The World Reacts To Trump's Jerusalem Decision, In Photos

President Trump formally declared Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital and directed the State Department to start the process of moving the U.S. Embassy there from Tel Aviv. The move was said to demonstrate Trump’s inclination to prioritize domestic politics over the desires of U.S. allies in the Middle East and Europe who warned the announcement could spark violence in a region that is already a powder keg, with the exception of Israel of course.

Here, courtesy of Bloomberg and Reuters, is a snapshot of the world's response to the historic Trump announcement:

Palestinian demonstrators burn Israeli and American flags in Gaza City on Dec. 6, 2017.

Palestinians burn posters Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump.

Palestinian men protest in Gaza City

Palestinians watch a televised broadcast of President Donald Trump delivering an address

Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei slammed Trump's decision on Dec. 6, 2017

Pope Francis denounced Trump’s plan to declare Jerusalem Israel’s capital.

Demonstrators shout slogans during a protest near the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish in Jerusalem, next to a poster blessing President Trump

A Palestinian man walks past Israeli border guards in Jerusalem's Old City on Dec. 6, 2017

A man stands with his donkey, framed by  Jerusalem's Old City, on Dec. 6, 2017.

And then this:

And finally this: