CNN Botches "Bombshell" Report "Proving" Collusion Between Trump Jr And Wikileaks

Cable news networks just can’t seem to get their facts straight when it comes to publishing purportedly damning reports about the Trump campaign’s efforts to “collude” with the Russians.

Last week, ABC News suspended reporter Brian Ross after Ross reported that Mike Flynn had agreed to testify that Trump ordered him to reach out to the Russian government during the campaign – something that, if true, would’ve validated the mainstream media’s collusion narrative and potentially placed the president in serious legal jeopardy.

Shortly after publishing its initial report, ABC was forced to issue a crucial correction: Flynn actually planned to testify that Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner ordered him to reach out to representatives of the Russian government during the transition. This changed the whole context from something that would’ve been overtly illegal to something much more mundane. The correction was issued – but not before the Dow shed 350 points.

Today, it was CNN’s turn to bungle a “bombshell” concerning the Trump campaign and Wikileaks.

To wit, Trump’s favorite fake news network has issued a correction to a Friday morning “exclusive” claiming that Donald Trump Jr. and other campaign staff received a directive from Wikileaks to download a trove of emails stolen from the DNC before those emails were made public. CNN initially claimed the Wikileaks email was dated Sept. 4 – ten days before the watchdog publicly released its filings.

As it turns out, the email was dated Sept. 14. The documents had actually been made publicly available earlier that day. Wikileaks was merely trying to draw the Trump campaign’s attention to the documents.

So, two of CNN’s ace political reporters managed to write a “bombshell” story, which presumably made it through at least one round of edits, and was also probably reviewed by the network’s legal department, without anybody double-checking the date of the email - the crux of the entire. For what it’s worth, CNN said it based its story on the accounts of two sources who had seen the email. But this just highlights the dangers of relying on second-hand information, and should make readers question the next anonymously sourced story they see.

CNN corrected its story after the Washington Post, which managed to obtain a copy of the email, pointed out the error, which transformed the CNN story from a “bombshell” into essentially a nonstory.

Here’s the correction posted on CNN's website...

Washington (CNN)Correction: This story has been corrected to say the date of the email was September 14, 2016, not September 4, 2016. The story also changed the headline and removed a tweet from Donald Trump Jr., who posted a message about WikiLeaks on September 4, 2016.

And the on-air correction...



After the correction was appended, the original story was altered to reflect these changes…

Candidate Donald Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr. and others in the Trump Organization received an email in September 2016 offering a decryption key and website address for hacked WikiLeaks documents, according to an email provided to congressional investigators.


The September 14 email was sent during the final stretch of the 2016 presidential race.


CNN originally reported the email was released September 4 -- 10 days earlier -- based on accounts from two sources who had seen the email. The new details appear to show that the sender was relying on publicly available information. The new information indicates that the communication is less significant than CNN initially reported.


After this story was published, The Washington Post obtained a copy of the email Friday afternoon and reported that the email urged Trump and his campaign to download archives that WikiLeaks had made public a day earlier. The story suggested that the individual may simply have been trying to flag the campaign to already public documents.


CNN has now obtained a copy of the email, which lists September 14 as the date sent and contains a decryption key that matches what WikiLeaks had tweeted out the day before.


The email came two months after the hacked emails of the Democratic National Committee were made public and one month before WikiLeaks began leaking the contents of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's hacked emails. It arrived about a week before WikiLeaks itself messaged Trump Jr. and began an exchange of direct messages on Twitter.

In a statement, CNN’s communications department acknowledged that the reporting was incorrect…



Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. lashed out at the network in a tweet, where he suggested that Jeff Zucker & Co. apologize to “the 2 or 3 people who still believe you are credible.”




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Imagine a world where if you wanted to float a fake story all you had to do is have someone call up your nearest reporter who will immediately publish it without verification because they, personally, want so bad for it to be true.How easy would it be to sit back, at arm's length, and just lob these stories into the public sphere, one after another, and never get your own hands dirty?Now who's that sound like to you?  I will give you a hint: their initials are CIA. 

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Chupacabra-322 NoDebt Fri, 12/08/2017 - 18:21 Permalink

John Swinton New York Journalist at a Banquet

"...The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of "rich men" behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."

Intellectual Presstitute’s.

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jeff montanye bigkahuna Fri, 12/08/2017 - 22:52 Permalink

it still is.  the questions that the fbi must answer:why didn't you inspect the dnc email servers, which you acknowledge as "best practice?",  with a presidential election and relations between the two most heavily armed nuclear powers in the balance?  why was not best practice good enough?and speaking of seth rich, given the circumstances of his life and death, why did you not investigate his murder which was started on a street in d.c. and finished in a hospital?  and even if that weren't enough, why did you not at least look at his phone and computer?  this is where incompetent shades into insincere.i really want to hear what the fbi has to say when asked under oath by someone with unlimited follow-up questions.p.s. say hey to gidget for me.…. Comey confirmed this and said: “That’s correct, although we got the forensics from the pros that they hired which – again, best practice is always to get access to the machines themselves – but this, my folks tell me, was an appropriate substitute.”  (my italics)… this point is this even good enough for government work?

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jeff montanye Conscious Reviver Fri, 12/08/2017 - 23:04 Permalink

can never get enough.  didn't get nominated for best picture in 1976 because hollyweird had to nominate steven speilberg's jaws.  had to.the one state solution (jews get palestine, palestinians get votes in israel) will have many ramifications.kind of like the little bust 9-11.….…

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And now, deep morning thoughts along with a moral upbraiding from none other than the NYT's own cucked conservative...Mr.David "Creased Pant" Brooks...It’s amazing that there haven’t been more Republicans like Mitt Romney who have said: “Enough is enough! I can go no further!”The reason, I guess, is that the rot that has brought us to the brink of Senator Roy Moore began long ago. Starting with Sarah Palin and the spread of Fox News, the G.O.P. traded an ethos of excellence for an ethos of hucksterism.(Edit: Yes of course you see, in David's world of hucksterism there is no room for alpha females or opposing points of view and if one reads on you will see what I mean.)"The Republican Party I grew up with admired excellence. It admired intellectual excellence (Milton Friedman, William F. Buckley), moral excellence (John Paul II, Natan Sharansky) and excellent leaders (James Baker, Jeane Kirkpatrick). Populism abandoned all that — and had to by its very nature. Excellence is hierarchical. Excellence requires work, time, experience and talent.(Edit: Disregarding David's own excellent hierarchical fascination with a populist President's finely creased pant and the amount of time, work and talent that must have went into his gushing forth such hierarchical pap meant for populist consumption, he goes on to say...""Populism doesn’t believe in hierarchy. Populism doesn’t demand the effort required to understand the best that has been thought and said. Populism celebrates the quick slogan, the impulsive slash, the easy ignorant assertion. Populism is blind to mastery and embraces mediocrity."(Edit: One would have to assume he does not mean some quick, ignorant, impulsive populist assertion like "You will save $2,500 a year on your health insurance." or "Hope-n-Change" or "I have a pen and a phone!" or "Eat your peas!" or "If they bring a knife you bring a gun!" or "Shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we expected."Because these are hierarchical statements of excellence which only come from time, work, experience and talent.) ...Mr.Brooks, you are the hierarchical douchebag our parents warned us about.

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nmewn Kayman Sat, 12/09/2017 - 16:14 Permalink

Yes, spot on.The reader is left with the impression that he, David Brooks, is one of these talented, hierarchical, achievers of excellence through time spent in his work as a journalist.Basically because David Brooks wrote it and would would be the same David Brooks who pontificated glowingly on such weighty matters as an untested, unknown, junior senator from Chicago, who's rise began in the living room of Bill Ayers, an achiever of nothing, an associate of known criminals, an unremarkable person of zero integrity being the absolute understatement of the century, being promoted into the role of the presidency by populism who wore...stunningly it would seem to David Brooks...creased pants to an interview.   David Brooks should write a fashion column instead and leave others who actually give a damn about the fate of the country to do the political journalism in this way he can reclaim his long lost integrity ;-)

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How about Fauxlitzer Prize (Copyright 2017, Demologos Multimedia Inc)? The problem would be choosing which fake news story was the biggest lie. You would need categories for 2nd place, 3rd and dishonorable mention.

"I want to thank the Academy for choosing me as Best Lying Sack of Shit for the year 2017. Do I get a corner office now?"

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The higher the pay, the lower the standards must be. I have seen a freelancing gig that required two [named] sources, in addition to two [verbatim] quotes, and each story paid well below $20.....Piecework.....It is what is known in labor history as “piecework,” like 19th century women did at home when children still worked in factories.

If your rent is not paid by government for womb productivity or by a spouse, how many two-source stories @ $20 per pop do you have to write to cover your $750-per-month rent?

Then we have the [elite] journalists in the MSM.

In between Russiagate stories, which are presented by an overwhelming number of childbearing-age, female experts—enough childbearing-age mom employees to rival the frequently absentee mom gangs in financial services back offices and many other [un-diverse] workplaces—we hear a constant sexual harassment drumbeat from the MSM.

And it is not just CNN.

Here is what women want: They want to use their physical assets, i.e. youth and beauty, for [opportunistic] purposes when they can, but at the same time, they want people to ignore that they are profiting from physical assets, saying it is 100% about qualifications and merit. They haughtily resent any references to youth and beauty from men.

Those women would never cede their million-dollar TV journalism jobs to older women who would not be sooooo in danger of sexual harassment.

It is the same [hypocrisy] at lower levels, where the pay is insufficient to cover rent. The back-watching mom gang members who dominate those office jobs have spousal income, child support checks that cover rent or free rent, free groceries, monthly cash assistance and yearly cash assistance from their $3,400 to $6,318 child tax credits to boost up the low pay.

These absentee mommies, too, are feminist career women, and you must constantly acknowledge that, in addition to acknowledging their [womb privilege].

They want it both ways.

They want their “voted best place to work for moms,” their 99% mom-staffed jobs with the free daycare advertised as part of the inadequate pay package. They want their mornings, afternoons, days and weeks off for kids activities beyond all PTO and multiple pregnancy leaves. Moms want (and get) this excused time off, even when they fail to meet quotas.

They want to cry discrimination and sexism.

They want to hold women with no birth canal exits who actually come to work everyday, stay all day and meet the quotas every month to ENTIRELY different standards, petty and trivial standards, right down to the MINUTE.


They are the epitome of discrimination, starting in the child and family-centric interviews.

When not indulging in excused absenteeism for kids, those women transform the workday into a baby-fest, spending a ton of time on things like baby-mommy-look-alike-bulletin-board-decorating contests, which sounds cute, although it [like frequent absenteeism] often puts paying customers on the back burner, not to mention the fact that these cloyingly cutesy mommies are the biggest barracuda bullies in the world—full of brow-beating harassment that is not sexual in nature, but is harrasment nonetheless.

You gotta be in their mom gang to escape their catty claws.

All of our institutions are suffused with fakeness, not just on Russiagate—on much more important issues, like fake economic statistics that count part-time, low-wage, temp, churn and gig jobs that do not cover rent as “employment.” It is not just sources; it is the emphasis. They are emphasizing trivialities and pure gossip in many cases. They also hype parts of the economic scene, while completely ignoring other crucial parts.

We do not have real journalism anymore.

I cannot believe I heard Peggy Noonan say that today’s journalists were doing a great job because of a renewed enthusiasm for chasing the story. Does just any story qualify, even sex gossip? Does a sex-gossip story with unnamed, anon sources qualify? Peggy Noonan does not write like that. Why is she endorsing it?

Why aren’t people like David Stockman and Ann Coulter on the news anymore? There is more analysis and more facts in a Stockman article than in 50 MSM segments. More experts of that caliber exist than ever before; this is an overeducated world. They just do not hire them. They are producing entertainment products.

Some of their news-as-entertainment is aimed at bringing down this or that individual in the Swamp, but it is done unfairly, just trying to ruin that one individual, without addressing the underlying economic issues of globalism and cronyism at all. The Swamp is not going to change via throwing the book at a few scapegoats. They have done that before. It just went right on. The Swamp needs new rules. Journalism needs to go back to the old rules.

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first i think there is a backstory to to your comment, excellently on point.  but if they're, you know, spies, could they get away with it?  use secret identities and disguised voices and shit?  because it's starting to look like the zionist legacy media is having their pants pulled down and their balls speedbagged by some very professional actors.

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how_this_stuff_works Endgame Napoleon Sat, 12/09/2017 - 09:33 Permalink

"Here is what women want: They want to use their physical assets, i.e. youth and beauty, for [opportunistic] purposes when they can, but at the same time, they want people to ignore that they are profiting from physical assets, saying it is 100% about qualifications and merit."

Please, don't blame just women. How many power broker men do you see married to "plain" women? Or are most trophy wives?

Both men and women stopped scratching below the surface appearances in selecting mates a long time ago. Character or the ability to carry on a conversation are long gone. And not just in dating. Look at the way some posters here refer to the older generation, people who have "experiences" in life. For most, it's meaningless.

And yet, what do many of us come to ZH for? The things we learn from each other here in the comments.

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Herp and Derp NoDebt Fri, 12/08/2017 - 20:21 Permalink

The dumbest part is this is a retread.  Wikileaks tweeted a correction about this exact timeline fake news a month or so ago.  It was this exact timeline error and correction.  Their journalists are deliberately doing this or reading old liberal blogs for new stories...So fucking fake...   At some point the FCC has to put this in their license files right?

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jeff montanye nmewn Fri, 12/08/2017 - 23:40 Permalink

progressives?????  fabricating evidence??  how in the hell can anyone be so blind as to think any of this has anything to do with progressivism (teddy roosevelt was a literal "progressive") or conservatism for that matter? at least seven of the administrations since jfk was killed, alternating party five times, have fabricated life or death, war or peace evidence, and been caught at it.  clinton got a blowjob while trying to negotiate middle east peace. the world is torn by aggressive, cruel, selfish, deeply insincere people who claw their way into positions of power.  most have nothing more than self aggrandizement as their goal.  a few are true believers as well.  that's why the likud zionists have gotten as far as they have.time to see where the awans have been keeping themselves, what all the details of the christopher steele peein' russky whores dossier are and who depended upon it for a fisa warrant and maybe exactly what was overheard about the trump campaign by the nsa.   

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nmewn jeff montanye Sat, 12/09/2017 - 06:38 Permalink

"how in the hell can anyone be so blind as to think any of this has anything to do with progressivism"Jeff, while I can appreciate your desire to keep the focus on the Deep State (if this is what your real intent is) I cannot let this pass...FISAgate is 100X LARGER than any prog in the Alinsky media ever fantasized about Watergate ever being and the progs own it. All of it.Nixon never attempted to use the intelligence gathering capabilities of the CIA or FBI or NSA to spy on his political opponents and he never advised, ordered or ALLOWED the "fabrication of evidence" (read the DNC/Hillary Trump dossier here) to be presented to a court (thus embroiling the judiciary in their conspiracy) as bonafide, real, subversive/traitorous evidence to use/abuse/usurp the surveillance capabilities of a nation state for personal use. Full.Fucking.Stop.Jeff.Furthermore, by any current standard of understanding or measure Obama, Susan Rice, Mrs.Sunstein aka Samantha Power, Lowrenta Lynch, Biden, Clapper, Brennan and the Klintons are progressives for if they were not progressives, real progressives (whatever that winds up meaning to you) would have called them out as liars long ago...unless of course...real progressives...were perfectly fine and...with a wink & a nod...went along with this deception on the American people for their own personal gain. And again, nobody gave a rats ass about Bill Clinton getting a blowjob.What "we" always said was, it was the abuse of his authority in that he got it from a young impressionable subordinate...something "progressives" are having to deal with right now...and the implications for blackmail of a sitting President and him (as an officer of the court) committing perjury and lying under oath.Which is why he lost his licence to practice law and was impeached.

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He sounds like a dickhead, even trying to correct himself.

This has gone from fun to boring. I imagine there are still a few libtards who tune into this shit, and get their hopes up....only to be massively deflated..again.

Just like election night. All this winning. Mr. Trump did say we were going to get tired of winning, didn't he? They've been tortured enough..just kill them now and get it over with.

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Why, why , whyif you are going to leak porn at least be sure it is QUALITY porn....these phone shot of you in your bathroom under flourescent lights do NOT make you look hot....they make you look like a wife who is exhausted after being up all, night....not that we don't appreciate the effort but it isn't sexy.Hire a pro to 'leak' 'very private' moments.

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  I can get midget porn, fat women porn, skinny girl porn, big tit/little tit porn black on white, white on black, gay, straight 3 way, crowd, lesbian, dudes fucking a donkey, women fucking a dog, any kind of porn a twisted ming could fap to... point being, why are you hawking fake celeb (sort of) porn here. I come to ZH for bitcoinarticles and occasionally to fap to a doom porn chart.

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Pfff... Some attention whore being unsecure trying to get her likes. She matters why? Ah vlogger - meaning attention whore - and gamer... Wut gamer? Playing games makes you someone special or something? What's wrong with this damn planet. Making pron movies. Big fucking deal. Just some horny bitch that wants to show the world she's horny and "naughty". This is relevant or news worthy... Why?

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