guess what? Won't shut down.

Bemused Observer Wed, 12/06/2017 - 11:41 Permalink

A shutdown isn't going to help anybody. Trump needs some new advisors. And the 'right/left' thing is starting to lose its hold as more and more people become aware that BOTH sides are full of shit. So the notion that any shutdown will be easily blamed on one party is delusional. Shut it down, and BOTH sides will be blamed equally by a disgusted public.And I just love the GOP's idea that after getting this tax thing through, they'll 'set their targets on SS and Medicare'...They had better be praying day and night that the tax bill doesn't end up kicking them right in the ass. Because if it turns out this bill is just another dud, and people find they are LOSING money, these guys won't get anywhere NEAR SS and Medicare...the blowback will be epic. Paul Ryan will end up in the Witness Protection Program, working as a barista in Seattle, where he will fare better than some of his peers in Mississippi and Alabama, who get hunted down and eaten by hungry constituents.And those Democrats had better get THEIR shit together and realize the public isn't on board with cradle-to-grave welfare...they want ACTUAL JOBS where they can EARN enough to buy their OWN shit...not have to beg for it or depend on the kindness of strangers to provide it. Why should they control it and dole it out to us in their little meager amounts like they are benevolent gods or something? The same hands that give it to you can take it away...

CompassionateC… Bemused Observer Wed, 12/06/2017 - 11:45 Permalink

And those Democrats had better get THEIR shit together and realize the public isn't on board with cradle-to-grave welfare...they want ACTUAL JOBS where they can EARN enough to buy their OWN shit...not have to beg for it or depend on the kindness of strangers to provide it. Why should they control it and dole it out to us in their little meager amounts like they are benevolent gods or something? The same hands that give it to you can take it away...

Niggers don't understand things like that and ONLY a nazi who probably listens to The Daily Shoah would say something like that.  Quit being a fucking RACIST.  It's 2017/The Current Year!  Being a racist isn't trendy and hip!

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This is the shittiest program on the news - why do they keep running it?  Why can't we get more episodes of 'Sex pervs in Hollywood' or 'Look what Trump did now!' instead of these endless installments of 'Government shutdown is imminent'.  News flash - if you keep running the same conclusion to a 'cliffhanger' it stops being a cliffhanger.  Fuck...

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There are no bitter divisions, it's anti-Trump deep-staters in both parties.
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The Democratic & Republican parties are nothing but a facade. Neocons control both parties and the deep state owns the neocons. Our votes are meaningless as elected officials pursue only the goals of the deep state and NOT the will of the American people!!! 

Dickweed Wang Wed, 12/06/2017 - 12:22 Permalink

I love how the libs and open borders crowd always twists words when it come to this issue . . . "young immigrants"??  NOOOO, the proper term is "illegal alien minors". Note the "illegal" part that always gets conveniently left out??