Two Islamist Militants Named In Terrorist Plot To Assassinate UK Prime Minister

The UK’s domestic security service (the local FBI) needed some good news after an independent report published yesterday concluded that MI5 could have prevented the terrorist attack which killed 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in May.

The report by David Anderson QC, who previously reviewed UK terrorist legislation for the government, reviewed the internal reports by MI5 and the police regarding the Manchester terror attack and three others since March 2017, which led to the deaths of 36 people. Anderson stopped short of blaming MI5, but criticised the organisation for “wrongly” interpreting intelligence on the bomber, Salman Abedi. He also criticised the way MI5 works with the UK police force and the way they share intelligence.

However, as saving grace, just a few hours after the report was published, it emerged that MI5 and the police successfully foiled a plot to assassinate UK Prime Minister, Theresa May. Two men were delivered to Westminster Magistrates Court in central London this morning. 20-year-old Naa'imur Zakariyah Rahman was accused of orchestrating the plot to kill the Prime Minister in a bomb and knife attack on Downing Street.

More from BBC.

A man is due to appear in court later over an alleged plot to kill the prime minister, Theresa May. The BBC understands Naa'imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, from north London, is accused of planning to bomb Downing Street security gates and then attack the PM with a knife.

A second man, Mohammed Aqib Imran, 21, of Birmingham, is accused of the preparation of terrorist acts for allegedly planning to travel overseas. They were both arrested on 28 November.

Andrew Parker, the director-general of MI5, attended a meeting of the UK Cabinet on Tuesday in which he briefed minister on the plot. He also provided details of a further nine terrorist plots which the UK intelligence services had prevented during the past twelve months. However, there is much work to be done on preventing future terrorist attacks. The MI5 and police investigations themselves listed 126 different recommendations for improving anti-terror measures.

The photo below shows the gates to Downing Street which Rahman was planning to blow-up before killing Theresa May. Not that many years ago, there were no gates and you could have your photo taken standing next to the policeman outside the Prime Minister’s residence.

As SkyNews notes, prime ministers have long been terrorist targets, though Downing Street is now well protected by fortified gates and armed police officers. Security measures were introduced in the 1970s but were increased in the 1980s as the threat from Irish republican groups grew. In 1991 the IRA launched a home-made mortar bomb attack on Number 10. The device landed in the back garden. The then prime minister, John Major, was inside but was not hurt. The IRA had previously targeted prime minister Margaret Thatcher at the Conservative conference in Brighton in 1984. Thatcher narrowly avoided injury but five people were killed - including a Conservative MP.


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Let me guess, white caucasian males from the US ranting about the 2nd amendment, carrying a shit load of illegal weapons while marrying their sisters. No, if that had been the case it would have been on all of the major networks simultaneously. 

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"There are no moderate Muslims; just Muslims". Ergodan of Turkey.Don't think for one moment that 1400 years of tyranical ideology will be dismissed by mere immigration. They bring their culture with them, even as witnessed in modern times. When will people awaken to the idiocy of those amongst us, our own flesh and blood, who are agents of ruthless dark and powerful people who intend to destroy our lives and culture through division.

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The muzzies are evolving and this is seriously bad fucking news for the security services. Going after the politicians and policy makers is a change of tack and historically the only way to achieve your demands. Targeting politicians where it becomes existential for them and their families? Interesting times ahead.

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Targeting politicians because they know we are onto their phoney false flags targeting kids, commuters etc etc. Sure sign of who was controlling these ‘terrists’ when we started noticing that they never ever went after the policy makers in the same way terrorists did in the old days of uncontrolled attacks. Iv been pointing out for 10 years how these ‘terrists’ never targeted policy makers as being the deciding factor of who are their paymasters;-)

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Not all Islamists. snort. Notice how they don't hesitate to disclose that it is Islamicists when politicians are targeted. But it is verboten to 'type-cast' for the general populace?

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I dont believe this story. All bullshit. Why would they go after her, she is the reason they have a nice cozy place to live and the ability to run amok in society unhindered. No this is just fabricated bullshit, so that her and her party can regain some footing after Trump bitch slapped the cunt for being a stupid, incredibly incompetent leader. Her and that idiot mayor of London. Both incompetent  fools. 

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These euro land leaders deserve the arse fucking they are in for. Better them then their populace. Open the flood gates to the savages and what does one expect?

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It was never about race, it was always about learned culture. The rulers think they're bringing in new fresh blood for labor, so they can work them like they worked their native born citizens. Well, the native born citizens slowed down on having kids because the government turned their cultural and economic environment into a shit hole. And now the elites think bringing in fresh musloid blood will fix the population and labor problem. Bzzzzt! Wrong!

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@ silverer,"the rulers think they're bringing in new fresh blood for labor, so they can work them like they worked their native born citizens. Well, the native born citizens slowed down on having kids..."It *is* about eugenics. Those in control want to replace the native born population. Genetically dumber. Easily indoctrinated. As an added bonus, Islam is an autocratic society which, they think, makes them fit into the autocratic society in Europe. The US did the same thing. Illegals work for less money and will not make waves. A compliant populace for a stable power structure.

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so, Rahman would throw a bomb at 10 downing strreet and then attack the PM with a knife ... lol ... it is insulting to our intellengence (or PM if thats what they tell her)

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Now all the mainstream media has to do is to convince the sheeple UK citizens why this is so wonderful and why it promises a much better future for them and their children. It looks to me that they won't have to work too hard on that.

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This is a very timely and appropriate developement.We can kill two birds with one stone, literally.Reinstate the death penalty for Terrorism.The EU will kick us out because they don't believe in retribution, ie, an eye for an eye or even simple justice.

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AND in later news the Mayor of London said this is the new normal, so get used to it, and it his Islamic comrades that now own London, so everybody better bow down to every muslim they see or else deserve to be stabbed. 

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upvoted you for the attacking elites reference.whether or not these are real terrorists has always been a gamble the elites were willing to take.  from behind their gated communties of course.  although, something else to consider could be May was going off the reservation on some issue, and this was a way of publicly saying, "we can get to you".  the CIA does have a lot of ISIS hanging around with nothing to do.

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And bad news for Politicians and Senior persons in the UK/London now - these imported radical muslims can simply attack their families rather than them.So if these killers had decided to murder people in May's will send the terror up every fucktard politician in the UK who invited these creeps in. So the politicians and their families will get special protection - but what about the general public, if these politicians say that this immigration isn't a problem and that everybody sould learn the Koran....??

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A bomb by downing street? I.e. an IED and then attack with a knife...There's a permanent armed police guard... dozens of cameras... security checks on all vehicles.These people are too dumb to be a threat.