THE DISINFORMATION WAR: The Attempt To Disregard Silver Investor Demand In The Market


By the SRSrocco Report,

There is a Disinformation War taking place in the silver market as certain industry analysis is confusing individuals by purposely disregarding the tremendous impact of rising investment demand.  Not only do I find this troubling, but I am also quite surprised how much the silver industry pays attention to this faulty analysis.  So, it's time once again to set the record straight.

Setting the record straight has now become a new mission for me at the SRSrocco Report because the amount of disinformation and faulty analysis being published in the mainstream and alternative media is quite disturbing.  I decided it was time to say enough was enough, so I started by destroying the myth about the 1 million tons of gold hidden in the Grand Canyon in my recent article, THE BLIND CONSPIRACY: The Gold Market Is Heading Towards A Big Fundamental Change.

If you haven't read that article and are still confused on whether or not there are billions of ounces of gold hidden in the Grand Canyon, I highly recommend that you do.  Now, if you read the article and still believe the U.S. Government decided to make the Grand Canyon a national park to protect all that gold, then you have my sympathies.  However, the reason certain individuals in the U.S. Government decided to make the Grand Canyon a national park because it was probably a GOOD IDEA to keep a beautiful part of the country off-limits from those who had no problem with destroying the banks of the Colorado by trying to extract gold at a pathetically low uneconomical yield.

If you have seen some of the episodes of the Discovery Channel's Gold Rush show, the result of gold dredging operations isn't pretty.  Here is a picture of the beautiful landscape outside of Dawson City in the Yukon that shows the effects of placer mining and gold dredging.  Now, how many families in the U.S. and abroad would have taken their kids on vacation to the Grand Canyon if it looked like this?  I am quite amazed at the lack of dignity and respect by individuals who only seek at the almighty Dollar.

(aerial photo of Dawson City, Yukon - picture courtesy of Peter Mather)

To tell you the truth, I am glad that Teddy Roosevelt had the foresight to dedicate the Grand Canyon as a national monument back in 1908.  At least some politicians had the wisdom to keep OFF LIMITS parts of the country, so we weren't able to destroy it by mining it for ultra low-grade gold or bulldoze it, pour concrete and build another million suburban homes.

Okay, let's get back to subject at hand... Silver Market Disinformation.

Precious Metals Analyst Totally Omits Silver Investment Demand From Market Fundamentals

The motivation to write this article came from several of my readers who sent me an interview by CPM Group's Jeff Christian, at the San Franciso Gold and Silver Summit.  In the video, Jeff claims that there has been a silver market surplus for ten years and those industry analysts, who have reported deficits, "Are simply wrong."  Jeff goes onto to say, "they have been wrong the entire time they have been on the silver market."

Jeff continues by explaining that to analyze the silver market correctly, you must look at surplus and deficits based on total supply versus total fabrication demand.   Furthermore, he criticizes industry analysts who may be promoting metal by throwing in investment demand to arrive at a deficit.  He says this is not the proper way to do "commodities research analysis."

Jeff concludes by making the point, "that if you keep silver investment demand as an "off-budget item," then the price matches your supply-demand analysis almost perfectly."  Does it?  Oh... really?

If we look at the CPM Group's Supply & Demand Balance chart, I wonder how Jeff is calculating his silver price analysis:

This graph is a few years old, but it still provides us with enough information to show that the silver price has nearly quadrupled during the period it experienced supposed surpluses.  According to the CPM Group's methodology of analyzing total fabrication demand versus supply, how on earth did the silver price rise from an average of $5.05 during the deficit period to an average of $19.52 during the surplus period?  I arrived at the silver prices by averaging the total for each time-period.

Again, Jeff states during the interview that their supply-demand analysis, minus investment demand, provides an almost perfect price analysis.  According to the CPM Group's 2016 Silver Yearbook, the total surplus for the period 2008-2016 was approximately 900 million oz.  With the market enjoying a near one billion oz surplus, why would that be bullish for a $20 silver price??  It isn't... and I will explain why.

As I have mentioned in many articles and interviews, the price of silver has been based upon the price of oil which impacts its cost of production.  If we look at the following chart, we can plainly see how the price of silver has corresponded with the oil price going back until 1900:

You will notice the huge price spike in the 1970's after Nixon dropped the Gold-Dollar peg causing inflation to run amuck in the United States.  Now, the oil price didn't impact just silver; it also influenced the value of gold:

As with the oil-silver trend lines, the gold and oil price lines remained flat until the U.S. went to a 100% Fiat Currency system in 1971.  So, if we decided to throw out all gold and silver supply-demand forces, we can see that these precious metals prices paralleled the oil price.  Now, the reason the price of silver shut up to an average of $19.52 from 2006-2017 was due to its average cost of production.  Today, the market price of silver is $16.42, and the average cost of primary silver production is between $15-$17 an ounce.  According to my analysis of the top two gold mining companies, their cost of production is about $1,150.  Hence, the 71-1 Gold-Silver price ratio.

Did Jeff Christian include the cost of production in his analysis of the silver price?  How many silver mining companies are producing silver for $5 an ounce and making an $11 profit?  Or how many silver mining companies are producing silver at $35 and losing nearly $20 an ounce?  I will tell you... ZERO.

The only way an individual would believe that the primary silver mining companies are producing silver at $5 an ounce is if they believe in the investor presentations that report CASH COSTS.  Anyone who continues to use CASH COST accounting needs to get their head examined.  It is by far the most bogus metric in the industry that has caused more confusion for investors than anything else... well, if we don't include faulty analysis by certain individuals.

I find it utterly amazing that the CPM Group entirely omits silver investment from their fundamental analysis.  Here is a chart of their total world silver fabrication demand from their 2016 Silver Outlook Report:

If you are a silver investor, your demand doesn't count.  It doesn't matter if you purchased 100 of the half a billion oz of Silver Eagles sold by the U.S. Mint since 1986.  How many Silver Eagles have been sold back, melted down and returned to the market to be used for industrial applications??  According to the 2017 World Silver Survey (GMFS), total Official Silver Coin sales were 965 million oz (Moz) since 2007.  If we add Official Silver Coin sales for 2017, it will be well over one billion.  I highly doubt any more than a fraction of that one billion oz of Offical Silver Coins were remelted and sold back into the market.

Moreover, what term do we give to companies who produce Silver Eagles or private silver rounds??  Aren't companies fabricating silver bars and coins?  While it is true that physical silver bar and coins can be sold back into the market, a lot of new demand is coming from fabricating new silver bullion products.

CPM Group only values silver as a mere commodity for the sole purpose of supplying the market for industrial, jewelry, silverware, photography and photovoltaic uses.  I gather 2,000+ years of silver as money no longer matters.  Yes, I would imagine some precious metals investors are feeling a bit frustrated as they watch Bitcoin go vertical towards $12,000.  But a word of caution to Bitcoin investors who are dreaming about sugar plums dancing in their heads and dollar signs in the eyes.

Now, when you see an article titled, Signs Of A Market Top? This Pole Dancing Instructor Is Now A Bitcoin Guru; it might be prudent for you to recall a memorable part of the move in The Big Short:

There is a wonderful scene where a pole dancer is explaining to a fund manager how she's buying five houses.

A lowly paid pole dancer who survives on unpredictable tips should not be able to afford multiple houses, but this was the sub-prime USA where the ability to repay a loan was apparently not a prerequisite.

What a coincidence... ah??  Pole dancers buying five homes and becoming a Bitcoin Guru.  What's next?  LOL.

Regardless, the notion by CPM Group that investment demand shouldn't be included in supply and demand forecasts suggests that the gold market has experienced a total 418 million oz (Moz) surplus since 2006.  Yes, that's correct.  I calculated total global gold physical and ETF investment demand by using the World Gold Council figures:

The reason for the drop-off in net gold investment in 2013-2015 was due to Gold ETF liquidations.  For example, 915 metric tons (29 Moz) of Gold ETF inventories were supposedly liquidated into the market.  Even though the gold market experienced a record 1,707 metric tons of physical bar and coin demand in 2013, the liquidation of 915 metric tons of Gold ETF's provided a net 792 metric tons of total gold investment.  Please understand, I am just using these figures to prove a point.  I really don't care if the Gold ETFs have all their gold.  I look at Global Gold ETF demand (spikes) as an indicator for gauging the amount of fear in the market.

The CPM Group does the same sort of supply and demand analysis for gold.  They omit investment demand from the equation:

(CPM Group Chart Courtesy of

Again, according to the CPM Group, gold bar and coins aren't fabricated.  They must be produced by Gold Elves in some hidden valley in the Grand Canyon.  No doubt, under the strict control by the NSA department of the U.S. Government.

For anyone new to reading my work... I am being sarcastic.

Moreover, the significant change in gold investment demand is a clear sign that investors are still quite concerned about the highly inflated bubble markets.  If we go back to 2002, total gold investment was a paltry 352 metric tons compared to 358 metric tons of technology consumption and 2,662 metric tons of gold jewelry demand.  However, in 2011, the gold market experienced a massive 1,734 metric tons of total gold investment versus 2,513 metric tons of jewelry and technology fabrication.

What is significant about this trend change?  In 2002, global gold investment was a mere 10% of total gold demand.  However, by 2011, gold investment demand surged to 41% of the total, not including Central Bank demand.  Even in 2016, global gold investment demand was still 40% of the total.  As we can see, investors still represent 40% of the market, whereas they were only 10% in 2002.

Precious metals investors need to understand there is a huge difference between Gold and Silver versus all other metals and commodities.  The overwhelming majority of commodities are consumed while gold and to a lesser extent, silver, are saved.  And, they are being purchased as investments and saved for an excellent reason.

The world continues to add debt at unprecedented levels.  In just the month of November, the U.S. Government added another $137 billion to its total debt.  This doesn't include the $610 billion of additional debt added since the debt ceiling was lifted on September 8th.  So, the American public is indebted by another $747 billion in less than three months.

Getting back to silver, according to the GFMS team at Thomson Reuters, who provide the World Silver Survey for the Silver Institute, the market will experience a small annual silver surplus this year for the first time in several decades:

The reason for the surplus has to do with a marketed decline of silver investment demand this year.  With the election of President Trump to the Whitehouse and the "Pole Dancing Guru" Bitcoin market moving up towards $12,000, demand for the silver investment fell by 50% this year.  However, I don't look at it as a negative.  Oh no... it's an indicator that the market has gone completely insane.

This reminds me once again of the movie, The Big Short.  In the movie, the main actor bets big against the Mortgaged-Backed Securities.  Unfortunately, just as the housing markets start to crash and the mortgage-back security market begins to get in trouble, the bets that the main actor in the movie made, began to go against him.  That's correct.  His short bets against the market should have started to gain in value, but the banks wanted to dump as much of that crap on other POOR UNWORTHY SLOB INVESTORS before they would let it rise.

We are in the very same situation today.  However, the entire market is being propped up, not just the housing market.

It is impossible to forecast a more realistic gold and silver price when 99% of the market is invested in the wrong assets.  So, for the CPM Group to value gold and silver based on their fabrication demand totally disregards 2,000+ years of their use as monetary metals.

Thus, it comes down to an IDEOLOGY on why Gold and Silver should be valued differently than mere commodities, or even most STOCKS, BONDS, and REAL ESTATE.  Valuing gold and silver can't be done with typical supply and demand fundaments.  The only reason I analyze supply and demand fundamentals is to understand what is happening to the market over a period of time.

For example, if we look at total global silver investment demand and price, there isn't a correlation:

But, if we look at what happened to silver investment demand since the 2008 Housing and Banking collapse, we can spot a significant trend change:

As we can see, world physical silver bar and coin demand nearly quadrupled after the 2008 Housing and Banking collapse.  This is the indicator that is important to understand.  While silver investment demand after 2008 has increased partly due to the higher price, the more important motivation by investors is likely a strategic hedge against the highly-leveraged fiat monetary system and stock market.

Investors who follow the CPM Group's analysis on gold and silver based upon fabrication demand only, are being misinformed.  Jeff Christian who runs the CPM Group has no idea about the Falling EROI - Energy Returned On Investment or does he understand the dire energy predicament we are facing.  Thus, Mr. Christian and the CPM Group still look at the markets as if they will continue business as usual for the next 50 years.

We are heading into a future that we are not prepared.  The economy and markets will likely disintegrate much quicker than anything we have experienced before.  I believe the Bitcoin-Cryptocurrency market is going to collapse shortly due to what I see as extreme leverage in the system with very little in the way of cash reserves.  I hear stories that trading in and out of cryptos isn't a problem until you want to receive a substantial amount of funds in your bank.  That is a huge RED FLAG.

So, take this warning... as well as the knowledge that pole dancers are becoming Bitcoin gurus.  If it's too good to be true, it's likely too good to be true.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who continues to support the SRSrocco Report site.  Those who have become members of my site or Patreon might wonder why the membership count does not rise that much.  This is because while I receive new members, some fall off each month for various reasons.  However, I sincerely appreciate the support and believe the SRSrocco Report site is providing analysis, information, and data not found anywhere else on the internet.

Lastly, if you want to pay more for precious metals, than I suggest you don't check out our PRECIOUS METALS INVESTING section or our new LOWEST COST PRECIOUS METALS STORAGE page.

Check back for new articles and updates at the SRSrocco Report.


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Former Goldman Commodities Research Analyst Confirms LMBA OTC Gold Market Is "Paper Gold" Ponzi… Durden - Mar 28, 2010  Jeffrey Christian Has A Second Chance To Disprove The Gold Ponzi Scheme, Fails… Durden - Apr 10, 2010

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Setting the record straight has now become a new mission for me at the SRSrocco Report because the amount of disinformation and faulty analysis being published in the mainstream and alternative media is quite disturbing.

by the collapsing FAWLTY tower of DIS IN FO MAT ION rainin a blizzard of rusty nails, shattered hopes, punctured expectations, and

battered investors jumping off the building after being ruined by his serially mistaken predictions...

our man in the battered BIG GOLD sombrero discarded by disgraced former guru Craig "Eats his Hat" Hemke decides to do what butt sore cowboys do when savin face is essential -

BEAT A DEAD HORSE! OF COURSE. As every assclown in goldentowns' favorite whipping boy over the past 5(very)ODD years or so... Jeffy is the target of choice when all else
fails... to revives SGT ROXX campaign to create bagholders and destitute bridge dwellers out of once well off investors. From Shanghai to Sore Butte Utah, the golden anal-cysts with the most to hide... (and the sorest hides as well) CAN BE DEPENDED PON to misplace their burdens of sinful mistaken theories onto Jeff's massive frame. Works every time... till it don't anymore. And anymore is pretty much...

now. How now cow gals... has it come to the point where DUELLING MISFIRING MISINFORMATIONALISTS BATTLE IT OUT on the streets of GOLDBURG(and its' silver ghetto)to get that last piece o cheese out of the pockets of the near extinct wooly-minded mammoth called the western 'stakker' -

who - having used this and other platforms for years to push in each others' stools, and deceitfully dupe anybody foolish enuff to listen to their suicidal blather, has reached that point of exhaustion and despair on the roadside to hell, where they prefer to just lay down and die, rather than listen to one more lie droolin outta the mouths of guys whoo never stopped touting an investment which has left thousands wiped out - and never stopped badmouthing any body who preferred to hoe their own row... their own way.

Chickens come home to roost. Goose's get cooked. No matter what special pleading or pathetic blather be thrown out to save the day.

Never been a better 'day' - to back up that truck over the bodies of countless dead investors... an then steal off into the night, like countless hucksters before ye!

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.... a little hard to follow there but I think I get what you're laying down - and I be one who is down in a hole; however I ain't one to blame others for my predicament since I am still holding the damned shovel.As for "Investors" WTF does that mean now days?? Invest in what - oil companies paying dividends on negative profits in paper pet rocks they loosely call currencies? Perhaps the FANG Nebula is more to your licking?  Or CryptoFraud, sounds legit....... fire a few fins into that perhaps??   The problem with most people is they is dumb as dog shit and egotistical beyond words, who gives a tinkers blue fuck what the markets in the United States of Morons is doing there's nearly 7 billion other fools to play with - look around you Ellen - we're at the threshold of Hell!!  I find St Angelo's numbers and analysis stands up better to scrutiny than anything I've seen from most other Morons - but again you cannot legitimately blame others for that big brown log jam in YOUR pants....... 

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but again you cannot legitimately blame others for that big brown logu' jam in YOUR pants....... huh>??funny thang that...I'm lookin at a double rainbow (literally)outside my window RIGHT NOW... yu appear to be seein double brown. What's up with dat dude?SOME of us have made out jus fine by using gold as their primary 'investment tool/survival strategy over the past decade - tho you' (as in you in the particular/yu in the general)would never know it... cause the FOLKS WHO HAVE made a habit o blamin others - as is on display right here in this post by MR BLAME OTHERS HISSELF -have drowned out the voices of everybody who played the gold game the right way - as in - to the upside, not the downside. After spending several years buying gold and then using it in the manner it was made for... to overcome the crushing vagarities of inflation/taxes/state depredations/currency depreciations...etc., etc., and THEN trying to share that hard earned knowledge with those who could most benefit...on platforms like this one...guys like Stever made sure to keep his pet frogs in the pot... and never aware that escape from that hell called GOLDBURG  was not only possible... but achieved... by those who walked away from the 'advice' of serially wrong prognosis pushers.... and rethought the whole proposition without prejudice.End result... guys like yurself... so dazed and confused as to not even know jus where the shitstain lies! Talk about Stockholm Syndrome - yu don't mind if I refer to you as the "Patty Hearsts" of the precious metals world do yas? The fact that other guys made it out of the GOLDBURG GHETTO not just alive - but to THRIVE via their golden parachutes would - in some kind of real world - be cause for celebration among the inmates ... but in the inverted world of inverts who made the mistake of listening to the wrong just makes them even MOAR irritable - and perfect prey for the folks who have SERIALLY mispresented trends in the market and the underlying cause of golds' lassitude in the face of seemingly perfect conditions for it to shine! But hey.... go yur own way man... I've done everything in my power to point out the obvious... and if treasures like… enough to pull you outta your trance... then jus fill your own pants... with whatever seems best to you! Don't yu worry bout anybody elses'!

"I find St Angelo's numbers and analysis stands up better to scrutiny than anything I've seen from most other Morons"… world outside the world o morons!.... who coulda guessed?

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"Silver Is About To Really Take-Off" -- Tedd Buttlore 2009"Silver Is About To Really Take-Off" -- Andrew McQuere 2010"Silver Is About To Really Take-Off" -- Eric Schrott 2011"Silver Is About To Really Take-Off" -- Ted Buttlaw 2012"Silver Is About To Really Take-Off" -- SRS Racko 2013"Silver Is About To Really Take-Off" -- SRS Wacko 2014"Silver Is About To Really Take-Off" -- SRS Wacko 2015"Silver Is About To Really Take-Off" -- SRS Wacko 2016"Silver Is About To Really Take-Off" -- SRS Wacko 2017

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If you "Invest" in silver because you think it's about to"take off", and want to make a quick buck, your missing the point.I only buy silver I can afford to hold, not to make a buck, but for that day, when the buck DIES!It's not an investment for me, it's an insurance plan for my Grandkids.  If and when I sell it will be more likely traded for food, then sold for dollars!

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What sorry state dude?THE PM MARKETS ... have been good to those of us who PAID ATTENTION to what/where/how and with WHO to do bizness with...take advice from...and WHO TO stay away from! The question is WHY would anybody do anything different - than DEVELOP A WINNING STRATEGY to deal with whacked out 'free enterprise' crony capitalism - and THEN RUN WITH IT? ? ? ?dEATh wIsH? Cerebral incapacities? No night vision or surivival instincts?All of the above? Give it up Pigsy... your're late to the party here... late to the time when it was possible to still do OK in the metals... late for lunch, and somebody has EATEN YOUR PORRIDGE. No use atall whining in your gruel... or grinding your molars at those of us who simply walked away from BAD ADVICE FROM SERIAL HUCKSTERS...OR mistakenly believing that your beloved 'vote meters' are connected to anything but a hot air and helium machine. Aloha. it's over...for yu.go home.

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pm markets are for CB and militaries primarily. they have printing presses  and want gold and silver. they want and can do this for a while. none of this is about moronic induvidual "investors' such as your self. just another insignifcant who thinks the world revolves around them. the concept of subsidized markets evades you completely. 

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he he he...about the only thing turhat has 'evaded me completely'... in my long and tireless study of the psychoses of those death cult "invert-ors"... such as a rational explanation for the synaptic decay which has reduced your (collective)ability toconstruct an argument or defense,rise to the challenge of even remotely adressing a topic on hand,make any kind of comment without resort to the kind of tired ad homs only a half wit could love,adapt to and/or accept the total collapse of your financial strategy - and the total success, in contrast of those who you so love to pester with your blather.Was it... the food...the water...the air... vaccines... a spoiled childhood, painful marital separation, orjust the unlucky accident of being born and brought without the normal process of socialization and acquistion of street smarts the rest of us take for granted???

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"It's poetry, you have to work out the meaning""Truth is like poetry, and people fucking hate poetry"Seen at the beginning of The Big Short.... quoted from being overheard in some bar in New YorkIf you want to ponder it, then more power to you.Me personaly, I have better things to do with my time than to try to decypher utter bullshit written in the style of some hick gold panner from the 1800's.

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Parables are supposed to make people see things more clearly ... Good ol' Bob's cryptic rabbling is actually best described as a cypher. If you're someone who chooses to buy precious metals as an investor, then it would serve you well to find the Cracker Jack box that has Bob's secret decoder ring inside.On the other hand, if you're like most people here on ZH who understand gold and silver are, first and foremost, wealth insurance, then don't waste your time.

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Nothing the least vague about the fact that

after seven years of b/s stories about gold n silver on a one way trajectory...

tis I who be UP on my metal holdings... and youse who be down. The vaguest notion of how silly you look raggin the winners in this long endurance contest, would shame you to silence at last.

But ... you haven't the vague-est, have yas!>>? Just a vote meter button disconnected to the supply o juice, and a potty mouthed lexicon of lil fella imprecations that don't even qualify as a comeback.

Hang em up. Your envy is showin.

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Caught ya out did I?Nary an episode in Stevers' ongoing soap opera here that doesn't descend to the stage you've brought it to...nothing remotely related to the topic on hand, no comebacks with any relevance to the theme of 'fight club'... no control over the bottomless well of rage n angst which dwells within the sorry troopers with the bodily function fetishes as their only means of communicating. "Stupified" that their buttons produce no results... unable to grasp that the game is indeed - OVER - our gaggle o ghouls have used up all tricks in their bag.L@@KS like y'all be gettin as desperate as DEAR LEADER here. Good on yas! Down down yu go... a ragin and a spittin.Just ANOTHER TKO.

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Your bitter miasma of envy, spite and malice will continue to prevent you from dealin with THE FACT... THAT as your slender stack dwindles and the noose tightens on your crew of bagholders dead-ended by cruel circumstance...I'm up 130% on my entry point. purchase of REAL GOLD... purchased in a real gold luvin place... with a big COST O LIVIN problem for folks who failed to listen to my consistent advice here to dump the paper for shiny... and have hand crafted a bespoke lifestyle directly as a result of my INDEPENDENT STRATEGY which IGNORED GENIUSES LIKE YURSELF AND the clown who you - INCREDIBLY - still shill for.THATS how it goes my man!  Suck it up ... you used to spout all the time bout how folks outside the USA were makin out fine from having taken a position in non dollar currencies.... did you not believe your own bullshit? Or just 'forgot' to apply it? He he he... either . are. sour. grapes. spoiled. on. the. vine.sees ya sucka! 

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LOL. Envy? That's pretty rich.I have done just fine with my real gold and silver, so blow it out your ass. And I'm not shilling or supporting ANYONE. I just try to counter your one sided pathetic bullshit. And yes, those in Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Greece, Ukraine, TURKEY and other places have most likely done VERY WELL owning and holding some gold.You are a first class liar misrepresenting my comments and views on PM's. Fuck off.

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Rich?Nope... can't even get that one right, Jefecito! It's poor... the whole ball o b.s. which has made YOU poor... not rich, angry and pathetic guyBut... at least, you are not alone!Here... and here only,.. you can take solace in being surrounded by the serial loser, braggart blowhard - awkwardly performing their swam song. EVERY WEEK,  more angry and bitter... seeking to blame EVERYONE EXCEPT THEMSELVES for their pwn predicament - the losers at a financial game which required thought not emotion...patience not cheerleading... real analysis not pumping... and real social skills, not overthetop psychotic blather from the dregs of miseducated Merikan males whose dangerously low testosterone levels cannot be compensated for by high decibel squawking Pigsy.Tell how you've done with your gold and silver, blowhard. Go ahead, don't be shy... tell us why you are an angry, whiny guy, lashing out at those who recognized you for what you were, long time back... and laughed at all your weak comebacks and lack of ANY argument save Fucik off!!!!You make me laugh. But at least you're not alone - here.

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Stevie is in a dark and dirty pit... he dug all by himself.

Not paying attention to the ol adage... when in a hole... stop diggin, our man with the passive/aggressive chip atop a neckline where a circular orb with grey matter shoulda been,

has assembled a posse of mind-wiped merikan zombie dudes to do his dirty work here - the work of diverting each and every thread he posts.... FROM ANYTHING REMOTELY MATERIAL TO his chosen theme...

which, this week, was supposed to be about 'faulty analysis' and mistaken analcysts... oops...

Mr Roxx in the noggin kinda mighta shoulda realized that his theme was inevitably gonna cut too close to home!

Another night of damage control doomed to failure.

Bob notches another scalp. Calvary never showed up to save the wankers hidin behind their dead horses.

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I don't trust anyone who can't spell White House (Whitehouse)!Also, you can go on and on about 2,000 years of silver being money but what matters is the here and now. I can't wait another 2,000 years to see how this turns out. Obviously, this joker is making money on his newsletter, NOT his predictions for gold and silver. Imagine that.

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the contributors on zerohedge write for free. secondly the poster with the camaro is right 2000 oz of silver bought a fancy car in 1968 and 2000 oz buys a fancy car today 50 years later, but then the car was $3000 and now it is $45000 , this tells a lot about the buying power of the dollar, yet the buying power of the silver remained the same. Bravo to the poster of the camaro story, you nailed it buddy.

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The scribbling which appears on the three (3) top banner slots here is PAID FOR advertorial material ... the main aim of which is 'to make money' ... from selling suckas like you some shiny - in exchange for some fiat.

And... for a modest FEE... on SUNDAYS only (which is why Stever is stuck in this weekly cycle of repeating turds)a gaggle of ghoulish SOCK PUPPET rent a crowd morons JUST LIKE YU... is available to goose the flagging prospects of guys like St Angelo.

Nobody is fooled, no more, no body is scared off by manipulation of vote meters, nobody is goin any where... till this party is done -
down down down they've ALL GONE. hEMkE, HOLTER, 'MR GOLD', 'MR MOLD' THE SPROUTED SPROTT... AND of course,

Mr Whiney Blame Everybody Else But Himself... our guest writer, and prognosticator with the worst track record in the bizness. Suck on that, fool.

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BobEore Nobodys Home Mon, 12/11/2017 - 04:46 Permalink

Not sure what that's in reference to...but - altho I used to beat up on the ol duffer... due to his sionist leanings... I admit to some fondess for the bloke. He, at least, could produce an argument, a response, and/or a precis... on demand,and those of us who fondly remember the days when that was something other than rare here... can only look upon the sorry mess o half wits and their raging psychoses on public display... with the wonderment usually reserved for observing the Merikan political spectrum, and the complete absence of ANY intelligent life within!Cheers!

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Tarzan Davidduke2000 Sun, 12/10/2017 - 09:37 Permalink

I beat that horse every chance I get, every time my kids or wife mentions the rising price of anything! The magic of propaganda has most everyone blind to the weakening Dollar, convinced everything is getting more expensive. The Country is filled with financial neophytes, marching lock step, oblivious of the fiat scam enslaving them.Every time they complain about price,  I'm quick to shoot back, bread didn't get more expensive, DOLLARS ARE GETTING WEAKER!!

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