Trump Jr. Sets Phasers To Wrecked, Blasts George Takei Into Deep Space

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You may have read about the giant CNN screw-up over a #FakeNews story concerning Donald Trump Jr. in which the network claimed two sources both happened to misread the date on an email and accidentally concluded that Wikileaks was passing information to the Trump campaign before it was made public - when in fact the emails had been published days before.

The network issued an embarassing correction, both in print and on air:

Washington (CNN)Correction: This story has been corrected to say the date of the email was September 14, 2016, not September 4, 2016. The story also changed the headline and removed a tweet from Donald Trump Jr., who posted a message about WikiLeaks on September 4, 2016.

In the wake of all that, George Takei tried to launch his own follow-up 'gotcha' at Trump Jr., tweeting 'Uh-oh, Donnie' - with a link to a new article from a left-leaning news outlet with a mixed reputation for factual reporting, which claims that a Russian social media executive emailed Jr. and campaign aide Dan Scavino, inviting them to create an account. OH MY GOD, EVEN IF TRUE. (............crickets...........)

In response, Trump Jr. launched a quantum torpedo and blasted Mr. Sulu into deep space...

Trump Jr. was, of course, referring to the accusation lodged against Takei by a former model who says that in 1981 he was invited to the 'Star Trek' icon's house when he was 23, plied with possibly spiked alcohol, and woke up to Mr. Sulu fondling his balls.

Takei denied the assault, saying the encounter "simply did not occur," however the actor's frequent appearances on the Howard Stern show where he admitted to 'grabbing men to persuade them' for sex and jerked off a guest didn't help his case.

I think it's safe to say, once again: Sulu down

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