San Diego Continues Desperate Attempt To Control Hepatitis A Outbreak

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San Diego is desperately trying to control a Hepatitis A outbreak brought on by the homeless problem plaguing the state of California.

The city has now opened the first of three giant tents meant to contain the outbreak of the deadly virus.

The first of three industrial-sized tents to house the homeless as part of the city’s efforts to contain a hepatitis A outbreak. 

The outbreak itself stems from the deplorable conditions people were living in on the streets – mainly, the fecal matter that is left from those who live on the streetOf course, the government isn’t going to climb off the backs of their residents in California, instead, they will continue to raise taxes and create more homeless people while desperately and frantically trying to stop the problems that their overbearing government has caused.

About 20 people made their way to a bunk bed Friday in the tent that will house 350 single men and women. Two other giant tents will open later this month — one specifically for families and one for veterans. The tents will house a total of 700 people with an attempt to keep them from defecating on the street and spreading the Hepatitis A virus. 

More than 3000 people are homeless in San Diego, and risk contracting the disease which has killed 20 people so far.  The city had to divert $6.5 million budgeted for permanent housing to fund the operation of the tents for seven months. The tents will provide an array of services from mental health care to housing navigators. But the city still faces an acute housing shortage for the poor. Faulconer has earmarked more than $80 million in stolen (taxpayer) funds to address the problem. So the city wants to fix poverty by taking more from earners and creating more poverty.  Bravo, California.

Local residents are concerned that the homeless will simply bring their disease with them.  Gemma Librado lives a block away from the tent that opened Friday. Last Sunday, a homeless man high on drugs and with a bleeding hand ran into her apartment when she opened the door and locked himself in her bathroom. She and her 6-year-old son ran out of the apartment and called the police. The man broke things in her bathroom, left bloodstains on her floor, and scared her and her child.

“If this makes things more orderly than I support this,” she said. “But I’m worried. I don’t want this to bring in more homeless to the area and people using drugs. There are families with children around here.”


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They refuse to help, despite the fact they have been printing hundreds of trillions of dollars a year, those money printers need to be hung yesterday!#EveryoneVsTheMoneyPrinters !Fake money, fake debt, fake value, fake news, fake investments, fake markets, fake history, fake leaders, fake events, fake elections, yes fake everything!

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It's a kind of open air prisoner camp. Nice to see they are making these popular again.Next thing you know they'll throw them directly in FEMA camps where extermination will proceed apace.Fortunately they will chose the best bits for the soilent green fucktory.What's good with FEMA is the feminine connotation, meaning that it seems nice in appearance, but it's kind of kinky if you look at it more closely.

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The San Diego City Council is too busy discussing how to enforce Global Warming mandates and contructing Jerry Brown Bullet Train from the Mexican border to Cornifornia's Sancturary Cites so they don't have to walk.American citizens dying form Hepatits or packed into tent cities is not their priority, evidently.It's a continuation of Obama's dystopian "Change you can beleive in."

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So far unanswered is whether this hepatitis outbreak is being caused by a new strain of the pathogen brought in by fugitives from the wars in the Middle East.  Those homeless people would tend to have weakened immune systems and be more susceptible to a foreign pathogen.  People in San Diego better get used to mechanical street sweepers washing down their street with sodium hypochlorite cleaning solution.  First World California, welcome to the Third World. And watch out for those satellite death rays incinerating your homes. 

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What a stupid fucking comment considering California has the best natural resources in the nation, an entire mountain range, grows all your vegetables if you ever even eat any, and looks a lot, electorally, like the nation as a whole: blue coastlines with red inland regions. There are a lot of conservatives here. You can go fuck yourself.

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....and entire mountain range....destroyed by fire, drought etc. .....grows all your vegetables...which are shipped overseas in exchange for DDT veggies grown in some 3rd world country. There are a few conservatives who are too old to think for themselves left....most have moved away.

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There are several long range answers, but how about portable toilets for the short term. Clean public toilets would be even better. On the other hand how about bussing the illegal immigrants to the border.

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Just wait until they find out that it is also transferred by fleas and lice, and then when they find out that the best solution for eliminating these pests is to fumigate clothes and possessions of the "homeless" is Zyklon-B.  Oy vey.I can see the racks of clothes and piles of shoes already.  But is San Diego ready for Nuremburg II?

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The trouble is, many of these homeless people are not just ordinary people who can't afford apartments. They're totally fucking crazy.  They'd be shitting on the streets even if you gave them suites at the Four Seasons Hotel. The tent should have been erected out in the desert, within a barbed wire enclosure. Three squares, a cot, some meds, and strict discipline. Come to SF and see for yourself.  It's overrun with psychotic homeless people. 

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What wiped out and reduced diseases was plumbing.  Reverting back to the old ways of dumping shit on the streets will bring back the diseases and those vaccines that we all got is useless and is billion dollar scam being exposed due to their ineffectiveness...